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The River Murders
IMDB rating:
Rich Cowan
Ving Rhames as Captain Langley
Alex Donnolo as Young Jack - age 19
Gisele Fraga as Ana Verdon
C.R. Clatworthy as Thomas Lincoln
Chris Leblanc as Detective Soter
Serena Caryl as Rebecca
Trent A. Chastain as Jack's newborn son
Wes Deitrick as Sully
Michael Rodrick as John Lee
Melora Walters as Agent Glover
Sarah Ann Schultz as Jenny Thames
Christian Slater as Agent Vuckovitch
Raymond J. Barry as Trent Verdon
Ray Liotta as Jack Verdon
Storyline: A homicide detective, Ray Liotta, while investigating a series of murders becomes the prime suspect when the FBI uncovers his close personal ties to all the victims.
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Grade D
I mean I wasn't expecting a blockbuster hit but this movie is just pitiful. To begin the movie wastes no time getting the ball rolling but the mood is far from suspenseful or thrilling. Each scene just kind of drags on to the next with a stale sense of predictability. The killer is so obviously revealed early on and lacks any real depth or originally outside of the lame stigma appointed to the character. The music doesn't help much as it sounds like the same continual track being repeated from the beginning to the end of the movie. The pace is lackluster, uneventful and plays out mediocre at best. Overall this movie suffers from a weak run of the mill script that fails to draw in the audience to the point where you don't care to finish the movie. Sorry to say but this movie is truly boring.
WrItTeN By SoMeOnE WiTh DeLuSiOnS Of GrAnDeUr AnD QuEsTiOnAbLe MoRaLs!!!
One of my all-time favorite films is Martin Scorcese's "Goodfellas", that film made me a life-long Ray Liotta fan. He has had a bit of a rocky career, even sometimes going WAY over the top or being WAY out of place, he is still one of those guys that when he does hit his mark, you can't take your eyes off him. I always liked Ray Liotta's acting, no matter the movie he stars in. He's always good, always electrifying and enjoyable. In "The River Murders" he's in good company, acting alongside Ving Rhames (plays Captain Langley) and Christian Slater (plays FBI agent Vuckovich).

In this little thriller, Ray Liotta plays Jack Verdon, a homicide detective, who is on a strange case – he's investigating a series of murders that all seem to have a connection with him. Verdon ends up becoming the prime suspect, when FBI uncovers his close personal ties to all the victims. So, naturally, now Verdon has to find the real killer, clear his name, and try to save some people on the way, the whole film circles around these sexual relationships of Liotta's character with other women he had in the past. By the looks Liotta has in this movie (he's not really in shape anymore), it's hard to imagine this "detective, who slept with over 100 women", but who knows right? everyone has his/her taste.

The killer in the movie is revealed rather early (he actually turns out to be a religious fanatic), and the rest of the film is filled with Liotta's desperate attempts to catch this guy, get along with his wife(who has also been cheating on him), and engage into these bitter talks with Christian Slater's character.

To sum it up, this is definitely not Liotta's best movie, and overall just a passable, forgettable pathetic thriller. Ving Rhames looks out of place here, and Christian Slater doesn't get enough of screen time and portrays a rather blank FBI agent character. I'd recommend this only to really die-hard Liotta and Slater fans, Otherwise, you might as well skip this film.

My RaTiNg- 2/10!!!
Did you catch the criminal?
A film is meant to engage. Is this not true? So based on this observation one would be hard pressed to find this film anything but. The plot is something that is new and quite disturbing when you consider that the prime suspects own mother becomes part of the endless list of his past dalliances. The acting is great but not exceptional but this can be forgiven because of the amazing twists and turns this movie makes. If not for the obvious predictability of much of this movie it would have made the full 10. But alas this is not the case. Worth watching? definitely! Worth watching again... Well that is all up to the individual. Ray Liotta lends his usual flare to the assorted actors and Vhing Rhames makes for a considerate cohort. Tension is lacking for the most part but like a worn reality show its a matter of lets just see what happens next. Worth a watch!
A surprisingly good movie about a detective finding all of his ex's murdered. Good but not really original. I say B
"Twelve years ago I dated Sarah for four months, the last time we had sex was right down there. That makes me a suspect." After finding an old girlfriend murdered Detective Jack Verdon (Liotta) is suspended from the force. After more and more women from his past end up dead he starts his own investigation. This is a movie that really surprised me. I do like Liotta and Slater but lately their movies have not been that impressive to watch. This is a huge exception. While it had all the makings of a bad TV movie this became something more. I'm not saying this is amazing or anything new, it has the same plot of many of the CSI-type shows but seemed better then those to me. While this movie was not as tense as it wanted to be it still kept me watching and I enjoyed this very much. It may have been because of no expectations but I would recommend this. Overall, a very entertaining murder mystery movie that is better then expected. I give it a B.

