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The River Murders
IMDB rating:
Rich Cowan
Ving Rhames as Captain Langley
Alex Donnolo as Young Jack - age 19
Gisele Fraga as Ana Verdon
C.R. Clatworthy as Thomas Lincoln
Chris Leblanc as Detective Soter
Serena Caryl as Rebecca
Trent A. Chastain as Jack's newborn son
Wes Deitrick as Sully
Michael Rodrick as John Lee
Melora Walters as Agent Glover
Sarah Ann Schultz as Jenny Thames
Christian Slater as Agent Vuckovitch
Raymond J. Barry as Trent Verdon
Ray Liotta as Jack Verdon
Storyline: A homicide detective, Ray Liotta, while investigating a series of murders becomes the prime suspect when the FBI uncovers his close personal ties to all the victims.
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A surprisingly good movie about a detective finding all of his ex's murdered. Good but not really original. I say B
"Twelve years ago I dated Sarah for four months, the last time we had sex was right down there. That makes me a suspect." After finding an old girlfriend murdered Detective Jack Verdon (Liotta) is suspended from the force. After more and more women from his past end up dead he starts his own investigation. This is a movie that really surprised me. I do like Liotta and Slater but lately their movies have not been that impressive to watch. This is a huge exception. While it had all the makings of a bad TV movie this became something more. I'm not saying this is amazing or anything new, it has the same plot of many of the CSI-type shows but seemed better then those to me. While this movie was not as tense as it wanted to be it still kept me watching and I enjoyed this very much. It may have been because of no expectations but I would recommend this. Overall, a very entertaining murder mystery movie that is better then expected. I give it a B.

Would I watch again? - I don't know if I will or not

*Also try - In Her Skin & Untraceable
I liked that movie. The story is along the line of SEVEN, but it's not SEVEN. The plot development is very different and compared to SEVEN, anyone will choose the latter as a better movie. But it doesn't mean this one is horrible.

The cinematography is great. It sets well the moods and it's like watching a succession of paintings. Much better than what you can expect from a B-movie.

The story holds great and there are no real loopholes.

I really appreciated the fact that there were a lot of «normal» reactions. For example, the movie begins with the discovery of a body near a river. The detective arrives on the crime scene, obliviously recognize the victim (an old flame) and after learning she was found at the exact spot where they met, he says: «I can't be on this case, I know the victim.» I think it's the first time I see this in a movie or TV show, as opposed to the traditional cop who tries to hide this fact because he or she wants to get the case so badly. No real cop would do something like that, as it would jeopardize any case in court.

Another «normal» reaction is the female detective who begins to treat any man she meets as a suspect, as she knows she can be a potential victim. And it is done in a very realistic way, i.e. she's not a nervous wreck that is pointing a gun at every man she meets.

Another «normal» reaction is the patrol cars protecting potential victims. They are shown as an effective deterrent instead of having a killer tricking or killing them to reach his victims. The killer must find another way.

Basically, no stupid people in this movie. Except maybe for the FBI agent (Christian Slater) which could of give it a rest with the patronizing of the «suspect» detective (Ray Liotta), which was clearly not a suspect from the get go. He was the only one acting weird on the subject.

It will not win any awards, but it is nice to watch on a late night.
This must have went straight to video
Ray Liotta has starred in many a fine picture(s), but I did not think this was one of his better films. His acting was certainly up to par but the movie was thin on content. Ray Liotta plays Detective Jack Verdon, a married man with a very active sex life with many, many partners before he got married several years ago.

Somehow, someone has been murdering the women Jack has previously slept with, and as any good serial killer will tell you, the killer has to have a modus operandi. So Jack is first accused of being the possible serial killer as he cannot account how anyone else would know the women he has previously taken on as one time lovers, so his badge and gun are temporarily confiscated. As more murders of Jacks former lovers are turning up, Jack is eventually cleared to go back on duty.

Supporting cast members include Ving Rhames as Jack's Captain, and Christian Slater as a pesky FBI agent. I enjoy a good serial killer movie but this film left me with little to be too intrigued about. A THRILLER it was not. Yes, it is worth a watch for a late night movie when you cannot sleep but it is not an "edge on your seat THRILLER", nor does it have a unique or surprise ending. Somewhat disappointing overall.

I rated it a 4 out of 10. Sorry Ray, but maybe your next suspense film will result in a better IMDb score.
Step aside Resurrection .....for the worst serial killer move ever
..and if you haven't seen Resurrection please do. It rips off Seven almost scene for scene and also casts Leland Orser in a major role. Is that homage or irony. Where Resurrection dovetails into The River Murders is in the religious theme to the killings while name checking Seven on the DVD cover. And that ladies and gents is as good as it gets.

Yet again i lament the fact that IMDb does not have a no stars option because this film has no redeeming features whatsoever bar a comedic hamming it up big time performance from a wise cracking Christian Slater as an FBI agent. Every cliché in the book is flogged to death. Credability is non existent. The rubber snaps (no pun intended) when Liottas ex bed notch cop friend takes a lift from the shifty looking serial killer because she could not be bothered furthering her feeble attempt to hail a taxi. Even when an opportunity is presented to spin something else the script then goes out of its way to reinforce the fact that Liottas character was a heterosexual stud.

