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Hotel Inferno
Action, Horror
IMDB rating:
Giulio De Santi
Michael Howe as Jorge Mistrandia
Pierluigi Nitas as Beheaded victim
Bonini Mino as Henchman with chainsaw
Mauro Migliorini as Slotty henchman
Riccardo Valentini as Henchman in good health
Monica Muñoz as Female Serial Killer
Rayner Bourton as Frank Zimosa
Santiago Ortaez as Rotten henchman
Jessica Carroll as Frank's girlfriend
Wilmar Zimosa as Gomorra
Christian Riva as The Plague Spreader - Huge female henchman
Enrique Sorres as Sacrificial Human
Storyline: The contract killer Frank Zimosa has just been hired for a ridiculously lucrative mission by the rich and powerful Jorge Mistrandia. The objective: to kill a couple of people hiding in one of his European hotels. What would look like one of the simplest jobs Frank has ever had is just about to turn into a living nightmare. He will soon realize he's nothing more than prey for Mistrandia and his army of crazy henchmen that have hiding in the hotel along with an ancient and unstoppable Horror. In their hotels you can only rent rooms....in Hell! See everything through the eyes of the Anti-Hero Frank Zimosa and boost your mind with an overdose of: nonstop violence, adrenaline, and pure fear, surrounded in a mysterious, deep and twisted story. You won't just watch it, you will experience it.
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Not sure what I just watched tbh.
This movie is one of those POV movies like Hardcore Henry, so for people who get motion sickness you may want to stay away from this film.

Also this movie is freaking gory and bloody, extreme amount of violence in the film, some scenes done very well to just plain silly tomato ketchup looking scenes.

The main problem with the film is the main character, he just seems so off, his voice is weird, he seems like a dude perhaps in his 40's yet his voice has that weird "deckard cain" feel to it.

Don't expect this to be a good film or try to follow the story, because it is very vague on to what it wants you to understand. It honestly feels like a college project type of movie, a college movie that spent its whole entire budget on blood and makeup effects.

This is one of those "background noise" kinda movies, throw it on while your doing something else, you may see a cool scene or two. If you're a fan of the POV kinda movies like me you will find some enjoyment in it.
A fair review of Hotel Inferno
As it stands right now, all of the reviews from this movie are 1 star or 8-10 stars. All of these people are wrong.

For starters, this movie plays out exactly like a fist person shooter video game. The tropes, the dialog, and obviously the camera angle and movement. There's little doubt what this movie is supposed to be and, in all honesty, it does it rather well. The whole first person thing has been tried to a much more limited extent in some movies. House Of The Dead and Doom come to mind. But in these movies it was more for the movie's denouement...a final showdown. In Hotel Inferno it's done throughout and it's kind of enjoyable.

This isn't without it's drawbacks. The camera is jumpy, the dialog is on-par with a video game, and it lacks a bit of continuity. You'll find a 10 minute action sequence ended just to have some exposition on what happened and what will happen next. Again, exactly as you would in a video game. It's like finishing a mission and waiting for a cut scene to tell you what you did and what to do next, except it's a movie. This gets a bit old even if you follow the premise.

For a movie with this budget the special effects are actually quite well done. Gore fans will undoubtedly appreciate the over-the-top violence and gore and others will probably just laugh at the preposterousness of it all. Either way, the special effects team absolutely did the most with what they had.

All in all it's a relatively enjoyable movie if you know what you're in for (and have a six pack of your preferred adult beverage available). It's something a little new but absolutely not without it's flaws. Is it perfect? No. Is it a bit of fun to watch with some friends? Absolutely.
Bloody Awesome
I was excited to check this out, as I had been a fan of Necrostorms previous entries (Adam Chaplin and Tater City). I finally got my copy in the mail, and wow, it was quite the scene.

