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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Biography
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as James 'Jimmy' Conway
Ray Liotta as Henry Hill
Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito
Lorraine Bracco as Karen Hill
Paul Sorvino as Paul Cicero
Frank Sivero as Frankie Carbone
Tony Darrow as Sonny Bunz
Mike Starr as Frenchy
Frank Vincent as Billy Batts
Chuck Low as Morris 'Morrie' Kessler
Frank DiLeo as Tuddy Cicero
Gina Mastrogiacomo as Janice Rossi
Catherine Scorsese as Tommy's Mother
Storyline: Henry Hill is a small time gangster, who takes part in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two other gangsters who have set their sights a bit higher. His two partners kill off everyone else involved in the robbery, and slowly start to climb up through the hierarchy of the Mob. Henry, however, is badly affected by his partners success, but will he stoop low enough to bring about the downfall of Jimmy and Tommy?
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The Truth About The Mob
Martin Scorsese explores the life of organized crime with his gritty, kinetic adaptation of Nicolas Pileggi's best-selling Wiseguy in Goodfellas.It stars Robert De Niro,Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta.

This is a true-life account of mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill,who happens to be a small time gangster that takes part in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito.His two partners kill off everyone else involved in the robbery, and slowly start to climb up through the hierarchy of the Mob. Henry, however, is badly affected by his partners success and decided to bring about the downfall of his mob partners.

Goodfellas has one great achievement about organized crime and the mob.It portrays the benefits of being part of the mob and at the same time puts guilt upon them and never glamorizes them one bit.Also,it narrates man's constant lust for power and greed.Overall,this is one great crime classic.
One of the best Gangster movies of all time
Martin Scorsese is brilliant! Goodfellas is one of the best Gangster movies of all time. Each character better than next. Love this movie! It's the good old days when the mob ruled. Liotta and Bracco killed it and Pesci, need I say more....classic Pesci. Scorsese is the only director for a movie like Goodfellas. Unchallenged power, Glamour, De Niro.
not so good as it's imdb ranking
Watching this good movie, you feel like watching the Sopranos,moving from one casual killing to another, with an italian family meal or two. Scorsese is so clever you're not bored any minute : situations are funny, suspense is there, both characters and actors are good. But you cannot go as far as liking the "hero" or feeling anything for him except a mild sympathy. so, all in all I give this movie a 7 mark but do not really understand its ranking, except if some have mistaken it for the godfather...
I always wanted to be a gangster
One of the best mafia movies of all time. Scorsese delivers a picture so rich and energetic it is nearly flawless. It is funny, smart, violent but endlessly re watchable and still holds up decades later. Its one of my favorite movies and demonstrates that Scorsese is still to this day one of the best directors working in the industry. Goodfellas is in my top 5 movies of all time and arguably his best movie.
Great Movie, But Pretty Overrated.
I did enjoy this film, but I think it gets a little too much praise. All three Godfather movies are far superior. This was innovative, but it ranks too high in all lists.

Goodfellas is based on the memoir "Wiseguy" about Henry Hill's life as a gangster. Ray Liotta plays Hill and gives are star-making performance. Robert De Niro plays Jimmy The Gent and Joe Pesci earns a well-deserved Oscar as Tommy DeVito. Hill grew up in urban New York and wanted to be a mobster his whole life. Only, he wasn't cut out. Tommy and Jimmy were his best friends and extremely brutal. There was reluctancy sometimes in Henry. He marries Karen (Bracco) and their family life is well-documented. As Henry becomes more like the other thugs, bis life crumbles and surrenders to the witness protection program. I thought that the story was great as it cover major parts in Hill's life and some infamous crimes in American history. Scorsese also recreates some bits from the book that come out better in the movie. For example, he adds lots to the scene with Spider.

