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Willow Creek
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Bobcat Goldthwait
Nita Rowley as Herself
Timmy Red as Ukulele Singer
Laura Montagna as Missing Woman
Bucky Sinister as Angry Man at Road
Steven Streufert as Himself
Peter Jason as Ranger Troy Andrews
Tom Yamarone as Himself
Storyline: Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend - the tale of huge ape like creatures that roam the forests of North America. It was there that in 1967, the legendary beast was captured on film and has terrified and mystified generations since. Keen to explore more than 50 years of truth, folklore, misidentifications and hoaxes, Kelly goes along for the ride to keep Jim happy, whilst he is determined to prove the story is real by capturing the beast on camera. Deep in the dark and silent woods, isolated and hours from human contact, neither Kelly or Jim are prepared for what is hidden between the trees, and what happens when the cameras start rolling...
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As predictable as they come
WILLOW CREEK is yet another example of a found footage horror film, one that almost exactly copies the plot and style of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. It was written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, the actor best known for his roles in the POLICE ACADEMY series, if you can believe that. Unfortunately the film suffers from a slow pace and an almost entire lack of incident, so that it feels stretched and lifeless for most of the time.

The early scene-setting clips aren't bad, even if the main couple who act as the film's protagonists are quite boring and devoid of life. The dialogue all too often descends into meaningless profanity instead of being witty or realistic. The acting is merely okay. The set-up promises plenty, but once the action shifts into the woods very little actually happens aside from the usual weird howling and discovered tracks. The 21-minute single-take tent scene smacks of padding and feels extremely tiresome, and the ending is as predictable as they come.
Suspenseful, clever and well-executed Bigfoot story with impressive social commentary.
Acting: 18/20 Writing: 33/40 Directing/Editing/Production/Etc: 38/40

Overall: 89/100 B+

Review: This is a "found footage" film done right. The actors who play the couple in this film have a great chemistry together, the writing takes an interesting angle on the Bigfoot story and the overall execution finds a great balance between suspense, action and getting into the characters and story.

Being apprehensive about yet another Bigfoot story is understandable but this film does a great job at keeping the story interesting and it's more thought-provoking than it may seem on the surface. This movie was also surprisingly impressive when it came to adding a comedic element, which added to the story, as opposed to taking away from it.

*Spoiler Alert!*

The scene with the Bigfoot mural on the huge wall by the road is not only the funniest scene in this film but one of the funniest scenes in any film. The actor playing Jim did a phenomenal voice improving the Bigfoot accent and expressing the Bigfoot mindset. This scene alone makes the film worth watching.

Since the Big Foot Books owner genuinely cares about all of the Bigfoot stuff, his part in the film was very interesting and gave us some real background information about the original Patterson-Gimlin film, which was a really nice touch to the documentary-feel of the film.

There are quite a few scenes peppered throughout the film that add a good sense of mystery to the film: should they be more worried about Bigfoot, nature in general or the locals?

Neither of the two are very familiar with the woods/nature/uncivilized territory. There are many clues given throughout the film that they are not prepared for the dangers ahead of them whether they encounter a Bigfoot or not.

Later, when the couple does start to encounter potential danger, they lean on their video recorder (technology - a societal luxury) for comfort, even though it was superficial as it didn't actually do anything to protect them - showing how much they had become out of tune with nature.

The tent-scenes were perfectly suspenseful as they really put you in the moment and what it would feel like to be there; Very organic. (Especially the footsteps - so creepy!)

That being said, there was another story going on here, which was brilliantly executed (as many horror films tend to do): Now that we are 50+ years after Feminism started it's plan to make women more "the same" as men and vice-versa, modern women are more vulgar and less nurturing than their recent ancestors and modern men are more acquiescent and less supportive than their recent ancestors. This film does a great job showing why those roles might work fine in cities etc. but not so much out in nature. Problems that are 'manageable' in the context of society become great endeavors in the context of nature.

The starring couple had communication problems foreshadowed from the get-go. Kelly is often demeaning and cold towards Jim while Jim has a hard time taking Kelly seriously - especially about her feelings and warnings.

As they are trying to make their way out of the woods, their relationship issues - communication, trust, etc. - are exacerbated, and their gender roles prevail in nature. Even though their gender reversal works fine in artificial society, it doesn't transfer in nature; In nature, it hurts them.

