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USA, Australia, Canada
Drama, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Mangold
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Dafne Keen as Laura
Al Coronel as Federale Commander
Boyd Holbrook as Pierce
Anthony Escobar as Federale
Frank Gallegos as Federale Lieutenant
Eriq La Salle as Will Munson
Elise Neal as Kathryn Munson
Patrick Stewart as Charles
Richard E. Grant as Dr. Rice
Reynaldo Gallegos as Rey (as Rey Gallegos)
Storyline: In 2029 the mutant population has shrunken significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. Logan, whose power to self-heal is dwindling, has surrendered himself to alcohol and now earns a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of the ailing old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. At first he refuses, but the Professor has been waiting for a long time for her to appear. Laura possesses an extraordinary fighting prowess and is in many ways like Wolverine. She is pursued by sinister figures working for a powerful corporation; this is because her DNA contains the secret that connects her to Logan. A relentless pursuit begins - In this third cinematic outing featuring the Marvel comic book character Wolverine we see the superheroes beset by everyday problems. They are aging, ailing and struggling to survive financially. A decrepit Logan is forced to ask himself if he can or even wants to put his ...
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Worst X-Men movie.
Only 2 X-Men are alive at the movie's beginning: Logan (Wolverine) and Charles Xavier. Xavier had inadvertently killed all other X-Men because of a "telepathic seizure" he had years prior.

Cyclops, Jean and Xavier-seemingly were all killed in "The Last Stand", which made a lot of people unhappy including me. But the timeline changing in "Days of Future Past" and all X-Men becoming alive again was a happy ending. The sadness of the deaths in "The Last Stand" was no longer there.

But now this ending with all X-Men dead (that too, in a such a bad fashion) has made these same people infuriated.

What was the point of the movie makers making the X-Men alive again in "Days of Future Past", when in the end they wanted to kill everybody?

At the conclusion of this movie, Logan and Xavier also killed.

This is the worst X-Men movie.
A must see, 2 downsides unfortunately.

When Hugh Jackman was approached to make this apparently at first he refused, he wanted it to be more real and out of the Spandex universe and I'm so glad he stuck to his guns because the film is an epic.

Even if you have never seem any of the previous X Men films you will enjoy this.

Previously the X Men films, whilst good didn't make you emotionally involved with them, it was just action and special effects but front the start, middle and especially the end of Logan you care.

A well deserved 15 rating as the violence is in your face and not as comic book safe as all of the previous X Men films so be warned.

A must see, 2 downsides unfortunately.

Firstly, Richard E Grant (why?) There are far better actors out there and personally I think his role should have been played by a female.

Secondly, there is one item referred too throughout the film (almost too many times for my liking) making it obvious how it will be used, especially when Hugh Jackman is recovering, but that said by the time it does happen your that engrossed and care so much for the characters it still works.

Don't go expecting Spandex and happy heroes but I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Complete garbage. If they make a x23 movie hopefully dakken will show up and kill her. That will be ten times better. Hell let anyone kill this joke of a character. Marvel is run by a bunch of idiots right now. Kill off wolverine and give us this crap as a replacement, I was cheering for the reavers to win.The old man Logan story killed this waste of time and money. Do yourself a favor and just read the real Logan/wolverine comics.
Your heroes are NOT invincible
Warning: This review may contain opinions that qualify as spoilers.

Rewind to the year 2000 when X-Men finally arrives on the big screen. Logan is a wild animal fighting in a cage for money with no memory of his past. Angry and disgusted with who and what he is he just wants revenge on the world. Enter Professor Xavier and the X-Men. Wolverine finds people who accept him, even like him oddly enough, and someone in the form of Jean Grey in whom he could maybe even find love. Armed with a new found purpose and backed by a family that believes in him Logan changes from a dangerous animal to an invincible super hero worthy of legend.

Fast forward to 2017. Logan is a shadow of his former self as is Professor X. There are no more heroes in America. Corporations can do whatever they want. Good people who still believe in heroes or are heroes themselves just by raising a good family with American values will become casualties. There is no stopping an automated future. Your heroes are NOT invincible. Do not look to the next generation for hope. This was not a superhero movie but a dystopian pipe dream.

