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Police Story: Lockdown
Hong Kong, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Sheng Ding
Jackie Chan as Zhong Wen
Fu Hai as Tao Zi
Zou Yizheng as Worker
Peiqi Liu as Chief Zhang
Hailong Liu as Pi Song (as Liu Hailong)
Zha Ka as Bin Ge
Xiaoou Zhou as Wei Xiao Fu (as Zhou Xiao'ou)
Tao Yin as Lan Lan
Wei Na as Na Na
Tian Jing as Miao Miao
Lu Cai as A Kun
Yiwei Liu as General Manager Niu
Rongguang Yu as Captain Wu
Ye Liu as Wu Jiang
Storyline: A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
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One trapped cop, and a whole bunch of criminals...
I happened to come across "Police Story: Lockdown" (aka "Ging Chat Goo Si") by sheer random luck while searching for Asian movies on Amazon. And being a fan of Jackie Chan, then it was instantly purchased, of course.

I must admit that this is one of Jackie Chan's more mature and serious movies in a while. There are some like this is seriousness, but it is still quite nice to see Jackie Chan step up and perform in a serious movie such as this.

The story is a fairly generic police vs. bad guys kind, in terms of it being a group of criminals having fortified themselves inside a bar and having taking bar patrons hostage. And it is up to the police to gain entry and save the hostages without casualties. But there is a twist to the story, but I will not give any spoilers. And it was also a nice way that director Ding Sheng had opted to go in terms of how more and more bits of information was revealed to the audience. It was a good way to lure people in and keep your attention focused and determined.

Unlike most other Jackie Chan movies, then there is not the usual slapstick action comedy in "Police Story: Lockdown", so if you sit down to watch this movie hoping for it to be a usual Jackie Chan movie, then you will be disappointed. There is but a bit of humor to this movie, and it is subtle and well-used in the movie.

Jackie Chan performs well in a serious role, and he does so with his usual grace and charisma. And the action sequences are performed with Jackie Chans usual delivery of excellence, grace and unique style.

The title "Police Story: Lockdown", seems somewhat of a cash-in on the previous successful "Police Story" movies, because it is totally different police characters that Jackie Chan portrays. But still, it is wholesome entertaining.

This is a good movie if you enjoy police action dramas, and it doesn't really matter if you are a fan of Jackie Chan or not to enjoy this movie. I am rating it seven out of ten stars.
I expected much better
I like Jacki Chan Movies but I don not Know why he not produce it in Hollywood.

I've watched all police story and this one is worst. the events very slow, direction and the story bad and silly. the only advantage of this movie, Jacki Chan name in the beginning.

MANY MISTAKES in the directing and there is no realistic on it. there is some funny shots but not reach the desired expecting. fighting and action of the movie generally not bad but some times be a stall and u will dislike and bored..

I like Jacki act and how he acts in his face and u fell his emotion
Amazing film!
I love this movie because it has some great action scenes but the movie is not really oriented on that. It shows more of Jackie's dramatic side and he pulls of the role amazingly in this film. Unlike Jackie's earlier films which are lighter in tone, this one is much more dark. This and Shinjuku Incident are almost the same in terms of seriousness. I really recommended this film to Jackie Chan fans or fans of Action, Thriller, or Drama genre. To clear things up for folks this film is not related to the previous 5 Police Story movies, it is a separate film and should be treated as such. Overall this is an excellent movie, two thumbs up from me!
Great Police Story!
Another police story!

I was all curious about Jackie's movies as i love him so much! I was looking for the humor side of Jackie Chan,but i couldn't find one. This is not the same as the previous police story. this movie is too serious, yet still has a good plot. At first i was confuse about the story. But as the times by,i got what the story about and in love with the movie.I like the twisted in the ending and in love especially the ending when Zhong proved that he loved his daughter so much that he would die for her. I was crying and touched. In the end you know he is a good father and a good policeman.Great police story :)
Lmao MMA Jackie Chan
My god this series has gone in a different direction from what it started at.

It's never a bad thing to say that but it shows that what the demands on people have in today's age. Everything has to be super dark, gritty and close quarters.

And that's what exactly what you get with these film! There is no more zanny one dude vs 30 people at a time anymore. What is is now is one on one, and the fights are serious and rough. Seriously the second fight could be in the MMA.

Jackie's age does has to be addressed, but it's like when we ask old wrestlers to come out of retirement and do one more match, they get old!

I'm proud that jackie is still kicking but the lack of stunts in this movie shows.

As far as for the low rating it's merely not on jackie's part, he does a great performance its just the story is really boring, same old cop story that we get a million times.

Watch if you want to complete the series, don't if your looking for a crazy kung fu film, you will be disappointed.
Full Metal Jackie
Police Story (1985) marked the start of Jackie Chan's adventures as Captain Zhong Wen and the many other names his character has gone by. Now in the 2010's Chan is back in a one-man-versus-gang hostage situation in Police Story: Lockdown.

The films plot and story is intriguing, a Die Hard hostage movie with a touch of mystery as the film keeps you guessing as to what the villain, Wu Jiang's motive is. The mystery of the motive and enigma's of the film are interesting enough to keep you watching but the reveals and answers to those enigmas aren't delivered as well. It's not that the resolve is bad its just a tad confusing, but maybe if you have seen and remember the past films of this series, or you are fast enough to read all of the subtitles, you may understand everything that happens in the end. My confusion was that everyone in the film seemed to know more than I did and so I think I probably got lost in translation with this one.

