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Police Story: Lockdown
Hong Kong, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Sheng Ding
Jackie Chan as Zhong Wen
Fu Hai as Tao Zi
Zou Yizheng as Worker
Peiqi Liu as Chief Zhang
Hailong Liu as Pi Song (as Liu Hailong)
Zha Ka as Bin Ge
Xiaoou Zhou as Wei Xiao Fu (as Zhou Xiao'ou)
Tao Yin as Lan Lan
Wei Na as Na Na
Tian Jing as Miao Miao
Lu Cai as A Kun
Yiwei Liu as General Manager Niu
Rongguang Yu as Captain Wu
Ye Liu as Wu Jiang
Storyline: A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
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Hardcore heroics...
For decades, many of us have lived vicariously through Jackie Chan: we held our breath when he plummeted from the top of a skyscraper or leapt from a rooftop to the fire escape of another building without a net or dropped from a helicopter onto a hot air balloon or any of a hundred other death-defying deeds... but Father Time catches up to us all, no matter how far (or often) we fall. While he's still spry (and, when he chooses, able to fly), Chan has AGED and it's understandable if he has chosen to forego the kind of over-the-top action-oriented melodramatics that marked his younger years. It was a wise choice: POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN showcases Chan's acting chops (he's as adept at Drama as he is at Action) and I' for one, can't wait to see what he does next.
Wasted potential... could've gotten a Fincher treatment, instead backs out
Starting good, the pros: good writing, good acting, good direction, good character, good action. There is nothing really wrong with this movie(except for a few times where the shaky cam is just too much).

However, it could've turn into an exceptionally amazing film, but the director/writer/producers/studios played safe on the ending. All this movie, the dark, gritty tone and the characters, builds up to the final showdown(gunshot on the train-track). It made me feel the same feeling(kudos to the director and writer) as I did with Se7en's showdown: the moral conflict within the character. Could've gone Se7en's route and leave an emotional impact on the viewer by killing off Chan's character, but they instead backs away, and instead gave us a minor fight and a happy ending.

What a wasted opportunity.
Jackie is getting too old for this...
Police Story 2013 follows Jackie's character in a Die Hard scenario. A bunch of cage fighting criminals have taken hostages in a fortified building, one of them is JC's daughter and he must find a way to save them all by himself.

The premise itself is pretty interesting but the execution is sloppy. The movie takes forever to begin and spends way too much time on introducing unimportant characters instead of building on Jackie's relationship with his daughter. Then it relies on flashbacks which seems at first as an interesting plot device until you realize that they're there just for show and don't contribute to the plot itself. When finally we discover what the bad guys were after, it seems highly unlikely and ridiculous.

Low production values and lack of action turn this movie into more of a drama, but with Jackie being the only credible actor the result is cringeworthy. This movie, just like last year's CZ 2013 are a sad reminder that Jackie has aged, long gone are the days of crazy stunts and wild fights. Jackie's fights are short, over edited, CGI'd and even it's apparent that he uses stunt doubles. I know that he's not young anymore, but it's apparent that he's still in great shape and could've done a lot more if the crew knew what to do with him.

Overall, an interesting premise that is ruined by a lack of direction and relying too much on cheap tricks as flashbacks, CGI, Slo-Mo and fast cutting. Watch this only if you're a big fan of JC.
I used to be a huge Jackie Chan fan.
'POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A reboot to the popular Chinese action flick series 'POLICE STORY', starring Jackie Chan. In this film, also known as 'POLICE STORY 2013' in China (where it was released two years ago), Chan plays a mainland Chinese police officer (rather than a Hong Kong one); who's trying to protect his rebellious daughter, from a hostage situation at a local bar. The movie was directed and written by Ding Sheng and it costars Liu Ye and Jing Tian. The film is quite a bit darker, and more melodramatic, than other 'POLICE STORY' movies; and for that reason (among others) I didn't enjoy it as much.

Detective Zhong Wen (Chan) is a veteran mainland Chinese detective, who's visiting his daughter, Miao Miao (Tian), at a popular nightclub. Wen is angered to learn that Miao Miao, who hates him, is dating the owner of the bar, Wu Jiang (Ye). After a heated argument, Wen is also troubled to discover that the club has been taken over by terrorists; he's knocked out and held hostage as well. Wen also soon learns that he's part of the criminals' revenge plot. Things become more complicated from there, as Wen desperately tries to save his daughter.

I used to be a huge Jackie Chan fan, when I was younger; I've since grown a little tired of the lack of diversity, and originality, in a lot of his films (I also really don't like him as a person, anymore, or his politics). The first three 'POLICE STORY' movies were some of my favorite martial arts action flicks though, and this installment definitely doesn't do them justice. The action scenes are OK, and Chan does give a good performance in it, but the serious dramatic tone definitely doesn't help the film out; it usually makes it seem a lot more cheesy. I was willing to give the movie a chance, despite my recent disgust for Chan (due to his personal views), but the film is definitely a disappointment; for fans of the series or Chan.

