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Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators
Thriller, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Griff Furst
Ritchie Montgomery as Lucien Doucette
Matt Standley as Director
Amy Brassette as Candy Doucette
Isaiah LaBorde as Curly Doucette
Thomas Francis Murphy as Wade Robichaud
Danny Cosmo as Swamper
Jimmy Lee Jr. as Jonas
Han Soto as Buyer
John Chriss as Dathan
Jordan Hinson as Avery
Shanna Forrestall as Deputy Darla Doucette
Nicoye Banks as Sheriff Landry
Storyline: When a young woman comes home from college to her redneck family, a mutated new entry to the alligator family starts attacking her kin and the rivaling family in their bayou. They must overcome their feuds and fight together against the rednecked gators.
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Weirdly Captivating
I found this pretty average sy-fy/horror weirdly captivating and unlike some quite comical in parts.

The alligators mostly didn't look particularly realistic to me though. The original premise of chucking toxic blue moonshine into the river and that creating mutant alligators was promising, also had a synchronising with the blue meth in Breaking Bad for me. Then, when that went on to alligator bites turning humans into alligators it foreshadowed Christopher Berry going on to make an iconic appearance in The Walking Dead.

Highlight for me was the much underrated Christopher Berry (The Walking Dead & Free State of Jones) looking particularly cute, until he turned gator. I know I shouldn't have, but I howled with laughter when he threw the dog into the gator's mouth.

I have watched this film 3 times now and it just gets better and better, hence I have revised my rating and my review accordingly. I honestly believe this will eventually become a cult classic.
Crazy title, generic movie
Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators is quite the title, but considering it's from the SyFy Channel you should know what you are getting yourself into. This movie involves alligators, cajuns, and rednecks that are probably ragin. Like most SyFy movies, it has a plot that involves killer animals killing random people and it doesn't differentiate from all the other movies.

Good: The main actress is really attractive. There's that.

Bad: The movie just follows the same generic plot line you've seen in other killer gator movies with this time it is going for a Romeo and Juliet style story with two redneck families feuding and the two kids from the families falling in love. It tries to balance a campy tone and some seriousness, but it ends up being dull.

Overall, it is just an average SyFy movie. No more no less, but its just not fun.
About As Fun As a SyFy Film Can Get
Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators (2013)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Not only does this film have one of the greatest titles in the history of cinema, it also manages to be one of the most entertaining movies to appear on SyFy. The story is pretty simple as a girl (Jordan Hinson) returns home to see that her family is still feuding with their neighbors and worst of all is that these neighbors have been dumping bad moonshine into the swamps, which has created large, redneck gators. Once again I find myself reviewing a SyFy movie and wondering why so many people go into a movie called RAGIN CAJUN REDNECK GATORS and are expecting some sort of quality material. Again, if you're wanting CITIZEN KANE then don't watch a film called RAGIN CAJUN REDNECK GATORS. It should go without saying but this is a pretty bad little movie but thankfully there's enough camp to make it quite entertaining. I think the best thing going for this are the horrendous CGI alligators, which are among some of the worst things you're ever going to see but thankfully they're funny, which adds to the entertainment. The scenes of the gators attacking are so poorly done and the blood so fake looking that it's impossible to take these scenes serious, which is another good thing. The performances are quite mixed at best but I thought Hinson was good enough in the lead. The film manages to have quite a few funny moments, which is about all you can hope for when watching something like this. The direction is pretty good throughout since he does manage to keep things moving at a nice pace, which, again, is about as much as you can hope for in a film like this. With that said, this is still a "C" level horror movie that aired on SyFy so obviously the material is very thin, runs out of gas before the conclusion but it's a creature feature that has enough entertaining moments.
worth it for the laughs
If you want a serious movie don't watch this one. If you want fun and entertainment without having to do too much thinking this one is for you. One of the better SyFy B-flicks I've seen in a while and I love me some SyFy B-flicks. Yes its campy and the effects could of been better but there is worse out there. If you're a Lake Placid fan (the SyFy ones not part 1) then this is definitely worth watching. Bonus is that Jordan Hinson from Eureka (Zoe) is in it which makes it worth watching. The acting isn't too terrible and the story could use a little more omph. But the premise for the movie is original and comedic. Not a lot of gore which is good if you're not into buckets and buckets of blood and guts. One of the better monster/animal horror movies that SyFy has put out. Better than Piranahconda and Sharktopus.
Eating Alligators
Pouring rank blue chemicals in a Louisiana swamp somehow causes the alligator population to morph into monstrous creatures with werewolfish vampirisms. They have cool spikes in their tails, which are used to immobilize victims before the kill. Like the title reveals, they have red necks. The local redneck population consists mostly of two extended families, who feud like the Hatfields and the McCoys. They also drink, hunt and eat like slobs. Our heroine is leggy Jordan Hinson (as Avery Doucette). She left the area to attend college and avoid becoming another of the "in-bred bottom feeders" noted in the script...

