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The Dark Knight
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale as Batman
Heath Ledger as Jack Napier
Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face
Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Anna Ramirez
Ron Dean as Det. Michael Wuertz
Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow
Chin Han as Lau
Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
Eric Roberts as Salvatore Maroni
Ritchie Coster as The Chechen
Storyline: Set within a year after the events of Batman Begins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent successfully begin to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as the Joker appears in Gotham, creating a new wave of chaos. Batman's struggle against the Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to "confront everything he believes" and improve his technology to stop him. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.
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I'm sorry everyone, this is no masterpiece.

Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" is one of the better films in the history of its genre, however, it does not qualify as a masterpiece. In fact, it's quite far from such a distinction. It falls short of unquestionable excellence because of a ridiculously high number of plot holes, most of which regard The Joker and his criminal exploits.

It is a given that Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker leaves us with a character who is thoughtful, unpredictable, ruthless, unrelenting, and arguably insane. That is to say, some inconsistencies in the villain should be accepted, if not embraced. But others, to be frank, are unacceptable because of their stupidity. For example: In the film's opening sequence, a clever bank heist spearheaded by The Joker, the crazed clown kills off his partners as the caper progresses. At the time, it made sense. Pretty simple, the more colleagues he kills off, the more money that leaves for him. But later on in the film, The Joker burns his half of the criminal underworld's combined fortune. He makes it overtly clear that he is not motivated by money. Not in the least bit.

So why was the money a factor in the opening scene? It shouldn't have been. Uneven scripting there.

But that's nitpicking in comparison to the film's greater faults. The ultimate reason why "The Dark Knight" falls short of the masterpiece label is because there is absolutely no way, under any circumstances, at any time, on any planet or in any solar system, that The Joker could execute so many complex plans in such a short period of time.

OK, here is where people start saying: "But it's a movie! It doesn't have to be possible." I know, thanks. I agree, it doesn't have to be possible. But, and this is a huge BUT, a film as ambitious and lengthy as "The Dark Knight" wants to be taken seriously. Not only does it want to be taken seriously, I think director Christopher Nolan wants Oscar consideration for the work he has put in here, and cast members have been saying regularly that they don't want this to be considered as a mere "superhero movie," or "action movie." Well if you want to elevate to the level of serious drama, then you have to explain a few things to me.

(1) How does The Joker continue to find willing participants in his escapades when all of his previous crew members end up dead or in jail? The guys he's finding to work for him have to be true idiots. Totally brainless. And that doesn't work because The Joker's plans are meticulous and require precise timing and execution. If these goons are dumb enough to work for him, they aren't smart enough to be effective as help. It's a perpetual contradiction throughout the film, particularly the second act.

(2) Sure The Joker is swift and tricky, but c'mon, he doesn't exactly look like a normal citizen. If city-wide security has been heightened to a level never before seen, how the hell is this maniac with a painted face and wacky hair not being spotted? Does he have an invisible transportation machine or something? He doesn't have supernatural powers, so he shouldn't have a supernatural aura.

(3) When did he have the time to wire the hospital with bombs? Even if one of his goons did it, how did no one in the hospital notice suspicious activity? What about the assassination attempt on the Mayor? The other cops on the firing line didn't notice the most infamous villain in the city standing right next to them? Why? Because he crouched over a little and tried not to make eye contact with them? Please. I could go on for days, too many plot liberties were taken.

I'd actually like to discuss the performances a bit. I think the separation between the strongest part and the rest of the cast is the largest ever with an ensemble of this size and magnitude. Meaning, Heath Ledger's performance was far and away the best in this film, better to the point where it bothered me that no one else was in his realm. The scenes where Ledger was off screen lacked the magnetism and intrigue of the ones in which he appeared. Although appeared is probably not the best word, more like dominated.

Christian Bale was OK as Batman, but he's almost too stoic for a character with such strong morals and opinions. He's also a little bit stiff when he's in playboy mode as Bruce Wayne. I think his performance in "The Prestige" was more emotional, effective, and polished.

