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Perfect: Android Rising
Drama, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Chris R. Notarile
Shawn Parr as Jake the Tracker
Pai Sen Wang as Drill Instructor
Sarah McAvoy as Dr. Cole
Emmanuel Brown as Cable Guy
Mark Hawk as General Krosier
Rick Zahn as General Arken
Nick Grock as Wyatt
Roberto Lombardi as Dr. Peter Hess
Andrew Roth as Lab Tech Jensen
Storyline: Sci-fi thriller. Set in the near future, LIA (the perfect killing machine) is sent into a war zone to eradicate the rebel threat. But when a sneak attack EMP blast shuts down her CPU, LIA is captured by the resistance and reprogrammed to think and feel.
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This is a terrible movie.
Wow. I don't get to see movies THIS bad very often.

There's a huge trend right now for horrible movies that are bad for the sake of bad. See "Sharknado", and it's like. And those movies are infinitely better than this thing.

Right from the start, the dialogue is usually not even audible over the background music or sound effects... or when the characters aren't near the camera. Clearly recorded directly on the camera rather than looped or using booms or anything. It's just as well, though, since the acting is terrible and dialogue is delivered terribly.

The SFX are... you know, just about anyone can do decent SFX at home now. These still fall short. Other than screen overlays, nothing looks decent. The fake CGI blood spatter is bad enough, but the cheap painted on non-CGI blood? There's no excuse for that. Karo syrup and food colouring works better.

Oh, and hand-to-hand fight sequences... please. At least pretend your punch is actually connecting.

Which brings me to the plot, and the point where I admit that I couldn't make it past 40 minutes into this thing. 40 minutes of bad audio, bad dialogue, bad acting, bad SFX and a plot that you pretty much feel that you've already seen hundreds of times. No thanks.

I posted this review despite not seeing the entire movie because I noticed there are some positive, highly rated reviews for this movie. And claims that they are fake. I don't think they're fake, I think they were posted by people who are happy to watch, and enjoy, horrible movies. People, there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to put up with movies like this! There are GOOD movies out there. Hell, there are bad movies out there that are still better than this. You guys are just encouraging the trend of below-mediocrity, and I for one would really appreciate it if you stopped.
I cant believe this movie exist
I have watched this movie for 15 long minutes. It is ridiculous.

I pray to the God that, nobody waste their precious 1 or 2 minute of time for this movie.

If I could I would give this movie a -10 rating for jerky camera, extreme close-up, inaudible dialogs, continuous bad music, real bad acting by every actor/actress up-to 15 minutes, really awful special effect (forget max, Maya, avid, final-cut etc. even a 12 year old kid with photo-shop cs2 or higher can make better Giff than that)

I don't think this movie will get better miraculously after the first 15 minutes. Thus I am not watching any more.

Please believe me, this movie is so bad, that, I am writing this review to discourage you from wasting your time. Life is very short; at least watch Harold and Kumar. They are not funny at all; but they try their best!!!
Perfect: Android Rising / Battledroid / Terminator Rising
***Minor Spoilers*** DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with this film in any way. I am a fan!

A scientist is hired by the government to create android fighting machines to combat rebel forces. When the android is to be destroyed, it goes on a killing spree.

Years later, the android project is again attempted by the same scientist who creates the android in the image of his dead wife. The rebels capture the android and reprogram it to think for itself and to have feelings.

This is one of Chris R. Notarile's best films. The cinematography, editing, effects and locations are so thought out and the storyline, while not unique, is a cohesive, different take on a familiar theme. All of this done on a very small $17,000 budget.

As for the acting, Notarile has managed to assemble the best of his troop of actors and they really deliver. Samantha Talbott plays LIA both in life and as an android flawlessly. Kasey Williams, Hector De La Rosa and Dana Jesberger shine in their roles as the leaders of the rebels, while Rick Zahn and Mark Hawk make their characters appropriately unlikeable. But it's Roberto Lombardi, as Dr. Peter Hess, who carries this film. He alternates between a mad scientist with a hatred for the rebels and a tortured man who mourns LIA. The scene where she dies is one of the best and Lombardi's emotional performance sets the stage for what comes next.

Don't believe the trolls, haters and self appointed expert cinephiles. See movies and make up your own mind.

1) Other than there being androids in this film, it is nothing like The Terminator.

2) There are no fake reviews. Mine and the other positive reviews are from fans. The other reviewer published his review.

3) Anyone who thinks their opinion should be regaled as fact has a serious ego problem.

You'll notice the bad reviews never give any specific examples. They just use their review as an excuse to insult people. How disrespectful and juvenile.
Terrible movie without being funny bad. Just bad bad.
This is just a tad better than the movies my kids used to make with our camcorder. Watched as far as I could because I wanted to see why this movie was so poorly rated. Now I know. First off, it appears to be filmed with one camera and not by a professional. If the plot was about some guy running around with a hand-held, fine. But it isn't. I'm an accountant and could write better dialogue and likely could act better as well. Oh and I suck at writing and acting. This is essentially what porn videos are like but without the porn part. I understand that people want to try to make movies. I'm sure it could be fun. But then trying to market it and selling to the public is an altogether different proposition. Anyone who bought this movie could just show a jury the first few minutes of the film and probably be awarded pain and suffering.
Ife seen better
on youtube, by amateurs, without a budget.