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some kind of little bad production
I watch this movie because of Jackie Chan, I and a lot of people from all around the world love him, we have watch a lot of movie with him. But... I don't know man... looks like something wrong with this movie, firstly what annoying me the most is the background music, that music effect! Its so loud and so off! Sometimes its not suitable with the situation, too exaggerated! This movie can be better if they change the music effect, why they never notice this obvious stuff? I don't know man, then the script is really.... not so bad but just weird. I never felt asleep while I'm watching any Jackie's movie and this is my first time! I never really sleep but I'm trying to not fall asleep because I'm still hope something good will appear from this movie, and yes! They fulfilled my wish, the story and the sound getting better till the end and makes me wonder if they are some high school production who just learn some skill little by little, they never notice this "little" thing in their post-production process, I don't know man. What can I say is for the first 1 hour this story is so bad but getting better in the last 1 hour. Weird isn't it? Oh, I want to sleep right now. If you love Jackie you might love this but just don't expect too much from this some kind of little bad production. Just be patient like me.
Not a typical jackie chan movie
If you are looking forward for a jackie chan movie where the fights are pretty much dynamic, don't bother watching this one. The rest of the movies in the series were that good, which compelled me to watch this . There is not even a good fight sequence in the movie. The story goes like as in a drama without any life. I was so disappointed to see such a movie in theatres to be honest.

Maybe jackie chan should really retire, he cant even move with pace, he is too old for that. The plot looks like it has been taken from some old block busters like die-hard. Like the last police story, this one is kind of a serious movie, but that was pretty awesome compared to this.

They couldn't bring up a good impact with the story ( or whatever) they were working on .
A Poor Imitation of The Raid
Police Story is Jackie Chan's second biggest franchise next to Rush Hour. The first entry in the series is one of his finest films ever; one that helped define his entire career. It's only natural a new Police Story movie would be released in 2013 to capitalize on the series' fame, even at the expense of everything that made the other movies so entertaining. Though to say that is to generalize too much about a franchise that has so many tones it's hard to pinpoint the one that truly defines it.

Police Story Lockdown finds our hero reuniting with a daughter who has grown quite distant from him. She's dating the owner of a ridiculous nightclub, has tattoos, and wears her hair in a punk style. Jackie's character is, of course, a police officer. Seeing his daughter in such a state makes him rather angry, though those feelings quickly change when he learns the entire situation is a setup for a hostage situation. A case in Jackie's past is connected to the owner of the club and he's used the officer's daughter as elaborate bait.

Suspension of disbelief is usually a must in a Jackie Chan movie. He's not known for well-written scripts or unique plots. The idea that a guy opens a club, stalks a guys daughter, and then exacts revenge is a little out there. And on top of that, the layout of the club is so ridiculous. It apparently used to be a factory of some sort, meaning the only reason it looks the way it does is for visual appeal and the thought that it would work as a great action set piece.

I could attempt to suspend disbelief if that was true. But instead the action of the first half of the film is lame and underutilizes Jackie's unique style and humor. It's too gritty for being so stupid and when there are hand-to-hand fights, the level of brutality isn't there. Which means that the edgier tone isn't justified. In a martial arts movie, if you want to be dark and edgy, you need to be brutal and violent. Holding back on that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

I liken the main idea of this movie to The Raid, which I assume was the inspiration. And I believe the mood was meant to emulate the inspiration. But, I can safely say, Lockdown is nowhere close to as good as The Raid.

As the film went on I grew more and more bored, realizing that this supposed "action" film was rather light on the action. Even the final battle felt rushed, lame, and underwhelming. It, truthfully, doesn't ever feel like a Jackie Chan movie. There's no humor, no outstanding action…about the only way you can tell its a Jackie Chan film is the outtake reel during the credits.

None of these things are Jackie's fault though. As he grows older, he's going into more mature roles and, of course, can't do all the stunts and action he used to. He's still damn impressive though. One of the failings of the action sequences comes not from the choreography or lack of intensity, it comes down to the editing and directing. The editing of this movie is awful and spastic. It's that modern summer movie style that takes you out of the action by relying too much on camera movement and changing angles every five seconds to keep the viewer visually occupied. Something I always enjoyed about Chan's movies was that the editing during the fights allowed you to see the hits and reactions.When editing so haphazardly the intensity of the violence is quelled and we're instead treated to questioning what the hell we're watching. There's a "dream" sequence at one point where SWAT breaks in and everyone is shooting at each other. It is put together so slipshod that I couldn't tell what the hell was going on. And that sums up the entirety of the film sadly.

