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The Shining
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Stanley Kubrick
Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance
Shelley Duvall as Wendy Torrance
Danny Lloyd as Danny Torrance
Scatman Crothers as Dick Hallorann
Barry Nelson as Stuart Ullman
Philip Stone as Delbert Grady
Joe Turkel as Lloyd the Bartender
Anne Jackson as Doctor
Tony Burton as Larry Durkin
Lia Beldam as Old Woman in Bath
Billie Gibson as Old Woman in Bath
Barry Dennen as Bill Watson
David Baxt as Forest Ranger #1
Manning Redwood as Forest Ranger #2
Storyline: Signing a contract, Jack Torrance, a normal writer and former teacher agrees to take care of a hotel which has a long, violent past that puts everyone in the hotel in a nervous situation. While Jack slowly gets more violent and angry of his life, his son, Danny, tries to use a special talent, the "Shining", to inform the people outside about whatever that is going on in the hotel.
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Twisting maze in which every answer creates two more questions
In an age of formulaic and predictable horror movies, The Shining was a fresh breath of air. The simple plot of The Shining frees up the mind to explore the meticulous details. The vague "easter eggs" Kubrick leaves throughout the film causes the brain to conceive theories that may or may not be intentional. I found myself analyzing and questioning things such as tile patterns, the sounds of Danny's tricycle as it drove over different surfaces, etc. It led me to look for clues where there may be none, leading me down a maze of confusion. Overall, The Shining is a classic that continues to enthrall audiences with its attention to detail.
Eerie, Tense, Memorable
"The Shining" is one of the most chilling and memorable horror movies I`ve seen, and I have seen a lot of horror flicks. It may not be faithful to the Stephen King book, but it still manages to have an intensely eerie tone to, even though any traces of a plot are practically absent. Jack Nicholson gives a great performance as always, and his descent into sheer madness is one of the most entertaining things about the movie, especially when he finally snaps, and turns against his own wife and son. Stanley Krubick has been called mysterious, and there is no doubt about it in this movie, almost every scene has some sort of obscurity to it, some mystery, and it forces to the viewer to feel at least a little bit frightened. Krubick is actually quite brilliant in the way he transforms almost every seemingly normal thing into something menacing, such as the snow-bound atmosphere, a set of twin girls, and even some shots of hallways and rooms gave me chills! In a critical way, "The Shining" is not a great film, there isn`t much substance, clarity or depth, but at the same time, you can`t help but be engrossed by it`s strikingly different style and effect. "The Shining" may not hold up to close fault-finding, but it`s certainly one of the most exceptional horror movies ever made.
Great Horror Masterpiece
Kubrick's The Shining will go down in my book as the best horror film ever, even beating The Exorcist which I thought was great. First off, the story makes for such a great horror epic. It stays pretty loyal to the book and did not disappoint me for a second. Many people complain about the pacing and how slow it is, but I believe that even heightens the terror when some real climax scenes happen. Jack Nicholson is absolutely incredible in this. I can't think of another actor that could have done a better job than him.

If you have not seen The Shining by now, I urge you to do so.

Great Horror Classic.
Short and sweet review
Classic movie. The shining is a great book and translated quite well into film. I'm not a huge horror buff, but this movie is among the top 5 horror films that i have ever seen. The director caught some flak from Stephen King with various choices that he made, but regardless, this movie is great (Halloween) fun.
Another Visual Treat From Kubrick
When this came out on DVD, I gave it another shot, after not being too impressed with the VHS the first time. Wow, what a difference! Now, it's on Blu-Ray and it's really fantastic - the best yet! This is a "must see" in high-def.

I found it to be very entertaining, very suspenseful and a visual treat. Those visuals were so good that I didn't mind the slow pace. Jack Nicholson was perfect for the role. Shelley Duvall was fascinating with her "Olive Oyl" face, smile and soft voice. She got panned by a lot of people, and that was unfair. She's fine. The kid (Danny Lloyd) was good, too, as were the supporting players.

The film is typical (director Stanley) Kubrick weirdness but not as weird as some of his other stuff. The only things I personally didn't care for were two blasphemous outbursts by Nicholson and a general unpleasant feeling seeing the innocent Duvall and son terrorized near the end. I did think, story-wise, that Nicholson's character went "crazy" a bit too fast. That could have been drawn out more....but I'm not complaining because I genuinely am fascinated with this film.
Classic horror movie. Based on the novel by Stephen King.
This is another fantastic movie directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick.

It was released back in 1980 so you shouldn't expect the overuse of special effects (SE) like in many modern movies. They simply didn't have that technology. And I think the quality of the story sometimes can benefit from that. I've seen to many movies were stories drown in SE. Anyway, Kubrick won an Academy Award for SE. In The Shining he sure knows when to use them and not. Excellent camera-work.

