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Jurassic World
USA, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Colin Trevorrow
Irrfan Khan as Masrani
Andy Buckley as Scott
Lauren Lapkus as Vivian
Jake M. Johnson as Lowery
Eddie J. Fernandez as Paddock Worker
Judy Greer as Park Visitor
Chris Pratt as Owen
Eric Edelstein as Paddock Supervisor
Ty Simpkins as Gray
Brian Tee as Hamada
B.D. Wong as Henry Wu
Storyline: 22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, the new park (also known as Jurassic World) is open for business. After years of studying genetics the scientists on the park genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur. When everything goes horribly wrong, will our heroes make it off the island?
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The best Jurassic park movie
The first three Jurassic park movie are very scary. But this movie is scarier. 7.1 is underrating this movie. This is one of the scariest movies of all time. It is better then 7.1. All the Jurassic Park movie are great movies and this is the best one. This is one of the best scenes fiction movie of all time. This movie has great special effects. It also has a great story line. It also has great acting. Colin Trevorrow is a great director. Chris Pratt is a great actor. Bryce Dallas Howard is a great actresses. Ty Simpkins is a great actor. Nick Robinson is a great actor. See this movie. See all the Jurassic park movies.
How to tame your raptor
I just recently watched the movie Jurassic World and needless to say, it was EXCELLENT...

From the beginning to the end, there was enough action, and surprisingly, a lot of humor to find in between the action scenes. There is some gore to be found in the movie (It is a horror genre with Dino's, after all...) but there wasn't all too much graphic scenes. You could easily take your children to the movie without having to worry about blood or other gruesome things for your kids to see (WARNING: You will see some people got eaten, but as I just mentioned, NO BLOOD)

The story takes place on isla Nublar, in Costa Rica. None of the previous characters are involved in this film seeing as how John Hammond has passed away and the previous characters have nothing to do with this movie. However, the new introductions bring a few fresh faces to the genre and the story divides screen time evenly between the main characters so the movie isn't focused on 1 specific character.

If you are a fan from Jurassic Park or any Dino-themed movie, this is definitely for you.
How to Turn Gold to Lead
I can understand why this drivel is receiving good reviews. Simply put, the movie company waited until enough time passed and a new generation is the focus of their marketing. Not only is the storyline a complete copy of the original Jurassic Park, but even with all the developments in technology since the original, they still managed to screw it up and present a mediocre offering. All I can say is that I hope the new generation go to the trouble of viewing the original Jurassic Park, so that they can see what an utter load of rubbish this so called movie actually is. It seems the buck reigns supreme in Hollywood and any attempt to improve on the original just simply does not exist. They want your money, and quality or value is not a concern. By all means watch this rubbish, but please do yourself a favour, and watch the original as well, just so you can see how little interest Hollywood has in your enjoyment. Simply put, it is an awful movie, piggybacking on the back of a classic.
A great science fiction movie, a take off on the Frankenstein story. Total mayhem on the screen.
This movie is about what happens when people dabble in areas of research that are best to be left alone. It is about what happens when military and business interests conspire to engage in projects without any outside controls. It is about what happens when people become smug and complacent to the point of recklessness. It is about what happens when science is perverted for the sake of profit. It is about what happens when caution is tossed into the wind. It is about what happens when nature is violated. It is about what happens when freaks of nature are produced for all the worst reasons. It is about what happens when the scientist loses his moral compass. It is about the arrogance of man. It is about the consequences of unrestrained materialism. This movie contains all the elements of a great science fiction movie. First, it has an excellent and highly inventive story. The idea of dinosaurs working with humans is engaging. Its rationale as explained in the movie is not beyond the realm of plausibility. Second, the special effects are spectacular. The movie contains numerous scenes depicting many different species of dinosaurs, some friendly, some lethal. Third, the dinosaurs are not demonized. Instead, they are portrayed as creatures who are being manipulated. Fourth, the story includes good guys and bad guys. Fifth, the action is nonstop. The principle characters are literally running throughout the movie. Sixth, the script includes many clever and corny lines that evoke laughter. Seventh, the movie dramatizes what happens when safety is sacrificed for profit. The cast is excellent. Vincent D'Onfrio is especially strong as the head of park security who is actually a sell out for the profiteers. But the biggest star are the special effects which in this movie are entirely necessary and in no way gratuitous. For this movie to succeed as a drama, it has to be able to depict the total mayhem and terror caused by the irresponsible conduct of those who sacrificed the public good to make a quick buck. One other point: This movie succeeds in drawing from other great science fiction movies, like Predator, Frankenstein and Jurassic Park to produce an original, unique and powerful dramatic story.
Welcome to the Park
It's been awhile I think that I have labeled a film "a thrill ride" but seriously though this film was a real thrill ride. It takes place about twenty years after the events of the first film. There is now a functioning theme park on the original island. They get thousands of guest and they have tons of money making attractions. But then the people who run the park get a little greedy wanting to make more money and bring in more people so they create a new attraction, one that is more dangerous and scarier then the T-Rex. This film was fantastic. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard lead this film very well almost as a good as Sam Neill and Laura Dern did in the first film. The kids as well Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins did a good job. Colin Trevorrow also was a great choice to helm this film and he did a fantastic job directing. Now yes this film was a sequel and a great one at that. It's been a long time since I have felt that a sequel is just as good as its original. This film to me is really good and just as good as the first film. The special effects were great and one of the best parts was the music. I have been a Jurassic Park fan since I was a little kid and this is actually the first of franchise that I have seen in theaters as well. So this was definitely an amazing experience for me and hearing that original score in this film literally gave me goosebumps.
No Words
This movie is by far the best of the Jurassic franchise that I have seen and I definitely do recommend this to Jurassic Park fans because this movie has a lot of twists and surprising scenes that blow your mind!!!! This movie has it all Suspense, Horror, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Violence, & Excitement but I do not recommend this for little kids because it's a whole lot more advanced animation then the other Jurassic movie franchises. But after watching this movie you'll definitely want to go back and watch the whole Jurassic Park franchise because this reminded me of my childhood when I first saw this cool Dinosaur movie that was a little scary at first until I got used to it after watching it a lot of times. This movie was totally awesome and I highly recommend that you guys see this movie because it's a different movie and it's not what you would even expect while watching it!!!!!
Dinos return to glory days
JURASSIC WORLD I do so love when a movie series returns to its creative roots. JURASSIC PARK was an epic film, and then Spielberg and company found a way to destroy its flavor with two banal sequels. After a lengthy hiatus that included much soul-searching, and dumping Jack Horner, JURASSIC WORLD brings the franchise back to the wonderfulness of the original.

