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Underworld Awakening
USA, Canada
Action, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Jacob Blair as Officer Kolb
Robert Lawrenson as Waterfront Cop
Lee Majdoub as Desk Guard #1
Catlin Adams as Olivia
Theo James as David
Tyler McClendon as Scientist
Panou as Old City Cop #1
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Charles Dance as Thomas
John Innes as Medical Supervisor
Adam Greydon Reid as Med Tech #1
Storyline: Mankind discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan species and they begin a war to annihilate the races. When Selene meets with Michael in the harbor, they are hit by a grenade and Selene passes out. Twelve years later, Selene awakes from a cryogenic sleep in the Antigen laboratory and meets the Vampire David. She learns that she had been the subject of the scientist Dr. Jacob Lane and the Vampire and Lycan species have been practically eradicated from Earth. But Selene is still connected to Michael and has visions that she believes that belongs to Michael's sight. However she has a surprise and finds that she has a powerful daughter named Eve that has been raised in the laboratory. Now Selene and David have to protect Eve against the Lycans that intend to use her to inoculate their species against silver.
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A let down after the other movies...
After the first three movies of Underworld I really thought I'd enjoy this film. But surprise, surprise as the reviews said it definitely wasn't as good as the first three... I just felt with the other movies in the franchise they had done really well with the balancing of the plot line and characters-the characters seemed really well developed which is hard to do in an action-packed film. In this one- however- I felt they rushed in too quickly with the story not developing the characters to having a purpose in the film. It felt like they were just there to fill a role rather than add anything valuable to the movie! I especially didn't like the way they got rid of Scott Speedman look-a- like(as Michael Corvin) at the beginning as I felt there was no need and Kate's character got over this pretty damn quickly! Then the Michael Corvin character magically reappears again at the end just as we've got used not seeing him around anymore! In comparison to the Underworld and Underworld Evolution movies(which I thought were at least worth 8/10) this felt like a complete let down... However, I would say it was worth a watch as when you got to the final fight scene it does get quite exciting! There is -however-one last thing I do not understand about the whole film: the short synopsis simply says "When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences." which is silly as we find out later in the film that the employees at Antigen are in actual fact all Lycans apart for the unfortunate woman scientist who gets killed by them. This fact just shows that the storyline was not thought out and this film claims to be something it's not. The only reason my rating of this film reached a 4 is because Kate Beckinsale is still as intriguing and beautiful as ever! But there are major holes in this story so if your in for a good story this is not the film for you...
I saw the movie in 2D but to be honest, the low rating was not because of the lack of 3D but rather that it was very disappointing. I felt like the movie had a good storyline but it only touched on segments of it rather than expand on it. The Cryogenics with a 12 yr gap did not make any sense. If the little girl was her daughter than how come she had no memory of giving birth. If the hybrid was a test tube baby she would have still come from somewhere, unless the female scientist who looked after the child was the real person who gave birth to her? Also, when Selene met with Thomas, he knew who she was and that she was responsible for killing elders but it didn't really touch on how he knew even though he acted like he was an elder which I do not think he was. As for me, the special effects were so/so but it was more like watching the first Matrix movie. The scene where she storms the office building and attacks the guards was very similar to scene in the Matrix. It did not really leave much for the imagination.

Towards the end of the movie where the bad guys get the upper hand and the plot of the movie, it is short lived. The ending of the movie was like when the Empire Strikes Back ended. Just when the movie was getting good, and they followed a lead to meet with her hybrid lover, the movie ended! Guess there will be another sequel! When the movie ended, I looked at my watch and realized that it was just under and hour and 1/2. There was so much more they could have done with this movie and cranked out another 20-30 minutes to complete the storyline.

It just seemed as if they filmed the movie in a couple of months. I do not understand how there was a budget of $70 million when the special effects seemed below par. Yet, Underworld 3, was budgeted around $35 million.

