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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
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Gaspar Noé
Vincent Cassel as Marcus (as Cassel)
Le Quellec as Inspecteur
Fesche as Chauffeur Taxi
Nato as Commissaire
Jara-Millo as Concha (as Jaramillo)
Stéphane Drouot as Stéphane (as Drouot)
Michel Gondoin as Mick (as Gondouin)
Jean-Louis Costes as Fistman (as Costes)
Hellal as Layde
Mourad Khima as Mourad (as Khima)
Jo Prestia as Le Tenia (as Prestia)
Philippe Nahon as L'homme (as Nahon)
Albert Dupontel as Pierre (as Dupontel)
Monica Bellucci as Alex (as Bellucci)
Storyline: Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in the underpass. Her boyfriend and ex-lover take matters into their own hands by hiring two criminals to help them find the rapist so that they can exact revenge. A simultaneously beautiful and terrible examination of the destructive nature of cause and effect, and how time destroys everything. Written by Denny Gibbons
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This movie is not worth the sea-sickness in the first 20 min
I gave this movie a fair shake. I knew the basic premise without reading many reviews. If you're looking for a pseudo graphic rape scene, it's in there. There are parts of the film that are even slightly touching. There were unresolved questions about the fate of the baby (unless I missed something, though I assumed) and the fate of the mother. The cinematography made me nauseated early on and it was unnecessary for it to be that choppy. It could have been a decent film, but the writing didn't support a plot told in reverse, and neither did the actors. Overall, I think the film Would have been more compelling with a well thought out plot - whether in reverse or in chronological order. Also, I personally like all ends of a story tied up - that includes the fate of Alex and her baby.
Not pretentious or artificial... just French!
Not much time to waste about this sh*t. Just as needful as a shot in the knee or a terrorist bombing. Not a big help to the image of French cinema. I wish I could hear the opinion of my revered french directors: Truffaut, Rohmer, Tati, Clouzot, Renoir, Clément...

Oh, my! Disgusting discovery! I must spare 10 lines about this cr*p! What can I say? Maybe just mourn for the decay of the cinematic taste that IMDb keeps on throwing at the face of the few ones that really have seen films and know that Tarantino didn't discover cinema!

Recommended to all those who rate this movie above 1*: "A Confederacy of Dunces", by John Kennedy Toole. Just enjoy it before some dunce adapts it...
At times brilliant and at times sophomoric but always depressing
The film and its plot have been described and extolled by other readers. Most of what is said is true, but I would attach a different view to many of the things this director does.

The director is obviously trying to be innovative, and in many ways what he does works. Probably his best innovation (well, it has been done before, but not often)is to tell the story backwards. This has the effect of making you think about the things that led up to the rather horrible ending (which you see in the beginning). If he had told it in the usual way you would have been shocked by the ending and walked out wondering why it is such a downer but not considered the causes. There are other effects, such as moving the camera around in a very jerky way. This does give a disorienting and confused effect which is probably what the director wanted, but it also makes you feel a bit sea sick and there are times it is very difficult to follow what is happening on the screen, which is not what the director wanted.

All and all, the theme of the movie is a depressing one. It is on a par with "life sucks and then you die" or more like "life may be good for a bit but eventually the evil comes out in all of us and it destroys us." Some people like depressing things and if you are one of those people, then I recommend this movie. I am not one of those people and I sincerely disagree with this view of life, so I didn't like it.
Stupid and Pretentious *minor spoilers*
Gaspar Noe's "I Stand Alone" was brilliant, but this film is stupid, disgusting, and pretentious. The story plays out in achronological order, like in "Memento", from graphic murder, through the unrelenting rape and beating that instigated it, to earlier happy times in an attempt to provide an explanation about predestination, but the result isn't real motivation, it's simply a pat attempt to justify the atrocities. The camera movement at the beginning is so disorienting that it's difficult to follow the action, though it grinds to a halt to vividly show both rape and murder. This is a film that revels in it's excess, but is too cowardly to admit that it's exploitation.
Irreverent unnecessary gratuitous violence
I like going to see a movie without knowing anything about it beforehand.

