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Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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Snyder and Nolan have officially both ruined Superman for me
Please bear in mind that I am a fan of both Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. I'll spend pretty much every day until my terminal breath defending Sucker Punch and Snyder's Watchmen adaptation. Nolan's work with the Batman movies is nothing short of absolutely amazing and he has one eye for a tragic superhero story. He turned the story of Bruce Wayne into a beautiful tragic story of a man who must choose heroism or sanity. Watchmen is the story of former superheroes who realize that even though they're retired, they have a lot of saving to do- themselves for a starting point. And so when you take Superman and give it a dark spin, it's bound to succeed, right?

Absolutely wrong.

Alright, so maybe the movie isn't bad. If you're a pedestrian viewer wanting an explosion filled action movie, then you'll get that here. But for us Superman fans, it's a disgrace. I don't know who these "fans" are telling us that this is close to the graphic novels, in fact the way they adapted the comics is among some of the most appalling adapting work I've ever seen. There are problems right off the bat when Jor-El is stabbed to death by General Zod. REALLY? If anyone has even read the comic books, you'd realize that Jor-El is much stronger and more defensive than that. But it doesn't stop there

To begin with, the Superman is greatly raped with a stove pipe and executed Tarantino- style throughout. He spends the whole movie angsting and whining. It's as annoying as The Tenth Doctor's final episode of Doctor Who. Alright, that's a little dramatic, sure. But half the exchanges between Clark Kent and people around him consist of:

PERSON X: Clark, can we talk? CLARK: I don't want to. PERSON X: Look Clark, nothing is wrong with you. CLARK: I know. PERSON X: so why don't you send your powers to the world? CLARK: No, you don't understand. People CAN'T know who I am. They'll reject me.

Every time one of these rubbish soap opera dialogues rung out over the cinema speakers, I groaned. To be fair, it is SLIGHTLY true to the comics, but they take it up to 11 here and it's unnecessary. The cutting of the film is really off here too. One minute, Superman is being interrogated, the next he's in the desert. It comes off as if Snyder dropped the script on the ground one day thus messing up the pages, then decided, "ah, never mind, let's just shoot it like this". Your head will explode trying to make sense of this thing, man.

And then there's the second half, filled with nothing but action, explosions, Superman pushing General Zod through several buildings (I laughed several times). The action itself is bloated, boring and incomprehensible too. Shaky camera and quick cutting combined with 3D, when I wasn't falling asleep, I was wondering what in the hot frak was going on. And then the climax, or lack of was just laughable.

So, are there any positives? Well, the cast do a good job. I did like Henry Cavill a lot and I think given the terrible script that he had to work with, he did a decent job. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are also great, but the highlight of the film is easily Michael Shannon as General Zod. He really knows how to make a bad guy scary- watch the film "Bug" for proof. But he shines here and he plays the villain in such a way that you both feel bad for him and hate him at the same time, which is proof of a well executed villain.

Otherwise, stay away from this turkey at all costs. Don't believe the positive reviews, the critics are right for once. I figured it was just the unhealthy and unfair hate-on they have for Snyder, but nope. They're right. I'm guessing WB hired plants to write reviews, because a lot of the reviews do seem very much vague. This film will ruin everything you love about Superman, so avoid at all cost.
Half baked story employing a famous brand...
This movie didn't bother to provide a reason for the non-comic book crowd to care about the characters. If you subtract or otherwise disregard the previous superman movies, then all you're left with is some weird tale about a willfully reclusive guy who's chosen to save the world and has a devotion to a woman (Lois) whom he only shares screen time with for a few minutes.

There's no character development in this film. There's very little humanity in it. It gives you few reasons to keep watching, but if you have nothing better to do, it's not a complete waste of time. It's on par with the countless other half-baked movies that possessed a fraction of this movie's budget.
Change of heart...
Months on after calming down and watching it again, I've decided to up my rating from 3 to 7.

First of all, if you're a die hard Superman fan like myself. Then you might be slightly disappointed that this Superman doesn't share the same morals as his predecessors.

Like the earlier movies Kal-El is born on the doomed planet Krypton. His loving father Dur-El rescues his son by sending him to Earth as a last resort to continue the Kryptonian bloodline. Kal-El grows up on a farm in Smallville with Super Powers and the name Clark Kent. This is where the similarities between Man of Steel and the Superman series end. Which is why it got a few peoples backs up.

