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Jonathan Singer-Vine
Dominique Jackson as Reverend's Wife
William Pulliam as Store Owner
Kizzmett Pringle as Ty's Sister
Thomas Dalby as John
Sabrina Hodge as Marci
Bennie Bell as Reverend Gary
Tatiana Monet as Aliky
Les Aderibigbe as Cam (as Dj Upgrade)
Storyline: 'LICKS' follows the story of a young man, D, as he returns to his Oakland neighborhood after two years served in prison for a botched robbery. In the days after his release, we are taken into D's world and follow him as he decides what direction he wants to take his life after being locked up.
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Dad, why do you always rob Asians?
"D" (Stanley Doe Hunt) gets shot during a corner store robbery as his driver Ty (Devon Libran) panics and drives off. After doing two years in the pen, D gets out to a world that hasn't changed. He does not want to go back to prison. The gang life is not for him, but he sees no way out. His old girlfriend is strung out and may or may not have his baby. Ty is still on the lam as his old gang is looking for him.

This is another gang member wanting to do good. Mom and MLK are influences. The church attempts to help and he gets encouragement from his parole officer. However we don't know what road "D" takes until the closing scene.

Guide: F-word. Groping. No nudity.
better than thought really good movie
In the shortest possible way Licks is what moonlight wanted to be. Now I saw moonlight before I saw Licks and the movie just ended and it leaves you wondering what were they trying to show you what was the movie about. when you watch Licks you know left fulfilled it brings you there and back and around again this is flick you that is worth its weight and some and I came across it by chance just saying you should give it a chance. I gave it 7/10 only because I critique thing a little to much that's just me the acting at times gets a little less than good that is the nicest way I can put it. yet I send mads love to all the actors and actresses well cause I cant do it. good movie great story
One of my favorites
I've seen this movie at least 7 times, and every time it was like seeing it for the first. Great movie, well put together, you forget that it's an indie film, the story develops in a timely fashion, and the plot twist keep you guessing. If you are a fan of the urban coming of age tales such as Boyz in da Hood or Menace II Society Licks is definitely worth a watch.

​​I've brought numerous friends to see this film and they've all loved. Anyone who has seen the trailer is instantly addicted and can't wait to see the film for themselves. Being an Oakland native the references to non-tourist bay area locations and use of local music also adds to the lure of the film, but is only a great additive. Licks is for sure a cult classic in the making.​
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