I would have been happier seeing gun toting thugs lined up on either side of Wolverine and 2 hours of him perforating their skulls one at a time. Much more entertaining and save a ton of money on useless writing staff. Could even CGI the whole thing, box office smash.

Do not be surprised when Hollywood kills off a few of the Avengers next.
'Logan' is the 'Wolverine' film we've always wanted!
For decades now, we have been clamoring for a 'Wolverine' film done right. From his first incarnation in Hulk #181 to his own miniseries in comic book form in the 1980's by Frank Miller, to the amazing Saturday Morning Cartoon, and his first appearance in a feature film in 2000 with 'X-Men', which had the song and dance man Hugh Jackman play the iconic character. He was so good at playing Logan/Wolverine, that fans immediately took a liking to him as that character and he went on to play the 'Snikt-y Snikt' character in almost a dozen more films. Besides the 'X-Men' films, Wolverine got his own set of standalone films, which may or may not have been liked by a lot of people for various reasons. Either the story was too silly or the character Wolverine was to PG for fans.

If anyone knows the Wolverine character, it's that he's a brutal, violent, hardcore rated R character, which is something we haven't seen in cinema form at least. That is until now with James Mangold's new film 'Logan', which is very much an R-rated movie, complete with blood, ultra-violence, nudity, and vulgar language. It's everything we've always wanted in a Wolverine movie – FINALLY! With the past three X-Men films, we've seen our favorite X-Men characters growing up as it served as the prequel to the 2000 film. 'LOGAN' is set in the year 2029 and the world has changed for the worst, at least for a mutant friends. This is a very bleak, dark, and violent film with some flashes of dark humor. Nobody is doing well in 2029 here, particularly Logan (Hugh Jackman) who has crawled inside a whisky bottle and has never came back out, with the exception of driving a limo for cash around town. He's old, mean, and his body is starting to fail him. When he's not driving or killing people, he takes care of Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart), who is suffering from seizures and dementia, and who lives in a rusted out, abandoned water tower. Life is not good here for anyone.

Meanwhile, a little girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) crosses paths with Logan who seems to have the same abilities as the Wolverine himself. Logan is now charged with the task of transporting this little girl to a safe haven with Charles in tow, as a group of bad guys are after her, led by Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant). It's a fairly straight forward story and it takes its time setting up these older, dying characters, as well as its new ones. 'LOGAN' doesn't mess about with side tangent plot lines or love interests here. It's balls-to-the-wall, heart breaking action and drama, which is something we've wanted for a long time now with the Wolverine character. The script is written by Scott Frank ('Get Shorty, 'Minority Report') and Michael Green ('Heroes', 'Gotham'), which these two writers have expertly added in a fair dose of emotion into these characters, but never back pedal into past films. It was a breath of fresh air. James Mangold certainly was influenced by some of his favorite old western films, as can be seen in some of camera shots, which are just fantastic.

Also, if you ever wanted to see Wolverine go berserk, you'll finally get that here on more than one occasion, complete with some long shots of Wolverine slicing and dicing the bad guys without any cuts. Simply amazing. In the past films, we've seen the characters Professor Xavier and Wolverine rather smart, witty, and put together for the most part. That's not the case here. These two characters are very sick and are not doing well mentally and physically. Jackman and Stewart give award worthy performances here, which might bring a tear or two down your face. It's that good. Newcomer Dafne Keen as Laura was also fantastic and very believable in every second she's on film. 'LOGAN' runs at about 135 minutes, which can seem a bit long, but everything is necessary here and for good reason. 'LOGAN' is the Wolverine film we've always wanted and it deserves some high recognition.
so much more than i expected
Being a huge X-Men fan, I really hoped this movie would be good and all of the trailers looked amazing, so I went into the cinema with impossibly high hopes, even preparing myself for tears. What I got, however, was an actual punch in the stomach and, like, an hour of crying. This movie exceeded every hope I ever had entering the cinema.

