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Crime, Thriller, Action, Adventure
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Martin Campbell
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan
Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova
Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp
Joe Don Baker as Jack Wade
Robbie Coltrane as Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky
Gottfried John as General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov
Alan Cumming as Boris Grishenko
Tchéky Karyo as Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin
Desmond Llewelyn as Major Boothroyd
Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny
Michael Kitchen as Bill Tanner
Serena Gordon as Caroline
Storyline: When a deadly satellite weapon system falls into the wrong hands, only Agent 007 can save the world from certain disaster. Armed with his license to kill, Bond races to Russia in search of the stolen access codes for "Goldeneye," an awesome space weapon that can fire a devastating electromagnetic pulse toward Earth. But 007 is up against an enemy who anticipates his every move: a mastermind motivated by years of simmering hatred. Bond also squares off against Xenia Onatopp, an assassin who uses pleasure as her ultimate weapon. Written by Robert Lynch
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Probably the Best Bond Movie Ever
I've given this film a 10, not just because I thoroughly enjoyed it, but because I believe its the best Bond ever made. It was actually the first one I watched as well (I watched it when I was 8 and am now 16.) I have seen the rest of them since and still have this one down as my favourite. Pierce Brosnan is terrific in his first appearance as Bond and I think him and Connery are the best of them all who've stepped into the role so far. Izabella Scorupco is gorgeous as his sidekick Bond Girl, and Famke Janssen is brilliant as the sexy villain, partnering Sean Bean, whose also excellent.

The plot is simple and interesting, and more importantly, the action sequences are truly outstanding. The opening 10-15 minutes is definitely right up there with the best bond openings and again, probably the best. The movie never drags like several others have before in which I wish the action would just get going after a while. Other action sequences that are decent include some good aircraft crashes and explosions into a satellite dish, a great shootout in a military archive,which leads onto the highlight of the movie- an outstanding tank chase through Russia. The climax is also great as well. Its set at the top of a strange scaffolding, and features a great, suspenseful fight between Brosnan and Penn.

The film is Directed by Martin Campbell who must be one of the most underrated action filmmakers around these days. I think this was his debut or possibly his first proper Hollywood blockbuster, and he certainly makes the most of the opportunity given to him. I also liked his other film Vertical Limit, but haven't seen Mask of Zorro. I hope to though. But, this is much better than Vertical limit and I hope he comes back to do another Bond film soon. I recently heard that hes doing the next sort of Bond. A Casino Royale re-make I think. I don't know whether thats even a Bond film and whether its a good idea or not. I'll watch it anyway, and I believe with him at the helm, it has a good chance of being successful.

Overall, this is not only, in my opinion, the best Bond film ever made, but also one of the best action films ever made. Its certainly right up there with my other favourites such as The Rock and the Die Hard trilogy.

I had a great time watching this and I'm sure you will too, unless you don't like action or Bond of course! Otherwise, give it a rent and prepare to entertained!

10/10 and very highly recommended!
Campbell's "GoldenEye" embraces many of the best-loved motifs and situations from the classic Bond movies…
Brosnan has the look, the style, the intelligence and the bravura that James Bond should have… As charming, sophisticated, and always in control of the situation, Bond called upon all his ability for improvising escapes from truly impossible situations… The new Bond drives a BMW, remains preferring his vodka martinis 'shaken but not stirred,' and uses a Walther PPK, 7.65mm… The famous announcement "Bond, James Bond" is changed…

The plot line of "Goldeneye" revolves around an international terrorist organization calling itself Janus that steels a top-secret Russian weapon system named GoldenEye and threatens to use it to destroy a major European city unless paid off…

Bond's mission was to find and stop the GoldenEye, struggling with a sadistic assassin, a treacherous general, an 'invincible' computer hacker, and most dangerous of all, a colleague and friend…

The opening scene is spectacular with a great bungee jump from a top of a dam to an exciting racing over a cliff in a motorcycle and skydiving into a crushing private plane… Martin Campbell's film comes with a phenomenal tank chase through the streets of St. Petersburg; a brutal showdown in the jungle; and a battle to the death on a high gantry…

Goldeneye's female characters are honestly beautiful with particular techniques… The bad one is Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), an ex-Soviet fighter pilot who tranquilly smokes big cigars and knocks off her victims with her 'killer thighs.' In one scene, she challenges Bond's legendary Aston Martin DB5 to a wild road race outside Monte Carlo with her red Ferrari; in another she was so smart that she snatches a top-secret helicopter from under the noses of the French navy…

The good Bond girl is the irresistible Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco) who 'tastes like strawberries.' Natalya possesses all the technical ability to neutralize Janus' scheme or to destroy all computer records with the GoldenEye… As one who survived a mass murder, this lovely beauty is suddenly a marked woman…

The other supporting actors are all fine:

Sean Bean plays a potentially fascinating bad character, the embittered and cynical traitor who was believed to have been killed on a mission… Alec Trevelyan has sworn revenge on the country that was responsible for his parents' suicide…

Alan Cumming plays the 'invincible' Boris Grishenko who sees crime as a chance to show off his skills; and Gottfried John, the renegade ambitious general who provides inside access to Russian military secrets…

Award-winning Judi Dench is terrific as Bond's unshaken spy chief…

Samantha Bond as MoneyPenny puts forward for consideration that Bond's behavior might be interpreted as sexual harassment…

Serena Gordon as the neurotic MI6 assessor Caroline evaluates 007 for just 'trying to show off the size of his… ego.'

