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Safe House
USA, Japan, South Africa
Crime, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Daniel Espinosa
Vera Farmiga as Catherine Linklater
Stephen Rider as Richards
Jenna Dover as CIA Analyst
Nora Arnezeder as Ana Moreau
Fares Fares as Vargas
Joel Kinnaman as Keller
Rubén Blades as Carlos Villar
Liam Cunningham as Alec Wade
Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston
Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost
Tracie Thoms as CIA Analyst
Sam Shepard as Harlan Whitford
Brendan Gleeson as David Barlow
Robert Patrick as Daniel Kiefer
Storyline: Matt Weston ( ) is a CIA rookie who is manning a safe house in Cape Town, South Africa, when Tobin Frost ( ) the CIA's most wanted rogue agent is captured and taken to the safe house. During Frost's interrogation, the safe house is overtaken by mercenaries who want Frost. Weston and Frost escape and must stay out of the gunmen's sight until they can get to another safe house.
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Safe Bet on Washington.
Safe House (2012): Dir: Daniel Espinosa / Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard: Interesting idea about trust. Ryan Reynolds plays a safe house agent assigned to watch an ex CIA agent turned criminal, played by Denzel Washington who possesses files that are sought after by people from both sides. After a massive blood bath shootout, Reynolds escapes with Washington and from there the screenplay becomes one big chase and violent encounter after another but we know these two will be on the same side. One problem with this film is its making Washington a hero figure simply because viewers like him period. That is not to say that the film isn't entertaining. Washington and Reynolds are an electrifying pairing with Washington's soft spoken presentation that conceals a deadly consequence for those who oppose him, verses Reynolds's frantic race to maintain composure in the midst of turmoil. The ending works and director Daniel Espinosa allows for several great action sequences but perhaps supporting roles could have been broader. Vera Farmiga and Brendan Gleeson are two effective actors but here their roles seem more like props leading to revelations that many viewers will likely already see coming. Sam Shepard is a veteran actor lost in cardboard material. While the film doesn't always work, it maintains an entertaining pace thanks to its two leads that rise above what the material might have been without them. Perhaps next time the screenwriters will spend more time in the safe house and produce a more convicting film. Score: 6 / 10
I did not expect it to be this good.
I'll be honest. When I saw the trailer, I was madly excited. It looked fantastic. But then, after a while, I remembered, that the main point of a trailer is to do just that. Hype the film, while revealing literally all the main plot scenes and parts. I didn't know if it was the case with 'Safe House', since, hey, it's Denzel Washington. That man doesn't just do any role.

I just got back from the movie theater, and am I glad that I was wrong. The movie is fantastic, electrifying. Do know that I don't just 'get off' on any action flick. In most cases, I just watch and forget. This was actually, fantastic. I don't have a single bad word to say about it, the way it was directed, acted or anything else. Everything was simply fantastic.

I realize my words sound absurd, and the score looks the same, but it really is worth it. I didn't see an action movie this well written, and this well acted in a really, really long time. Of course, by the end of the movie, any experienced watcher will figure out the ending by himself, but even though you 'get it', it's still extremely fun to sit through and see how the pieces connect.

I really hate long reviews, so I'm trying to make this one as short and sweet as possible. Lastly, have in mind that not one cast member failed his role. Ryan was fantastic, even better then I could've imagined (a nice showing of his acting skills after Green Lantern and Change-Up), and Denzel, what to say that hasn't been already said about that man's acting. Phenomenal doesn't cut it.

Go and see it. It's much better then anything else thats currently 'showing'.
Safe house oh yeah.. Not so safe movie.
A stupid movie. I managed about 35-40 minutes. And the rating is 6.8?

Safe house are not safe. Car chase where the "hero" driving like an idiot, to call attention? Our hero call headquarters during car chase. What a script.?? In The headquarters are many people who pretend to work with this case , headquarters does not not have permission to use surveillance satellite, it is just for the military. What a script.?? Something headquarters did not know. What a script.?? Remember people we are talking top secret service.

Wild driving and car crashes, our hero takes no damage, bullets flying around his head, car windows shot out. Our hero are in one piece, not a detriment. What a script.?? More wild driving. The car (BMW) are full of bullet holes, our hero has come away and into a garage where he opens the trunk and the person in the trunk are not damaged, like a miracle, he also escaped the bullets. Here I stopped the movie - enough are enough.