Kubrick uses well balanced and clear images. Combined with a fantastic story progression and strong psychological impressions it all sums up to a great movie experience with a great nerve. It is all so clear and so deadly. It really is composed well and it does exactly what a horror movie is intended to do: Scare the hell out of the audience.
Amazing achievement in filmmaking and the art of terror.
Chilling, majestic piece of cinematic fright, this film combines all the great elements of an intellectual thriller, with the grand vision of a director who has the instinctual capacity to pace a moody horror flick within the realm of his filmmaking genius that includes an eye for the original shot, an ice-cold soundtrack and an overall sense of dehumanization. This movie cuts through all the typical horror movies like a red-poker through a human eye, as it allows the viewer to not only feel the violence and psychosis of its protagonist, but appreciate the seed from which the derangement stems. One of the scariest things for people to face is the unknown and this film presents its plotting with just that thought in mind. The setting is perfect, in a desolate winter hideaway. The quietness of the moment is a character in itself, as the fermenting aggressor in Jack Torrance's mind wallows in this idle time, and breeds the devil's new playground. I always felt like the presence of evil was dormant in all of our minds, with only the circumstances of the moment, and the reasons given therein, needed to wake its violent ass and pounce over its unsuspecting victims. This film is a perfect example of this very thought.

And it is within this film's subtle touches of the canvas, the clackity-clacks of the young boy's big wheel riding along the empty hallways of the hotel, the labyrinthian garden representing the mind's fine line between sane and insane, Kubrick's purposely transfixed editing inconsistencies, continuity errors and set mis-arrangements, that we discover a world guided by the righteous and tangible, but coaxed away by the powerful and unknown. I have never read the book upon which the film is based, but without that as a comparison point, I am proud to say that this is one of the most terrifying films that I have ever seen. I thought that the runtime of the film could've been cut by a little bit, but then again, I am not one of the most acclaimed directors in the history of film, so maybe I should keep my two-cent criticisms over a superb film, to myself. All in all, this movie captures your attention with its grand form and vision, ropes you in with some terror and eccentric direction, and ties you down and stabs you in the heart with its cold-eyed view of the man's mind gone overboard, creepy atmosphere and the loss of humanity.

Rating: 9/10
Terrifying In Places But Ultimately Confusing
With THE SHINING Stanley Kubrick grabs the audience with the very first shot of the opening title sequence: A zoom shot over a lake as bombastic and very disconcerting music is played and as the music continues eldritch cries of children can be heard in the background


This is scary and Kubrick also injects even more terrifying moments into the movie . Three people husband and wife Jack and Wendy Torrance along with their young son Danny stay at a remote hotel as caretakers during the winter , a winter that sees them snowed in so right away you know this family can't easily escape or call for help so did anyone else feel their heart jump Wendy comes screaming to Jack saying they're not alone in the hotel and that there's an old woman there ? Did anyone get a fright when Jack confronted her in the bathroom . THE SHINING is full of these very scary moments

" If it's got so many scary bits and works in terrifying you Theo why only seven out of ten ? Surely this must be something of a horror masterpiece "

It was awarded seven out of ten because that's what THE SHINING deserves over all . Despite moments of heart-attack inducing fear that's all they are - Moments , which makes THE SHINING rather patchy and we have to endure many slow moments . You want to find out how boring it is being a caretaker at a remote hotel ? Watch this movie

I could have forgiven the slow moments but my major gripe is that I found the movie confusing . I have never read King's novel but that doesn't matter because an adapted screenplay should make sense whether the audience has read the book or not and since the message board for THE SHINING is overflowing asking this and that question as to what the ending was about ? , How was Jack Possessed ? What is that photograph about ? etc this means the story has been badly adapted for the silver screen , which considering the potential can possibly be described as unforgivable since my abiding memory of this movie is how much it caused me to scratch my head , nott how much it caused me to jump out of my seat
Stanley Kubrick's epic nightmare of horror
''The Shining''is one of my favorite horror movies of all times. While Jack Torrance's madness increases, you stay more and more tense while the movie develops. And the movie really makes you scared in some scenes. Being the work of a perfectionist(Stanley Kubrick) and a plot by Stephen King, this movie who gave a lot of trouble and work to be ready,is a good option for everybody who is a horror genre's fan!

Jack Torrance got the job of caretaker of the Overlook Hotel,since it is going to be closed down during winter.Jack and his family will be the only people in the hotel for a long while Danny, the little boy, is the one who sees things that no one else sees: he is the one who first sees the ghosts in the hotel and also sees what is about to happen in a near future. Danny is what we call to be ''the shinning'' as well as Halloram, the hotel's cook. But the hotel is full of bad spirits,and many of them are helping Jack to become crazy...

Jack Nicholson is great and really looks a mad man. Shelley Duvall has a strange type, but has nice screams.Danny Lloyd, that plays Danny Torrance, is my favorite character. :)
timeless terror
Even though The Shining is over a quarter of a century old, I challenge anyone to not get freaked out by Jack Nicholson's descent into madness. This is a rare example of something so unique that no one has been able to rip it off; instead it has been referenced time and again in pop culture. The twins, the elevator of blood, RedRum, the crazy nonsense "writing"... this should be seen, if for nothing else, to understand all the allusions to it in daily life. The film is simultaneously scary, suspenseful, beautiful, and psychologically intriguing. It has the classic mystery of Hitchcock and the terror of a modern thriller. And it has what horror movies usually lack: a great script.
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