One familiar face among the MI6 staff was that of the redoubtable Q, played once again by Desmond Llewelyn who introduces 007 to his latest chariot, the BMW Z3… Although convertible, this agile vehicle doesn't play a significant action role in the film… Q doesn't forget to deliver Bond a typical leather belt, a watch that expels a laser beam, and a silver pen used to clever effect…

The 17th Bond film takes us from Russia, Puerto Rico, Monaco and back to England… It features one of the best title tunes performed by the "Queen of Rock & Roll," Tina Turner…

For trivia buffs: Kate Gayson appears as an extra at the Chemin De Fer table at Monte Carlo's gambling casino; she's the daughter of Eunice Gayson, who played Bond's fetching girlfriend, Sylvia Trench in the first two Bond films, "Dr. No" and "From Russia With Love." It was to Sylvia Trench that Sean Connery uttered his first line of dialog, "I admire your luck, Mr. ...?"
Since Connery gave up his licence to kill, we've seen Roger Moore's tongue-in-cheek portrayal, that wasn't without it's charm, but always seemed a little more humorous than in previous outings. Timothy Dalton brought a serious and gritty take on the character, which reflected Ian Fleming's original vision very well, but he still lacked the charisma of Connery's Bond.

In Goldeneye, we see Pierce Brosnan take on the role of our favourite spy, and being the gifted actor that his is, he re-captures a lot of what made Connery so special, while imposing himself on the character of Bond really well. The movie itself it simply brilliant, it has a fine plot (one of the best in the series) and its packed with great action and stunts that are believable and very impressive. The introduction of Judi Dench as 'M' was also a inspired move, she slips into the role effortlessly. Everything in this thrilling instalment adds up in the tradition of the genre, definitely one of the best Bond movies.

Basically, a stolen EMP space weapon goes into the wrong hands and Bond needs to stop it
One of the things I did not like about the flick was the opening car chase scene that may have nothing to do with GoldenEye, and Bond inside a Russian military depot trying to find something related to GoldenEye before he makes his very bold escape.

But when the space station scene at Severnaya, Russia, happens, we are introduced to a new way of creating nuclear war. Not by heat blasts, thermal winds, or radioactive fallout. The new threat was realized in another movie called "The Day After", where a first simulated nuclear blast was an airburst that set off an EMP pulse wave. Car engines die, lights go off, LED displays go black. In short, an EMP used as a weapon can knock out anything run by electricity.

So in "GoldenEye", this title refers to an EMP space weapon that, when fired, threads the needle in about a 10-20km radius...a surgical EMP strike that cripples and knocks out all electricity from everything like computers and televisions and similar devices. 2 such weapons already appeared in space for the simulated test firing on the space station, and the one that was fired was called Petya (the other was Misha).

So, a space station general and Xenia enter the station, arms the weapon to target Severnaya, and then Xenia surprisingly shoots and kills 15-20 station facility members. One member who was alive after being shot did press the panic button just before being shot dead by Xenia. Then they make their escape out of the space station by their chopper before the EMP weapon fires, and steals the GoldenEye.

2 fighter jets were scrambled as well as a Tiger battle helicopter to the space weapons site, but they were no match for the GoldenEye's EMP when the strike hit. The jets and the chopper all went down and crashed due to the pulse. Natalya, who works at the station, was the lone survivor who was able to evade the mass killing but could only watch the first-hand damage to the station when the space weapon was fired and she could not stop it.

The other part of the movie I liked was the army tank chase across the streets of St. Petersburg. You never seen such chases like that in most movies. I was able to see Bond overwhelm several Russian squad cars with the brute size and strength of the tank.