I try to not watch trailers before I see a movie. Often, they are misleading. At best, the reveal too many key plot elements or scenes. Unfortunately, the trailers for JURASSIC WORLD permeated media in a major advertising campaign blitz. What I saw in the trailers alarmed me. Did I actually see Velociraptors work along side the film's protagonist Chris Pratt, as a unified force? It reminded me of ALIENS VS. PREDATOR, where viewers were force-fed the notion a petite black woman was the only human representative capable of defeating a horde of aliens by teaming with the creatures who hunt humans for sport. Please. The concept was idiotic, and though they tried to salvage the movie series with a follow-up, the initial theme essentially destroyed the franchise in the world of celluloid.

The raptors, in the same frame with Pratt, are not friendly creatures. Luckily, there are no "we are family" moments between species. I'll test your memory here, but think back to the second film in the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON series; THE REVENGE OF THE CREATURE. In the film, John Agar, experimenting on the intelligence of the gill-man, uses an electric prod to teach the word "stop" to the Creature. Through Pavlovian testing, the Creature hesitates at the sound. It establishes a necessary reaction for the climatic scene. The raptors work much the same manner in JURASSIC WORLD. It is done well.

Now, consider Jack Horner. After JURASSIC PARK, Horner attempted to garner his fifteen minutes of Andy Warhol fame and used rather sketchy paleontology findings to discredit the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He claimed the King of Dinosaurs was nothing but a mooching scavenger. Somehow, he convinced Spielberg to shift attention away from Rex. It was a bad move that culminated in a horrendous JURASSIC PARK 3, where a Spinosaurus, which in reality measured only 20 feet compared to T-rex's 50 feet, fights and defeats Rex. Horner's new Rex theories were dismantled by his peers and colleagues within a year. He is now in the café of scientific oblivion, sipping coffee with the two researchers who tried to convince us of global warming with a fabricated hockey stick graph model. Rex is back in full glory in JURASSIC WORLD. In fact, he received cheers and applause from the preview audience when he appeared on screen. They were louder than any reaction to superheroes.

