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Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Travis Romero
Michael Biehn as Henry
Bruce Figarsky as Lawyer
Matthew Ziff as Nathan
Lorraine Ziff as Carla Greene Esq.
Jenise Blanc as Client
Richard Gunn as Robert
Sarah Butler as Cecelia
Chris Meyer as Evan
Christian J. Meoli as Adult Nathan
Caitlin Keats as Vanessa
Storyline: Henry and his girlfriend are invited by their friend to his wedding. He also invites Henry's estranged son and his girlfriend, Cecilia to the party. Henry has been an overbearing, status-conscious father and his son always resented on lack of freedom to make decisions for his life. His father wants him to get higher education but the son wants to get into practical life. This causes bitter arguments between the two. But this is only one side of the story. The real drama begins after the father and the son are stuck in the cabin with their girlfriends and some sinister revelations and heartrending drama ensues.
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So much Treachery...
Having grown up watching Michael Biehn in so many great James Cameron blockbusters, it was cool to see a different side of him. Plot was decent. I did like the setting with the rain forcing everyone to confront their own demons. Plus is was cool to see the movie as a flashback and know something big had happened due to all the treachery. It was obvious the actors were definitely giving it their all especially Biehn as the slimy drunk father and Matthew Ziff as the troubled son. Great dysfunctional father and son relationship there! I definitely want to give this movie another try, since I did enjoy the dialogue between the various actors. Besides it is important to support those indie films!
The twist is nice but not enough.
I have said that you can judge a movie by it's title, and this movie proves my point. Simple, and to the point this movie is about a treacherous bunch of people, and the simple people who want to believe the best, and never see the truth. I did not Enjoy this movie all that much, the acting was alright, and the direction was just fine, not a bad movie, just nothing special at all. The rain is actually a character in this film it never lets up, you hear it all the time. I enjoyed how this worked as a sound track because the rain, and thunder was louder than the radio playing in the back of the room. You are teased through the whole movie with one of those "16 hours earlier" sort of flashback feelings, but then it is something else which I guess makes it unique enough to even be mentioned. I would only say that you should watch this if it is free, and you have nothing but time. You will not come away from this feeling like you have been rewarded for your time, but you may get a kick out of the twist as they are careful not to hint at it too often.
Nice Dialouges & Good Acting But Bad Script
if you are a film lover that likes a lot of dialogs be beware because this narrative will run for short & give you a mass disappointment at the end,i did like the talk of characters with great acting display by all actors but the script it a turn off.

the plot:a father and his girlfriend are invited to a wedding also the son of a father is present there too with his own girlfriend a lot with other people,but due to the rain everyone is stuck in the cabin and the long conversations continue leading from politics to there true identities & secrets

the cheating on each other,some random sensual scenes and relationships with all elements like betrayal and its a mash-up presented here its been done before we all have seen it but something is missing as twists in the script comes but at the end the viewers will be angry and say this is nothing but a waste of time & treachery to them by filmmakers,Travis Romero the director of this film did shot great scenes but failed to give a reasonable climax to the plot,its got a nice cast good ladies good sets but it is still a bad film.

overall my rating for Treachery 2013 is 3/10 this film could have been better but unfortunately its not worth the time,if you like some dialogs then go for this otherwise stay away.Skipp
This movie is treacherous
Having seen there isn't any user reviews I thought Id go right ahead to save some people time.The one review I did read under the critic reviews was so far off the mark it was unreal.Surely he wasn't watching the same movie.Sarah Butler the standout?No one stood out if anything absolutely mediocre acting.The whole storyline is the dad has slept with all the women in this cabin and knocks up his sons daughter (which I don't understand as he is clearly a drunk)and the son finds out.Even tho he finds out he forgives her only for her to walk out "never to be seen again".This movie for me rushed along as its run-time is only 1 hour and 7 mins and jumps from event to event.It was really like watching bold and the beautiful but the scripting was even more horrendous.Save yourself the time movie goers.
What the hell was this. I thought I was going to see a rather good horror flick because there are some shots edited in between the story that makes you think a massacre is on it's way but sadly it's the movie itself that is a massacre.

And so many names that I admire, Biehn, Blanc, Keats and Butler, all names that I have seen in a lot of good flicks but here together they are a failure. It's not that the acting is terrible it's the story itself. Nothing really happens except arguments and frustrations and of course treachery. But it's the editing that destroyed this flick. It's clearly to see that the close-ups were shot in another take. it's full of mistakes on part of facial expressions.

Even clocking in under an hour (begin and end credits) it's still a boring flick. And at the end you see what the in between shots were all about. No, this isn't a good flick. Sad to see Michael Biehn, who produced this, falling into a void. And Sarah Butler, seen her so many times in flicks and even in the flesh isn't showing the anger she has in so many of her flicks.

No effects at all, a very cheap flick, not worth your time.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 0/5 Story 1,5/5 Comedy 0/5
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