Would I watch again? - I don't know if I will or not

*Also try - In Her Skin & Untraceable
Good premise; some cartoon acting
Ray Liotta was fine, as always, but his acting was counter-balanced by the wooden-acting of Ving Rhames, who wrenched me away from the scene every time his incessant intoning came on. He speaks as if he's on a pulpit and projecting to hundreds of people--no matter what he's saying--each and every time. I could never believe believe him at ll in his role.

Christian Slater, also, was completely unbelievable in his FBI role. He looked as if he were on a giant high--and was very hard to watch as he bounced up and down the screen.

When you watch a film such as this with known actors, you have to "suspend disbelief" and see known actors fade take on their roles completely.

Rhames and Slatern made that utterly impossible--no matter that it was balanced by Liotta and others.

The premise of the film was so promising..it was a pity that the majority of the casting was so poor.
Flaw in movie
The cast was great and the movie was intense. Of course, I figured out the entire plot towards the middle of the movie. Not much attention was given to the police investigation and it was neglectful. Not intelligent enough even with the FBI involved. The DNA thing could have been changed, however, to make the plot a bit more interesting. It was too simple and it was flawed and it didn't make sense in the end. I didn't like the ending at all. But if you ignore the DNA part, you will be satisfied with the efforts of the author to make Liotta look like a hero. Christian Slater annoyed me, he had no class as an FBI agent and was not an integral part of the movie. They could have done well without him. If Richard Gere would have filled the role, he has a much stronger and tougher acting personality.
I'm actually disappointed. The plot seems to built up nice in the beginning but in the end seems ridiculous. Not that I doubt Ray's character to be able to remember 100 women he just had one night stand with but rather how the killer gets to know that and how he is able to pile up the bodies faster that terminator looking for Sarah Conner.

The killer is revealed pretty early in the movie and is a rather empty caricature of some religious fanatic. I believe if they had spent more time on the killer's psychology and how he gets to his victims, the film would be more credible.

The only part I enjoyed was the rather sarcastic FBI agent played by Mr Slater but that might be just 10 min of the entire movie. I definitely do not recommend this film.
A truly laughable piece of film making
This is probably the worst movie I've seen all year and I have seen some rubbish films this year so that is saying something. The acting is terrible, the actors had no chemistry and most had been terribly mis-cast. The script is atrocious and the plot is not only unbelievable but also ridiculous, also the editing and camera work seem amateur. During this movie we found ourselves laughing out loud several times mainly because of Ray Liotta's emotional reactions (I cannot believe the performance Scorcese got from him in Goodfellas, having seen several of his films since).

There were only 2 enjoyable things about this movie; Christian Slater (basically playing Christian Slater the FBI agent) as his character was amusing and the 2nd thing was the end credits. I gave the film 2/10: 1 for Christian Slater and 1 for comedy value. Straight to the bottom of the DVD bargain bin (or the river) wit this please...
Not great, but a lot better then some.
I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Ray Liotta's. I've seen him in a lot of films, but usually in a co-starring or secondary capacity, and usually as a psycho, but the trailer looked good (don't they always?) so I watched this one.

The River Murders is surprisingly good. Liotta does a decent job portraying an aging cop victimized by a serial killer for some unknown reason. His character is mostly believable (100 women? Really? And you remember all of their names?) as he looks into reasons why his past lovers are suddenly being killed off. Severely underused actors Christian Slater and Ving Rhames go along for the ride as an FBI agent who thinks Liotta's the one killing the women, and his boss, who suspends him pending further investigation.

Although you figure out early who the real killer is the movie keeps you guessing the reasons why until the end and, even though he's a little over the top religiously, is believable.

This isn't the greatest movie you'll ever see, and it does have it's flaws, but you won't walk away thinking you killed an hour and a half for nothing.
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