JURASSIC WORLD makes many references to the original, and basically ignores everything from the sequels. It is twenty years past John Hammond's disastrous attempt to bring dinosaurs to a theme park. In that time, technology has improved, enabling Hammond's dream to become reality. Thousands of people visit JURASSIC WORLD on a regular basis, but as with all things, dinosaurs become mundane with the public and the park must find new and exciting ways to keep ticket sales booming. Enter Indominus Rex, a genetically built dinosaur hybrid, meant to add an element of fear and terror to park visitors. BD Wong returns as Dr. Henry Wu, and is the culprit behind creation of the new Rex. He is reminiscent of Dr. Susan McCallister, played by Saffron Burrows, in DEEP BLUE SEA, who created superior sharks, but opted not to tell anyone about the enhances features.

In keeping with the Spielberg tradition of constantly putting children in danger, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson star as Gray and Zach, who are visiting the park while their parents attempt to end their marital bliss. There can never be happy families anymore in films. It doesn't fit the template of a dysfunctional society, so loved by liberal Hollywood ideology. Entrusted to the care of their aunt, the boys naturally find a way to immerse themselves in park havoc, while they discover the bond that exists between brothers. Meanwhile, Auntie Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, while chasing the All American Woman Executive Dream, has the hots for Owen (Pratt), who is in this story what Robert Muldoon should have been in the first. All these subplots are secondary and just provide hurdles for a tale about a genetic freak, and the dinosaurs who hate him.

Critics were able to see JURASSIC WORLD in 3D. It is worth it. The dinos, especially the raptor attacks, are superb. The dinos look great, thanks to Ed Verreaux's production design. Cinematography by John Schwartzman is excellent and provides several iconic moments sure to appear on posters and memes. Music, though featuring additional tunes by Michael Giacchino is basically variations on John Williams memorable score.

All in all, JURASSIC WORLD brings the series back to where it belongs. You can watch the first one, skip the second and third, and jump straight to this one and have a better franchise. The movie is filled with dinosaurs and dinosaur action. It's worth repeated views and deserves a spot on your home video shelf. As such, it exemplifies excellence in film entertainment and captures the coveted Fist of Fiore Award for 2015. You'll like this one; it's a keeper.

The irony of unrealistic things in a made up world
The only thing scarier than running from a Mega T-Rex is running from a mega t-rex while wearing heels. Jurassic World was so many things, but realistic wasn't one of them. Obviously there isn't a standard for a level of realness in science fiction movies, but there are standards for the real world. In a modern world full of historic dinosaurs, anything can happen. Apparently one of these things can be the possibility of keeping a pair of heels intact and on your feet throughout two hours of dinosaur madness. The main female protagonist in Jurassic World does just that, not once stopping to limp in pain or take her heels off. You don't even need to be a woman to know that the act of running from a dinosaur, (or several), in heels is quite the feat. There was also Chris Pratt riding his old motorcycle at top speed through a thick jungle, trying to escape three incredibly fast velociraptors. While making for a great scene, the thought of actually accomplishing this task frightens and perplexes me beyond words. I did hear many negative things about this movie before I went into it, however I did not let it influence my thoughts on the film. One lad from the Huffington Post says that, "The film tickled the inner child in me that was once frightened by these same dinosaurs years before." I completely agree with his stance, finding it hard to not compare the old movies to the new. My senses were heightened and I often caught myself forgetting to breathe. It was also very pleasing to find that they frequently threw in references to the old movies, through speech and objects themselves. Overall, even though Chris Pratt never removed his shirt (unfortunately for all the women in the audience), I have to give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Putting the unrealiticness aside, the imagery and plot line was irrefutable and attention grabbing.
A really fun ride and I'll certainly watch it more than once!
A really thrill of a ride. The Indominous Rex was a really cool idea and handed well. A lot of action and storyline. Most characters developed well and the last scene was a peach! However, there were some faults but they didn't destroy the film in any way, shape or form.

The park was introduced in a very modern way and the teenager was like he would be, on his phone when there are dinosaurs!!! Staring at girls of course while queuing for the Gyrosphere was also very relatable.

Glad the Trex animatronic came back...and didn't die because that would have disappointed me as it would have been a Jurassic Park 3 repeat. Though my jaw-dropped at the awesomeness that was when the Trex and Velociraptor fought together against the I-Rex. Seriously a really good film and (in my opinion) competes for the best of the four films.
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