Jackie Chan is great in this film. Hong Kong's best known actor plays a gritty and at times emotional character. Chan brilliantly breaks away from the happy and smiley Jackie Chan role he has been some what type cast as. As well as delivering a serious performance, the 62 year old still impresses as he is able to perform the stunts you expect. Jackie shows no sign of slowing down.

Speaking of stunts, there aren't that many in this film. Those expecting a 2 hour martial arts fight sequence where Jackie Chan runs, jumps and fights to the death will be disappointed. Don't get me wrong there are fight scenes in this film and they get quite brutal at times, such as the cage fight. My point being that this is a Chinese, mystery, thriller with a lot of talking, so if you enjoy watching mysteries unfold and reading subtitles (if you don't understand Manderin) then this film is for you.

Which brings me to an issue of mine, the subtitles come and go far too quickly. This may just be me being rusty at my subtitle reading as its been a while since I've seen a foreign language film, but there are times where the subtitles appear and suddenly disappear again almost in a blink of an eye. This is especially noticeable in back and forth short bursts of dialogue between characters but I understand the subtitles have to translate what is being said at the exact moment, but nevertheless you do need to be on you toes with this one.

Overall Police Story: Lockdown is an average hostage movie with a great performance from Jackie Chan. Its a film for fans of Chinese cinema, mysteries and of course, Jackie Chan. If you are a fan of the Police Story series then I am sure you will enjoy this grittier instalment to the Action Comedy saga. But for me, I'm waiting on Rush Hour 4.
Amazing Film! (Except For The Editing)
This movie was great! Bottom line it is nothing groundbreaking but it kept me entertained the whole way through! I'll start with the positive first! The story I thought was great, the characters were awesome, the setting was awesome, action was awesome (although its nothing as crazy what were used to from Chan for the type of film the fight scenes are very well suited) and best of all I thought Jackie did an amazing job at being serious and exploring different areas.

the only things that were negative about it was surprisingly THE EDITING.

The editor tried way to hard to make it fast and crazy (this was only for the action scenes, most notably in the car chase scenes), but the truth is, it is just way to damn fast, the cuts are incredibly fast and also you can notice tons of jump cuts (look that up if you don't know what that is) which as many filmmakers know is a no no, on top of that too I love the fact that things happened throughout the film that trick you and it turns out its just an alternate scenario, but there are some pretty cheesy editing going on here sometimes for example when they freeze the frame (to me this felt extremely amateurish.

My final conclusion I cannot stress enough how much the editing bothered me, and about 10 percent of the special effects shown. I am literally serious but if the editing was great then this would be an easy 10/10 for me, there honestly isn't anything at all I didn't like about it other than the editing overall.
Not a typical jackie chan movie
If you are looking forward for a jackie chan movie where the fights are pretty much dynamic, don't bother watching this one. The rest of the movies in the series were that good, which compelled me to watch this . There is not even a good fight sequence in the movie. The story goes like as in a drama without any life. I was so disappointed to see such a movie in theatres to be honest.

Maybe jackie chan should really retire, he cant even move with pace, he is too old for that. The plot looks like it has been taken from some old block busters like die-hard. Like the last police story, this one is kind of a serious movie, but that was pretty awesome compared to this.

They couldn't bring up a good impact with the story ( or whatever) they were working on .
Mixed bag results in Jackie's hostage thriller
POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN is a mixed bag of a movie for Jackie Chan fans. He gets a lot of screen time here and has a chance to act rather than fight for most of it, but the film itself is quite messy in places and doesn't really convince in its depiction of a hostage scenario. It's never quite suspenseful or exciting enough to succeed.

The setting is an elaborate multi-storey bar in which bad guy Liu Ye, from CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, and his handful of goons are located. They take Chan and various others hostage for reasons which are made apparent via some cheesy and slightly unbelievable flashbacks. It all feels rather melodramatic when it comes out, however the worst thing about this production is the direction.

My heart sank when I realised this film was from mainland China rather than Hong Kong, as China doesn't have the best movie-making record in recent years. Thankfully the bad CGI is kept to a minimum here but the direction is quite awful and the director's refusal to hold a shot more than a few seconds is more likely to provoke a headache than excitement. The cameraman feels more like a hyperactive child than anything else. Sheng Ding's previous film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER was more impressive than this.

It's also worth noting that this film has no connection to Jackie's previous POLICE STORY movies, all of which are considerably more interesting, well-made, and entertaining. The only connection is that Rongguang Yu is back from NEW POLICE STORY although he and Jackie play different albeit similar characters. Jackie has a family in this one. The action is limited and Jackie is unforgivably doubled for some of the fights, and even worse some of it is shoehorned into the story for no reason (an early fight and car chase are included in flashbacks that turn out to have no relation to the main story). On the plus side, it does have a very fast pace to take your mind off all the problems with the story, and it's fitfully entertaining, just a far cry from the fantastic films that Jackie used to make. He really spoiled us with those.
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