Aaron Eckhart was all right as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, but the problem was that the vast majority of the time I was seeing Eckhart on screen, not Dent. The same Eckhart we saw in "Thank You For Smoking." Also, a man with a finely tuned social philosophy, like Dent, would not totally flip his ideology after the loss of a close loved one. Hopefully the angle is that the toxin causing the disfigurement messed more with his brain than we were led on to believe.

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were believable as always, but of course they are underused as Alfred and Lucius Fox. Gary Oldman probably contributed the second strongest performance in the film as Commissioner Gordon, and Maggie Gyllenhaal (as Rachel Dawes) was a step up from Katie Holmes as far as execution and timing -- but that's not saying much.

I really could go on for days about the unacceptable plot liberties, but I'll spare you. All in all, I liked the film because it had some thought-provoking sequences involving moral dilemmas and intriguing societal questions, and in having such "The Dark Knight" succeeded in escaping the "superhero movie" label. But it's not a masterpiece.

Plain and simply, it has too many holes.
Heath Ledger's Dark and Brilliant Swan Song
I couldn't believe "The Dark knight" could live up to the hype. That's perhaps the biggest surprise. The secret, I believe, is a stunning, mature, intelligent script. That makes it the best superhero movie ever made. As if that wasn't enough, Heath Ledger. He, the newest of the tragic modern icons present us with a preview of something we'll never see. A fearless, extraordinary actor capable to fill up with humanity even the most grotesque of villains. His performance is a master class. Fortunately, Christian Bale's Batman is almost a supporting character. Bale is good but there is something around his mouth that stops him from being great. "The Dark Knight" is visually stunning, powerful and moving. What else could anyone want.
A Batman Of Shakesperean Proportions
Dark, yes, complex, ambitious. Christopher Nolan and his co-writer Jonathan Nolan deserve a standing ovation. I don't usually go for loud movies filled with mindless gore and violence. "The Dark Knight" is certainly loud and violent but it's not mindless. It has depth and soul. Even the Joker, in an extraordinary creation by Heath Ledger, is deeply human. The natural petulance of Christian Bale makes his ego and alter ego the most fascinating and complex of all film superheroes. Part of the genius of this movie is that Batman himself, in screen time, is not really the lead. My attention was captivated by Heath Ledger and he determines and inspires the breathtaking atmosphere that envelopes Gotham as well as us. The aplomb of Christopher Nolan as a director is mind blowing and his secret, I believe, is his obvious respect for his audience. What he's done is to elevate a popular genre into Shakesperean proportions. Bravo!
Undescribable Perfection
Let's open this review with the fact that Batman is THE BEST superhero ever, with no other even coming close to his levels. So when a sequel is made for an unforgettable movie like "Batman Begins" expectations are EXTREMELY high. I think that if you could describe this movie in a few words it would be "152 minutes of pure awesomeness." Christopher Nolan probably created the best ever comic book adaptation of a movie. The movie itself has been adapted in a much more realistic fashion than the comic book series. First of all this movie is PERFECT for people who like punches, drama, shooting and explosions. The movie has a complicated plot that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. It's anything BUT corny, since a few important characters die, and the ending isn't happy, but it's flawless. Christian Bale has proved himself one again as an amazing actor. Michael Cane (portrays Alfred Pennyworth) makes you fall in love with Batman's loyal butler. Now anyone that has seen the movie and is reading this review is probably wondering why I haven't mentioned the main reason why this movie is flawless. And yes, there is ONE main reason: Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger portrayed Batman's arch nemesis in this movie: the Joker. Now anyone who has a clue in comic books knows that the Joker is INCREDIBLE. Heath Ledger's acting in this movie has turned the Joker into a LEGEND. I have never seen such perfect and realistic acting than the portrayal of the Joker in this movie. The Joker is portrayed in a much more mature fashion than the comic books, and that's why it was so good. It's simply impossible to describe him: he's bold, insane, smart, twisted and he's so awesome in this film that at some points you love him even more than Batman. If I haven't mentioned it by now, this is without a doubt the best movie I have seen.Those who come with high expectations after seeing "Batman Begins" will not be disappointed. I advise that no one under the age of 11 watches this movie as Two-Face's appearance is rather frightening and the film contains intense action.
fanboy cacca
A touch of reality is much-needed for those who of late have occupied themselves in tossing about bon-mots like "masterpiece" and "crime-epic". Perhaps never before have the expectations of rabid fanboys so completely bullied the critics into sheer lying. For lying it must be, since I refuse to believe that the critics did not see through this. It is just not possible. I feel that most of them simply cowed down before the staggering pre-release fanboy blitzkrieg, rather than provoke the inevitable backlash of acrimony from fans and thereby needlessly risk their careers. This is the only explanation I can conceive of as to why TDK has seemingly scored so well with the critics. I don't blame the critics, though. The blame lies in the fanboys' hysteria : their myopic refusal to see the obvious.