What I wonder is: Why do Adults play in such a lousy movie? OK for the money I understand it, but not my money I have not paid anything to see this parody of a film
An action film by the numbers
Denzel Washington plays an ex CIA agent/special forces operative (to be honest, I forget) who gets captured and taken to the (official) CIA's most inept hideout which is promptly overrun by baddies and everyone is killed. Everyone that is, apart from plucky Ryan Reynolds who is basically the CIA's caretaker of the unsafe safe house. He therefore has to rescue Washington and escort him to safety, all the time being pursued by baddies who can wipe out a professional CIA team in seconds, but can't shoot an untrained agent and his shackled prisoner.

I can suspend my disbelief to accept all that. There's car chases, slick camera work, shoot-outs and punch-up - pretty much everything you'd expect from a modern action film. But it's still only average. The only thing that elevates it from being VERY average is Denzil Washington who, as usual, turns in a pretty decent performance, given what he has to work with. He snarls, charms and punches his way through most situations and Ryan Reynolds seems to have good chemistry with him in his attempts at keeping him both safe and cuffed at the same time.

If anyone else was in the film it would simply be average, but if you like the sound of another car chase-laden action film with a better than average cast, give this one a go. It might be slightly longer than your average action flick, but it's entertaining enough not to bore.
It's Denzel, Nuff Said
I started watching this movie with a bias in its favor to begin with. I like both, Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington so I was expecting it to be good.

Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA (or FBI) agent that is putting in his time babysitting a safe house. Denzel is a rogue agent that appears on the grid after years of being hard to catch.

The movie was as advertised. A good thing you can expect from a Denzel crime/action thriller is that the acting will be good and the action won't be over the top. There will be enough action to keep you locked in but not so much where you mentally check out and don't care about the story. This wasn't the best Denzel movie, but at least it had a good cohesive story and some substance.
Fast-Paced Fun!
'Safe House' is a fast-paced action-thriller, that works at most parts. It entertains ably & doesn't leave you bored even for a minute.

'Safe House' Synopsis: A young CIA agent is tasked with looking after a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge.

'Safe House' has a consistent fast-pace, which frankly is the best aspect of the enterprise. It doesn't waste time & progresses with its story, efficiently. Of course, there are clichés & even the villain's identity doesn't come as a shock, its a tad predictable. But keeping aside a few flaws, 'Safe House' weights heavier on merit.

David Guggenheim's Screenplay is well-done, although a few clichés act as a deterrent. Guggenheim's Direction, however, is top-class. He's handled the film exceedingly well. Cinematography is edgy. Editing is twisted, yet crisp. Action-Sequences are super-effective.

Performance-Wise: Denzel Washington is powerful, yet again! He steals the show. Ryan Reynolds displays intensity. Vera Farmiga is fantastic. Brendan Gleeson is alright. Sam Shepard is capable. Nora Arnezeder is very good in a brief role.

On the whole, 'Safe House' is a good watch!
Finally Visible Battle Scars
Much like the "Bourne" films, this movie was very fast paced. There was a substantial amount of action and some outstanding chase and fight scenes. There was not a lot of character development though. A little more of a back-story, especially in relation to Denzel Washington's character, would have been nice. Although several details remained unanswered, most of the credit I give Safe House is in regards to the fight scenes. People get shot, stabbed and beat up left and right. The characters get hurt, and get into even more fights and more hurt. There's no "miraculous healing" between fights like we see in most action movies. I was as worn as these characters were by the end of this movie. Reviewed by AN/NR 02-16-12
A Big Disappointment
As one of the other reviewers stated, the trailer portrayed a much more exciting than it actually was.

Both Ryan Denzel did a fantastic job at portraying their rolls. But for me the story line was a disappointment. We never really got to know the actors. Ryan, playing a seemingly an honest and determined Host, of a Safe house, and Denzel a devious mastermind out to destroy the lives, of the corrupt. It's only in the last few minutes of the movie that you realize what is actually going on, and this could have been great if the movie had some real suspense to it. Even a twist would have spiced things up. Like if Ryan turned out to be the bad guy.

