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The Green Inferno
USA, Chile
Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Eli Roth
Sky Ferreira as Kaycee
Antonieta Pari as The Village Elder
Aaron Burns as Jonah
Sally Rose as Teacher
Matías López as Carlos
Ramón Llao as The Bald Headhunter
Ariel Levy as Alejandro
Lorenza Izzo as Justine
Daryl Sabara as Lars
Magda Apanowicz as Samantha
Richard Burgi as Charles
Storyline: A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.
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Savages, Cannibalism and Necrophilia (if you consider ripping-off Horror-Classic grave-violation)
Let's image following scenario: A man sits on a chair, possibly smoking a cigar. At his feet sits another man, frantically polishing a pair of shoes. Let's call the man with the cigar "Big Quentin" and the other one "Little Eli".

Big Quentin: Well, Little Eli, what have you produced these days?

Little Eli: Oh… nothing much, I guess. There was that sequel to my torture-porn-flick, but it seems like I'm really running out of ideas.

Big Quentin: Yes, good ideas are sparse. Remember what I taught you: why go through the effort of making up a story of your own, when you can rip-off somebody else's?

Little Eli: You mean, I should make another slasher-flick and put your name on the cover? How about a reboot of "Hostel"?

Big Quentin: No, be a little more creative! The field is so big – Spaghetti-Westerns, mercenary-flicks, Mondo, Blaxploitation, Nunsploitation, Nazisploitation…

Little Eli: Please, no Nazis for me! You know… my image and all.

Big Quentin: Well, then how about a Cannibal-flick? There hasn't been a real one for almost 40 years.

Little Eli: Like "Cannibal Holocaust"? I love that film! Always wanted to make a movie like that Lenzi-dude (pronounces it "Lencee").

Big Quentin: Yeah… (rolls his eyes). But not just 'like' "Cannibal Holocaust", but more like a remake without calling it a remake. Remember: we don't call it "plagiarizing", we call it "a nod". You get my drift?

Little Eli: Yes, Sir. Stealing. But won't horror-buffs notice that? "Cannibal Holocaust" is rather influential and well-known among aficionados.

Big Quentin: For god's sake, you think real horror-buffs watch your crap? No, you've got another target-audience. Impressionable teenagers, who wouldn't know a classic horror-film from Adam. So make it hip, make it snappy. Keep it light with the humour, add a few pretty faces. You know, a few hunks for the gals and a few bazongas for the boys. Think of "Scream", just with jungle-cannibals instead of psycho-killers.

Little Eli: What about the actors? Should I also work with laymen like Lenzi did in "Cannibal Holocaust"?

Big Quentin: Well, perhaps not complete laymen. Bad actors will do. You know, Reality-TV-material, acting-school-graduates, bimbos. Heck, you tell me … you married one!

Little Eli: Great Idea!

Big Quentin: And add some drugged-out socialites, kids will dig that. Like the one with the vacant stare …

Little Eli: Who? Paris?

Big Quentin: No, the newer model in the bleached wig.

Little Eli: And what about the animal-snuff? Don't think that stuff would be "contemporary".

Big Quentin: Of course not, you numb-skull! Most of your fans are vegan college-kids, who consider eating fish-fingers genocide! Instead, give it an "environmentally-friendly"-twist. Those kids will gobble it down.

Little Eli: How about… (bites his lips in contemplation)… how about a group of wealthy, sheltered college-kids traveling to the rain forest to… to, you know, "make a difference"?

Big Quentin: Atta boy! Have their plane crash in the jungle after they have saved some trees. You know: "South-America"? "Plane-crash"? "Realism"… hint-hint?

Little Eli: Of course, that was also such a great film! Oh, master! You're a genius! Maybe you could figure it out for me: In the real "Cannibal Holocaust", for the life of me, I don't get how they managed that scene with the impaled girl… I mean, it looked so… real!

Big Quentin: That's because you're a hack, who doesn't know the first thing about convincing special-effects. Unlike Ruggero… but now get on with it! I don't want to sit here all day long!

Little Eli: Guess you're right, Sir. (Applies more spit and polishes at an even fast pace). By the way: What's a "Rooggeroh", Sir… ?

Big Quentin: (sighs, puffs on his cigar and continues to read a copy of Variety)

Why the fast forward button was invented.
I should have known after being made to sit through Knock Knock what I was in for, Eli Roth is an interesting character, he seems to want to make films that are different and challenging, the trouble is he just seems to miss the mark wildly.

The Green Inferno starts off quite brightly, it's sunny, cheerful, with lots of upbeat music, it isn't long before carnage descends, a group of student activists protesting at the culling of the Rainforest meet the locals....