So in the grand scheme of things do I feel like this is a movie worth sinking your teeth into? Not at all. This is a poor attempt at a cop movie, a martial arts movie…just a movie in general. There's really no redeeming factor to it aside from the club set looking neat (though its underused). Not even Jackie Chan fans will find this a palatable watch; leaving me with the sad decision to give Police Story Lockdown a measly one and a half stars.
Great Police Story!
Another police story!

I was all curious about Jackie's movies as i love him so much! I was looking for the humor side of Jackie Chan,but i couldn't find one. This is not the same as the previous police story. this movie is too serious, yet still has a good plot. At first i was confuse about the story. But as the times by,i got what the story about and in love with the movie.I like the twisted in the ending and in love especially the ending when Zhong proved that he loved his daughter so much that he would die for her. I was crying and touched. In the end you know he is a good father and a good policeman.Great police story :)
A Jackie Chan movie, NOT Police Story sequel
This is another Jackie Chan movie featuring himself, nothing less, nothing more. To call this is a Police Story sequel is a big stretch, it practically have nothing to do with the first 2( or 3 including supercop but supercop was a Michelle Yeoh movie).

The movie itself is alright, thriller elements, fight between Jackie and the Thai(?) guy, Tian Jing who's everywhere now in martial art movies, these are pretty much like a standard in any martial art movies now.

What's wrong with the movie is that, one, Jackie isn't Chan kai ku, that doesn't make sense, 2, the directing.. Police Story was used to be fast paced, self serious ( which this movie is also the case), and insane stunt choreography, it's really the slow pace in this movie that's unsettling me as the first 2 movies fans, it's used to be a HK flick when the people in it are so hyper speed that make their movies also speak that fast tongue language, that's what was unique about HK flicks but now all Chinese movies are just a bunch of Hollywood wannabes.

In general, I wouldn't pay money to see this Jackie Chan movie that's my afterthought after watching it.
We're already hoping there's gonna be a Police Story 2014!!! Jackie Chan proves why he's still the best! Read on for more!!!
Jackie Chan is back in what I would consider his best serious role to date.

New Police Story (2004) was a disappointment for many. It did not feature the same character nor have any continuity to the previous Police Story movies and left people wondering why it even carried the Police Story name. In hindsight, however, I think it wasn't actually that bad. It's on TV fairly frequently over here in Singapore and regardless of how many times I've seen it, I still find myself watching it to the end. Of course it pales in comparison to the gold standard set by the first 2 Police Story movies, but those 2 classics put most action movies to shame. But what New Police Story does deserve credit for is that it set the ground and expectations for subsequent Police Story movies. I went into Police Story 2013 not expecting Police Story 1 or 2 but something darker, grittier and more serious and that's exactly what I got.

Jackie has been hit and miss with his serious roles. Shinjuku Incident was just not that good a movie and although Little Big Soldier was good, it was not here nor there in terms of its dramatic tone – it still felt part serious and part comedy but never really embraced either genre completely. Police Story 2013, from Ding Sheng, the director of Little Big Soldier, hits the proverbial nail on the head and destroys it! This movie is badass!!

The movie starts with Jackie, a decorated police veteran, on his way to meet his estranged daughter in a nightclub in China (that's right – not Hong Kong). Ever since the loss of his wife, things have clearly been turbulent between the pair and his daughter (Tian Jing) appears to have become quite rebellious against the father she felt was never there for her.

Things take a quick and unexpected turn for the worst when the nightclub is locked down and Jackie, as well as other patrons in the club, are taken hostage.

Henceforth, the movie turns into a gritty cop thriller as we join Jackie in his efforts to try and figure out who the bad guys are and what their motives are. The plot is twisted and turned and intertwined, making for some pretty good and dramatic cinema. This is definitely not the Police Story we have come to know and love. It is, however, a darn good story about police.

Those expecting Jackie's trademark brand of ultra fast perfectly choreographed fighting will be left disappointed. This is definitely not a kung fu / martial arts movie. There are only a handful of fights and they are kept very real and visceral. Jackie, possibly for the first time in ages, looks like he can do serious damage. A cage fight in particular is very brutal but fits the tone of the movie perfectly.

Remember, first and foremost this is a cop thriller and it's a tense one at that, especially as the story turns into a 'who done it' sort of detective movie.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. A great story, a fine thriller and characters we grow to really care about as the story unfolds. Sure it's not for everyone. If you're an action junkie or have traits of ADHD then you should probably look elsewhere. Also noted that replay value is probably not that great.

But those looking for a tense thriller to sink their teeth into, something that will keep you thinking and on the edge of your seat, then you need not look any further.

A great night at the movies and Jackie's best performance in a serious role to date! Highly recommended! Check it out!

Rating 8 out of 10

Jackie is back!

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