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White Orchid
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Steve Anderson
John Carroll Lynch as Sheriff Mann
Ricardo Chacon as Sheriff's Deputy
Jana Winternitz as Vivian's Assistant
Cris D'Annunzio as Det. Novak
Michael Rodrick as Dr. Hardin
Jennifer Beals as Vivian
Rachael Taylor as Jessica
Olivia Thirlby as Claire
Raymond J. Barry as Caretaker
Storyline: Shy and reserved, Claire Decker, 30ish, is a part-time investigator for Social Services. Typically, she solves cases where senior citizens have died alone, leaving no indication of who must handle their estate. This time however, Claire is reluctantly drawn into a puzzling murder case. The local police have been unable to solve the horrific crime, or even decipher the victim's true identity. A beautiful and enigmatic young blond, known only as "The White Orchid," has been brutally murdered. As Claire is drawn deeper and more intimately into the dead woman's life, she finds herself taking dangerous chances and pushing personal and professional boundaries. As she gets closer to the truth, Claire must effectively become the charismatic "White Orchid" in order to solve the mysterious crime. Written by AnonymousB
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