When watched with an open mind and seeing it for what it is (A whole new movie) it's actually very good. The specials are incredible though some times slightly overdone (Especially the shaky camera). The acting is top notch and Henry Cavill plays the role excellently.

I think it's 7.5 Overall rating on IMDb is where this movie belongs and should be viewed by everybody.

MY OLD REVIEW "If you can overlook any Superman film or series you've ever seen, put aside a million and 1 inconsistencies and watch with an open mind. Then this is the film for you.

Superman is not just a man with superpowers but a man with strong morals that means more to him than his own life. Under no circumstances does Superman endanger the lives of civilians. The big battle will have killed thousands and thousands of people, and left millions injured or trapped. But "Superman" continues to throw Zod through buildings, without a care in the world for the people inside as the building collapses to the floor."
Man of S***
Man of Steel.... you could have been so great. You could have brought us a new superhero franchise to look forward to, something akin to the Dark Knight Trilogy. Instead you brought a failure of a movie, in almost all regards. Before I continue though, I should let all you readers know that my ranking for this movie is not 1 out of 10, as the stars may indicate. My real rating will come at the end of this review. The reason I put up 1 star in the rating section is because I feel that the overall rating is far too high, and this is my foolish attempt to counteract that rating. Now then, let's take a look at Man of Steel, and why it goes so terribly wrong.

First off, I am not a superman fan. In fact, I am not much of a superhero fan. Thus, I never review superhero movies by how closely they follow the source material, nor do I get upset when a superhero movie spits in the face of its source material. I look at Superhero movies as regular movies, judging them by how well they perform in the parameters they create for themselves. And it is as a regular movie, that Man of Steel truly fails.

Plot: First and foremost, I thought the plot was... so - so. It certainly had potential, and it most certainly could have entertained. The problem is, it didn't. The first half of the movie started out great. We get some interesting back story, character development, etc. But the moment Superman leaves General Zod's ship, the s*** really hits the fan. All plot is dropped, dialogue goes to hell, all hope is lost. It seems as if those who made this movie simply gave up and figured an hour of explosions and fight scenes would carry this movie to the finish line. Suffice to say, it fails miserably, leaving the viewer in a furious rage. In addition, there are numerous plot holes in this movie, far too many for me to deal with, as I'm sure other reviewers already have.

Direction: I am aware that there are some people who enjoy Zack Snyder's work. I am not one of them. The man is a total buffoon and should not be let anywhere near a camera. He may believe his work is edgy and unique, but it is simply annoying. Why won't the camera stay still? Why can't it give us a direct angle? Why won't it focus on what is actually going on in the scene instead of leaving most of the action off to the side of the picture? Watching this movie is like experiencing a dream. You wake up knowing what happened in the dream, but you can't really recall ever seeing the events unfold. That's because you didn't, because the bloody camera wouldn't stay still long enough to let you see what's happening. Another problem is the editing. I swear they managed to fit in hundreds of different shots in one 5 minute scene. Needless to say, the direction was my least favorite part of this movie.

Screenplay: Simply terrible. This screenplay is simply terrible. The dialogue makes me want to kill myself. It's that bad. If you're used to smart dialogue from such classics as the Godfather, Pulp Fiction, or Goodfellas, be prepared to want to rip your ears off. Trust me, if you're not deaf after the sound effects in this movie (more on this later), you'll wish you had been.I cannot believe David S. Goyer, who worked on the Dark Knight, managed to put out this garbage. If you ever watch another film with Chris Nolan attached, be sure its Jonathon Nolan writing the screenplay, and not this hack.

Special Effects: Reasonably good. Personally, I hate movies that overuse special effects (and when I say overuse, I mean they're used in just about every scene). No special effect, no matter how good, is ever going to convince me that it's real. But that's not where this movie suffers. Where it really falls apart is the sound effects, which are simply brutal on the ears. An hour of loud explosion sounds does not exactly make up for the terrible dialogue.

Acting: Probably the best part of the movie. I have no reason to fault the actors. They did the best with what they were given. No Oscar winners here, but they did an admirable job.

