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Tempus Tormentum
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
James Rewucki
Tyhr Trubiak as Mr. Mouse
Andy Rewucki as Truck Driver
Dr. Rage as Clown
Chris Parkes as Bowler Hat
Fred McEvoy as Priest
Paul McWhinney as Slashmouth
Mel Marginet as Cabin Lady
John Kapitany as Cult person
Virine Bahadoosingh as Dream Girl / Ghost
Chris Hodgson as Motel Clerk
Dan Grapko as Shadowy Figure
Cat Jahnke as Waitress
Marc Greene as Birdman
Lorraine James as Birdlady
Chris Streib as Cult person
Storyline: A drifter passing through a small town is drugged by three masked psychopaths and forced into a bizarre game of cat and mouse. He is chased through a series of more and more bizarre events until, in the end, he finds that this evening of terror has lasting consequences. It's a feel bad film, nasty and brutish, red in tooth and claw. Written by James Rewucki
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