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High Resolution
Hannah Marks as Leah
John Brodeur as Reader
Katherine Reis as Maggie
Julianne Alexander as Waitress (as Julianne Alexander)
Ellie Bamber as Erin
Perry Yung as Paul's Father
Susanna Guzman as Marsha
Josh Salatin as Beau
Quentin Mare as Erin's Boss
Miles Robbins as Calvin
Wai Ching Ho as Paul's Mother
Justin Chon as Paul
Storyline: An adaptation of Tao Lin's beloved cult novel "Taipei". As one relationship collapses, another blooms for Erin, swept into the world of Paul Chen, a mysterious, charismatic author. When he proposes documenting every aspect of their courtship in an epic laptop-filmed "documentary", the couple enter into a performative bad romance, fueled by substances and sleepless nights.
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1080p 1920x800 px 4470 Mb h264 6486 Kbps mkv Download
HQ DVD-rip 720x300 px 931 Mb h264 1350 Kbps mp4 Download
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