I'm not saying this is the best mob movie ever like Roger Ebert said and I'm not saying it sucked. It will never reach The Godfather heights. Although the editing and film techniques were top- notch, it was not enough. One thing I didn't like was that it practically glorified being a mobster. There's so much loyalty and it makes it out to be fun. Being a gangster is not fun. Sure it's good that everybody is treated better, but they do horrible things that puts everybody in danger. Goodfellas does show that the mafia can be bad, but there's so many circumstances surrounding them that can be learned from.

Another thing I didn't like was the music. The music was too loud and too good. Great music such as the Rolling Stones and Bobby Darin were playing. They proved to be distracting and did not fit well with some bit. Why not just use regular background music instead of hit songs that are overpowering?

Then there's the flow and story. As I mentioned above, the story is good but does not come across to its potential. Some of the scenes go great by themselves but not all work well as a whole. They jump around too much without giving leads in or out. It just goes from thing-to- thing-to-thing-thing over the course of minutes, plus there's the distracting music. I don't mind 146 minutes, but it seems like 5 hours was condensed in half its time. Some parts could have been cut out and replaced with more flows and better plot development.

Goodfellas is a brilliant flick, but not one of the best.
A Masterpiece That Gets Better With Each New Viewing
Goodfellas (1990)

**** (out of 4)

Martin Scorsese's masterpiece about Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), a man who grew up hoping to be in the mob and he got his but crime does not pay as the old saying goes. GOODFELLAS has been called one of the greatest mob movies ever made and it's been called the best film of the 90s as well as one of the greatest films ever made. It certainly goes on my list as one of the greatest movies ever made and each time I view the thing I can't help but be amazed at the brilliance on screen. It's really does seem as if this isn't a movie because the thing is so perfect in every way that it's almost hard to believe that it's real. Even though everything in this movie is great there's no doubt that every ounce of credit belongs to Scorsese.

There have been wonderful crime pictures going all the way back to the silent days so the director was behind the eight ball but instead of just delivering a great movie he instead goes all out and really creates a film unlike anything we've ever seen before. The way he films the violence, shows the good times and the bad times. Everything is so flawless that you really do forget that you're watching a movie because it comes off like you're a fly on the wall witnessing all of this stuff first hand. There's the now legendary camera shot going through the restaurant, there's the terrific music score and of course the violence that really shakes you. One could argue that we've seen this type of story countless times but it's so fresh here that you can't help but feel as if you're seeing it for the first time.

There are so many brilliant moments here but special credit has to go to the final twenty-minutes or so when Hill finally starts to crack due to all the drugs. The fast-paced nature of this sequence is among the most perfect filming you're ever going to see because by the time it's over you're going to think that you too are high on drugs. Another amazing thing that Scorsese does is get you into the events in these people's lives. The good times early on are so much fun that you can see why someone would select to be in the lifestyle. The camera doesn't shy away from capturing these moments including the high times in the nightclubs with the women and the money. However, Scorsese also nails the downside when everything starts to crumble and the violence is so shocking and brutal that you then realize that this lifestyle only ends one way and you're thankful that you're not involved in it.

Another major plus are of course the performances. Liotta is perfect in the role of Hill and especially when you consider he must carry the film over the more famous actors. I thought Liotta perfectly nailed not only the young, energetic Hill but he really pulled off the drug-crazed maniac. DeNiro, as usual, is also terrific in his part as he brings so much fire and energy to the character and can cause you to fear him with just a look. Joe Pesci deserves his Best Supporting Actor Oscar as there's no doubt that he delivers one of the finest villain roles in the history of film. Lorraine Bracco and Paul Sorvino are also impressive as are the rest of the supporting players even down to the bit parts.

GOODFELLAS is without question one of the greatest films ever made and like all classics it's a movie that keeps getting better each passing year. Scorsese has made many great films in his career and this here is certainly among his best.
Wanna Be a Wise guy?
One of the best Mafia movies I've ever seen. This and The Godfather are movies I must recommend if you like gangsters, wise guys, etc. This movie is actually based on a true story. The real Henry Hill, who is the main star of this movie, actually said it was at least 90% true. He than said it was probably 98% accurate. This movie expresses a lot of the gangster ways and how they really did things.

