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The Green Inferno
USA, Chile
Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Eli Roth
Sky Ferreira as Kaycee
Antonieta Pari as The Village Elder
Aaron Burns as Jonah
Sally Rose as Teacher
Matías López as Carlos
Ramón Llao as The Bald Headhunter
Ariel Levy as Alejandro
Lorenza Izzo as Justine
Daryl Sabara as Lars
Magda Apanowicz as Samantha
Richard Burgi as Charles
Storyline: A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.
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Cannibal carnage from Eli Roth
THE GREEN INFERNO is the second Chilean film made involving Eli Roth, the first being the earthquake-horror AFTERSHOCK which also starred Roth's real-life wife, Chilean model Lorenza Izzo. This one is a pure pastiche of the Italian cannibal sub-genre of film-making, and made by Roth as a tribute to a series of films he obviously loves. Sadly, as with many pastiches, although Roth's heart is obviously in it, the end result is disappointing, a familiar re-run of themes and ideas that viewers will already be well-versed in.

The characters are an annoying bunch of liberals who decide to jet off to South America to protest against some loggers threatening a tribal village. After an inordinately long introduction the main characters survive a plane crash and are subsequently imprisoned by a cannibal tribe. Roth delivers one outrageously gory scene of mutilation and murder for gore fans, but the rest of the story feels a little weak.

It's spoilt by needless toilet humour and general bad acting on the part of former SPY KIDS star Daryl Sabara and, yes, Izzo herself, who fails to make her lead in any way sympathetic. Although the special effects are very good, there's a cheap and cheesy feel to the movie which means it comes closer to being laughable than genuinely horrifying. I'm afraid that Roth's best work is still the genuinely shocking HOSTEL, a film which hasn't lost any of its scuzzy impact in the decade since it came out.
love Eli Roth but not this mess!
Shock value is there. I mean you have to wait 45 minutes to get it but hey. I love Roth's stuff but this is just horrible garbage. Okay the setup for the ecological freaks is way too long. Then the gore which, hey I love is blah. The acting is sub-par to say the least, the movie goes really nowhere and the homage it is supposed to play is lost. If I paid 15 dollars to see this mess I would be outraged, but I didn't so DVD release on a boring night, maybe. If you miss this altogether your life will be fine! I'm hoping Hemlock Grove season doesn't suck like this did!!!!!! Stay away if you are going to pay, wait for DVD on a rainy night when you are bored!!!!
an ode to the heydays of Italian cannibal flicks
I still remember when I heard that Eli Roth would make a flick about cannibals going berserk on visitors of the Amazon. Guess most have been years ago. So I was looking forward to finally see it and when Fangoria announced that it would be released around Halloween 2015 I immediately went for it.

Eli Roth is known for delivering gory flicks but this must took him to the edge of it all. Face it, Cannibal Holocaust (1980) is the flick that is still the best and after seeing The Green Inferno it still is but this isn't bad at all.

I must say that for me the only problem was the fact that it took 40 minutes before the gore comes in. before that we do have our lesson in destroying the world by tearing down the Amazon. Maybe it's a statement or maybe not but after that cheesy moment things go rather wrong. And it's from that point that this flick turns into a gorefest. It could gave been a 10 out of 10 wasn't it for the fact that it do has a few over the top moments that made it a bit funny. Intended, I don't know? For example the seat crashing down when the plane explodes or the caged girl having diarrhea.

But don't let that turn you away, I can guarantee that for those never seen a cannibal flick they will turn it off or the easily offended will be shocked. And don't let you be fooled by the brown guy being killed first. It was done that way back in the seventies and eighties.

It was worth the wait, comes straight on the must see list after Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox (1981).

Gore 5/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
Very Grisly
I have no idea why there any positive reviews for this because some of the stuff is taken right out of the terrorist beheading videos. It is honestly that gruesome that I won't even care to describe how bad it is. For those who love to watch gruesome depictions of people being decapitated or mutilated, then look no further. But for non-psychotic people, then don't waste your time on this. The premise of the movie was good until the capture. But there is no real explanation why some were taken alive but some not. In fact, it got so gruesome that I had to fast forward to watch the ending because I just could not stomach some of the scenes.... Having said all that, it is still better than the piece of rubbish that is called Iron Man 3. Which is why I gave it 2/10.
Why do you do these things to me Eli Roth? Why?!
Alright, well as you probably guessed from my review of Knock, Knock, I'm not the biggest fan of Eli Roth. I find his characters unlikable, his stories weak, and the gore and torture-porn pretty gratuitous. On top of that, I wasn't a fan of the movie that this one so clearly draws 110% of it's inspiration from, Cannibal Holocaust. Though, I objected to that movie because of the horrendous animal cruelty and the fact that it's hugely boring. Anyways, getting back on topic, The Green Inferno is a throw back to the hugely exploitative cannibal films from the 70s and 80s. Something that you really can't deny it managed to pull off effectively. In this case, Roth filmed in an actual village with actual indigenous Peruvian people, who had never been filmed or seen films before (according to the trailer), which does add an interesting layer of authenticity to the film.

