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Date of Birth:
22 February 1970
Known best for his intesity and emotional vulnerability, "as convincing in his long slow burns as in his explosions of anger" (Amy Taubin Village Voice), Michael Rodrick first caught audiences' attention with Tim McCann's independent feature Desolation Angels (1996), (Winner, International Critic's Prize, Toronto Film Festival). Michael played the leading role of Nick Adams, a character tortured with jealousy and rage by the date-rape of his girlfriend. Upon its limited theatrical release, the film was presented by directors Jonathan Demme and Barbet Schroeder. Rodrick followed that up with the lead role of Ryan in UnderHellgate Bridge(2001). As Ryan, a recovered heroin addict recently released from prison, Rodrick opposite Sopranos stars Dominick Chianese and Vincent Pastore, gave another strong performance as a character plagued by guilt, frustration, and an overwhelming need for redemption. UnderHellgate Bridge won numerous film festivals including the prestigious Regal Cinemas "Dreammaker Award". Released by CAVU Pictures in 17 theaters in the New York marketplace, UnderHellgate Bridge was picked up for domestic video release by Lions Gate Entertainment. Rodrick was born in Jersey City, NJ in 1970, one of four brothers. His father was a union carpentar who built the home they all lived in from a fire wrecked shell. His mother was a legal secretary. Rodrick began acting late in his junior year of high school. He auditioned for the prestigious NJ Governor's School of the Arts for Theatre and was one of twelve to make the cut for the entire state. He received a full scholarship to Catholic University's drama program, one of the oldest in the nation. In school, he would often work as a theatre carpentar on sets he would perform on later that evening. After amassing several regional theatre credits, and receiving his degree, Rodrick went back home to Jersey to pound pavement in New York City. As of late, Rodrick created the role of Cameron on NBC's Another World (1998). The character grew immensely popular with fans. He had a part in Tim McCann's Revolution #9 (2001) and Sidney Lumet handpicked him for his pilot episode of 100 Centre Street (2001). In the fall of 2002, Rodrick completed filming on Nowhere Man, also directed by Tim McCann, in which he plays the lead role of Conrad Kane. McCann believes "Rodrick has an immensely powerful screen presence, and his performance in the film is going to finally get him the attention he deserves. His role runs the gamut, from pathos to comedy, and he really pulls it all off well."
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