At times the acting is bad, it is like as if the cast are larking about and not taking it overly seriously. Some of the effects were shaky to say the least, and the makeup of a few people was a bit naff.

Classed as a horror film, I don't really get why, grim as opposed to scary.

Do something more exciting with your life, like a crossword or wash the dishes, a much better way to spend ninety minutes of your life.

I'll rate it 3 instead of 1 as some of the locations are breathtaking. Overall though it is a terrible film. 3/10
The Green Inferno Blows
This movie will make you wince more from second hand embarrassment than from the gory scenes. I understand that this is not meant to be a dramatic, well acted thriller, but in the end I wasn't sure if this was just a satirical piece that is meant to poke fun of millennials and SJWs, or if they really thought that is what college kids are like today.

I went into the Green Inferno excited because the idea is a classic and is something that could really be played with and experimental. A bunch of hippie, rich college students with no real world experience get dropped off in the middle of the Amazon with no survival instincts and are then captured by sadistic cannibals? That's something that you could really make horrifying. But unfortunately it really is never horrifying at all. I was more unsettled by 'the scene' in 13 Reasons Why than anything in this entire movie.

Most of the actors where absolutely horrible. You start of with Lorenza as Justine, which was fine. Then you are introduced to Kaycee... oh my god she was unbearable. While I was watching I kept thinking, there is no way this women got paid to mumble and look completely uninterested for 20 minutes. Then I looked up the actress and only then did it make sense. Sky Ferreira. Shes not an actress. Shes a pretty good singer, but she did not belong in this movie, even if it was for only a section of the film. Watching Juni from SpyKids play as a stoner the whole movie was pretty hilarious. But everyone else was pretty sh't. It's pretty telling that the village people were the best actors, seeing as they were all were recruited from a small village and had never even seen a movie before.

A couple good things: the cinematography was actually pretty good as well as the lighting. I thought the shots were great at certain times. I thought the message was pretty interesting. I'm sure there are a lot of young people that are defending causes that they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I liked that they probably taught a few people about FGM. Thats about it.

A lot of bad things: zero complexity with the characters, the weird 'millennial lingo' scattered through out the movie ("so flip" almost made me turn the movie off), scenes with absolutely no purpose (Juni peeing in the forest scene), the fact that they conveniently wanted to mutilate Justine's genitals... considering she 'feels so strongly' about FGM (even though she learned about it like, a day before), the fact that the entire tribe got high from the weed in Amy's body and they then proceeded to have the munchies. The gore was not even that good. When the arrow hit Kara in the head I literally laughed out loud because it was so crappy looking and the fact that Daniel looked like he was a little wounded and swollen then proceeded to gasp 'kill me' was also hilarious. The ending is confusing and stupid. They just had to throw in a jump scare at the end for.... reasons?

I could go on but it would be even longer than it already has been.

Overall, this is a movie that should be watched as a comedy rather than a thriller or horror movie. There is nothing notable. Don't watch it if you like good movies.
Empty Bloodbath
The Green Inferno is another one of Eli Roth's torture porn films, except this movie looks on cannibalism, which is meant to pay homage to one of the most controversial films of all time, Cannibal Holocaust. And the film decently establishes the lurid nature of this environment, but it takes too long to get to the creature feature, and when it does get there, the supposed shock value isn't compelling enough to become a satisfying torture porn. And the story then twists to something that is supposed to mean something, but it ends up feeling odd and underwhelming. It could have been just a straightforward exploitation film.

The movie has a pretty long opening exposition, concerning a young woman who was invited by a group of activists who wanted to save the Amazon rainforest by orchestrating a scandal to the loggers for online awareness. But this setup is so long, it has to be establish its own "world" even if it hardly has anything to do with the main plot, we're just walking around with these campy written characters that are often tough to care about since they are caricatures of a standard tree hugger or just another horror movie character cliché. To be fair, the movie's strange sense of humor does make these scenes entertaining, but in the end, these people are just not so engaging. We sometimes wanted some of them to get wacked off by a bunch cannibals already.

And when they get to the real threat of the story, it does deliver, maybe only works once. The first body count, well from these main antagonists specifically, is honestly pretty bizarre, by how effectively grounded this slaughter is depicted. I'm no expert for realistic violence, the amount of blood surely is ultimate, but you can really feel the horror within the images and tone of this scene. And the horror didn't stop at the aftermath by just keep showing how they feast this body until they feed leftovers to the animals and such. But everything else just went ridiculous. Sure, there are still more guts and blood all over the body counts, but they fall short of credibility of horror in cannibalism compared to the first kill. It's basically silly gore for the sake of earning more "shock."