So, in conclusion, this is movie that fails in just about every way possible. By the end, I simply wanted to leave and forget about it. For that reason, I give it 3 out of 10 stars, as the the first half was watchable and the acting was pretty good.
This movie is number one on my list
This movie is the best rendition of superman I have ever seen. Is tells the best back story and gives a whole new light and breath of fresh air to the franchise ever. And the visiual effects are stunning and so real it is like it could happen today. And if part one is like this I can't wait for part two but as I said this movie is the best movie ever made with one of the top villains ever even almost as good as Ban form " The Dark Knight " . It started out a lilttle bit slow but it gained momentum quickly. Even though the parts of the movie where his fortress of solitude is a space ship instead of an ice palace was a bit of a let down but other than that I give this movie 10 out 10 stars. Because everything is amazing the special effects the acting the villains just awesome.
A Brand New Superman You've Never Seen Before
This is not like all the previous Superman movies. This is not "Smallville". This is not the sequel of "Superman Returns". This is "Man of Steel"! This movie is awesome.

I am not a big fan of Superman but this is the best Superman movie I've ever seen. (Christopher Reeve's version is also good, but this Man of Steel is better. And.. the Brandon Routh's version? Naaaaah...) The plot is really structural. Not so many flashbacks, so you won't get confused. The whole storyline is just really simple. It told the very beginning of Superman and then, yeah, his adulthood.

The special effects here, I think it is as awesome as Marvel's Avengers. Yeah, alien and superheroes, what do you expect? Battle scenes are good, I can feel Zack Snyder "300" sensation in here.

Henry Cavill succeeded bringing a whole new version of Superman to the big screen. He wiped out all our knowledge of the previous Superman movies and replaced it with a darker version of Superman (Nolan's kinda "darkness") This movie is enjoyable. See? There's still hope for DC Comics' superheroes movies.
Living up to the hype and more
I had the good fortune of being one of the very first Superman fans to watch Man of Steel (the movie started showing here in the Philippines today, June 12, which happens to be our country's Independence Day). The timing of the first screening day is just perfect because it's a holiday here in our country (was expecting for long queues so I decided to watch the very first screening, and in 3D, to boot).

What can I say? Man of Steel sure lived up to all the (good) hype. This is the first time I'm posting a review here (and I sure am no movie expert), so I'll defer the real reviews to the pros.

I will just say this: if you love Superman, action, and a very cohesive storyline that's unique but doesn't depart from the Superman fundamentals, you're going to have one heck of a ride. It's a different league (no pun) altogether.
Swing and a Miss!
"Man of Steel" is not just a failure on it's story, but a catastrophic meltdown right down to the fundamental core.

1.) If you didn't have tinnitus going into the movie, you will when you come out. This is one of the most unnecessarily decibel cranking movies I have ever seen, that's not me being oversensitive, i've sat through plenty of loud movies.

2.) The Krypton story. I appreciate that time was taken to explore Superman's home planet, parents, and how he came to be on Earth. It's also when I started to become uneasy with this movie. Zod & co. are convicted and sentenced, and a huge spacecraft collects them for punishment.

I could accept that perhaps this supposed advanced culture's arrogance stopped it from seeing it was doomed (I'll reluctantly give it a pass, it's been in every Superman i've ever seen, But why didn't Jor-el utilize a bigger ship? Surely he'd figure out how, or own one of his own. I didn't question this in the original Donner version because no Spacecraft scene was there, only the weird mirror.

3.) The Codex. Jor-el swims through fields of growing babies left over from the Matrix, grabs a skull, dissolves it, and infuses it into his baby. Couldn't we just stick with he obtained powers from passing through a sun?

When you suck all the mysticism and wonder from a story, something is lost in translation. (that's you Star Wars prequels).

Likewise this happens when you try to shovel in as much ridiculous crap as you can.

4.) Pa Kent. Wasn't this supposed to be the surrogate father that Clark loved, respected and who helped to mold him into a good man? Watch as he treats his son with indifference and coldness. His demise, a scene that is supposed to be powerful and poignant, is instead boiled down to a stupid action scene for no real reason at all. Costner really phoned this one in.

5.) Some stories are means to be dark and full of drama and angst. Superman is not one of them, and it shows. It's a huge trend now to make every super hero story dark and depressing, this works great for comics like Batman or Watchmen, but backfires horribly for Superman,(Take a note from "The Avengers" guys, it's possible to be successful and convincing without being dark all the time.)