Liotta should be ashamed for taking the pay cheque as his performance is so lame it is at times unintentionally funny. Watch him and his jelly belly jogging - hope they had paramedics ready. As for the "actress" who played his wife - jeepers enough said. I only watched to the ahem -climax- to see what the motive for the killer was after making several wide of the mark guesses. Now i'm feeling double dumbness by also actually paying to rent this trash and all. But then i excuse myself by checking the real age of the actor who played the killer on IMDb - he is in his 40's and looks every day of it. They pass him off as being 30 year old in the movie which is why i would never fathom him as the son of the Liotta character who is portrayed as 48 year old in the movie.
Good serial murder mystery
Okay, there's been a plethora of serial murder type movies in the last 20 years. Is this just another one ? Probably. It's not exactly ground breaking but it is fast paced and keeps you guessing. It is unique in some ways because although it exposes the killer fairly early on it conceals their motive until late in the movie. I've always considered Ray Liotta a 'B Grade' actor, guilty far too often of merely reading his lines and showing fake emotion. Whilst there are times when he's guilty of these shortcomings again in this movie, his performance for most part is solid and convincing. The support cast is equally strong and the underrated Christian Slater also shines but is sadly lacking in screen time. A haunting soundtrack and tight dialogue makes for enjoyable movie if the genre is your thing. Recommended viewing 8/10
Inconsistent acting and overall just bad, even though there is some spoilers read instead of watching
This film has some interesting aspects but they aren't good enough to outshine anything in this hunk of garbage. I couldn't stand some of the acting with how inconsistent and off key it was, for example Gisele Fraga which played Ana really annoyed me because she constantly contradicted everything she did or said. To elaborate further on that I will say how Ana always made an idiot out of her self by constantly saying I don't care when she very clearly and obviously did care. Plus unless Ana had a major case of bi polar disorder Gisele and the writers screwed up there, she would be hardcore arguing with jack when out of no where she brings up how she is pregnant and now they're both happy and loving each other which clearly doesn't make sense.

Another inconsistent character is the main killer aka jacks bastard son, all throughout the film he's talking about how jack will burn in hell and he will show no mercy and so forth when in the end after killing all those women and even the unborn children in the bellies he let Ana and her kid live. So overall the inconsistency makes this film really stupid and badly made.

The films highlights were not as common as they should have been but even if the highlights appeared more frequently it still wouldn't have been nearly enough to make up for all the ridiculous inconsistency. If you enjoyed it good for you but for me I just hate it for plenty of reasons I've already listed, if you haven't seen this movie and you're reading this review do yourself a favor and skip this one and go watch seven. Seven has a somewhat similar story with a much better story, consistency, acting, and climax (among the most memorable in my opinion). That's the end of my review thanks for reading.
View on a surprisingly good film!
Just saw this movie, and thought I'd write a review. Ironically, this is the first review I've written on IMDb.

The movie was great, but definitely a TV movie. There are a lot of theater movies out there, that suck much, much more, and I would definitely have spent $10-15 to see this in theaters.

The plot is gripping, and draws you in. Although there are some scenes that do feel hollow, the movie has a quick pace, and keeps you guessing. I've seen Ray Liotta in a few movies/shows before, and this is definitely his best acting out of all of them. The movie has suspense enough for you to worry about a character as well.

See this movie, it's truly one of the good films out there.
Religious thriller with well acted notable cast
This low budget, straight to DVD flick, actually, surprised. It seemed well written and it displayed an original plot line with interesting twists and climax. The cast acted all characters well, as it should have. There were some well respected actors, and it showed all of the experience that they have. Ray Liotta, the lead, doesn't portray a character as dynamic as Henry Hill, but has a firm grasp on realness, and does a wonderful job as his character develops throughout the film. Slater, who plays a rude FBI agent, also does a good job in a supporting role although his character isn't well-liked. The movie brings up interesting spins on cultural and domestic issues, as well as having a good thrill towards the end. I would like to congratulate the writer for telling a full, realistic story that comes off very genuine. Good job to all! It could have went to theaters...
Off to a good start, but ...
I have to admit, I have no idea why the movie is called River Murders. Obviously there is something connected to it, but it makes it sound ... well different from what it is. Or I didn't get the connection between the title and the motive. That could be the case too of course. But what starts of nice, maybe even something that might upset you in the sense that you wonder what you'd do, does derail a bit towards the end, which is a shame.

Performances are stellar throughout (except Christian Slater, who's doing his "crazy thing" again, but is more annoying than anything else), but not exceptional. There is a supposed punch at the end, which doesn't work so well. If you want real badness, watch "Sleep Tight". Now that's mad bad. Even before that final moment, there is another scene reminiscent of "Seven". Close, but no cigar then!
It is not worth watching ...
Ray Liotta and Christian Slater are names, for whom you would say they are A class actors. So they are, however they cannot save poor scenario and a poor movie. Furthermore, such a movie does not bring them some good reputation and in future I will apparently have to avoid movies in which they will be acting. An hour and a half of your life spent to watch this movie is a period, which you will never get back. It is a poor TV-like movie with unrealistic scenario. (well, at least for majority of us normal, ordinary people, family guys). Very poor developed characters. Christian Slater role is marginal, not developed, his role could have been played by any guy from the street who never acted before. Just forget it ... grab a book or go for a walk ...
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