We open in a taxi, through the eyes of a man named Zimosa. We will see the entire movie through his eyes, completely first person. We find out that Zimosa is a hit man, and will be working for a mysterious millionaire called Mistrandia. Zimosa is informed he'll be performing a simple job of taking out a couple that are in the hotel room next to his. Couldn't be more simple. But not everything is as it seems and Zimosa is about to have one hell of a night.

I have only seen two other movies told in first person, the Maniac remake and Enter the Void. Both of which I enjoyed. Hotel Inferno was no different, I did very much enjoy this flick. I thought the effects were outstanding, I found it very easy to become immersed in this bloody world. Because it was told in first person, and we see people being blown away, shot up and punched to death, it feels like a violent video game that you can't control. That was a fun experience. I do find pacing can be difficult with a first person movie, but I was never bored with this one.

I was surprised at how creepy and chilling this became. Most of these movies have been bloody fun, whereas because we are so immersed in this one, it's quite freaky and even scary in parts. The atmosphere really paints this out to be a nightmare of a Hotel.

The gore is excellent and excessive, as the usual with a Necrostorm project. At times, it actually looked disturbing realistic, while other times it was just bloody mayhem. Fans of Adam Chaplin and Tater City will dig the gore.

We also have our mutilated villains. There seems to be this reoccurring theme of mutating the bad guys in some way, making them ugly/deformed. It works so well in splatter films, they look so cheesy, I love the effects.

The one thing I did find distracting was Zimosa's voice. Since we never see his face, I couldn't help but think his voice sounded strange. Nevertheless, the actor did an outstanding job, especially for someone we never see. The guy playing Mistrandia though had a perfect voice. I don't know what it is about the English accent, but it works!

I do feel the ending was a little anti-climatic, as our big bad "girl" wasn't as shocking as I thought she would be. But it was memorable enough leading to a very interesting conclusion which I won't spoil here.

Fans of Taeter City and Adam Chaplin will dig this. If you love splatter gore or video games, this is for you.
You shouldn't watch this
Everything about this is bad. The acting, the lighting, the sound, the camera "work", the "special" effects, the props, the costumes, the dialog, the script and the entire basic idea for this "project". Another reviewer mentioned the soundtrack and while that didn't stand out for me as being as horribly bad as the rest of it, never once did I think "hey, pretty cool soundtrack".......... The only people who should ever see this are those who participated in making it and they should be made to watch it over and over again for the rest of their lives. This item has no redeeming qualities unless you are a fan of very bad attempts to make something worth watching. I am running out of ways to describe this without using the words "film" or "cinema" or "movie" because it is none of those things. If some 4th grade kids made it I would give them an A for effort. If 5th grade kids made it I would flunk them. There is absolutely no reason why anybody should watch this. There are far more entertaining "bad productions" to watch. I sat through this so you don't have to. Believe me now or you will regret wasting your time and you will say "Yep, that guy on IMDb was right. I really wish I would have listened to him".
Great movie!
This movie got a handful of bad reviews, but I guess different people look for different things in films. I like 1) creativity 2) atmosphere 3) Uniqueness. This movie has all things I like in a good horror movie. The gore is an A+ effort (of course, Necrostorm never fail on this front), a truly individual story and characters that are fresh. Never in my life before have I seen (or heard) people who speak like this, but I mean that in a good way - It gives the film it's own feel. I've owned this a few months and watched it repeatedly, it never fails to entertain. If you are a fan of Necrostorm but not seen this, it's better than Taeter City and on a par with Adam Chaplin. The story isn't particularly complex, but I don't think that matters here. This is simply a tale about a man falling into trouble and trying to find his way out. No more to it than that. Except he get's out of it using extreme violence! Fun! Watch it.
rather boring but ull of extreme gore
Clearly inspired by Hardcore Henry (2016). This is a first person view flick the whole time were we follow a killer going on a hunt in a hotel but becomes the hunted.

The director Giulio De Santi is known for his gory cult flick Adam Chaplin (2011) but this one here is a rather boring flick. The story is very simple and the last twenty minutes it's all talking and explaining. So for people who want to see a good old horror, forget it BUT of course this flick do deliver on the gory stuff.

