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Pan's Labyrinth
USA, Spain, Mexico
Drama, Thriller, War, Mystery, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Guillermo del Toro
Ivana Baquero as Ofelia
Sergi López as Captain Vidal
Maribel Verdú as Mercedes
Doug Jones as Fauno
Ariadna Gil as Carmen Vidal
Álex Angulo as Doctor
Manolo Solo as Garcés
César Vea as Serrano
Ivan Massagué as El Tarta
Gonzalo Uriarte as Francés
Francisco Vidal as Sacerdote (as Paco Vidal)
Juanjo Cucalón as Alcalde
Storyline: In 1944 falangist Spain, a girl, fascinated with fairy-tales, is sent along with her pregnant mother to live with her new stepfather, a ruthless captain of the Spanish army. During the night, she meets a fairy who takes her to an old faun in the center of the labyrinth. He tells her she's a princess, but must prove her royalty by surviving three gruesome tasks. If she fails, she will never prove herself to be the the true princess and will never see her real father, the king, again.
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I think this is two fairy tales - one tells the story of the heroine's three tasks in Pan's labyrinth, and the other the fight between good communists and bad fascists. In the end the final task corresponds with the defeat of the fascists.

The production and acting are very good, the fantasy scenes are imaginative, and overall it's good to watch. The only violence I had problems with was the amputation scene - had to turn away. I had a problem with a couple of plot points- the heroine breaks the rules, which seems out of character for her + as a consequence Pan says the game's up, but then returns to give her another chance. The second bit does get resolved, but it bugged me.

The story's not really satisfying because it's a total fairy tale - no true insight for the audience. Plus it seems to me the heroine's completion of her fantasy tasks produces the kind of hierarchical system that the goodies have been fighting against in the other fairy tale. So that makes it politically naive.

I hadn't watched this before because it's subtitled + had a reputation for being weird. I wish it had been genuinely weird.
Pretentious waste of time
As i was looking for any great films i might have missed over the years i came across this.At first it seemed pretty good rated so i decided to watch it...

Big mistake.The whole 2 hours I was hoping it would cut it with the real world Spanish war drama crap and go to wonderland already.It was like watching Alice in Wonderland but without wonderland and with some twilight-esquire lets talk about our feelings crap.

Most over-rated movie I have ever come across.It's up there with New Moon as the most horrific movies I've ever watched.The flat ending smashed any hope i had of it being at least decent. Was hoping for some gruesome stuff coming out of the whole "open the portal" thing, i was really hoping the whole princess thing would be just a hoax.

This is NOT a fantasy film!Thats just the commercials in between the soap opera.
Marvelous movie in which a bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into a creepy but captivating fantasy world and finds a strange Pan
Set in the not so tranquil Spanish woodlands of aftermath Spanish Civil War , where a small band of anti-fascism rebels are hiding out. Ofelia's love of fairy tales is obvious from the beginning of The Pan's labyrinth . When a widow marries an authoritarian Francoist captain Vidal (Sergi Lopez), her daughter goes to a countryside mansion . This is where Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) and her pregnant mother (Ariadna Gil) have come to live, in the company of the violent , brutal Capitán , Ofelia's new stepfather and soon to be father of her half-brother. The captain and his troops must fight Republican guerrillas of the hills and woods, that Ofelia finds her release and distraction of the new world order and its warring factions and delves into the older, mysterious and enchanting world of fairies , faun's and giant frogs . Ofelia becomes friend of the servant Mercedes (magnificent Maribel Verdu), who is the sister of one of the rebels and actually is giving support to the bunch . Ofelia takes refuge in a labyrinth , she finds in the grounds of his home, and in reveries involving Pan (Doug Jones, it took five hours to get into The Pale Man costume , once he was in it, he had to look out the nose holes to see where he was going) , who set three tasks she must overcome to take place as princess of a magical kingdom and in order to obtain immortality according to the legend . Meantime , resistance fighters plot their strategies in the nearest forest battling fascist troops .

This is a gorgeous , charming , graphic and deadly fairy tale . An exceptional picture for its inventive visuals , imagination and fantasy ; inspired partly by Goya's ¨Black Paintings¨ , including fantastic sequences parallel the reality . Sensational acting by Sergi Lopez as a cruel , unforgiving and totalitarian idealist Capitán Vidal . Versatile Sergi steals the spectacle as the monstrously sadistic officer bringing real menace to what might have been an absurd caricature . Wonderful and imaginative visual effects by DDT and magnificent special effects by Reyes Abades . The faun's legs were not computer-generated , Guillermo del Toro created a special system in which the actor's legs puppeteer the faun's fake ones , the actor's legs were later digitally removed . Impressive production design by Eugenio Caballero and rousing set design by Pilar Revuelta . The ruined town seen during the opening sequence of the film is the old town of Belchite Zaragoza, in Aragón, which was also used by Terry Gilliam for ¨Adventures barón Munchausen¨, the town was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War and never rebuilt. Sensitive as well as imaginative musical score by Javier Navarrete . Colorful and evocative cinematography by Guillermo Navarro , Del Toro's usual .