Am I saying he can't be frustrated, angry or upset? No, of course not. Reference again the Donner version for how this can be achieved properly and effectively.

6.) Numerous miscasts. Don't care for Henry Cavill...I just couldn't get into him as Superman, and I tried, I really did, he just didn't convince me.

Likewise on Amy Adams, who took me so far outside the character of Lois Lane there was no going back. She also lacks any chemistry what-so-ever with Superman.

Fishburne is well...there, but nothing about him is memorable. Diane Lane is serviceable.

7.) Superman doesn't act like Superman, and may actually cause more casualties that any villain, device, in this movie. Huge buildings are destroyed, countless people are incinerated, crushed or seemingly blown up, and it goes on forever.

This contributed greatly to the further removal of myself from the Superman character, frankly this molds him into more of a douchebag hellbent on personal vengeance than it does as a hero. (btw there is continuance here of the "Jesus" savior references from the last movie..ridiculous.) There no way I could invest in him, I promise I tried, I did.

8.) Other misc. stuff thrown in that bothered me. Lois in the Arctic, there was absolutely no reason for her to be there. The dumb Arctic spaceship and the equally ridiculous contents therein. The anti-climatic death of Zod.

9.) Lois Lane on board with the army/Air Force with the baby ship. Why do movie makers constantly feel the compulsion to have characters do things for the sake of having them in some big action scene. Lois functions best as the snoopy reporter, and occasional damsel in distress.

A few things I liked about the movie:

1.) The terraforming machine was cool. I "guess" I could buy the explanation about terraforming other planets. It's not the worst plot line they could've come up with. I liked the way the CGI/special effects for it were done.

2.) General Zod. One of two characters I actually enjoyed. Too bad they didn't develop him more or give him some real dimension. But Michael Shannon does a great job. After a while his scenes were the only ones I looked forward to. At least he had some passion, conviction, and reasons behind him doing the things he's doing. After the disaster the rest of this movie is, you'll find yourself rooting from him. (um, filmmakers, this is what you intended right? You didn't want me to root for the hero did you?)Too bad we won't be seeing him again as Superman offed him horribly.

3.) Jor-el was great. Russell Crowe did a great job. He was a highlight for me. There was more intensity and emotion in interactions between himself and Zod (both "hologram" Jor-El and person Jor-el) than collectively between anyone else in the entire movie. Great job guys.

Skip this one, you'll feel mad at wasting your hard earned money on the ticket. If you were a fan of the Donner series (I am.) Remember your hero as Christopher Reeve portrayed him, brave, honorable, kind, and properly angsty and emotional.

2/10 for Shannon and Crowe, and for some of the effects.
Secret of the "S"
In a year that has already given us stinkers like "A Good Day To Die Hard", "G.I.Joe: Retaliation" or "After Earth", hopes were rather high as far as "Man Of Steel" was concerned. Unfortunately, it turns out to be just another turkey; no story as such, no character development, no intelligent dialogs, and, above all, absolutely no humor. What we get is a numbing, hollow spectacle with far too many fights, explosions and collapsing buildings. You cannot really blame the actors, though. In the given circumstances they do the best they can, but their efforts are in vain. The only surprising information we get concerns the "S" on Superman's costume, which is supposed to stand for the Kryptonian symbol of hope. Well, as far as I am concerned, it should rather be interpreted as "SHIT SELLS".
God awful
Worst film I have seen in about 10 years. I was originally going to see star trek, but watched this due to the fact some of my party had already seen Star trek into darkness. What can I say? Shallow characters, bad acting, terrible script, long winded hard to swallow fight scenes combined with a storyline that made no sense. It started off alright, Russel Crowe's performance was solid and the storyline seemed good, but then it fell apart, with characters so weak that you didn't even care if they lived or died (sorry Laurence Fishburne & co).

Maybe it was due to the fact I kept expecting it to get better but I sat through the whole thing (not to mention that it seemed to go on forever), Cheesy lines and boring fight scenes don't mix. Oh yeah the fight scenes, Jesus, nothing more exciting than seeing two people knock each other through buildings only for them to get up completely unscathed...like 15 times? I get that they have superhuman strength, but surely they should be able to hurt each other?

I LOVE films, love sci-fi too but this film is fit for the bin. Can't believe how much positive feedback it's getting. weak =(
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