As products of the modern world, the couple is defenseless against whatever nature has in store for them - whether it was a bear, mountain lion or Bigfoot. While Kelly is more than happy to "get out of dodge", Jim is clearly not happy that they discovered something yet aren't able to get definitive proof of what it was. She really doesn't care about finding any evidence of Bigfoot (which is supposed to be 1 of 2 main reasons they're out there).

While hearing the "vocalizations", Kelly wants to turn the light off so maybe "whatever it is will go away" yet Jim doesn't want it to go away. This is indicative of how Kelly never took Jim's Bigfoot endeavors seriously and made the decision to go scouting Bigfoot with him despite not really wanting to find Bigfoot; Just like she entered a relationship with Jim but doesn't really take him seriously as she doesn't really want to marry him.

The last time the "whimpering/crying" is heard, we discover that it is the "Missing" woman from the poster, presumably kidnapped by Bigfoot and held as a sex slave since she is naked. Further proving this: when Jim is attacked and taken by Bigfoot, his clothes are immediately torn off and his throat seems to be attacked as he is choking so he cannot call for help. Then we hear Kelly screaming as she is presumably "attacked" and taken. However, we hear her scream "Help me! Help me!", showing her throat wasn't attacked, and then we hear multiple Bigfoot howling - presumably at the joy of their newest replacement for a sex slave. Instead of the falsely labeled "oppressive" gender roles in society, she is now 'sentenced' to a life of actual oppressive gender roles in nature.

Sex differences in personality traits are larger in prosperous, healthy, and egalitarian cultures in which women have more opportunities equal with those of men. Nature does not afford women equal opportunities with those of men. (Which is why women should be more grateful for men and the society they created.)

*End of Spoiler Alert!*

Overall this film was a suspenseful, clever and well-executed Bigfoot story, providing impressive social commentary on the freedom of gender roles in society, as opposed to in nature.
Blair Witch meets Bigfoot
Like Blair Witch Project, except with bigfoot. They even go to a small town and interview locals about the legend. I'm a fan of found-footage movies, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. There's some decent humor and charm infused into the first half of the movie; at one point when they're first entering into the meat of the woods and lose their cell phone reception the girl remarks "this is just like how horror movies start."

My biggest complaint is that by the time it really gets rolling it's almost over. But once it does it's pretty damn scary. It's got some of the typical horror movie clichés, and I wish it were longer, but I still enjoyed it.
Too little too late.
This movie has promise and is instantly ruined because it is a found footage film. Grrr! The beautiful scenery that we could have seen. But no. But in the end the found footage method is the only way to make the ending any good. The reason I say too little too late is because 3/4 of this movie is spent with these two clowns doing fill shots and interviews about Bigfoot. Annoying parts include the boyfriends insistence that his girlfriend believe in Bigfoot because he does and because he believes there is so much evidence. She is not buying it but he harps on her about it. Just shut up dude. Also, what I said, too much of the film spent watching these two do camera-work and interviews. Way too much time spent in town and not nearly enough time spent in the woods where it gets nice and creepy. I liked the movie when it finally got to the part where something scary happens. But by the time that happens, the movie is literally fifteen minutes from the end. I liked the end. The ending was fitting and I'm glad it happened.
The Bigfoot Project?....
Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting Willow Creek, the home of Bigfoot.

It was there that the legendary beast was captured on film Keen to explore more than 50 years of folklore, and hoaxes, Kelly goes along to keep Jim happy, whilst he is determined to prove the story is real by capturing the Bigfoot on camera.

Deep in woods, isolated from human contact, neither Kelly or Jim are prepared for what is hidden between the trees, and what happens when the cameras start rolling.....

To sum the film up primarily, it's The Blair Witch Project with Bigfoot, but not a member of the Henderson Family in sight.

Its nothing you've never seen before, the found footage sub genre has been milked within an inch of its sixteen year life, but every now and again there are a couple of exceptions to the genre.

Exhibit A, Crowsnest, The Borderlands and the V/H/S movies are standouts, but as said before, you have to trawl through a lot of garbage to find the truffles.

And for the first half an hour, you are thinking to yourself, what on earth was Goldthwaite on when he wrote this? Here is a man who is responsible for some very diverse and controversial movies, and here it's looking like he's sold out, but once the film goes into the woods, you appreciate the references and connotations made earlier, thus foreshadowing the couples future.