Actually to be fair, if you look at short scifi on youtube, you will have a very hard time to find something worse.

The Positives Reviews - well they should be charged with fraud. Hollywood needs some sort of jail for Directors and Producter doing things like this. This is not a Movie its a crime against the audience. When its a crime to downlaod Movies it should be making a thing like this.

Just read the other reviews, and no i didn't see it till the end - i think no one ever did.

Is the cutter still alive or did he hang himself during the cut?

But there's a lus side - the actresses are quiet pretty, other than that - well the only approbate words for this Movie would be banned by censorship on IMDb ...

If you cannot resists watch the trailer it should cure you

stay away from this movie - seriously it may fry your braincells
HELLSING'S HELLHOLE - PERFECT: Android Rising (Review)
As an avid fan of horror and action/sci-fi, if not a complete geek, I have to say that Chris R. Notarile is without a doubt a total lover of those genres as well.

PERFECT: Android Rising is the perfect example of his love for action/sci-fi. Upon watching this film, you could tell that there was a respect for films such as Universal Soldier, Robocop, The Terminator Franchise, & Class Of 1999 just to mention a few. The style of the film seems very futuristic, as intended, and the music in the film was completely what one would hope for in a film about androids.... unrelentingly kickass drone metal awesomeness.

The cast had some familiar faces from Notarile's other series, Krueger (the fan prequel series to A Nightmare On Elm Street) and a great supporting cast as well. The story was very well written and the effects were used brilliantly, not to mention were very good given the low budget that the film had.

Regardless of the budget for the film, it looks great. The first person shooter sequences seem almost out of a video game and gives that sense of yourself being in the android's shoes during combat, which I absolutely enjoy.....watching and being a part of the film always becomes that much more enjoyable, at least for me anyways.

I won't give away any spoilers because I think that a film truly needs to be seen to be enjoyed, not ruined by someone telling you about it. My Hellsing Review Rating for this film is 2 Devilhorns Up. Do yourself a favor and give it a watch.
I couldn't even get through the trailer
I'm open minded. So I thought I would watch the trailer for myself ...knowing of course that would be the best part of the movie. The trailer was so awful I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Not more than 10 seconds! Watch it yourself and decide. It's amazing how it could be so bad. Truly amazing. Unfortunately there are very few really great movies out there. But there are even fewer that are this bad! Congrats! Why have a rule for 10 lines of text for a review? I'm open minded. So I thought I would watch the trailer for myself ...knowing of course that would be the best part of the movie. The trailer was so awful I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Not more than 10 seconds! Watch it yourself and decide. It's amazing how it could be so bad. Truly amazing. Unfortunately there are very few really great movies out there. But there are even fewer that are this bad! Congrats!
Low budget film
I have no spoiler news, because I could not finish watching this movie. The frame work was awful.

It is definitely a low budget on screen type film to me. I don't understand why the camera has to be up in the faces of the actors.

I wish I could have finished watching it, because I love science fiction, but when the camera man and director of the movie don't pay attention, it makes for a terrible viewing experience. Deleted it!!!!

I have ran across several of these types of movies, which seems to be interesting, and would be a great movie if the camera man and the director and producer would try to make the film look a bit more professional.

Really disappointed I couldn't tolerate the screening.....
This is the perfect movie for you to watch... IF...
1. If you know nothing at all about movies.

2. If you think dumb movies are perfect for a movie night.

3. If you are part of the crew and have no shame.

4. If you lock yourself in a room with nothing else, but a copy of this bad movie.

5. If you believe in "favorable", fake reviews.

The acting is terrible, laughable, incoherent, ridiculous, with horrendous special effects, and guns probably bought in the dollar store.

...I think I made my point, this is a bad, dull attempt for a movie, inspired by "The Terminator". So without more "Ifs", I am signing off.

Since my review hurt the susceptibility of the guy that proclaims "Huge movie fan! Love indies as much as Hollywood!" well I do not want to get personal, I do not have anything to prove, If I am call a "troll" for giving an honest review , so let it be!

Anyway I felt like editing my review omitting the "ifs"... where to start.

6. Of course! ... whatever name to disguise this "Perfect: Android Rising / Battledroid / Terminator Rising " I agree: "it is nothing like "The Terminator"! that is impossible!, never the less, one of it's titles is: "Terminator Rising "

"Juvenile"? I'll take it as a compliment. Now let's go Back to the movie in question: this movie is so bad that makes "Eve of Destruction" (1991) a masterpiece, at the very least in that movie I had the pleasure of enjoying the acting of Gregory Hines.

Thankfully the other reviewer, gives the whole description of the movie, and to describe an "emotional performance" see "Alpha Dog" (2006) , "Just Another Love Story" (2007) , "The World According to Garp" (1982)...no? do you want cyborgs ? I have a good one!... The one where a cyborg melts itself in front of Sarah and John Connor!
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