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Raiders of the Lost Ark
Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Steven Spielberg
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Karen Allen as Marion
Paul Freeman as Belloq
Ronald Lacey as Toht
Denholm Elliott as Marcus Brody
Alfred Molina as Satipo
Wolf Kahler as Dietrich
Anthony Higgins as Gobler
Vic Tablian as Barranca
Don Fellows as Col. Musgrove
William Hootkins as Major Eaton
Bill Reimbold as Bureaucrat
Storyline: The year is 1936. A professor who studies archeology named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles in South America searching for a golden statue. Unfortunately, he sets off a deadly trap doing so, miraculously, he escapes. Then, Jones hears from a museum curator named Marcus Brody about a biblical artifact called The Ark of the Covenant, which can hold the key to humanly existence. Jones has to venture to vast places such as Nepal and Egypt to find this artifact. However, he will have to fight his enemy Renee Belloq and a band of Nazis in order to reach it.
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Not the grand-daddy, but maybe the grandchild of all things adventure?
I kid you not: the first 10 minutes of the movie actually made me HATE the movie. I mean, Raiders of the Lost Ark was an Arachnophobe's nightmare - 3 tarantulas clinging at the back of Indiana Jones was enough, but a hundred on Alfred Molina's character? Jesus Christ, bless his soul. So, being an arachnophobe, that ticked me off already and I had to put off the movie for a good night, or two. However, that wasn't really going to stop me from watching one of the greatest movies ever (as said by Empire in its '301 Greatest Movies Of All Time'). And so, I found my courage once again, skipped the part with the tarantulas, and continued on with the movie.

All I can say is: Wow. There's no wonder this movie is one of those movies you just have to watch. It is a complete masterpiece of an 80s classical flick - vintage, kinda'-sorta' cheesy story-wise, a bit of flawed logic here and there, and the protagonist with a beautiful girl at the end. Yes, In the year 2015, we've probably seen it all already and critiquing the themes of this movie in this day and age would not be fair, for sure. But had I been given the chance to watch this movie when it was first released in 1981, I'm pretty sure I would've said to myself: "Boy, this movie will set the bar for many more adventure movies to come... hopefully".

In terms of the cinematography, the acting, the casting, and the story, I could all give those a 3.5 to a 4 out of 5. Nothing spectacular, but still pretty awesome, nonetheless.
Happy 35th Anniversary To One Of The Greatest Adventure Films Of All Time!
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is my second favorite movie next to "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope," and it is also, in my opinion, my absolute favorite movie by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg teams up with George Lucas after his success with "Star Wars" as both of the greatest filmmakers had set out to pay homage to the old serials of the 1930s. The movie is about an archaeologist and professor name, Indiana Jones as he goes on an adventure to search for the Ark of the Covenant with the help of the love of his life Marion Ravenwood. However, Indy's rival Rene Belloq has been working with the Nazis as they both go after the Ark, and it is up to Indy to retrieve the Ark before its too late. It has been 35 years, since this movie came out back in 1981 and it still is my favorite of the series. The series itself may have pay respect to the "James Bond" movies, but they also pay tributes to the old serials of the 1930s until the fourth one pays tribute of the 1950s sci-fi B movies. With that said, whenever I watch this movie, it never feels dated nor is it cheesy. Like the "Star Wars" series, you will always feel the experience as you go on for the ride as the "Indiana Jones" series explore exotic locations and search for artifacts. By getting to the point, Harrison Ford is definitely Indiana Jones as he is as Han Solo. He does a brilliant job with the role as his character is someone that you don't want to mess with because he is rough, cool and is always amazed when he is discovering artifacts. Of course, he is always into as I quote from the second movie "Fortune and Glory." Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood is my favorite of all the girls that Indy has met in his life. Not only is she beautiful, but she can be also feisty too. Sometimes she be a damsel in distress, but she never whines and complain like Willie Scott did in the second movie. Her character is pretty complex as you learn about her as she and Indy did had some history together as she had romantic affair with him. Paul Freeman as Belloq is a really good villain, and quite a rivalry to Indy as they are always after the same artifact as they're trying to retrieve. The rest of the cast all did well. Steven Spielberg does an amazing job on directing the movie with George Lucas coming up with this brilliant concept that he had created. Lawrence Kasdan has wrote a brilliant script, and the story itself always kept me investing as well as the characters. The special effects by Industrial Light & Magic are absolutely fantastic for its used of practical effects, matte paintings and miniature work. John Williams' music is completely unforgettable, and there is no denying that the theme he created would be as iconic as the "Star Wars" theme. The action scenes are very well done as well as the physical work that were put on camera. The cinematography by Douglas Slocombe is also wonderful as I do get a sense of the 1930s, which it does put me in the right atmosphere. The humor is done well, for example, Indy has an Arab Swordsman in his way as you think there is going to be fight between them, instead Indy just shoots him because he has no time for that. The movie is also very well putted together, and it does go by at a very good pace. I never see any flaws with this movie, because this movie is definitely flawless, and it will always be either one of the greatest or the greatest adventure films of all time. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is a classic adventure film, and I am giving it a 10 out of 10.
Highly Overrated
I watched this famous film expecting it will so much more but I was disappointed instead.

The story is beyond absurd, the plot is weak and there was hardly any logic present. Indiana Jones was doing a lot of things in the film: explaining, exploring, running, fighting but what he was not doing is thinking. Often there was no rational explanations for his actions which made the film uninteresting. Every time he is in trouble, he gets out of it is the most absurd and unrealistic way possible.

