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Kingsman: The Secret Service
Crime, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Matthew Vaughn
Samuel L. Jackson as Valentine
Jordan Long as Poodle
Cali as Dean's gang member #3
Neve Gachev as Reporter (rumored)
Paulina Boneva as Shop Customer
Taron Egerton as Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin
Tom Prior as Hugo
Samantha Womack as Michelle Unwin
Alex Nikolov as Little Eggsy
Sofia Boutella as Gazelle
Richard Brake as The Interrogator
Velibor Topic as Big Goon
Mark Hamill as James Arnold
Corey Johnson as Church Leader
Jack Davenport as Lancelot
Colin Firth as Harry Hart
Geoff Bell as Dean
Adrian Quinton as Terrorist
Storyline: Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by , Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.
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Total Nonsense! Be wary of rigged IMDb reviews for this movie!
Having built high expectations from an almost 10 out of 10 IMDb rating and portrayed as a great spy thriller in the reviews we went to watch the movie but were extremely and totally disappointed and disgusted with everything in the movie. The storyline and direction were aimless and weak, the actors were made to show off their horribly cheap and duplicate quality James bond type weaponry, tricks, and style. The movie's plot and screening seems so stupid that the director would have been better off creating a spoof for a James Bond type movie instead. Anyway such movies always get made, but what I am most disappointed about is the fact that the IMDb reviews & ratings were completely rigged. IMDb you need to watch out for such flaws in your feedback system 'cos that will bring down the rating of your service in process. My suggestion if you are really really still interested in watching this movie then wait for a couple of week and it should be on TV for a free time pass.
Pure Garbage:Cheap James Bond Wannabe Film With Samuel.L.Jackson Embarrassing Himself
this is it these parody films and wannabe spy genre films has got to stop because this is what ruins the original franchise and makes fun of it shame on these people i cannot even dream about someone making fun of Sean Connery and his bond but people did it the reason is no person on this earth is cool as him Sean is not a actor but the definition of man itself period.

however this film makes fun of Pierce Brosnan 007 era films with exploding pens and gadgets etc Brosnan is a boss he redefined spy genre the makers of Kingsman should be sued for this blasphemy.

i don't care if it is rated r or pg 13 i saw this film and i got angry specially with sir Samuel.L.Jackson i lost respect for him i mean how is this classic method actor can do this film from pulp fiction to pure pg 13 garbage stuff i got exited when i saw him being funny but by the time climax came his death scene is the funniest moment in the entire film he was embarrassing himself.

just what the hell is going on these days is Hollywood running out of ideas they have same story lines over and over again repeating same thing million times what is wrong with these people kids with guns using bad language and violence for no reason even killing animals what a shameful era we are living in.

let me clear this up a bit this is not a snuff,porn or exploitation film filled with sex but even those have some bloody standard at least they are serious about it and makers know what they are making but this one is nonsense Mathew Vaughn made just one good film in his life probably his last best too it is called layer cake with Daniel Craig check that out guys if you have not but avoid this crap please.

the plot: let us look at the plot here it goes as a spy agency hires kids so they can battle evil villains who are about to destroy the world.

oh please why drag kids and teens into this kids already ruined Wrestling attitude era this is coming from a 90s kid Batista and John Cena acts in lame movies too because they still aim it for kids ala guardians of galaxy etc parents are proud of it but the hypocrisy is that people hate Kristen Stewart and Dakota fanning when they do goo serious dramatic films.

special Vfx,cgi effects,gore goes useless the dialogs are so cheesy it makes cartoon network looks like history channel this is high time minus point this film looses it.

people are asking for a refund me too but who will listen if films like these are still coming out whatever this is Hollywood or British production it is the direction sucked big time so my question with critics and people is how dare all of you hate John Woo,Ang Lee & Ridley Scott these guys are legends and their movies are gold hey even a Tinto Brass movie is better then Kingsman any day Colin Firth was crazy for cash yes there are some hot sexy women here but wasted.

for people who want a great spy film watch Mi2:2000 or for comedy try Rush Hour 2 as for action go back and try drunken master or matrix trilogy even but stay way from this guys don't believe the hype critics are blind i am waiting for bad boy 3 Michael Bay will show these kids how real action is done.

overall Kingsman:The Secret Service 2015 is the worst film of 2015 my rating is 1/10.Skipp It save your money & time please i have wasted mine.
The Worst Movie
This was truly the most terrible "movie" I have ever seen. The few good parts were short-lived and crude. I don't mean to offend those that find this movie interesting, but I don't advise anyone else to watch this. The producers/directors must have really been running out of entertaining ideas, so they resorted to incredibly long, gruesome action scenes mixed with sexual jokes. I wish I hadn't have wasted two hours of my life watching this poor excuse of a film.I have no clue how Kingsman has such great reviews. I guess if you're into tacky, gory, overly-sexual movies, then go for it! If you're interested in a movie worthy of your time, do not bother trying with this one.
Best Action Film I've Seen Yet
Kingsman: The Secret Service is such a silly film, but it embraces that and, out of that, creates one of the most fun and entertaining action films yet.

Part of the reason why I'm giving this film 10 stars is that it contains perhaps the greatest action sequence I've ever seen in any film. I'm still absolutely stunned by how the scene was executed, and I saw the film more than three months ago; I assure anyone that the action sequences are unlike anything they've ever seen before. The careful camera-work, the choreography, the high-octane music, EVERYTHING fits so well to create the ultimate violent action sequence. I mustn't spoil it.

The other reasons I enjoyed the film follows: Colin Firth takes on the role as Harry Hart, a member of an international spy organization dedicated to protecting peace in the world. Firth takes on the role with enough seriousness and heart (Hart) to make the film engaging and fun. He steals every scene he is in, and his action sequences are the best ones in the film, but I'll get to that later.