I'm actually having a hard time finding any negatives in this movie whatsoever. I wasn't particularly crazy about Dr Rice, but he's such a minor presence in this movie that I barely even noticed him. There are several villains in this movie, Dr Rice, Donald Pierce and X-24, but what I genuinely believe is going fairly unnoticed in all of the reviews I've read is Donald Pierce and Boyd Holbrook's portrayal of him. Honestly, I don't believe we've had such a good X-Men villain since Magneto, and that to me is really important now since we barely get any good villains in movies these days. Villains can be the most interesting part of a movie. I'm excited to watch Boyd's show "Narcos" now, and I plan on following his career from this moment on. X-24 is also a much better villain than I expected, serving as a sort of a shadow to Wolverine. Another highlight of the movie was Dafne Keen, the little girl that plays Laura. She is absolutely amazing, and I can't stress that enough.

I want to briefly discuss the R rating. Honestly, it adds so much to the movie, and it's amazing to finally see Wolverine cut loose, swearing and slicing people up, it's amazing. And there is a lot of blood and swearing in this movie, which just adds on to this gloomy, gritty feel that lingers over this entire film, further pushing the notion that the dream is dead, that this is the end of the X-Men. It's truly depressing seeing this world where all of your childhood heroes are dead. In a way, I'm almost angry with the creators for twisting the X-Men so out of what we're used to, and that's another thing that I sort of have a problem with, even though nothing really could have been done about it. I don't really feel like the message of this movie, to give up after so many years of fighting, to just kill off everything goofy and colorful about the X-Men and shatter all of our hopes is necessary in a time like this. I think that as goofy as they are, X- Men movies and superhero movies in general just need to do what they were created to do - to raise hope in people that things will get better if we all work together and that we can find a family no matter how different we are. That's an important part as to why X-Men were created in the first place, to show minorities that they're not alone. Now we have a movie that shows mutants, a minority already hated by most of the "normal" people being killed off by the government, and I really don't think that's the message that was needed right now. However, "Logan" is a typical example of the director giving the audience what they want (a nostalgic, gritty Wolverine road trip movie) instead of what they need. In this case, it absolutely works because everything is so masterfully crafted, the cinematography is beautiful, the performances are amazing (Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman should seriously be up for an Oscar), the action, gore and script are ridiculously good, there is a compelling villain and it managed to hit an emotional nerve for me. I can't even consider giving it a lower than perfect score.

I'm excited to see what Logan means for the superhero genre. It's definitely up there with the likes of "The Dark Knight". However, this movie can stand alone as something more than "just a superhero film", and as I've heard so many times before, superhero movies get old. It's time for a little change in the genre. While I can't say I'm particularly happy with the implied direction that the X-Men movies are taking after "Apocalypse" (even though the X-Men are my favorite superhero group ever, though people tend to forget all about comic books and animated series), I'm more than excited to see if they will ever again reach anything close to the masterpiece that is "Logan".
Surprisingly good
Take out fighting and killing - slaughtering and you get a pretty descent drama. I was actually very surprised that the movie had a story frame. Of course it is a fictional movie but has much more real elements that makes in more believable, much more grown up and mature. The Logan character was deeper, more life like and the whole story has some neat details which makes it a good movie. Of course Patrick Stewart was very good. The movie itself is very well directed and has plenty things going on and it leaves you with a feeling that movie is very long. Which it actually is with over 2h and 10m long. There could have been less fighting, but the director probably had to follow guidelines to make it more action like. Besides X-Men: First class which was great and X-Men: Days of Future Past which fell somehow behind the first one, Logan is the only X-men movie I like. All others were mostly story-less and dumb and childish.
Riddled with plot holes that ruined the experience
Acting and CGI was great, even the story was great too.

But the HUGE, HUGE, HUGEEEE plot holes killed it for me, making the film unbearable to watch.


1. Why did Logan not kill the Dr, the clone, and Donald Pierce while they were laying defenseless and half dead at the farm?

2. Why did the black farmer attempt to kill Logan after killing the shaved clone Logan? Logan was clearly standing in a non-aggressive manner and even let himself get shot without saying a word???

3. How did Charles Xaivier not detect that the Logan clone was not a mutant or not human? His power is to read minds and detect life... How didn't he realize a robot has just walked into the room and sense he was about to be killed???