The motion picture was splendidly directed by Guillermo del Toro who even gave up his entire salary , including back-end points, to see this film become realized . In 2007, this film became one of the few fantasy films ever nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars . The film was hailed by critics and audiences alike, and del Toro decided to give Hollywood another try . Its fantastic assurance confirms Del Toro as one of contemporary cinema's most rewarding purveyors of fantasy such as demonstrated in his first big break ¨Cronos¨, and followed by ¨Hellboy¨, ¨Blade II¨ , ¨Mimic¨ ,¨The devil's backbone¨ and many others .
Superb performances
It is Guillermo del Toro's best film ( 22 minutes ovation at Cannes). Del Toro gets a brilliant film but also superb performances from all involved, particularly from Sergi Lopez as a brutal Fascist army captain Vidal and Doug Jones (Abe Sapien from del Toro's Hellboy) as the Pan and the wonderfully disturbing Pale Man. But the real find is Ivana Baquero (12 years old) as the young heroine Ofelia. She gives one of the best performances from a child actor we have seen since Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense. Come to it unprepared and with your mind wide open and you will be rewarded with one of the best films of the year."
This is pure sadism and exploitation disguised cynically as a fairy tale about a child. There is nothing wondrous, childish, or innocent about this film. It is a dark, gloomy orgy of sadistic scenes, that are being sold to us as just another fairy tale. You see, the filmmakers behind this horrid piece of cinema think we are stupid enough not to see the film for what it really is. Thus, there are pixies and fauns, and things you normally see in a fairy tale, but behind it all, there is only torture. Yes, pure torture. The girl is being tormented, the people around her are tormented, nasty people do nasty things. But what is the moral of the story? That when a girl escapes into a fantasy world in order to escape the torture in the real world, she is tortured just as much. Now, who wouldn't want to watch that? I really feel sorry for all those who took perverse pleasure in watching this. It is an assault on the audience. And the fact it is so manipulative and dishonest about what it really is, only makes it even worse.
I have ALWAYS loved this movie!
I have always loved this movie. I was a young girl when I first watched it and I fell in love with the fairy tale aspect and as I have gotten older I have fallen in love with the effects and conflict of it. The story line is interesting and keeps you guessing to see if the girl is in fact the princess. This story of love really feels authentic and wonderful, mostly because it is a story about love of family. You can honestly appreciate the way the story is framed in warn torn Spain and how that creates a different level of drama and sometimes confusion. It is an interesting blend of fantasy, war, and horror. I have seen this movie probably 30 times and it never fails to make me cry at the end from sadness and joy.
if stomach-turning violence won't turn you off--this is one to see--sui generis
I don't think this extraordinary film alternates fantasy and reality. Seems to me, it alternates two kinds of fantasy: the haunting and evocative world of fairies and fauns on the one hand, and a world of naturalistic but utterly unredeemed villainy vs. unqualified heroism and nobility--a world that, even though seemingly more real, comes off as rather two-dimensional, though no less effective. Both worlds have horrific, even upsetting, elements, so those with delicate sensibilities should be prepared for uncompromised ugliness on occasion. For some this is probably a deal-breaker. This was a stunningly successful realization of an evocative, often deeply disturbing cosmos. I gather some found it slow or boring, but I was absorbed throughout and think it ranks right up there with Coctaeu's "Beauty and the Beast" as a cinematic expression of imagination. The acting, design, direction, cinematography, music--all the elements came together brilliantly. But DON'T see this if your stomach is very easily turned. By the way--I trust that no fairies were harmed in the making of this movie.
Wasn't that into it
I had high expectations for this movie. It was impressive as far as the work that went into it, but I didn't enjoy the story that much. I liked the symbolism and I appreciated the fact that everything had a purpose-- every visual, every line of dialog had something to do with the theme. One analysis I've read suggested that Ophelia, by clinging to her books and fantasy world represents a need or appreciation for stories, which is "human," and that the dad is "inhuman" because he only cares about routines, procedures, and the passing of time. The creatures were great to look at, and there were many moments that I enjoyed, but I don't think I'll watch it again.
A fey, beautiful and dark masterpiece
Set during Franco's mopping up exercise after the Spanish Civil War, Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth is a wonderful, dark fairy tale that, in a metaphor for Spain itself, teeters on the edge of nightmare dreamscapes of corruption, violence and the death of innocents.

