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Schindler's List
Drama, Biography, History, War
IMDB rating:
Steven Spielberg
Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler
Ben Kingsley as Itzhak Stern
Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth
Caroline Goodall as Emilie Schindler
Jonathan Sagall as Poldek Pfefferberg (as Jonathan Sagalle)
Embeth Davidtz as Helen Hirsch
Malgoscha Gebel as Wiktoria Klonowska
Shmuel Levy as Wilek Chilowicz (as Shmulik Levy)
Mark Ivanir as Marcel Goldberg
Andrzej Seweryn as Julian Scherner
Friedrich von Thun as Rolf Czurda
Krzysztof Luft as Herman Toffel
Harry Nehring as Leo John
Storyline: Oskar Schindler is a vainglorious and greedy German businessman who becomes an unlikely humanitarian amid the barbaric Nazi reign when he feels compelled to turn his factory into a refuge for Jews. Based on the true story of Oskar Schindler who managed to save about 1100 Jews from being gassed at the Auschwitz concentration camp, it is a testament for the good in all of us.
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Over-hyped and not over quick enough
This is one of the worst films I have ever seen. Only Steven Speilberg could take an astonishing story of courage and determination in the face of hideous oppression and turn it into a poorly made schmaltz-fest like this. Chief in a series of tacky, amateurish filming techniques is the legendary "girl in red coat". Having decided on black and white in an attempt to show that he can be serious about something, the paucity of Spielberg's imagination is clear in that he can think of no other way to make the girl stand out and be recognised - he seems to think that his audience is incapable of recognising, say, a face, and has to hammer home the identity of the girl by presenting her in an entirely different way from everybody else in the film. The monumental cheesiness of the closing scenes with the people saved by Schindler goes way beyond the point of tackiness - just more evidence of Spielberg's extraordinarily sentimental side sabotaging what should have been a meaningful film. On the plus side, most of the acting is superb, but on the whole the film sensationalises the violence and oppression which it should have set out to attack. Oskar Schindler was such an extraordinary man that his remarkable story, which everybody should know, deserved far, far better than this.
As subtle as a sledgehammer.
Steven Spielberg is a Hack! Hack rhymes with sack! Sacks hold potoatoes! Potatoes rhymes with tomatoes(more or less)!

There haven't been enough tomatoes produced in the history of mankind to throw at the screen to adequately express my disgust with this shallow, schlocky, melodramatic piece of Oscar bait.

I can't believe Jewish groups, particularly Holocaust survivors and their families, weren't up in arms after viewing this film. It's an insult to all victims of all genocides.

It's like a 'gritty' Disney version of WW2 and its horrors, designed to 'school' 10 year olds.

8.9/10? Whaaaaaaat????? 5/10.....at best! (As always, rated 1 star for balance)

WOW!! Just.....WOW!!!
Excellent! Re-watch value is enormous!
This is an amazing movie! It shows the hardship of the Jewish people during the holocaust. The movie shows the real brutality of the Nazi leaders and soldiers. Being in black and white it adds emotion to the movie. No one better than Liam Neeson could have acted the part of Oskar Schindler! Schindler's list is such a good movie I could easily watch it over and over. The only downside is it would have been interesting to see the movie in color but I do understand the reason why the movie is what it is. If you have not watched this movie and you are reading this review, you must watch it right away! This is also a good movie that would be good to show to teenagers in high school, to educate them about the holocaust.
great recipe but...
SS is perhaps Hollywood's best known director and one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world,yes this is true.He created emotional films which tied the viewer to the stories.This man got the best recipe of our generation.If the cinephile today will compare a Capra movie with a SS one the later will won with out the doubt.Maybe Capra could do it better nowdays but the 1940 recipe was different,the times were different,the people were different.They needed other recipe,they were closer to the fun part,we are now closer to the emotional part.We became fans of the sensational itself.We love to cry,we love to wonder.The story here is not quite true,but is sensational like all the holocaust thing.but it is only one side of the story here like anything else what is got to do with the holocaust.We will never find the other side of the story because there are laws out there which forbiden us to talk about it.So maybe mister SS will provide us a movie,maybe the only movie,about the other side of the German vs the world story.This man got the skills and power to bond us with a sensational story.Maybe he will do it.
It needs to be seen
I feel really goofy trying to write anything about this film. It's all been said on this site and most of it is true.

The first thing to underline is that Ralph F. should have won best supporting actor in a supporting role. I was so stunned that he did not. He is so good that for months I didn't know he wasn't German. And his character is truly vile. Read up on the real Amon Goeth and you will see what an evil man he portrayed. He probably didn't care, but good golly.

Secondly, having dated an observant Jew for a long time, I can attest to the Talmud quotation. My boyfriend believed and lived that precept.