Naturally, Kate Beckinsale looked as sexy as ever, which probably the highlight of the movie.
Kate is back
This is continuing where the second movie left off (a few years later obviously). And fortunately for us Kate Beckinsale is back in action again. Unfortunately for us, the story continues to deteriorate further down the drain. Apart from a strong character missing (I'm guessing they'd try to get the person back for a future sequel, if there ever was to be one), this tries to bring as much fresh blood into it as possible (no pun intended).

Action choreography is good, cinematography is good and Kate is great as always. The new additions try their best, but unfortunately as intriguing as they are, this is very predictable fare and therefor not as entertaining as the previous efforts (minus the prequel that is).
Seven out of ten?!
My left eye almost popped out of its socket when I saw this film got seven stars out of ten on IMDb. Then my right eye almost popped out when I read how much money they spent on making this movie. You can certainly tell they spent a lot of money... But you can't polish a turd with dollar bills. The main problems are the poor script and the lame, tired visual ideas. It makes you wonder if the good actors in this film actually read the script before accepting the part. Either the didn't, which is a bit strange... Or they did - and that is mind boggling. Why agree to star in a film with such an obviously inept script? Oh and some of the ideas/visuals... "We have a lethal vampire loose in our secret lab! At once turn on the confusing, strobing lights that trigger epilepsy! What? Why we should do this!? I don't know - I've seen in movies they have those in their secret superlabs so I thought we should install our own... Kinda cool, huh?" Amazingly, the film-makers seem unable to shake their obsession with strobing, flickering lights - they appear for no apparent reason in several scenes. The werewolves look stupid a cliché - like a really poor horror slasher film. Which this is, sort of. The facepalm moments... Like when vampire girl wakes up in secret lab (the one with the STROBING LIGHTS remember) and finds her latex suit and all her gear in a nice cupboard with a glass door right next to the bed... Wait... Its almost like the writer couldn't come up with something better... Or the script is written by a nine year old... One would have though it safer to keep the evil super vampire's belongings locked up in a safe place far away from where she might wake up any moment... A true facepalm moment. Of which there are many in this snore-fest of a film. I struggle to actually remember the story. Several times I felt a horrible urge to fast forward or walk out. The only things I clearly remember about this film are the cringeworthy story solutions and how forgettable it is. For the latter I should perhaps grateful.
Great action
I admit there was more about action (and action was very good) than about plot, but I still give the movie 10/10. There was some important moments that make this movie unique for me. As I said, the plot doesn't have much to offer, BUT. "My heart is not cold, it's broken" - this line alone made it 10. The movie accents the priority of love. Do you think it's banal? Yes, but not when the parents' love and love between man and woman compared. When I learned the movie will have this daughter of main heroine, I was disappointed. Another sob story? Cry me a river. But the mother-daughter relationships shown were actually good and original - no hugging, no crying, no „I love you, sweety!" Selene behaves as she should - she lost her loved one, so she won't be smiling happy mom just because she now has a daughter (though of course she would protect her). Another moment that touched me is when Selene found Michael and wasn't responding long enough when that policeman called her and asked for help saving her daughter. Selene didn't betray her love just because of her parental duty! I think these moments were very deep and are actually rare nowadays in the movies and I'm not sure people who are prioritizing their children over everything else or people who forgot long ago what true love is will understand them (and there are about 90% of such people in the world). All in all, good action, great Selene, some deep moments and the ground for the fifth part. Good job.
Amazing movie
I have been a big fan of all the underworld movies. I believe the story is amazingly well played and its never a "you are left wanting more" film. I have read a few reviews of this film from people saying that it lacks story line/plot. Which I cannot believe. Every Underworld movie brings something new to the scene. One review said there was a 'dull' breakout intro kinda feeling like 'resident evil' style. First off, this is incredibly wrong. This movie (and all other underworlds) LACKED any dullness. Yes, Kate Beckinsale is incredibly gorgeous eye candy and the effects were amazing. But I'm not entirely sure where someone can come off and say this lacked story. In my opinion, the people saying this are people who think "Jessica's body" had a good story line. Underworld always leaves it off with such a twist or an ending that leaves so much room for whatever and has the potential to go in any direction. This movie was well played and directed. People saying they 'didn't get the little girl thing' obviously didn't pay attention to dialog or the EXPRESSION on Selenes face. Please, if you are a fan of underworld, or Kate Beckinsale, don't miss out on an amazing film because some people can't understand something that's not spelled out in perfect cliché. Cliché... something Underworld has yet to bring to the table. Awesome job everyone. Keep it up.
Same Old Predictable Story Line
I can't believe how many times this same story will be told. It's like watching a cowboy beat a dead horse over and over again. At least change the stick that the cowboy is using, some creativity would be much welcomed in these movies that are coming out.