This film is definitely not for young children. Although the fantasy sequences are gorgeously realised, and are fairy tales in the truest sense (in that they are dark, fey, dangerous and violent), most of the story (about three quarters of it, in fact) exists outside of the dreamland, in the even more frightening (and sometimes shockingly violent) world of a real life struggle of ideas and ideology.

Sergi Lopez is excellent as the brutal (and possibly sadistic) Falangist Captain tasked with routing out the remaining leftists from the woods and hills of Northern Spain. Into this precarious situation come his new wife (a widow of a former marriage, who is carrying his son) and his stepdaughter Ofelia (played to absolute perfection, by the then 11 year old, Ivana Baquero).

Uncomfortable with her new surroundings, suspicious of her stepfather and desperately concerned about the worsening condition of her mother, Ofelia uncovers a strange alternative world, and the chance to escape forever the pain and uncertainty of her everyday life.

Thus the film alternates between the world of Civil War Spain and the increasingly bizarre, dark and frightening world of the Pan's Labyrinth. As the twin plots progress, they intertwine, with the tasks of Ofelia becoming the choices faced by a Spain at the crossroads. The poignancy of the film lies partly in the fact that the victories of the child are reflected so starkly by the failures of the adult world.

Apparently Pan's Labyrinth won a 20-minute standing ovation at Cannes, when it was shown. This may be a little bit over the top. I suspect when the furore has died down some will choose to swing the pendulum back and criticise it for its more obvious faults. Much of the film is derivative. There are few ideas in the film's magical dreamworld that haven't been seen before. There are also few ideas in the film's depiction of the Civil War that can't be read in Satre or Orwell; can't be viewed in Picasso's Guernica; or can't be watched in Land and Freedom.

For all the evident truth of these observations, to accept them would be to entirely miss the majesty of Pan's Labyrinth, which doesn't lie in its originality but its absolute mastery of execution. People will watch Pan's Labyrinth in a way that most won't watch Land and Freedom. In doing so, they will also discover a world of fairy tales which existed before Disney sunk its claws into them: a dangerous world, where nothing is as it seems and every step is a possible death – a place which may leave even adults shivering under the duvet, part in terror, part in wonder. And all this backed up by the finest cinematography I've seen.

The only real faults I am prepared to allow for this film is a slight tendency (particularly at the end) for a Narnia-like moralism, and the fact that the faun is, perhaps, is not quite wild enough! These are eminently forgivable, though. This is easily the best film I've seen this year, and a must see on the big screen.
Great film
Considering pans labyrinth isn't usually the type of film that I would watch (in regards to the genre and language) I really enjoyed the film. Not only is the film built upon a solid plot and story line, surrounding the height of the Spanish civil war; it dabbles with the idea of fantasy and escapism from the real world. This escapism aspect is played out through the mind-set and narrative of a young girl called Ofelia. Many props and editing techniques are used within the film to further propel us into the idea of a fantasy world and allow us to delve even deeper into her Arcadian mind-set. I personally really like the side by side contrast of a happier/ more uplifting toned plot in conjunction with the much more serious and depressing story of the civil war. Not only does the film explore historical context and escapism, but more serious themes like abuse, sexism, war and even more jarring themes such as torture, both physical and psychological/ mental. As someone who generally appreciates the physical aspects that go into the making and cinematography of a film, I was thoroughly impressed with the special effects makeup within the movie, as well as how continuously used it was throughout. Two of the main characters were fully created using special effects makeup (these being the pale man and the fawn) this further added to the fantasy genre of the film and made it that much more enjoyable to watch.

However, as much as I did enjoy the film, certain aspects of it did become rather repetitive and almost predictable, for example, as soon as the film started, it was clear to me that the mother was going to die at some point; this level of predictability could be a good or a bad thing, as well as just be down to a person's individual perceptive abilities when viewing films, however, this did stick out like a sore thumb to me. Certain parts of the movie were also quite slow and seemed to drag on for a while, not any major parts come to mind although certain shots and edits/cuts between shots could have been more finely tuned in my opinion, making certain scenes even more impactful or dramatic. Overall, Pans labyrinth was an enjoyable film to watch, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and in my opinion, is a "breath of fresh air" in comparison to some other fantasy films.
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