The point is it's not that compelling. Complaining at the over-the-top moments can be missing the point of the director's flavor at his own work, but it kind of really does underwhelm the whole ingenuity of this horror. But even if we're just judging by the amount of blood in the entirety, it still doesn't feel that much. Again, one bizarre death scene doesn't hold up any satisfaction of bloodlust within the entire movie. Now the filmmaking, it's average enough for a B-horror film. Though, the camera showcases enough of the weirdness of this culture and the body parts they are decorating for their tribe or something. The acting is alright, with Lorenza Izzo competent enough as the protagonist who we could only legitimately inserted into. The rest are basically cookie cutters compared to this cookie cutter.

The Green Inferno can be worthy of glorious gorefest for one scene. One scene, only. And that scene serves the shock the movie is expecting, but for sick mind like mine, the movie kind of needs more of that. It's sad to watch, but it does create more genuine danger towards the people they are supposed to run away from. Everything else just kind of bogs down the suspense, letting the silliness take over until the movie itself becomes a joke. And I'm not against to its sense of humor, since they do work, while some are just meant to gross out, specifically when it involves something else than gore. Well, there's no denying how violent it still is, but it's also kind of forgettable. The characters are even more so, but who cares about them in a horror film? But if this film is expecting to have the same value or controversy as the movie this is inspired from, or at least marginally, then it could have done harder.
Just about watchable, mindless brutality (*Minor Spoilers*)
I had the opportunity to see 'The Green Inferno' last year at London's FrightFest film festival. I am a big Eli Roth fan (as a director and an actor) and had heard of the buzz surrounding this film for at least a year prior to seeing it myself.

In brief, a group of college students venture to South America as part of an anti- deforestation activist group. Their plane crashes and the survivors are taken captive by a cannibal tribe, the same tribe the sought to protect through their mission to protest.

The film will win no awards for a captivating plot or storyline, nor were the performances award worthy. However, 'The Green Inferno' packs a punch when it comes to shocking and brutal scenes of gore.

In one particular scene, one of the survivors is extremely graphically and literally hacked apart by the tribe, we see in gory detail each of his limbs hacked off whilst he is still alive. One of the most horrific and graphic scenes I have ever seen in film.

There are one or two political messages put out by this film to do with deforestation but all in all this film is really designed to shock, which it certainly does. A couple of character's fates are left open to interpretation.

An intense and watchable 90 mins or so, if only for shock value. Just about worth the wait. 6/10
Repulsive with a Capital R
Ever since I saw "Cabin Fever," I always pictured Eli Roth to be a very odd duck. I myself am an odd duck but he has some rather interesting tastes when it comes to making movies, tastes that put mine to shame. From what I read about him, he does not like the sight of real blood but has no problems with fake blood. By itself, that part makes no sense. What kind of movie maker (particularly one who makes horror movies) can be so squeamish about the sight of real blood?

Anyway, I digress. Going into this, I had no real high hopes for it. I just wanted to see what it was like and nothing more. True to form, it was typical Eli Roth, the king of shock value. When I watched this (it was late at night and I thanked God I had an empty stomach), it definitely grossed me out...and it takes a lot to do that, by the way.

A group of college environmentalists take a plane ride into the jungle and end up being involved in a cliché plane crash that leaves a number dead and others injured after the fact. Those who survive then have to fight through the dangers of the jungle in order to survive and end up being on the wrong end of a cannibalistic tribe with all sorts of weapons and techniques at their disposal.

There was never a moment in the movie where I didn't squirm in my chair...and, to repeat, I almost rarely do that. If Eli was trying to do an homage to the 1970's cannibal movies by making this filth, he failed miserably. In true survival horror movie fashion, only one of the survivors walks away and heads back to the real world, forever scarred by the horrors that she went through in the jungle.

I have never truly been a fan of Eli Roth. I've seen "Aftershock," which is just as revolting. I've seen "Cabin Fever," which is decent enough for a few scares. Now there's "The Green Inferno," a nonsensical waste of time that should have never been made. There is a reason why those types of movies were made in that time: you were more likely to be scared during the 1970's than you are now, where you become more numb than anything.

