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Crime, Thriller, Action, Adventure
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Martin Campbell
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan
Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova
Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp
Joe Don Baker as Jack Wade
Robbie Coltrane as Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky
Gottfried John as General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov
Alan Cumming as Boris Grishenko
Tchéky Karyo as Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin
Desmond Llewelyn as Major Boothroyd
Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny
Michael Kitchen as Bill Tanner
Serena Gordon as Caroline
Storyline: When a deadly satellite weapon system falls into the wrong hands, only Agent 007 can save the world from certain disaster. Armed with his license to kill, Bond races to Russia in search of the stolen access codes for "Goldeneye," an awesome space weapon that can fire a devastating electromagnetic pulse toward Earth. But 007 is up against an enemy who anticipates his every move: a mastermind motivated by years of simmering hatred. Bond also squares off against Xenia Onatopp, an assassin who uses pleasure as her ultimate weapon. Written by Robert Lynch
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Out with the 2-timer, in with the new guy!
A 007 makeover. A bunch of greatness in this movie but some not so good. It was 6 years between Bond movies, the longest break ever, and by far. Gone is Timothy Dalton who brought a real and flawed and emotional James Bond to the screen, a darker Bond. In is Roger Moore style action in the form of one Mr. Steele, Remington Steele... errr, I mean Pierce Brosnan. The stunts are great, most of them, but comic, too, such as freefalling to the side of a nosediving airplane. Give me a break! But we do have a return to action and that's a wonderful thing for the thrill seeking Bond viewer. Unfortunately, we have lame music and a lame opening Gun Barrel sequence. The main song, written by Bono and The Edge, is great, but where's the Bond Theme throughout the film? Yes, music can help make a movie and here it helps break it. Ugh. Terrible! But overall I am impressed. Brosnan is going to take some time to get used to. He's the third Bond in four films but he might do. We shall see! Oh, and interestingly to me, this is the first James Bond film (chronologically) that I never previously saw. For the life of me, I cannot remember seeing any of it ever so this was the first time. I know I've seen clips and I have seen other Brosnan 007 movies, but never this one. In any case, it's not amazing but still great and so very welcomed. Will definitely watch again one day!

7.5 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener
Well, back to the old drawing board...
Timothy Dalton last played 007 six years and a lengthy court battle ago... dating back to 'License to Kill'.

When production began for Goldeneye, a throwback Bond adventure and the first not based upon any written work of Ian Flemming, Dalton stepped down. Dalton carried the mantle for 9 years through two mediocre films and was done.

Enter Peirce Brosnan... one more time. This time, though, Brosnan was the man.

Not to say Goldeneye didn't present some growing pains, as it was originally written for a grittier Dalton type Bond to play... it kicked off the Brosnan era no questions asked.

Ultimately, it would be Cubby Broccoli's final production at the helm, but he got the 007 he wanted and left the franchise secure for those who he'd selected to carry on.

Though not the best Brosnan Bond vehicle, it was an excellent start, and served as the blueprint for the sequels which set the franchise off like a rocket for the next decade.

Gadgets guns and girls, Brosnan helped return James Bond to the relic Judy Dench's new M accused him of being; just plain cool.
The Perfect 90s Bond Film
The movie is fantastic,the only flaw is that the score is not that great,but I still like it.So,I'll talk about the good,the feel,this movie is very energetic while still feeling realistic.Pierce Brosnan is very good,taking all the best elements of the previous actors and mixing them together,he is believable in the action scenes and has great chemistry with the Bond girls,who are also great.The villains are perfect,and the right amount of crazy.The action is perfect,from the pre title sequence to the exciting tank chase in Russia.All in all,Goldeneye is a great entry in the franchise,and a great revival after a 6 year hiatus due to the failure of License to Kill,it has a great vibe,terrific villains,fantastic action,and a great "modern" feel.
Since Connery gave up his licence to kill, we've seen Roger Moore's tongue-in-cheek portrayal, that wasn't without it's charm, but always seemed a little more humorous than in previous outings. Timothy Dalton brought a serious and gritty take on the character, which reflected Ian Fleming's original vision very well, but he still lacked the charisma of Connery's Bond.