The movie has been slowly building hype for years, after it was delayed from being released and featured trailers and an R rating which both promised "aberrant violence and torture, grisly disturbing images, brief graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use". I don't know if it's a sign that the movie was over-hyped or I am desensitized but, this really didn't feel any more extreme than anything horror has produced in the last few years. There is some graphic violence, but none of it is prolonged or especially hard to watch. No one was going to think that this was some kind of secret snuff movie watching it. There is no gore what so ever until 45 minutes into the movie, and the first cannibal related death of the movie is gross, sure, but nothing we haven't seen before. So, on that front the movie really isn't anything special.

The initial 45 minutes of the movie will pretty much make or break your ability to get through it, I was tempted to just say "Forget it" a few times, but I stuck with it, wanting to see what all the fuss was about. The beginning of the movie is really dull, introducing us to Roth's special brand of unlikable or nothing characters, and cramming in awkward foreshadowing about female genital mutilation (yeah). The main character is played by Lorenza Izzo (who previously proved her chops in Knock Knock), and she is pretty unremarkable throughout. Her friend, played by Sky Ferreira (Mean Girls 2), has the line "Activism is so freaking gay", which is either a hugely unfunny joke or a clear sign that Roth is really out of touch with how people speak. Also starring in this movie is Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids) and you can prepare to see most of his dick in this movie. So there's that.

So, in the space of an hour (after the characters have been captured), the movie manages to shove in dismemberment, cannibalism, poop jokes, fart noises, a character jerking off in a cage after one of the female characters kills herself with a bowl made of her friend's skin, and even a 9/11 conspiracy reference. Plus, it features the three female characters being tested for 'virginity', because evidently Eli Roth is of the belief that women are sealed up until they have sex. Which, by the way, is not how hymens work. You could essentially have chopped off the first chunk of the movie and been left with a gross short film that has no sense of tone. It's really hard to tell when this movie is trying to scare you or trying to be funny, as I mentioned, there is a poop joke complete with hilarious fart noises that happens within a few minutes of one of their friends being ripped apart and eaten, and it felt really weird and tone deaf.

I wish I could completely pan this movie, but there are actually a couple of things to like about it unfortunately. The scene where the characters first arrive in the cannibal village is genuinely frightening. The way the scene is shot really makes you feel claustrophobic and disoriented, and pretty effectively captures how the characters are feeling, and how you would feel in that situation. That scene is capped with the first brutal murder, and those two things together do make for a pretty effective scene. Honestly, the movie is well shot from start to finish, it has a very distinct look at I will give credit where credit is due.

It's not great, the characters don't add anything, and it hasn't really lived up to its SHOCKING reputation. All in all, it feels too long and doesn't offer up anything new or exciting. If it sounds like something you'll enjoy, you probably will. It's gross, is exploitative, and over all (besides looking good) it's pretty weak.

how low have the American populace become to think that we are as stupid as the characters in this film? The entire film is just an exercise in hoping the mains get killed because they are so stupid and idealistic.. and the end is even more disappointing. I found myself actually cheering the savages when the were eating the idiots... Thank you for making this world worse by promoting this crap.

I am not sure how to explain how much this movie offended me and my sense of common sense. The idiot who was to scared of snakes to urinate or his efforts to avoid the flesh eating disease that was infecting the gun he was given to ward off snakes. Or the idiot who ran his face into the still spinning aircraft propellor. These were a bunch of starry eyed college idiots trying to change the world with cell phones rather then something real.

I hope the average American is not as stupid as what is portrayed in this film.

This movie is stupid...
So the director was once famous...?
I really have to ask the question in this review's title. Seeing this movie, without adequate prior knowledge about who Eli Roth is, makes me wonder what as it that enabled this stupid movie to steal a spot, as brief as it was, in the Box Office a few weeks back. Okay I admit I'm not really into the gory violent sub genre of horrors, particularly the cannibals. Still I braved this movie out of curiosity. But then again, me braving this movie didn't really pay anything since the movie was so bad, going as far as being stupid even. As a horror, it didn't even get to scare me, although it successfully grossed me out of the gory violence. The technicalities show that this movie lacks very much, as though the production was just a byproduct of a daydreaming delusion. The coloration choice is very bad. Being very bright for a horror? Indeed not a good choice. The acting overall feels very stupid as there's no real emotion depicted, even the mannerisms and body language didn't reflect the cast as students.
Bitterly disappointed in Roth's Lame Love Letter
This should have been a film that packed a visceral punch, this should have been a film that left me gasping at the horrors unfolding on screen before my eyes, it should have been a love letter to Ruggero Deodato's infinitely superior Cannibal Holocaust - needless to say it wasn't.