I feel that Chris Nolan tried really really hard to make a good film, but ultimately even he with all his skill cant do much simply because of the limitations of the genre. If viewers truly want "more realism" as they say they do, then why turn to comics in the first place ?? Its just amazing how comic-book junkies pull the wool over their own eyes and deceive themselves into thinking that what they read is deep and sophisticated, when in fact (and there cannot be two opinions on this) reading comics beyond a certain age is a sign of neurotic behaviour. And before you shove it in my face that it is ME who is taking it too seriously, let me just say that this movie was nothing but lashes of violence : grim, sadistic violence. Once again, the so-called realism is simply a pretext for the usual action-movie gang-banging, i.e. violence and special effects. And its not even just because of the genre : Batman Begins rose above those limitations, right ? One could empathize with the young Bruce Wayne, tormented by his perceived culpability in his parents' murder, and struggling with his anger and loneliness. Not so in TDK : here there is neither plot nor motivation to speak of, and not a single character with whom one can even remotely identify. The acting, apart from one notable performance, is mediocre. To be fair, the film does take certain risks which I cant imagine the likes of, say, a Sam Raimi ever taking ; it isn't a McDonaldized blockbuster to the degree that the Spiderman films and the rest of the comic-book parade are. The problem is that those risks don't pay off : instead of an even progression of events that build up to a crescendo, what you get here is one absurdity after another until you are numb and it no longer matters who is doing what.

I wonder if it is really so hard to tell the truth, even only to oneself. Apparently it is indeed SO difficult for all the fanboys to own up that the countless hours spent over the last several months, sitting up nights staring at their monitors and devouring every last bit of inconsequential trivia about TDK, have all amounted to a huge nothing. TDK is the prime example of how the advertising business works today, hyping up a product during pre-release to uncalled-for heights and ultimately forcing the gullible consumer to like the product against his better judgement. The marketing behind this film is very much THE phenomenal success story of this decade, and should serve as a de-facto case study for anyone who wants to understand just exactly how mob psychology works.

EDIT : A more appropriate rating for this film is 4/10. But I so deeply despise Warner Bros. & the people lauding this film (i.e. everyone except me) that I must give it 1/10, just to balance things.
Just so...so bad
It is inconceivable that this movie is anywhere near the Top 250. It is 2.5 hours of a coarse voice, explosions, cheap one liners, and terrible plot.

Batman Begins, I thought was brilliant. It had genuine pathos, its characters were very believable and had depth to them. The acting was phenomenal.

But this piece of crap, is completely the opposite. I have seen spaghetti westerns and children's cartoons with better acting then The Dark Knight. With the exception of the Joker, by Ledger, who was decent.

There is no screenplay. There are explosions. I think Michael Bay actually produced and directed this.

There is a random side plot to Hong Kong that had no purpose or place in the story. The cell phone tracking technology is the dumbest and most far fetched thing I have ever seen in a film.

