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The Cassandra Crossing
Italy, West Germany, UK
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
George P. Cosmatos
Lee Strasberg as Herman Kaplan
Lou Castel as Swedish Terrorist
Stefano Patrizi as Terrorist
Ann Turkel as Susan
John Phillip Law as Major Stack
Sophia Loren as Jennifer Rispoli Chamberlain
Ava Gardner as Nicole / Nicole Dressler
O.J. Simpson as Haley (as O. J. Simpson)
Burt Lancaster as Mackenzie / Colonel Stephen Mackenzie
Ingrid Thulin as Dr. Elena Stradner
Richard Harris as Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain
Alida Valli as Nanny
Martin Sheen as Robby Navarro
Storyline: "Outbreak" meets "The Runaway Train" as a motley group of passengers are quarantined on a train destined to prevent the spread of the disease at the cost of their lives. Government intrigue, international smuggling, and the legend of the Cassandra Crossing add to the suspense. Written by
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