Its funny and most of all, the last half an hour is genuinely scary and unnerving.

It's as if the Foley artist is having a party in his offence, because there are so many eerie noises and distractions, it almost verges on parody.

All in all, its good, but its an uphill struggle to get there, but once the night falls, sit back and enjoy the scares.
Two insecure people hear sounds in their tent for 40 minutes
The entirety of the plot could be boiled down to, "Two insecure people hear sounds in their tent for 40 minutes." The characters are vapid, boring, and lack anything insightful or interesting to say. The interviews with the locals are as exciting as you'd expect "unedited" footage with a bunch of random people discussing Bigfoot to be.

When things finally do begin to happen, they don't proceed anywhere. It goes on and on with no point or purpose until all I wanted was for both of them to die, and die slowly.

Bobcat's other films showed some promise in some regards, but this was just awful.
Go watch someone's vlog rather
That's all there is to it. I like found footage movies, but his was just silly. Just two people traveling for an hour, there is something at the end, but not worth it. It's not a horror movie (except last 10 mins but a little dumb). It felt like I was watching Blair Witch Project parody more than watching Bigfoot movie. If you can skip it, but if you must... watch it, I wouldn't recommend it. 6.2 score is misleading, and soon it will probably fall to 3-4. I think i rated only 2-3 movies with 2, maybe this one deserves 3, but I felt so cheated and bored through the whole thing. Not one of the worst movies I saw, but ultimately boring and pointless.
Watch Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes
If you want to see an actual good FF Bigfoot movie. Do not watch Willow Creek. The main actors are annoying and boring. The movie takes about 75% of its life to get any type of suspense going. The FF cinematography is good. There are just too many scenes that should not have been included. Such as the guitar-playing guy, that scene was how long? 10 minutes?! Why? The restaurant scene where they're eating Bigfoot burgers? What? What is the purpose of this....These scenes serve no purpose whatsoever....they do not help build the characters...nor do they help build the "Bigfoot" tension. If anything, they detract from it. How long is their first night scene in the tent....it lasts like 30 minutes....lol why? It was probably the most boring scene of the movie. I do not understand how Bigfoot (the Lost Coast Tapes) is given such a bad rating when that movie is 1000 times better than this pile of rubbish. I have to rate this a 1 to drag the rating down sorry. Overall there were some tense moments but it's a failed execution.
Cryptoid Fun
I'm sure at least three people have provided a synopsis and I'm just going to assume that they were paying attention to the film. With that said, I trust that you already know what this film is about.

If you're looking for the best scary movie of all time, you're probably going to be disappointed.

If you're looking for a little sardonic humor and some pretty damned good acting, by all means watch it.

This movie was written and directed by (Arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!) Bobcat Goldwaith.

How in the hell can they annoying guy from Police Academy branch out to write and direct movies? The answer is, because he's dis-functionally brilliant. You're like, "Bobcat?" and I'm like, "Yeah."

Even though this is categorized as a horror movie, it just oozes Golthwaith. The character interactions, the obvious fun-poking at the Finding Bigfoot series (It was Bobo in the woods, by the way) all scream of Bobcat.

This ain't a comedy and it's really not a horror film, it's just Bob's ADD problem, focused in a manner where all of us can enjoy it.

Watch the film, pat Bobcat on the back and move on to whatever crappy Hollywood movie that is next in your que.
Accomplished the Goal
Why did I give this a 10? People watch horror movies for different reasons - some for gore, some for suspense (I fall into the latter camp). There are a ton of horror movies out there filled with gore, but it is extremely rare (these days) to find a horror movie that truly creates edge-of-your-seat suspense, and in that category, this gem knocked it out of the park. Willow Creek didn't try to be original, and as many reviewers have noted, it followed the Blair Witch formula to a tee. I knew that going in, and am not to fault the movie for it. The goal of WC was to create a massive amount of tension with a simple and direct story line (does Bigfoot exist?) and a shoestring budget. The final half hour is a huge payoff for previous all the previous buildup (travelling to, interviewing town folk, stopping at diner, etc). **spoiler** One of the most ingenious decisions was not to show the creature at all. For those hoping to see some massive mechanical bigfoot or CGI, this will be a letdown (or a cop-out to save money), but I thought it was pure genius, and proved that what you can't see can be the scariest of all. Well done. A short, efficient roller coaster that delivers as promised. 10.
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