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Jurassic World
USA, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Colin Trevorrow
Irrfan Khan as Masrani
Andy Buckley as Scott
Lauren Lapkus as Vivian
Jake M. Johnson as Lowery
Eddie J. Fernandez as Paddock Worker
Judy Greer as Park Visitor
Chris Pratt as Owen
Eric Edelstein as Paddock Supervisor
Ty Simpkins as Gray
Brian Tee as Hamada
B.D. Wong as Henry Wu
Storyline: 22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, the new park (also known as Jurassic World) is open for business. After years of studying genetics the scientists on the park genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur. When everything goes horribly wrong, will our heroes make it off the island?
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Best Jurassic Park Ever Made and Best 2015 Blockbuster Hands Down!!
I'm so angry Extremely angry at those comments which undermined that great movie to the extent that after reading the reviews here I felt so much this movie will turn up to be a let down and was about to skip it!! The only reason I went to see it after reading those reviews which all pointed that its not all that also said not bad yet not great was that I had nothing else better to do that evening!! and Boy was I so wrong!!!! Seriously at least 70% of the comments out here are so damn faithful to Jurassic 1&2 to the extent they became blinded to anything that could actually be better!! And to be fair to those who dissed this movie they all pointed out that it is better than the 3rd installment which to me meant nothing much because Part 3 was a total waste of time and anything compared to it will be better!! Therefor I seriously considered waiting for it to come on DVD instead of wasting valuable time driving down to me local IMAX to watch it!! Well I went with almost zero expectations which is not good in my case because it makes me see the worst in a movie instead of being optimistic and boy that movie rocked me side way upwards downwards you name it and the strength ultimately came from the amazing extra ordinary story line and the effects combined with some amazing direction and camera work that blow me away!! I immediately went down to memory lane to remind myself how good really Jurassic Park 1&2 actually were?!!However I could not help myself thinking this story line and movie all together is actually better way better than the original Jurassic Park and the reason for this is that this movie is more serious you may say and darker than the first two with a solid captivating story line that I would expect would catch the attention of almost anyone serious about movies. I consider myself one of the world's best movie watchers and if there was an award I would surely run for it because I have seen almost every decent movie that has come out from 1965 till now with a few exceptional ones beyond those dates!! That doesn't mean that my taste in movies would appeal to everyone nor it means I know better than the rest of you may be just a little bit!!!! This movie is world class and by far the best Blockbuster of 2015 Hands both Down!! Go watch it folks and be fair when you rate a movie
Terrific world
To be quite honest I came into this movie carrying a few negative biases. A first one against the Jurassic franchise, which I've never been a huge fan of. A second one against 4th installments in film franchises (that's right Crystal Skull, I'm looking at you). And a third one against easy, bigger-is-better blockbuster. One by one, this film destroyed these biases. The cast's performance, led by an astonishing Chris Pratt was tremendous (even though child actors will remain child actors). The new park was as immersive as one could have ever hoped for. The link made to the rest of the franchise was not only skillful but impregnated with a subtlety unknown to blockbusters. The film was overall one of the most terrific movie-going experiences I've ever had. Not only immersive, thrilling and wowing, but also quite reflective on the effects of consumerism on our society.
Welcome to the Park
It's been awhile I think that I have labeled a film "a thrill ride" but seriously though this film was a real thrill ride. It takes place about twenty years after the events of the first film. There is now a functioning theme park on the original island. They get thousands of guest and they have tons of money making attractions. But then the people who run the park get a little greedy wanting to make more money and bring in more people so they create a new attraction, one that is more dangerous and scarier then the T-Rex. This film was fantastic. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard lead this film very well almost as a good as Sam Neill and Laura Dern did in the first film. The kids as well Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins did a good job. Colin Trevorrow also was a great choice to helm this film and he did a fantastic job directing. Now yes this film was a sequel and a great one at that. It's been a long time since I have felt that a sequel is just as good as its original. This film to me is really good and just as good as the first film. The special effects were great and one of the best parts was the music. I have been a Jurassic Park fan since I was a little kid and this is actually the first of franchise that I have seen in theaters as well. So this was definitely an amazing experience for me and hearing that original score in this film literally gave me goosebumps.
Another watchable instalment
17 June 2015 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - Jurassic World. Let's just say I'm a BIG fan of these movies, right from the minute we saw Sir Richard Attenborough clutching that cane with the amber head, I was hooked. I don't care that it's fiction and highly improbable, what matters is that these films take me to another land and in many ways another time.....65 million years ago to be precise. To be honest there wasn't anything terribly new in this film, two children, a rugged hero type, a woman running around in her high heels and a man with an alternative agenda. What we did get however, was dinosaurs on our side, and I love that. As portrayed in the film, the public want bigger, scarier attractions and a film going audience in a sense want that too. In this film however, we got more of the thinking man's dinosaur and a gaggle of well meaning people whose intentions were good but misplaced, a a couple of characters who really need to get eaten. I watched it in 3D, and I'm selective about the films I watch in 3D these days, but I have to say I was pretty darn good. Wouldn't mind watching it again......oh and Chris Prattt.....yum.
Great movie
