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Sex Weather
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jon Garcia
Storyline: Sydney and Darrel met while working through the trenches of chaos of low budget independent filmmaking. Like most forced to produce under pressure, they grew close and began to admire and respect one another. However, their romance never quite had the opportunity to blossom and once the production was over, they went their respective ways and moved on with their lives. After 2 years of post production, when the film is celebrating its premiere, the two of them meet again. With spirits flying high and the cast and crew present to critique and admire the work they have done, Sydney and Darrel after a night of drinks hook up. In the last two years they've had their professional triumphs and failures, they've had their flings and various romances, but they've always kept each other in the back of their minds as that one that got away, the magical other. But...things are different now.
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