4. The year is 2029 and the army has not developed the technology to capture kids safely? Hell even a net gun or taser would have worked better than tackling the kids? WTF. They even had harpoon guns that do not kill and they didn't use them on the kids, instead they just chase them through the forrest...

5. In the final scenes the children take turns using their power on Donald Pierce (just to make a cool montage), while Logan and Laura battle to death with the clone??

6. The children are trained to kill and have no fear, yet they run away (from no one) while letting Logan fight the clone alone? They were 20 to 1 and they decide that it's time to run?

7. Even though they were so pressed for time and had no time to save Logan, they make the time to have a burial for him? Also what the hell is with the cross they made? Were they taught religion while in killing school? Seems legit.

SO yeah these points infuriated me.. Feel free to comment and rebuttal my points as I am keen to find out how nobody else is seeing these loopholes...
A movie void of any emotion
I do not understand the reviews... What the heck? This movie was maybe not worth 1 star, I agree, because I enjoyed the brutality to some extent. But it falls very short of being the sort of masterpiece it is made out to be. I chose to rate it 5.

First of all, I am not a fan of Wolverine but I've always admitted that Hugh Jackman was made for this role. And his role in pretty much every X-men movie so far was outstanding. He is the Wolverine.

In this movie however, he bored me out of my soul. Even in the brutal scenes he played in, I was not convinced. I understand he is weak and old, and ravaged by Adamantium. But even so, it was not him. He kept whining and suffering and yet I felt nothing. I felt like a narrator who remains as distant as his character as he can. It was cold acting--I do not like cheesy actors either but he clearly left me unaffected. Too bad for a movie that relies on emotion to try and stand out.

Now on to the girl. I felt no emotion whatsoever for her either. There was no emotional build-up or any anchorage point I could tie my heart with. She was a dull character. The way she growled and made faces was overdone and... ridiculous. Her role was blurry. She begins as a beast bent on savagery and blood. And a few days later she calls Wolverine "dad"? And she actually has friends waiting for her? Let me have a laugh, I almost fell out of my chair. Several other people summarized her role in action parts; she goes on a killing spree for the first heated scene but at the end of the movie she cannot handle a small troop with her mutant friends--who make the cut by boasting their powers against a man already down and apprehended while she and Wolvie eat dust. ??? Charles-Xavier's lines were bland but at times I was almost convinced. If it wasn't for the unlikable character that the little beast is I'm sure his words would have affected me more. His death was not even moving--and God knows how much I love Charles Xavier.

The black family was forgettable. Nothing with them engaged my attention. Except the fact they served as a redemption for a Wolverine that had given up on standing for what it is to be an x-men. And even so he failed. Because of a plot twist character who was there for the sake of adding more Jackman for fan service.

But most of all... What happened? For the whole movie I craved some flashbacks, some relevant explanation for Caliban, Xavier, the disappearance of the other X-men, for Wolvie degrading so much, for his copy's reason to exist--why not copy much more powerful mutants that must have been out there. My head was dizzy with lack of information and all it got was a few sentences.

I am honestly quite the easy-going guy. I was not full of expectations prior to the movie. I actually expected the movie to be bad so that I could be less critical or hyped up. I wanted to avoid being disappointed. And while the beginning looked promising, it just went downhill when I felt my questions were poorly resolved, or when the girl's incoherent role showed more and more.

Perhaps the unmemorable soundtrack played its part, perhaps the questions I kept asking myself and the writing inconsistency spoiled my appreciation of the movie. But so it happened and whereas I know the movie tried hard to be emotional and do Wolverine justice, it actually did the opposite.

In a movie in which all I can remember are screams and growls and bloodshed a la Tarantino, Hugh Jackman's last role as the Wolverine is forgettable and painful.
Pointless, meaningless and ugly
I have thoroughly enjoyed the X men movies. The only positive element to this godawful mess of a film is little Dafne Keen's gymnastics and presence. Otherwise this is a movie where Logan and Xavier's behavior is stupid nasty and completely inconsistent with their characters in earlier movies. The excessive violence seems to be impregnated with a vicious pleasure which is deeply nasty. The makers of this film should be ashamed of themselves. I hope Sir Patrick, Mr. Jackman and Miss Keen find better use for their many talents in the future.
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