This was a great movie. I recommend it for older viewers. There are parts that can scare younger kids, so if you have younger kids might not be the best movie to watch with them. Other then that it had lots of action, lots of dinosaurs, and some mystery in the movie. The plot was pretty good with the old dinosaurs and some newer dinosaurs. I really enjoyed this movie and think that people that liked the Jurassic park movies should give this movie a try. This movie is definitely worth going to see in the theater. I hope that they make more movies in this series. I like the addition of the fact that they added some newer dinosaurs to this movie. I helps to make the movie more of a fresh movie. I also like that the raptors actually help out the humans that live on the island. Some of the newer attractions and transportation also help to make the movie a more modern feeling. I would recommend this to all my friends and family with old enough kids or if they liked Jurassic park.
Don't miss it. Highly recommended!
Well some critics over here are really harsh on the film. It seems like being harsh is so cool for them. But I don't like them. Seriously, this movie is awesome. They say the dinosaurs don't have such connections with humans and so on....as if they were in Jurassic period. The truth is why can't?! also the movie is based on dinosaurs created by small changes in original DNA gaps filled with present day animals. So they could exhibit such connection with human being. Anyways some people are always dumb and you can never make them understand. So overall I say don't believe in those negative reports. Also the movie was wonderful with cool scenes. Its not like Godzilla where I had to see the monsters for just 20min in whole movie. The Jurassic World gave me more satisfaction. I never got too tired to wait for the monster to appear unlike the Godzilla where I saw it clearly at the end LOL! I don't like to compare but if people think Godzilla was good then this movie far better than it! Climax is super awesome!
Stomps the others out of the Park
This movie is so harshly critiqued by many for all the wrong reasons, this movie delivers in brilliant story, subtle yet well executed character development,superb special effects that I cannot fault and the acting in this movie is brought together perfectly with some big cinema names. I absolutely love this movie as it keeps the entertainment flowing and delivers a sense of engaging and exciting realism due to the well thought out storyline. And when people say it is predictable, it is because the read description. People need to wake up and realise that this movie is making millions because it is a masterpiece, I have already seen it a few times. I give it a rare 10/10
The irony of unrealistic things in a made up world
The only thing scarier than running from a Mega T-Rex is running from a mega t-rex while wearing heels. Jurassic World was so many things, but realistic wasn't one of them. Obviously there isn't a standard for a level of realness in science fiction movies, but there are standards for the real world. In a modern world full of historic dinosaurs, anything can happen. Apparently one of these things can be the possibility of keeping a pair of heels intact and on your feet throughout two hours of dinosaur madness. The main female protagonist in Jurassic World does just that, not once stopping to limp in pain or take her heels off. You don't even need to be a woman to know that the act of running from a dinosaur, (or several), in heels is quite the feat. There was also Chris Pratt riding his old motorcycle at top speed through a thick jungle, trying to escape three incredibly fast velociraptors. While making for a great scene, the thought of actually accomplishing this task frightens and perplexes me beyond words. I did hear many negative things about this movie before I went into it, however I did not let it influence my thoughts on the film. One lad from the Huffington Post says that, "The film tickled the inner child in me that was once frightened by these same dinosaurs years before." I completely agree with his stance, finding it hard to not compare the old movies to the new. My senses were heightened and I often caught myself forgetting to breathe. It was also very pleasing to find that they frequently threw in references to the old movies, through speech and objects themselves. Overall, even though Chris Pratt never removed his shirt (unfortunately for all the women in the audience), I have to give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Putting the unrealiticness aside, the imagery and plot line was irrefutable and attention grabbing.
It's Back
Jurassic World is the Jurassic Park of this generation. It returns us to the island where it began for an amazing feature presentation with live dinosaurs and one not so real one. Overall the movie was visually stunning and really stood out from movies of this generation. It gives you a chance to see what a true dinosaur theme park would look like. The cast was well cat and both worked off of the chemistry from each other. The dinosaurs were so realistic and it was truly terrifying.? The movie also had a good story to follow. It was able to keep me in my seat for the entire time and demanding more. The dinosaur blockbuster also earned over 1.6 billion in the global box office. People still aren't done with dinosaurs and neither should you. I'd give this movie a shot. You will not regret it.
Yes, This was a great movie for this day and age, and you WILL enjoy it. DO NOT READ REVIEWS BEFORE YOU SEE A MOVIE.
OK movie lovers, this is the review you need to see.

Personally, I loved it. The Action is intense, and the storyline is great. The orchestration by Michael Giacchino was VERY well done as opposed to John Williams, and the actors and actresses fit their roles very well too.

Now, I constantly go to Movie's, and in MY opinion, this was one of the best I have seen in the last 5 years, due to the storyline and the incredibly well done CGI. If you love Dinosaurs, you're going to enjoy this movie, regardless of what you think about the rest of the movie. Trust me. If you love action, this one is pretty action packed, so you'll have a great time too.

HOWEVER, if you read the rest of the reviews, you'll most likely see title's following the words, "This Movie Sucked" or "I'm gonna go on a rant here".


Look, everyone has their own opinions, likes and dislikes. My opinion is 10 out of 10 across the board easily. Yours might be different, but before you judge this movie because of all the reviews you've just read, I strongly suggest seeing it first. You're not going to regret it, even if you don't like the entire thing, because this movie is full of likable scenes.

My rating is 10 out of 10, and I hope to see people take my advice and see it themselves before they decide what they're going to think about it.
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