To be honest, you only watch it for the gore, smashing heads, shooting heads, stabbing, breaking bones, explosions on bodies, you get it, one for the gorehounds.

Sadly, I don't have a prob with ultra gore but you need a story to keep you attracted to the screen but as I said, gorehounds will love it. For me it didn't deliver what I thought it would e, weak story, strong on gore.

Gore 5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 0/5 Comedy 0/5
Warning, try to avoid!
I rarely dislike a film. Most of the times I try to find something to like while watching. This movie was really really bad. The acting was awful, no scenery to ease my pain… nothing

It had the interesting camera idea of a first person shooting video game, but it was not that well made. Their where others in the past to use the same technique but I hadn't seen it in a long time. So you can say that's a plus … The costumes, the make up etc was really awful.

Another plus was the idea for the scenario which had potential but … it failed in the end. I really like watching bad movies they are fun but this one was no fun at all. It was a waste of time. I am the person that when I read a bad review I want to see the movie. Try to control yourselves!!!!!
Giulio De Santi makes good.
I abso-bloody-lutely loved Necrostorm's first movie Adam Chaplin, directed by and starring Emanuele De Santi, but was rather disappointed by their follow up, Taeter City, which was helmed by Chaplin's special effects man Giulio De Santi: it tried hard to impress, but simply didn't work anywhere near as well as a whole, despite once again featuring tons of superb splatter. But I'm a generous kind of guy, always willing to give a film-maker a second chance to impress, and with Hotel Inferno, impress me De Santi most certainly has. As Yoda might say. If he watched gore films.

Shot entirely in first-person POV, Hotel Inferno is quite unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. Sure, I've seen first-person POV employed sparingly in films like Doom and House of the Dead, but never has it been used as fully or so effectively as it is here, the viewer being fully immersed in the action from start to incredibly bloody finish. Quite how De Santi pulls off some of his technical trickery is simply mind-boggling, the whole film feeling like one long take during which numerous foes are dispatched in graphic fashion by the film's anti-hero Frank Zimosa, the hit-man through whose eyes we witness the action.

Zimosa (Rayner Bourton) has been hired by mysterious businessman Jorge Mistrandia (Michael Howe) to kill a couple currently staying in a fancy schmancy hotel in some strange, unspecified foreign country. Mistrandia, who keeps in contact with Zimosa via high-tech glasses that relay everything the hit-man sees, insists that the kills be carried out in a ritualistic manner with specific weapons. Always the professional, Zimosa obeys, but becomes concerned when his second intended victim displays some worrying symptoms before he has even been touched, spewing blood and pus all over the bathroom while mumbling about 'She' being 'fed on pain'. Suspecting that something is seriously wrong, the hit-man decides to split, but Mistrandia has other ideas and sends other killers to prevent Zimosa from leaving the hotel.

What follows is an hour and a quarter of extreme, jaw dropping brutality, with the plot taking strange turns into the world of the occult, pitting Zimosa against an army of deformed zombie-like creatures and—in the manner of the video games that it so closely emulates—an end-of-level boss that is super powerful and seriously freaky. Admittedly, the film loses focus in the final act and feels a little longer than it really needs to be, but overall this is a very impressive piece of horror cinema—innovative, exciting, and oh-so-incredibly-gory!
This is not a movie
Well, you can call it a movie, but it's not. It's just, nothing really. It start with some gore, continue with more gore, and ends with gore. The dialogue is artificial, nothing you really hear in the real world, seems like the actors trying to play something they can't, they just don't fit into the roles.

You can tell from the beginning how it's going to end, in fact, you can tell the whole "movie" from the first picture of it. There are no surprises, no climax and you can't even call the soundtrack a soundtrack, it just doesn't fit to the movie.

Don't bother yourself with this one, it's a complete waste of one hour and 17 minutes. Better watch some cartoons.
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