The performance of the actors and actresses was mediocre. As the story was not that good there was nothing much to be done by them either. On top of that the action scenes were not well crafted, in fact they were pretty clumsy. Also the editing of those scenes was less than good.

If you are expecting an amazing movie then I will not recommend it but if you are seeking an average type action film to watch then you can watch this.
Harrison Ford, in the role that suited him best...
Ford stars as Indiana Jones, an archaeologist adventurer, who spends his time traveling all over the world through jungles, deserts, oceans, and caverns in search for hidden treasures—like the priceless long-lost Ark of the Covenant (the Hebrew sacred artifact that held the supposed Ten Commandments). Unfortunately, a group of treasure-hungry Nazis wants it too, having heard that any army who wins it would receive supernatural powers…

With his trademark hat, whip, leather jacket, and pistol for backup, our stubborn, intelligent, determined and loyal hero escapes innumerable dangers, evades multiple obstacles including fearsome thugs in a busy Cairo bazaar, and hangs underneath a fast-moving truck in an exciting chase through a road… These are only some of the film's incredible set pieces… Steven Spielberg likable hero is not invincible, though, facing impossible odds, capable of getting beaten, struck violently, heart broken, and falling asleep after the first kiss…

The villains—especially Indy's suave and cultured French rival wearing a Panama hat and white suits, Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman)—are not really that much different from him, except in their motivation… The shrill heroine, Marion (Karen Allen)—is not the girl always in discomfort either, but a resourceful, dynamic and formidable woman who doesn't require the hero at all…

"Raiders of the Lost Arc" is a perfect package of unforgettable scenes, countless action, humor, astonishing technical effects, thrilling sequences, and terrific performances… It was followed by three fun sequels…
The definition of an adventure movie...
As a kid I liked very much the adventure movies and all of these staff. I liked movies that had action, adventure and suspense, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" has all of that and that's why I consider this movie as the definition of an adventure movie.

Steven Spielberg creates an another masterpiece with Harrison Ford as starring. The subject of this great movie is the search of the Lost Arc. Harrison Ford plays as Indiana Jones who is an archaeologist and adventurer who is hired by the government of the U.S to find it before of the Nazi.

This movie harmoniously combines adventure and action with love and comedy, it's a movie that you will want to see it again and again.
A blockbuster how it was meant to be
Nowadays we keep forgetting how beautiful blockbusters can be. Too much CGI makes everything possible and therefore very often also arbitrary. In Raiders you actually seem to feel the physical pain some of the actors/stuntmen had to go through to provide 2 hours of pure entertainment.

Of course the story isn't waterproof, the Nazi weren't that present in Egypt in 1936 and how did Indy survive that ride on the submarine again? But lots of good and variable action scenes are accompanied by a story that develops fast and excitingly and is always close to being implausible but luckily never is.

Spielberg, Lucas and most of all Harrison Ford created a hero that is nowadays iconic. With their attempt to make an homage to adventure comics of the 1930's they created their own legend.

It's funny, exiting, thrilling and romantic. What more can you ask for?
Another great 80s classic
I love the Star wars films they are amazing they have great sound tracks and great characters too. I also found out that Harrison Ford who also plays Han Solo in the Star Wars, also plays Indiana Jones as well at first I thought this was not going to be good as star wars but I was wrong I really enjoyed this film I know its not as good as Star wars but its wroth watching for all ages Harrison Ford does amazing job playing Indiana Jones as what he did as Han solo in the Star wars The theme song is catchy and beautiful which really suits the main character

Overall another great 80s classic and a masterpiece as well wroth watching 10/10
Most people give this movie a 10 out of 10 because they don't consider the movie but rather how happy they were to discover it as a child but now, in 2005, it has become obviously outdated, the script is quite bad and the acting is even worse. Harrisson Ford obviously should have worked his acting better, which he happily did since that movie. I am sorry I cannot just keep on lying about this movie: this is for your kids but in now way should it be put among masterpieces. IMDb is a web site about movies, not about cult and self-proclaimed nerds or geeks. You have to determine how good is a movie according to artistical criteria, neither to your gregarious instinct nor to your "attitude".
High Adventure With Indiana.
Harrison Ford makes his first appearance as Indiana Jones in this exciting, highly entertaining globe-trotting adventure, which finds archaeologist and college professor Jones pursuing Nazis who are searching for the Ark of the Covenant, with which they hope to use its mystical powers to help them conquer the world in Pre-World War II[1936] days.

Harrison Ford became a huge star in his own right(not just as Han Solo) and is highly appealing and capable, really making Indiana come to life in this fantastic story, helped by a fine cast featuring Karen Allen, John Rhys Davies, and Denholm Elliot. Steven Spielberg directs in a breathless and inspired way, and this film is great fun(just don't ponder its credibility too closely...)
The pinnacle of what you want out of a summer blockbuster, the Lost Ark has everything you're looking for in an adventure romp: action, suspense, daring stunts, comedy, romance, witty dialogue. This movie hits all the check marks and leaves the viewer feeling cinematically sated. The pacing is perfect and there's very very very rarely a dull moment to be had as Indie and company globetrot their way to an unforgettable climax.

Some have criticized the movie for its ending, our hero doesn't save the day but instead stands tied up as we watch the Nazis become responsible for their own undoing. I see this as more of a pro than a con. This isn't the only IJ movie where the villain's thirst for power has been their downfall. I think it's meant to teach us that we need to be careful with our lusts for wealth, fame, and power. Stay humble y'all.
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