I thought I was going to see a thriller when I went to see "Irreversible". Should I had known I was going to see the most shocking "nothingness" I had ever seen, I would have never stepped into the cinema in the first place. "Irreversible" is pure violence. Both moral and physical violence. Unmotivated. An offence to anybody's taste. By the end of the movie, my eyes were aching, I could no longer bear to watch any more painful scenes. Even though the movie proved not to be a thriller, I left the cinema with many unanswered questions, such as "how on earth did this movie make it to Cannes?" and "why would any decent actor accept to play a part in such a terrible 'show'?". There is nothing original about "Irreversible", both on a semantic and stylistic level. The story line is banal: the random rape and murder of a young, middle class woman is the core event in the movie. Her lover and her former fianceé, who are best friends, spend all night trying to find the assassin, helped by two uncanny individuals, ending up in the creepiest, most squalid places, mixing up with transvestites, prostitutes and gay people. On a formal level, the movie reminds me of Memento: the story is told in reverse, starting form the most recent going to the least recent event. The director over uses handheld-Blair Witch-like footage to scare the spectators and extra loud noise to traumatise them. The key concept behind the film is that destiny is written, that you cannot change your future, that every step you take, every choice you make, every second you spend are 'irreversibly' leading you somewhere you can't help going to. Regardless of how deep the message of the film was, I believe it was not necessary for the film to be so fierce. The spectators are forced to watch a woman being sodomized for as long as 12 minutes (no interruptions, long shot). Then for about 15 minutes the audience is shown filthy men having sex in a dirty nightclub. For the remaining 1 hour and a half we see three insignificant, boring characters, with nothing interesting to say. This movie will certainly win the Award for the most gratuitous, unjustified, unnecessary and unreasonable violence that has ever been screened.
I live in brazil and i do not speak English very well, but i'll try to show you my point of view the best way i can. This movie is probably the worst thing that i ever saw in my life. Terrible actors, stupid story (even worst screenplay) and the director must be blind, because i can imagine someone watching this trash and at the same time liking it. Actually, this movie (if the producers wanted that kind of result) did not need a director, but just a monkey to carry the camera across the set while the actors and the retarded cinematographer walk on his side pointing the light to make us think that they really knew what they were doing. If The passion of the Christ didn't exist, this movie will become the worst movie of the history. In the future, when i learn to speak English correctly, i will give you a hundred more reasons why. José Vicente.
Unbearable and Horrific- You Must Read This
This very suffocating film is by far the most brutal and graphic piece of work done in a long time. Although the camera work is technically excellent it is overshadowed by the savage scenes which surround it; from the moment Pierre smashes a mans skull and brain to jelly with a fire extinguisher you realize that this inhuman film ranks up there with the most vile and grim ones around. If this seen was not gut- wrenching enough then the very disturbing rape scene that followed simply made the last scene look average. The director's goal was to make the viewer feel as uncomfortable as possible but at the same time make you really understand. Each time the 'Tenia' is shown brutally raping his victim (Monica Belluci) you find it unbearable to watch, smartly the director may use another camera view so that you see less. You might then think it's over and you feel a sign of relief-wrong. Immediately you are thrown right back into the deep end and you begin to drown in her pain and terrible suffering as this very sick and deranged predator keeps going. At times I actually questioned whether it was in my right to watch this, am I watching this because I enjoy watching or am I so disgusted and surprised by the tragedy that I need to know the full extent. For whatever reason there is the director definitely gained my utmost sympathy for this woman and triggered my rage and anger for this rapist. What struck me even more was the fact that after you suffer this scene, which seems to last forever the 'Tenia' then goes on to severely beat his victim to a pulp- how nice as if she had not suffered enough. I could tell you of the brilliant filmwork or the brilliant acting by Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Doberman) and Monica Belluci (The Passion of the Christ, The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions) but we the viewer are simply engulfed by the sadistic atrocities that are the sad highlight of this film. I will say that if you really want to find the hatred within yourself against cold blooded killers and rapists then this film will trigger it. I wouldn't recommend this film to someone in a conversation about films unless the very highly unlikely scenario of rape surfaced. Despite this I wish you could see this film just to understand the full extent of the harsh encounters people have in life, and even if you can't fully watch then only glimpses will do the damage. The background music just to mention is quite daunting and further enhances the surreal and uncomfortable atmosphere.
Terrible Movie
This movie is awful do not recommend even if you like bad movies.I get what they were trying to do in making this movie, but I've seen movies filmed by children better than this pile of crap. The camera doesn't hold still for a single frame of the movie and is often filming the ground, ceiling, lights, walls, and anything other than the actors. This would have been better if a 6 year old had been handed the camera. It tried to do something that was art but utterly failed. It will give you a headache to watch. The plot may be descent, and I couldn't tell you if the acting is good or not because the camera is never on the actors. This seems like a very poorly thought out attempt at an art film.
I am very surprised to see all of the negative complaints towards this film.Like "I Spit on Your Grave" or "I Stand Alone","Irreversible" is only rubbish to those who don't understand it,or don't want to understand it.Gaspar Noe tells us the story about love and revenge-a pregnant young woman(outstanding Monica Bellucci)is violently raped and tortured in the underground passage.Her boyfriend(Vincent Cassel)desperately tries to find her rapist to kill him.The infamous Monica Bellucci's anal rape scene is truly brutal and sickening,but at least the film can't be accused of eroticizing,trivializing or glamourizing rape,something many mainstream movies are guilty of.It actually shows that rape is a brutal and disgusting act.Congratulations should go to this stunningly beautiful actress for her brave performance.It's obvious that women should be treated with respect,unfortunately this is the kind of a sexual violence women are dealing with everyday and everywhere.In that case Cassel's savage behaviour is completely justified.The scenes in "Rectum" are genuinely nightmarish and infernal.The film will leave you shaken and desolated,so if you want to see something totally mind-shattering,then "Irreversible" is a must-see.An absolute 10 out of 10.
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