I'm starting to believe that their is only one or two people really writing and directing these movies. The creators that are so called creating these movies must have a set play book that they all use without variance. Boring, and too predictable.

My advice is not to waste your money on this dead horse movie, or the next ten sorry sequels to follow. Wait for something with some original and creative thinking involved with the movie.

Movies like these are just brain dead and sad.
Fun But Seemed Rushed
Enjoyed the film overall, love the series and the genre, and who doesn't love Kate!?

I didn't have a lot of expectations on this one, and didn't even watch the previews in advance of the film. My biggest complaint for the film was that it seemed rushed. It didn't feel like it built up to the climax, just a lot of running around and action and then *boom* it was done and I was left feeling unsatisfied.

The new characters didn't feel fully developed, just a quick "hi i am so and so" and that was it. I didn't connect to any of the characters, good or bad. The villains didn't get a chance to make you want them defeated or dead at all, you just know they are a villain cuz someone said so in the previous dialogue.

Still a fun film overall, but wouldn't see it a second time.
Underworld got me enchanted...
I can't remember expecting any film so anxiously as this one.

I'd been overjoyed ever since I heard that a new one was coming and Kate was returning as the Vampire Goddess Selene. And during the days before its release, I was like— Day by day, I've thought about it, watching the previous Underworld films and the new one's trailers countless times, and at night I couldn't sleep, thinking of the greatness that was yet to come.

Then I saw it and got carried away. It was beyond words. As a fan of the franchise, I felt like I was the happiest person on earth!

I can't remember loving any film so much as this one, either. Couldn't help watching this new film over and over again, and each time was filled with joy and excitement.

This is definitely my favorite series when it comes to vampires and lycans. And I'm expecting more Underworld films to come in the future. The story of the series lasts for over a millennium, so there's really a lot more to explore, especially for the prequels.

What about giving us more about the Corvinus clan, the beginning of the vampires and werewolves? Tell us more about Alexander, Marcus, William…with the title "Underworld: Origin", maybe?

And let us see more history about Selene—the time when she got turned into a vampire, given the strength to avenge her family against the lycans, hunting down and killing them off for nearly 6 centuries. That would be a great story to tell!

How about telling more stories of Lucian, showing his experience after the event of "Rise of the Lycans"?

And, give us more about Amelia! The only FEMALE VAMPIRE ELDER portrayed by Zita Gorog is pretty awesome, yet we know so little about her. Prequels could have the chance to bring her back!

More Underworld, more greatness!

Me, my sis and bro all just went to see this, and I will tell ya its amazing! :D Kate looks like she did in underworld 2 so that is totally amazing! plus story and action were like wow! if you liked the other movies you are going to love this one so much. It is by far the best movie i have ever seen in a long time! and i see a lot of movies. So i was sucked in from the first five minutes to the amazing ending climax! One thing i really liked about this movie was the feel of it, not another twilight blah blah, but an actually movie that seems real. I like how it had the same feel as the other 3 movies, and it was the best ever!
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