I wouldn't even recommend watching this on a bet, not even by yourself or with friends...that is, unless they're friends that you don't ever want to talk to ever again. Watch something else other than this. Your stomach and your friends may thank you.
Sadly terrible
This shouldn't have been this bad. Eli Roth loves cannibal movies, and clearly set out to give the forgotten genre some big-budget loving care while paying homage to greats like Deodato and Lenzi. Well, obviously that didn't happen. After much effort. armed with an amazing special effects crew, great locations, and a bunch of absurdly terrible actors (not to mention a confused and confusing script), Roth wound up turning in possible the worst cannibal movie of them all.
Cannibal carnage from Eli Roth
THE GREEN INFERNO is the second Chilean film made involving Eli Roth, the first being the earthquake-horror AFTERSHOCK which also starred Roth's real-life wife, Chilean model Lorenza Izzo. This one is a pure pastiche of the Italian cannibal sub-genre of film-making, and made by Roth as a tribute to a series of films he obviously loves. Sadly, as with many pastiches, although Roth's heart is obviously in it, the end result is disappointing, a familiar re-run of themes and ideas that viewers will already be well-versed in.

The characters are an annoying bunch of liberals who decide to jet off to South America to protest against some loggers threatening a tribal village. After an inordinately long introduction the main characters survive a plane crash and are subsequently imprisoned by a cannibal tribe. Roth delivers one outrageously gory scene of mutilation and murder for gore fans, but the rest of the story feels a little weak.

It's spoilt by needless toilet humour and general bad acting on the part of former SPY KIDS star Daryl Sabara and, yes, Izzo herself, who fails to make her lead in any way sympathetic. Although the special effects are very good, there's a cheap and cheesy feel to the movie which means it comes closer to being laughable than genuinely horrifying. I'm afraid that Roth's best work is still the genuinely shocking HOSTEL, a film which hasn't lost any of its scuzzy impact in the decade since it came out.
Decent Film. Not As Good As I Hoped, But Definitely Decent
So I finally saw it...

Definitely shades of Cannibal Holocaust/Ferrox...more so Ferrox.

A couple of the main characters do some incredibly stupid sh*t in the film, way more stupid than you normally see in horror films.

But the gore is really good. As one would expect from Roth and Nicotero.

The story is decent and the actors are good. The lead actress has a smoking hot body...LOL

Overall, a decent film. Not as good as I hoped it would be though...the ending was interesting...

For me the most interesting aspect of the film was how the villagers were depicted. They weren't necessarily evil, much in the same way a tornado that tears through a town isn't evil. They were just protecting themselves from what they perceived as a threat.
Mixed bag o' crap
Well, what can I say about this movie? It sucked. And tbh, the movie that "inspired" this one, Cannibal Holocaust, sucked too. It's hyped as being classic horror, but sometimes I think people bestow the "classic" label on anything old these days. That movie was barely watchable and only the last 20 minutes were even remotely interesting. I felt nothing for the characters and was happy to see them all get their well deserved deaths. The theme song was fairly haunting though like most Effed up movies from the 70s early 80s but that's just about the only memorable thing about it.

However, that is still more than I can say for The Green Inferno which is a movie that you will see, be mildly entertained, and then forget. The only thing you may remember is how horribly acted this film was. I get why directors use unknowns, but at least use unknowns who can act. The acting was so wooden you could chop it up and keep your house warm for an entire winter. Maybe two.

I hated every single character in this film too and felt nothing but LOLs when they met their demise. I was hoping "Kaycee" who was the only smart character apart from "Amy" who decided to take herself out of the equation before the Pygmies could get to her, would decide to go with them at the last minute so she could get killed too. Absolute worst actress I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Something tells me a bunch of these actors did porn.

"Check me out! I made a real movie. Never had one acting lesson!"

The hell you say ... *eye roll*

I'm starting to think Eli Roth is on his way to being another M. Night Shamalammadingdong; made a couple of decent movies early in his career and then nothing but pretentious flops. It's like they just stop trying.

I just don't get it. I really don't. Do these people WANT to be seen as washed-up hacks? Eli Roth IS talented and this movie could have blown the original out of the water. It's like once these entertainers become famous and successful they lose that fire in their bellies and their movies/music/performances etc. amount to little more than a disappointing waste of time.

I gave this movie 4 stars because I didn't look at my phone the entire time the movie was on; I didn't want to miss the wildly unlikable characters getting the chop.

I'm probably going to watch knock-knock too despite it having terrible reviews as well. Morbid curiosity motivates me to see if that movie is as bad as this one. I'm sure I'm going to be gifted with more horribly wooden acting since Keanu Reeves is starring in it.

Speaking of "wood", Eli Roth clearly has a big one for Lorenza Izzo. If he's going to keep giving her parts because he's banging her the least he could do is pay for some acting lessons.

Don't pay more than a dollar to see this movie.
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