The only reason this movie gets any recognition or praise is because of Ledger's death. That plus the Batman and Joker fanboys that flood IMDb to give this crap a 10. They like how 'cool' Joker was, and sided with him, and they feel bad for Ledger. A + B = in top 10 of IMDb.

This movie is completely forgettable and deserves no awards and none of your time. It DOES deserve to be an example of a horrendously written, poorly shot, poorly lit, pathetic excuse of a movie.
I really like this movie. It was a lot better then what I thought it would be. Heath Leger did an amazing job on this movie. I did not expect much of the movie when i first saw it but this is really good.

Later I showed this movie to my mom and she hates super hero movies but she really like this one. Or she just like Christian Bale. Any way this is a movie really worth to check out.

It has an amazing story line and the actors are just incredible. It locks amazing to.

If i was to describe this movie whit one world it would be... outstanding.

To bad Heath Leger pass away. He was south a god actor. R.I.P Heath.
TDK, a solid superhero movie, nothing more
After reading quite a few reviews from the states i was very curious about this movie. As a kid i loved to read superhero comic books, spiderman and batman were my favourites. Loving the spiderman movies and also liking the first new Batman movie by Nolan and wanting to see the last performance by Heath Ledger i couldn't wait to see this movie.

Man was i disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, i liked the movie, i had fun with it and the performance bij Heath Ledger is something i will never forget. I was sceptical about him because people tend to exaggerate performances of popular dead actors but i must honestly admit, he blew me away. He also blew every actor away he shared screen time with, i liked gary oldman best together with him in a scene. I am still wowed by Hedgers performance, and i must admit i really feel frustrated that he is gone, this performance MUST get an Oscar.

Caine was very good, Bale was OK although i don't like him as batman, he is a good Bruce Wayne but not a good batman and i really enjoyed Aaron Eckart as Harvey Dent.

But i thought the movie also had quite a few flaws.

Without giving away too much i really though most of the combat action scenes were not easily watchable because they were to fast to follow, I really didn't like the way they went with two face, and the ending sequence with the bat and the joker to me was a let down. Also i don't like the way Nolan tells the story but i must admit, thats a personal opinion.

There were 2 surprising moments that i really loved, one containing a pencil which got me laughing very hard and the other the choice sequence which ended in a way i didn't see coming but loved it.

All in all, an OK superhero movie, 7 stars but 9? come on people, that's crazy.

It's unbelievable that movies like the matrix 1 , gladiator, as good as it gets, l.a. confidential, eternal sunshine and the spotless mind don't rank as high as this movie, i cant understand it although i respect it.

Happy to share my feel about this movie,

So overrated!
So this is the movie that created one box-office record after the other. I really expected quite something, but was left disappointed. It's definitely not a bad movie. There are many things that are good entertainment and worth watching and definitely one of the better movies this year, but come on it has so many flaws. If you think that a movie like matrix which is more original, more intelligent, better from its action-sequences and so on and so on just didn't earned that much at the box-office.

The most disturbing thing is probably the amount of realism they tried to put in a comic book story. Which always confused me as a viewer. That doesn't work for me. I think there was a hype created in America that pleased the hardcore comic book fans but i think the main reason why it was so extremely successful in America is it's dealing with Americas 9/11 Trauma.

The whole movie was kind of a propaganda movie for the government and its actual foreign policy.

When you see Batman standing in the ruins of an exploded building together with the firemen it evokes images of 9/11. And America's desperate yearning for a hero. Someone who will clean up with this scum. But what made "it" a scum isn't really told. A super-villain like the joker is just mad in a comic book. But in real life who is mad and who is not is often just a matter of the point of view.

The prisoners in the one boat evoke images of Guantanamo. And it justifies their illegal and often unjustified imprisonment of innocents with the words of the people of "other boat" . Why shall we have mercy with them. They blew their chance. But still we give them much more than they deserve. It still was a nice gesture giving them some kind of redemption by letting tiny lister throwing the detonator outside.

In the end Batman stand for me as a symbol for "W", because he is blamed by the people even though he is doing it seemingly just for them and sometimes they don't appreciate it or even understand it.

