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This Is Our Christmas
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Ronn Moss as Gatekeeper
Joel Rush as Mike Davenport
Vincent De Paul as James Bennett Foxworth
Donna Spangler as Angelina
Nancy Daly as Aunt Maggie
Kira Reed as Mrs. Hawkins
Margaret O'Brien as Mrs. Foxworth
Natalie Pack as Laura Winslow
Megan Duffy as Nina
Andrea Boccaletti as Anthony Dixon
Simona Fusco as Yvonne
Aaron O'Connell as Nathan Winslow
Storyline: A spoiled Beverly Hills teenager finds the true meaning of the holidays."This is Our Christmas" tells the story of love, redemption, courage,and the importance of helping others. A father tries to help his daughter overcome the loss of her mother while helping the failing business of a country style bakery. This ever green film follows the Foxworth family and their magical guardian angel who assists them in realizing the true miracle of Christmas".
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