In Goldeneye, we see Pierce Brosnan take on the role of our favourite spy, and being the gifted actor that his is, he re-captures a lot of what made Connery so special, while imposing himself on the character of Bond really well. The movie itself it simply brilliant, it has a fine plot (one of the best in the series) and its packed with great action and stunts that are believable and very impressive. The introduction of Judi Dench as 'M' was also a inspired move, she slips into the role effortlessly. Everything in this thrilling instalment adds up in the tradition of the genre, definitely one of the best Bond movies.

Couldn't get past inane opening
Even by Bond standards, the end of the opening scene - where Bond in free- fall catches up to the plane, climbs in and flies it away to safety - is incredibly stupid.

I had heard that this was one of the best Bond films, but I was so put off by this scene that I had to stop watching. This might seem extreme (and you can certainly fault me for rating a movie that I watch so little of) but doesn't this scene imply that the rest of the movie will be total void of reality too?

All Bond movies require a certain suspension of disbelief, but there is a limit - past that point something snaps and the whole thing turns into a comic.
Bond – the Next Generation
For whatever reason, and despite Ian Flemming himself stating that Timothy Dalton was the closest interpretation to Bond that he'd seen, Dalton left the iconic role after only two films (which weren't as bad as some people like to make out!). And, the role of the super-spy went to the man producers had been trying to attract for some time – Pierce Brosnan. And, although it's probably fair to say that when people look back on the history of Bond, he too wouldn't be described as many people's 'favourite' Bond, he did make advances in bringing the franchise right up to date.

Right from the beginning we meet our new Bond bungee jumping into a Russian base. Now, I know these days most people know what bungee jumping looks like, but, back in 1995, it was actually quite an event seeing it done on the big screen. Yes, the plot isn't anything we haven't seen before, i.e. a Russian presence trying to exact revenge on the West, but it's just so new seeing such a 'modern' Bond. Gone are the days of blatantly 'blue-screening' the action behind the actors and now Bond can happily sky-dive into a falling plane and make it look real (well, as real as jumping into a falling plane and piloting it to safety can look!). I feel like I have to dwell on this 'modern feel' because it is this film's major change from previous incarnations. The action looks better, the chases are more fantastical (the 'tank chase' being the highlight!) – it's just totally Bond for the new nineties generation.

The ever-wonderful 'Q' is on hand to smooth over the transition of old to new Bond, but the modern feel is not just helped by (another) new Moneypenny, but also having a female M, brilliantly played by Judi Dench, who states much of the criticism that's been levelled at Bond throughout the franchise, i.e. he's a misogynistic relic of a bygone age! Add great supporting performances from Sean Bean, Robbie Coltrane and Famke Jannsen (a henchwoman who likes to crush her victims between her thighs in the heat of – er – 'passion' and you have an action-spy movie that really roles along nice. As I mentioned, the plot isn't anything spectacular, but the overall look, feel, cast and a wonderfully-snarling rendition of the title song 'Goldeneye' by a Tina Turner at her best, really elevates what – by rights – is nothing more than an average movie to one that really feels like the Bond franchise has been given a shot in the arm.

'Goldeneye' may not be technically the greatest of the long-running saga, but it certainly cements its place in the franchise by being the most different from what came before it. It's definitely worth a watch if you're a fan and should even entertain casual fans of the action genre. Oh, and did I mention that Pierce Brosnan is also pretty damn good as the lead? He keeps the wry charm of Roger Moore and the ability to add just the right amount of humour to the role without it becoming a parody of itself. Plus he's believable enough as an action hero when he's gunning down hordes of faceless Russian hoods. Overall, a damn fine ride.
7 - Good
Goldeneye modernizes the series, between the self-deprecating dialogue about Bond being a Cold War relic, the inclusion of strong women character (including a memorable performance of M by Judi Dench). Pierce Brosnan is the Bond that's both a charmer like Moore and a killer like Dalton ; he's handsome and perfect in the role. It's full of action, even including one scene of Bond pummeling through a city with a tank. The electronic-industrial soundtrack is unique and adds a dark vibe to the film.