Next thing was how often and illogically they let the joker get away. I mean come on. The just cut to another scene and he is free. Thats so cheezy.

Batman hits him up like nothing and the man doesn't even bleed a bit. Other real people he just hits once and they are K.O. I thought the Joker had no superpowers but here he seems invincible.

Then you wonder how quick he has everything planned without ever getting a touch of an recruited army behind him , even though he seems to have tons and tons of toy soldiers. I a comic book it works but in a movie where they try to put a lot of realism in it it feels weird. First he is in prison but he is so foreseeing everything. Maybe i need to see it again. But it felt weird.

The action sequences felt not really thought trough. The whole chase tunnel sequence was so unrealistic. i mean first the police somehow never hits back. And joker just shoots and shoots and shoots. And it felt unreal.

Maggie Gyllenhall felt miscast. She maybe a favorite in art-house productions but here you need someone with obviously more sex-appeal. I never bought it that they fell for her.

The the totally unrealistic wounds of Harvey dent turning into "two-face". Come on. No one would have such an open wound. Isn't "Two-Face" a mad scicophrenic in the books. Here he never feels mad, just like a guy trying to get his revenge. Thats what I mean, with the amount of realism. Here a mad character from the books is explained in his madness, but the main character the joker which is a synonym for any terrorist threatening America isn't explained a bit. Yeah better that way. One might get scarred that one self turned that man into a terrorist. So they better leave that explanation out.

Then the much hyped about heath ledger (r.i.p.) performance. It was good but not that great. For me it was just an update of the Nicholson joker. He even talked much like him and his facial expressions also resembled Nicholson's expressions. So whats all the hype about. He is still performing very good but not legendary. I have seen better villains.

Then it seemed like there were many points in the movie that resembled of "L.A. Cofidential" One scene in the end where they let Harvey dent die as a hero is one of them but there were others too which i forgot.

So after all. Worth watching. Good movie. But too overrated. And i still don't understand the enormous box-office-records.
Wonderful. How superhero movies should be made!
Quite simply "Dark Knight" is the best superhero movie ever made (ok, KickAss is the only competitor, but strictly speaking, it isn't a "proper" superhero movie, so let's forget about that).

Batman is tough, Batman is loved, Batman is weak, Batman is hated. Batman has human characteristics. Batman's enemies have human characteristics. This is the first and main reason Dark Knight succeeds. It isn't "just" a superhero movie. It's also a study of character, of good and of "dark" and of perception of "society." I mean, it does this so well I sometimes think the superhero content is just a scapegoat for the deeper thought in the movie even though I know at the same that it's not.

Secondly, Batman doesn't do anything too unbelievable. Look at Superman, he's flying. Look at Spiderman, he's got webs coming out of his palms. Look at the Hulk he can get MASSIVE when he is angry. That's all cool and entertaining, but Batman is, imo, the superhero whom we can connect to the closest, because he doesn't have these "abilities" about him which are soooo unrealistic.

So, both his inner and outer character are human like which makes the movie so much more enjoyable.

The action? The action in Dark Knight is amazing! Batman's car is amazing! The special effects are amazing! It is a phenomenal piece of work crafting a movie where it looks and feels fantastic!

I won't talk much about Heath Ledger's portrayal of the joker. It's definitely his best performance ever, and what better time to have it just before his death, peace be upon him. I hate a ball watching the guy act. He's just created an insanely unique persona. I loved it!

Everything in Dark Knight works. It's got so much novelty to it. It's a rare piece of cinema where prima facie it's for kids, but ultimately, adults will end up enjoying it much more. Dark Knight isn't for kids anyway, they wont be able to comprehend the bigger picture in Dark Knight, which is what makes this movie so special.

It's cool It's original It's awesome

I can't believe how it wasn't nominated for a Best Picture. Oscars were probably too stunned at how good a super hero movie could be. Did I mention I also love Gary Oldman, the guy plays a different person in every movie, I can never tell its him
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