Eli Roth has done yet another hatchet job on a potentially good film. He had a solid cast, what looked like a reasonable budget, gorgeous locations and KNB on the makeup effects. Well, he screwed it up...again!

The film has it's good points, all of which lie within the first half hour or so. The character development is solid, the storyline is refreshingly linear and simply told and the plane crash is handled well. It's after said crash that the wheels come off.

This is where the film should have jumped into high gear and sent its audience screaming in fear. It's weak, it's predictable and above all - it's not in the least bit scary or ultra violent - in fact this felt like a Cannibal Holocaust Lite, for the "Scream" TV series generation.

The gore was mostly silly and unoffensive, the cinematography was way too clean and lacked the true grit that Holocaust had years earlier and there was little to no authenticity in the cannibal scenes.

Though not a terrible film - I'm being harsh purely based on my level of anger. This is coming from a man who claims to love Cannibal Holocaust but does't have the foggiest idea as to why that film works so well.

For those of you that know Deodato's work - Avoid!
Mixed bag o' crap
Well, what can I say about this movie? It sucked. And tbh, the movie that "inspired" this one, Cannibal Holocaust, sucked too. It's hyped as being classic horror, but sometimes I think people bestow the "classic" label on anything old these days. That movie was barely watchable and only the last 20 minutes were even remotely interesting. I felt nothing for the characters and was happy to see them all get their well deserved deaths. The theme song was fairly haunting though like most Effed up movies from the 70s early 80s but that's just about the only memorable thing about it.

However, that is still more than I can say for The Green Inferno which is a movie that you will see, be mildly entertained, and then forget. The only thing you may remember is how horribly acted this film was. I get why directors use unknowns, but at least use unknowns who can act. The acting was so wooden you could chop it up and keep your house warm for an entire winter. Maybe two.

I hated every single character in this film too and felt nothing but LOLs when they met their demise. I was hoping "Kaycee" who was the only smart character apart from "Amy" who decided to take herself out of the equation before the Pygmies could get to her, would decide to go with them at the last minute so she could get killed too. Absolute worst actress I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Something tells me a bunch of these actors did porn.

"Check me out! I made a real movie. Never had one acting lesson!"

The hell you say ... *eye roll*

I'm starting to think Eli Roth is on his way to being another M. Night Shamalammadingdong; made a couple of decent movies early in his career and then nothing but pretentious flops. It's like they just stop trying.

I just don't get it. I really don't. Do these people WANT to be seen as washed-up hacks? Eli Roth IS talented and this movie could have blown the original out of the water. It's like once these entertainers become famous and successful they lose that fire in their bellies and their movies/music/performances etc. amount to little more than a disappointing waste of time.

I gave this movie 4 stars because I didn't look at my phone the entire time the movie was on; I didn't want to miss the wildly unlikable characters getting the chop.

I'm probably going to watch knock-knock too despite it having terrible reviews as well. Morbid curiosity motivates me to see if that movie is as bad as this one. I'm sure I'm going to be gifted with more horribly wooden acting since Keanu Reeves is starring in it.

Speaking of "wood", Eli Roth clearly has a big one for Lorenza Izzo. If he's going to keep giving her parts because he's banging her the least he could do is pay for some acting lessons.

Don't pay more than a dollar to see this movie.
"The Green Inferno" should please Eli Roth fans
A movie inspired by the ultra-violent 70's Italian cannibal movies seems perfect for a director like Eli Roth. If you're not a fan of his films already, this won't win you over, but if you his brutal, tongue-in-cheek horror, The Green Inferno is a perfectly serviceable gore-fest. The Green Inferno follows Justine, a freshman in college who joins a student activist group that plans to save the Amazon rain forest. But these guys aren't just all talk: they are going to go directly to a village in Peru to rescue it from impending bulldozers before the village is destroyed, and their mission is successful. They rejoice on the plane ride back home, but their celebration is short lived as the plane crashes somewhere in the vast sea of green. Soon enough, they are taken hostage by a cannibalistic tribe and must escape before they are turned into someone's next meal. Like Roth's previous films, The Green Inferno takes its time before unleashing hell on the victims. The crew doesn't actually encounter the cannibal tribe until about 45 minutes into the plot, so when the violence comes, it really packs a punch. You'll definitely want to finish your popcorn early. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't have much of a plot after the group gets captured, so a lot of it is focused on the gruesome death scenes. I have to give credit where it's due, though. There are some really hard to watch scenes in this, and that's exactly what this movie wants. However, what makes The Green Inferno not just your average torture porn flick is how stylish it is and some darkly funny writing. The humor does sometimes get a little unnecessary at times, but there are many times where I had a laugh with the movie. Mainstream audiences won't appreciate how it homages classic cannibal flicks, but Eli Roth fans should be satisfied with a suitably nasty descent into hell.
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