Summary: This is pretty much a biography on Henry Hill, who as a kid always wanted to be a gangster, and he actually worked for them. It shows how a young kid grew up helping the mafia and becoming a mobster himself. This is a true story and really shows what being a wise guy is all about.

Overall: Definitely a 10/10 movie. Really makes me want to be a wiseguy.
Just plain overrated
Chalk me up as another reviewer who found this movie to be vastly overrated. My wife and I saw it a couple nights ago, for the first time, and it just pales in comparison to cinematic triumphs such as The Godfather movies or The Sopranos.

As much as anything else, there are no likable characters. Part of the reason you could keep turning in to The Sopranos is that you could genuinely like and identify with the principals, despite their brutality and crimes. Here, you can't. None of the principals have any displayed virtues: at best, they're shallow and two-dimensional.

Yes, the highly lauded soundtrack has many tunes. But if you're going to use the hoary old tactic of advancing pop tunes down the years to denote the march of time, could you not be so flamingly anachronistic as all of that? They were playing 40s tunes in the doo-wop era, 50s doo-wop post-British Invasion, 60s psychedelic pop in the 70s, and early Eric Clapton in the disco era. Get the freaking DATES right.

Speaking of anachronisms, the film's jammed with them, and while it's superficially a glittering, gritty portrait of the wiseguy life and the wiseguy era, the goofs just overload. Cars too late for the year. Phones too late for the year. Livery too late for the year. Did Scorsese bother at all with accuracy and continuity, or did they just say "Eh, get an old looking car out there." It pains me to read about how exacting and painstaking DeNiro was to get every aspect of Jimmy's personality true to life, exactly how the real Jimmy Burke did, in the middle of a blizzard of anachronisms.

Most damning, there's just no dramatic tension. There's little by way of plot, little by way of suspense. The actors did good jobs with the material and direction they were given, but that's not remotely enough to sustain this seriously overrated flick.

Not a bad movie, but not that great either
Typical Scorsese effort: average crime movie script dressed up with great acting and pretentious, way overly stylish camera-work.

I'm amazed this movie holds anyone's attention, let alone earns the "best movie ever!" praise you hear about this one. As I said, I didn't think it was bad, it was just wasn't that good. I had to force myself to keep watching, trying once again to see what other people see in Scorsese. I get the feeling all the praise and accolades heaped on him are just a big prank being played on me.

At least the Godfather was an actual good movie, although certainly no masterpiece.

A far, far better movie than this that came out around the same time would be Miller's Crossing. It's actually entertaining--you don't feel like killing yourself after watching it for just a few minutes, which is another thing about Scorsese I don't like. His slickness, bleak subject matter, unredeeming violence all combine to create an effect like a low-frequency earthquake hum or day-old shellfish--it's nauseating and depressing. I honestly spend the rest of the day depressed and joyless after watching a Scorsese film. You may say that's the power of the film maker, but I say that's simply the power of the subject matter. Manos: the Hands of Fate is pretty depressing for much the same reason.

Art shouldn't always be uplifting (I love Bicycle Thief and the Year of Living Dangerously) but if it's going to put such misery on the screen then it should have a good reason for doing it and it should teach me something.

A good example of how hollow the praise for Scorsese and his works rings is the famous Copacabana scene, a two or three minute steadicam shot following two characters from the outside of a nightclub as they wind through the kitchens and so forth and end up at their table. Scorsese's fans call this "the best shot ever." As I said, it's a long shot of a fellow getting a table. Kubrick did great tracking shots too, but the key to a great tracking shot, like any shot, is that it communicates something significant to us, puts us in the state of mind of the characters, etc. But this was just some people walking to their table. The difference is contextual and often subtle, but it's there.
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