In some ways, it still feels stuck in the past because it's plot follows the predictable formula in which Bond visits the typical locations and a plot of an egomaniac with a superweapon is found. But within the formula it manages to have hilarious henchmen like Boris and Xenia, Natalya Simonova as a Bond woman with dept and character, as well as Sean Bean playing a really good villain. While the first act is kind of slow for an action movie, the second act picks up and the third act is stellar.
Favorite of the Bonds
After coming of the failures of The Living Daylights and License to Kill, Bond bounces back with a new 007. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is sent to discover why a satellite station at Severnaya has been destroyed by a satellite named Goldeneye. Along his mission, Bond receives help from the joyful CIA agent Jack Wade and the beautiful Severnaya operative Natalya Simonova(Izabella Scorupco).

Throughout the movie Bond fights in a library and drives a tank through Moscow. The story for a Bond movie was solid and Goldeneye brought my favorite villain in Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean). Brosnan does a great job as the charming 007 and Izabella Scorupco as the Bond girl. Goldeneye comes along with lovable characters and hateful villains, amazing action sequences and a great hatred between Bond and Trevelyan.

Goldeneye. Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Izabella Scorupco, Sean Bean, Gottfried John. 3 1/2 out of 5 Stars.
One of the best Bond films
GoldenEye is the very finest hour that Pierce Brosnan had as James Bond, both as a film and in terms of what he gets to do as the character. It's my third favourite Bond film of all time and stands as one of the most exciting ventures the series has seen to this day. It definitely falls into a campy style, but one that's removed from that of the original Bond films from way back when, one that's all its own and decidedly 90's. It's also got one of the strongest and classiest villains of the series, a man who is in fact an ex agent himself which was a neat switch up. Brosnan is so photogenic it's ridiculous, whether dolled up in the tux or careening through a valley in a fighter jet. He just looks so damn good as Bond, and I sometimes wish he'd gotten a fifth crack at the character. Here we join up with 007 on a mission gone wrong, where he is ambushed and his partner Agent Alec Trevelyan a.k.a. 006 (Sean Bean) is killed, or so he thinks. 006 is in fact alive and well, with a few gnarly facial scars and a new nasty attitude. He puts Bond through a wringer with a diabolical scheme to hijack a Russian nuclear space weapon and do all kinds of lovely things with it. Bond teams up with the survivor of a decimated Russian research centre, a beautiful scientist named Natalya (Isabella Scorupco) who inevitably ends up in his bed. It's slick, it's stylish, it's sexy and everything a Bond flick needs to be. 006 has a dangerous asset in Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), a lethal assassin whose weapon of choice are her thighs which she employs with the crushing power of two Amazonian pythons. Janssen plays the role with ferocious relish and the kind of enthusiasm that hadn't been seen in a Bond villainess since Barbara Carrera in Never Say Never Again. Bean plays it ice cold, letting restraint and calculated malice steal the scenes as opposed to flagrant mustache twirling. I always thought he would have made a cracking good 007 as he has so much residual danger to his vibe from playing many heartless bastards in his career, but perhaps in another life. One of my favourite characters to ever hang out in a Bond flick shows up here, a cranky but lovable Russian general named Valentin Zukofsky, played by the awesome Robbie Coltrane, an actor who really, really needs to be in more stuff. His few short scenes are the stuff that makes a piece timeless, and I wish we'd gotten to see more Valentin and more Hagrid elsewhere in the franchise. There's the usual suspects like Judi Dench as M and Desmond Llewellyn as a crusty Q, and a host of other actors including Joe Don Baker, Tchecky Karyo, Minnie Driver and the irritating Alan Cumming who singlehandedly ruins scenes with his hammy preening. The film thunders along with furious energy and nicely paced action sequences, including a chaotic tank chase through the streets of Moscow and a stunner of a climax set atop a giant satellite dish. As Bond films go, you can never go wrong with this one.
An excellent Bond film
I have been a James Bond fan my whole life and I was disappointed when there was a 6 year pause after License to Kill. I was afraid the Bond generation was over. But then Martin Campbell was able to bring the franchise back with not only a terrific James Bond in Pierce Brosnan, but also a great movie.

This movie was terrific in many ways. It has a different plot than the other Bond films in that Bond has to eventually face the truth that his enemy is a former MI6 agent. Never done in previous films. This was truly a great idea. Sean Bean was a great choice for this evil character. There is great acting in each character, stupendous suspense, and wonderful action sequences.

Does anyone realize that Martin Campbell introduced both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig? He seems to be born to direct Bond films. I do hope he returns to direct another in the future.
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