No, this film is not earth-shaking, but once you see it, please remember that some of the people who made the film with Spielberg were, themselves, survivors. If you remember that Oscar ceremony, you might remember that one man got up to accept the award and gave the numbers that he had tattooed on his arm. It really happened!
An Amazing view on a good man in the evil ranks
This film is an amazing representation of what Shindler did for a small percentage of the Jewish population. Some would not like this film due to the fact that it is black and white for the majority of the film. There is one point where there is colour among the black, white and grey which is a very heart wrenching scene (im not going to spoil it). Although sometimes it seems that the film drags on it makes a statement that will never be forgotten and will possibly make you love one Nazi who tried to do the best for the hunted. Even though this film is 20 years old it still remains my favourite even though I did watch it in 9th grade and it almost seems much to graphic for that age but I am very glad that I did watch it. This is a very amazing film that should be watched by everyone.
One of the best historical films
Schindler's List (1993) is one of Spielberg's most creative, and dramatic films ever, and one of the most powerful films ever released. Everyone should watch it and experience the historical true event. Whoever has not seen this film is definitely missing out.

Liam Neeson fit the leading role perfectly, making the film entirely believable. You truly experience the darkness, and the light in this moment of persecution in our history. There are very few films this good about Jewish persecution. Another must watch film similar to this one is the The Pianist (2002).

Another reason to watch this film is because history repeats itself. Persecution is still happening today.
An upbeat holocaust movie?
Only Stephen Spielberg could make a film about the holocaust where the point is that none of the major characters do NOT die. To me the message is lost because of this and the film becomes a glorification of one man surrounded by the deaths of millions. Oscar Schindler was a Nazi embroiled in the holocaust and the second world war. He managed to save his friends, yet profited from concentration camps. Ok, so he wasn't an anti-semite bent on destruction, but he only saved people he was connected to, and their families.

And the evil Nazis in this film are all slightly comical. Where is the evil? Where is the horror? Where is all the death and torture and misery.

Scrape the surface of this film and you find a gratuitous "entertainment" movie. If you want to know about the holocaust watch Shoah.
Oskar's humanitarianism gone for nought
Poor Oskars's remarkable and more than brave endeavor in saving human lives during the dark days of WW2 in Europe almost immediately takes a back seat to the lamentations of the filmmaker in perpetuating the plight of a certain group of people on which unspeakable atrocities were perpetrated upon. A film that helps promote liberties taken over the years by that certain group of people from anything to a good seat at the Opera to unabated attempts to destroy other people's beliefs and right to exist.

This film is (unfortunately), not about a man's humanitarian well-meant efforts to do what he could to help to save a group of desperate and obviously(for most of them) doomed to their certain death, people.

The point that came across was visually witnessing the random acts of a certain person committing atrocities and exaggerating them to an extent that diminished what really happened to those people. In trying to add visual credibility via sensationalism made a mockery and a not so subtle message that a certain group of people have rights forever to commit atrocities to avenge what befell them over the centuries. If there is such a thing as a hate film, well this is it, generalizing 40 million people as monsters for the actions of a handful of lunatics sanctioned by the so-called Allies that were still full of boast and smugness and let's face it, blindness to what was going on. In short, the filmmaker's point was very subjective, to put it mildly.
Jewel Of Cinema. ♦ 93%
Astounded by the facts, grueling scenes & short scripts between the sequences, I find myself in an awkward situation where instead of thinking about which movie to watch next, I am introspecting about the purpose of my life. Seriously, this film makes it a point that you get emotionally inspired.

Steven Spielberg, as always, takes up a sensitive topic and carves it to perfection. Not taking in account the long running time (which is actually pretty fair) & the imbalance of narration, the story of Oskar Schindler saving a bunch of innocent Jews from the clutches of callous German Kommandants strikes a visual chord mentally, emotionally. The heart-aching depiction of cruelty on Jews, rampant corruption during World War, slavery & the magnanimity of Schindler, his friendship, his aura is all well filmed. The music almost backs it up, with wonderful screenplay & cinematography.

Liam Neeson is terrific. I have always loved his performances; this one makes me respect him more & more. Ben Kingsley is very very good, especially with his demeanor. Supporting cast is amazing. In fact, the whole crew should get a standing ovation for the hard-work of digging up the facts. The final sequences made me cry.

BOTTOM LINE: A 9.3/10 for this must-watch, characteristic film. One of the most emotionally touching films.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Profanity: No | Vulgarity: No | Nudity: Infinity | Sex: Mild | Foreplay: Strong | Smoking: Strong | Alcohol: Strong | Drugs: No | Traumatizing Factor: Very Critical
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