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The Fitzroy
Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jan Anderson as Sonya
David Schaal as Cecil
David Gant as Mr. Thompson
Kenneth Collard as The Inspector
Stuart McGugan as Captain Hunt
John Wark as Mr. Fisher
Storyline: The Fitzroy is a live action black comedy set in an alternative post-apocalyptic 1950s. The world is covered in poisonous gas, and the last place for a traditional seaside holiday is The Fitzroy hotel, an abandoned submarine just off the coast of England. The film centers on Bernard, the hotel's bellboy, cook, maintenance man and general dogsbody, as he faces a constant battle to keep the decaying hotel airtight and afloat. But when he falls in love with a murderous guest, he is thrown into a mad day of lies, backstabbing and chaos. As Bernard struggles to hide her murders from the other guests and suspicious authorities, his world literally begins to sink around him. Written by Andrew Harmer
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