If this was a thriller, then Hannibal was a love story. The action scenes was short lived, the little love scenes between Ryan and his love interest was distasteful. They could at least have made the last scene one of a happy reunion.
Fulfills Its Popcorn Intentions But Little Else
Safe House is a movie that fulfils its popcorn intentions, but metaphorically brings to mind the image of a bobble-head – a bloated brain supported by little else, springing uncontrollably in different directions. When the action ramps up, Safe House is at its best, providing ample energy, a plethora or gunplay and a number of gritty combat sequences. When pausing to forward the plot, spew exposition or focus on perfunctory romances, it grinds to a halt. Safe House would be better viewed with a remote equipped with a fast forward button nearby.

Thankfully for Safe House, the sequences with action outnumber those without, so it comes out on top on a percentage basis alone. What makes it slip just out of the realm of solid praise is that it really fails as a tense, psychological duel of wits. I mean c'mon you have the one of the coolest actors working today (Denzel Washington of course) trying to escape his confines with only a lowly safe house guard (Ryan Reynolds) in his way – use it! The trailers and radio ads prominently feature the line "I'm already in your head", but the movie itself offers little in the way of subtle manipulation or mind games. All we get are a few scenes where Washington's Tobin Frost intimidates the crap out of the inexperienced operative and forebodingly warns that the CIA will screw him one day.

Now that I've kicked this movie while it's down, let me tell you what it does very well: bloodshed. I already mentioned the ample high-octane set pieces, but of course volume of action does not always translate directly to a solid film ("Transformers" springs to mind) it has to bring something to the table. Safe House earns its R-rating in many an instance with sometimes uncomfortably realistic shootouts, brutal interrogations and wonderfully choreographed (but wince-inducing) hand- to-hand combat sequences. If you think that John McClane looks rough at the end of a "Die Hard" flick, wait until you see how Reynolds looks when the credits roll. Refreshingly, this is not the kind of movie where a character is shot, grits his teeth a little bit, holds his wound and then ten minutes later they have apparently forgotten about it. You feel every punch and when somebody gets stabbed they writhe on the floor in pain and when somebody gets shot they are likely not getting back up.

There are also a handful of lengthy chase sequences through the streets of Cape Town, a soccer stadium and the slums of Langa and in all instances deliver. They are easy to follow, high-energy and far more real-world than we're normally accustomed when talking about a Hollywood car chase. In all of these sequences (automotive or otherwise) we have Reynolds front and center. Safe House is really a Ryan Reynolds movie masquerading as a Denzel Washington film, though that is not to say Washington is relegated to a just supporting role, it is simply more focused on our in-way-over-his-head rookie than the lethal pro. Reynolds is the surprise here, not only holding his own against the veteran but delivering his best mainstream performance to date (there is not a hint of his wise-cracking The Green Lantern or Deadpool characters to be found here).

Curiously, there were very few one-liners delivered by Washington and though he oozed charisma through his presence alone, I would have liked to see a little more sizzle; one more duty that lands on the script, which just offers nothing in the way of interesting dialogue, insights into the mind of a killer or even a brisk pace for that matter. As a movie to pop in the DVD player with some buds, however (one that you can tune out the downtimes between action set pieces) it delivers absolutely and does offer one of the rarer instances for Washington to do his bad guy thing – a welcome sight.

Rating: 6.5/10
Below average action flick.
"Move along people, nothing -new- to see here". This old police saying (with a twist) certainly fits in this movie's review.

The movie starts promising but soon after that you realize that this movie will be nothing new. We've seen it all before.

There are so many plot holes that makes you wonder if they writers gave any credit to the viewers intelligence when they wrote it.

On top of that, the action sequences are nothing to brag about. Plus the shaky camera style doesn't help. There is also a pretty useless romantic subplot that doesn't add anything other than useless minutes to a movie that shouldn't have been more than 80 minutes.

Ryan Reynolds has a pretty good performance, but Denzel Washington's action performances are really getting old and clichéd. Don't get me wrong, he was once a great reliable actor, and still is a great actor, but the amount of average action movies that he has been doing lately makes me wonder if he has some gambling debts to settle.

The rest of the cast seems a bit out of place.

With that said, not all is bad. If you are the action type you will probably be a bit entertained, just don't expect to be blown away.

My 5/10 stars rating suggests that is worth a watch.
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