While away at school, Ms. Avery gave up her gun-toting ways (she's a sure-shot, naturally) and became an animal-loving vegan. Her refusal to hunt alligators will come and go, depending upon the situation. Of course, she's carrying on a romance with the rival family's most eligibly muscular member, John Chriss (as Dathan Robichaud). Several in the supporting cast, led by spitting Christopher Berry (as Bud), have fun. Gold-toothed Ritchie Montgomery (as Lucien Doucette) and oddly-accented Thomas Francis Murphy (as Wade Robichaud) are the hammy family patriarchs. Over the top Amy Brassette (as Candy) has a blast.

**** Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators (9/5/13) G.E. Furst ~ Jordan Hinson, John Chriss, Christopher Berry, Ritchie Montgomery
Not good
I read GL84's nine star review and he is an idiot. This is another stupid Syfy movie. First how can bad moonshine mutate gators and not other species? Then there is the Romeo and Juliet aspect between two feuding families. One guy is in love with the daughter of the other side. The mutated creatures can whip some kind of killer stuff with their tails plus have some red coloration that I guess is suppose to come from the moonshine. Hence the redneck gator part of the title, I guess. This moonshine of course comes from one to the two feuding families. Now the two feuding maybe lovers go looking for the problem and gee they find it. My isn't it amazing that their boat manages to start when they need to rescue some family? Lucien's wife is a real piece of work. I did love the plan of distraction the guy had when he threw the mutt to the gator. While not PC it was really funny. The Gator Whisperer is another idiot but gets his. Unfortunately his entire crew gets hammered before that happens. Of course the bites are toxic and here it gets Syfy stupid. It turns out the bit turns the bitee into gator clones and everything gets even more stupid from there. I was glad to see a black man as the sheriff and he didn't die first. This is just a stupid unbelievable plot.
Cajuns fight gators mutated by bad moonshine in another unlikely SyFy original.
Cajun accents? They come, they go, they are never very good.

Avery comes back to the swamp, to her family, after four years in college. She's a vegan now, which gives an extra layer of problems dealing with a hunting, carnivorous culture.

Pluses: the gators have red necks and spiked tails.

Minuses: bad banjo playing, bad accents, Avery's sudden, complete switch to 'kill them all' after she sees a giant gator kill someone she's known for years; more bad banjo playing; badly motivated clan feud, Doucette versus Robichaud; more blue tongues than were strictly needed.

So, bad moonshine dumped in the swamp water seems to be changing the gators. People who eat the gator meat or get deep wound from live gators change into gators.

After an early success against the gators, the two clans degenerate in to drunken stupidity again. The human-to-gator changes start.

Avery's father had a gold tooth; his gator form has a gold fang. Avery catches that, just before he pulls her out of the quicksand. The non-biological gold tooth changing shape makes about as much sense as the humans turning into gators, or the moonshine doing the first conversion.

One minute Avery is dead set against killing gators since they are probably her family. The next minute, she's killing three of them by blowing up a gas tank.

In the end, about all the remaining Doucettes are gators, while the Robichauds are out to kill them. Avery tries to protect her father-turned-gator, but that is not to be.

Cinematography: 10/10 Sharp.

Sound: 10/10 Fine.

Acting: 2/10 Mostly bad. Lines delivered badly, accents out of kilter. Candy was a hoot.

Screenplay: 4/10 There's a story to tell, and it moves from beginning to middle to end. The gaffes mentioned above are hard to forget, however.
Swamps, feuding rednecks, Jordan Hinson, bad moonshine, mutated gators and were-gators
RELEASED TO TV IN 2013 and directed by Griff Furst, "Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators" (aka "Alligator Alley") takes place in the Louisiana bayous when Avery (Jordan Hinson) returns from college (indoctrinated by liberalism, of course) to her redneck homestead where her kin are still feuding with a neighboring family. While she secretly dates the handsome son of the enemy (John Chriss), literal red-necked gators attack, mutated by bad moonshine that was poured into the swamp. But something even worse starts happening.

The title keys off that this is a campy, silly monster movie and not to be taken seriously, although there's some semi-serious dramatics and horrifics. Anyone wanting solemn horror should go to the Exit now. Jordan Hinson as the protagonist is a major attraction as she's winsome and all-around easy on the eyes. There's a little bit of "The Alligator People" (1959) thrown in to keep things interesting. Bottom Line: It's not great, but it's mildly entertaining as an amusing creature feature. Just remember: If the rednecks don't get ya... the gators will.

THE MOVIE RUNS 88 minutes and was shot in St. Amant & Baton Rouge, Louisiana. WRITERS: Keith Allan, Rafael Jordan & Delondra Williams.

A movie this bad can't be a mistake...I'm going to assume that Syfy is doing this on purpose. If you thought "Ghost Shark" was scraping the bottom of the barrel, you obviously haven't seen this one. Other reviewers have covered the story line, so I won't repeat it all here. Just be warned that if you're a Louisiana Cajun, you'll be disgusted by the bad accents and EVERYONE will be disgusted by the "redneck" stereotypes including an inbred banjo player who thankfully gets eaten early in the movie. Believe it or not, there are one or two bright spots. The Candy Doucette character was great and I died laughing when her little dog got tossed into a gater's mouth as a diversion! The gater CGI was pretty good (by Syfy standards). There are lessons to be learned from this movie...stay away from bad moonshine!
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