Newcomer Taron Egerton plays the new recruit Eggsy, a rebel with a lot of heart and dedication to his family and friends. Egerton makes him instantly likable as the lead and spawns the right emotions to help the audience almost instantly know his feelings and the tone of the film.

The story overall is a typical formulaic spy plot, though Vaughn adds some more contemporary and ideological elements and twists (that have taken popularity with superhero films lately) into it to make the film more different and exciting from the stereotype James Bond films.

Overall, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a roller coaster of a film, that seems to pick up and slow down at the perfect moments. The story is fun and dynamic, and the action is impeccable.
Stunningly UNDERWHELMING Stinkeroo
I really really wanted to like this movie. And, while it does have a few positive points, on the whole it was stunningly underwhelming. Don't waste your money on this stinkeroo.

Parents note: This is NOT the movie you want to take your children to see. It is one of the most graphically violent movies I can ever remember seeing. "Comic decapitations" are still decapitations. There is also a scene where a mother tries to murder her innocent toddler with a large ax. One of the characters is literally cut in half from top to bottom, and then shown in graphic detail awkwardly stapled back together.

A large part of these problems can be directly related to inept direction. Director Matthew Vaughn has no ability to reign in the more "Hammish" actors. Samuel L. Jackson pulls out all the stops - and basically ruins every scene he is in. Jackson's performance has to be the worst of his long career. It may well be one of the worst performances of the decade. His character was just stupid and incredibly offensive to so many people on so many different levels. He chose to speak with a cartoonish lisp which might suggest he is effeminate, or perhaps that he has a speech impediment - motivation is not an issue here - don't look for logic or rationality anywhere in this awkward movie.

Fans of Colin Firth, Jack Davenport, Mark Hamill, and Michael Caine will be very very disturbed by how these characters are treated.

On a positive note, Taron Egerton is a delight. He has enough skills to overcome the horrible direction and ham handed performances.
Waste of money and time.
Kingsman: The Secret Service - the triumph of bad taste. Poor script, poorly executed. The action fake, the play of many actors is weak. Colin Firth is good but Samuel Jackson is ridiculous. The music is just noise. Filthy language in every sentence. It left an impression that the people in this movie don't know any language to express their needs or emotions. Absence of sense of class, taste or style. The first 5 min was intriguing but the following was boring. Frustrated, my children decided to nap but the typhoon of the torturing noise didn't allow them to relax. When the film finally was over people left the room speechless and with relief. Production of such movies is a confusing message to the youth. A terrible disappointment.
Blech. So Boring
The Plot.

Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

It tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra- competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

I WANTED to like this movie.

But it's derivative, predictable and actually insults your intelligence.

One major problem is that the Brits are trying to make an American movie. Doesn't work. Samuel Jackson is sooooo over exposed. He's in everything.

Tired of him.

Colin Firth is WAY out of his element.

And then there are all the idiotic save the world from global warming rhetoric. Couldn't come up with something unique?

In the end, it's OK. BUt not even good.
What a terrible movie
I usually go by IMDb for movie ratings when choosing a film and so far it's yet to let me down for the most part. I saw that this movie was given great reviews and were in the high 7's. Looked like a cool action packed film. What a disappointment. It was just silly and fake and I kept telling myself it would get better and it just did not. I guess I was expecting something of a hero movie and this was a joke. It seemed very childish with adult scenes. The graphics were cool but not in any way real. The wardrobe was great as well. This film had great potential and just went completely south. I would not recommend this to anyone. What a waste of money purchasing the film.
worse than awful
Worse than awful - not worth your time. Avoid it. God loves the sinner and hates the sin. Worst film ever. Hard to understand in the English presented in the movie. Rewind - add subtitles, what did he/she say, and why did I try? Believe me, it was not worth watching. Stupid and a total disappointment. Michael Caine can choose a better role, pity he choose this one. Typical horrible performance from Samuel L Jackson. What's in your dam* wallet awful actor with a voice, and now a lisp? Doesn't anyone make a decent movie anymore? If you have morals, or believe in what is decent and right, believe that God loves us all and you stand up for your faith, you are still in a sea of filth on this planet, and, unknowingly, fall deeper into more filth watching this movie.
My favorite spy movie of 2014
Kingsman , follows an elite team of spies appointed in order to stop crisis around the world and the recruitment in to their ranks of Exjy ,who as all hero journey go becomes awesome and kicks ass. This time the villain that the agency has to stop is Samuel E, Jackshon ,who is a billionaire Eco-terrorist who has as goal to kill a respectable present of the world population, something like the Nick Fury turns bad and he is hilarious!

As for the action, is extreme well choreograph, the stunts, the gore, the kills are so well make that is like the comic book ,tha this series is based came to life. What I loved was that all these agents, huntsmen (and women) are in love with spy movies and they brag about it. Everyone from Austin Power to Borne and the granddaddy of them all (possible that is true;)) James Bond are mentioned both as role model and poking fun to some of the plots holes that they have in their stories.

The dialogues are also very well written (I suspect Tarantino has put his hands in to that) and the changing between the polite British tone and the ripped fire cursing made me laugh my ass off. The great result must be from the fact that everyone must had a blush working their and it was apparent to the way the characters were reacting to their environment (bonus fact to work their ,you could work beside Mark Hamil himself!).

In the end is a enjoyable spy film ,with elements of spoof films of old and I recommended to all, just make sure that in the company you don't have a person with a wick stomach, did I mention the gore? Yes ,I did so do squirms people aloud!
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