Then, the final scene, where a secret plan to use GoldenEye in Cuba was launched, reveals the character Natalya at her best. Even though she was a 2nd-level programmer, she was able to change the access code to the Misha EMP space weapon, so that it re-enters the atmosphere to burn up over the Atlantic so the weapon is no longer a threat to the world anymore. How can she do that when her enemies who was about to kill her and James Bond tried so hard to make sure that GoldenEye would be shot over London and bring London totally out of business...but regrettably, could not do it?
Goldeneye (1995): Dir: Martin Campbell / Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Isabelle Scorupco, Famke Janssen, Sean Bean, Alan Cumming: First 007 film in eight years, with a questionable title. Plot involves an earth satellite and those who control it gaining power over governments. James Bond traces them after a helicopter is stolen. What follows is steamy sex and spectacular action. Detailed setup with numerous twists and a conclusion highlighted by action violence. Director Martin Campbell handles the action and is backed with massive sets and visual elements that these films are famous for. Pierce Brosnan displays charm and charisma as Bond. In the opening sequence he is involved in two stunts, one in which involved a plane and a motorcycle. There are two women whom he becomes involved with. The first is Isabelle Scorupco who plays a computer expert, and the second is Famke Janssen as a villain who seduces then crushes her victims with her thighs. Sean Bean is effective as Bond's partner. Alan Cumming provides high flamboyant amusement as a villain computer programmer whose send off is priceless. All of the elements are in place here including the special effects, gadgets, exotic locations, and a lot of sex. It is a welcome and successful return to the series but it is also pointless mayhem that is undeniable fun and exhilarating. Score: 8 / 10
Brosnan helps resurrect Bond in an "A" effort
Much had changed for James Bond since Sean Connery first took the role in 1962. The series had taken a turn for the worse in the seventies, when five films were made but zero good ones were. Still, the public was willing to grant Bond limitless amnesty that decade, even as his escapades grew less and less exciting and more and more campy with each new film. The 70s came and went, ushering in the 80s, which kicked off well with 1981's "For Your Eyes Only." However, it went all downhill from there as the public finally stopped tolerating the bad movies and his popularity tanked in favor of superior competition. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger became mega stars during that time, and the emergence Indiana Jones was making Bond look dull and decrepit by comparison. Tim Burton's summer sweep of the cinemas with "Batman" in 1989 exacerbated Bond's woes, and when legal disputes arose between the production company and the studio shortly thereafter, it appeared that Bond had finally died his horrible but well deserved death.

When the legal issues were finally put to rest in 1994, it was announced that another Bond film was going to be made, but not with erstwhile incumbent Timothy Dalton. Pierce Brosnan was given the role after being forced to reject it in the late eighties, and production began. The success of the film was crucial. If it lacked spark or came across as campy, it was likely that Bond would be finished forever. With the stakes in mind, the Broccoli family (the Bond producers) hired an all-new creative team and set to work re-establishing 007 in a new era.

I knew none of that when I first saw the film in 1999. It was my introduction to the world of James Bond, and was a truly an exceptional first handshake. Knowing what I know now, and seeing the Bond films I have seen now, I still find it as worthwhile as I did then, and I am forever thankful that it was made well enough to not only resuscitate Bond, but propel him into the nineties with the momentum of a blazing fastball.

The film opens in the eighties, ironically, with a scene depicting the Bond and Agent 006, real name Alec Trevelyan, being detected inside a Soviet chemical weapons factory. This section also introduces the character of Ourumov (Gottfried John), who murders Alec seemingly on a whim.

Nine years later, Bond meets an appealing young lady (Famke Janssen) while driving...make that playfully racing, near Monte Carlo. Suspicious, he follows her to a nearby casino where he finds out that her name is Xenia Onatopp and she carries ties to the Janus crime syndicate in St. Petersburg. He chases Xenia when he suspects an imminent crime, but is not in time to avert her theft of the Tiger--a helicopter that is hardened to all forms of electronic interference.

Back at MI-6 headquarters, the Tiger is spotted via satellite at Russian satellite control facility, and it soon becomes obvious that the copter is merely part of a grander scheme to steal a scary satellite weapon called GoldenEye. What it does can be described with words, but not with as much clarity as seeing it in the movie (there are lapses in the visuals here, but the sight is so impressive that they hardly matter). Bond then departs for St. Petersburg to find the Janus head man (Sean Bean) and stop him from using GoldenEye on a more vulnerable target. Much mystery surrounds the identity of Janus, but it is in the trailer and I suspect most people know it by now.

There are several reasons that "GoldenEye" is the best Bond film made in many, many years. The first is the tone, which has ushered out all of the giddy goofiness of Roger Moore's films and assumed one reminiscent of the earliest Bond films. The sets, the camera work and the dialogue all come across as subtle, subconscious reminders of why Bond became so beloved to begin with.

I always felt there were two major problems with the Bonds of the seventies and eighties. The first is the inane tone (exception: "For Your Eyes Only,"), a point I am driving into the ground. With the same exception, they also featured uniformly unexciting (read it: bad) action plus horrendous acting. There are light moments in "GoldenEye," as there should be, but the correct tone is never compromised.

The only problem is that there is a little too much padding in the middle. The story is well told, although there is a meeting with Bond and Valentin Zukovsky (reprised by Robbie Coltrane in "The World is Not Enough") that has no significance to the advancement of the story. It is unnecessary and causes the film to drag some. After Bond meets Janus, though, prepare for the film to take off, as there will be little rest from there on out.

Just like in the early Bonds, the acting transcends the genre. Pierce Brosnan is the clear focal point, and is mostly successful. He seems too reserved at times, as if he is a little timid at acting his best for fear it might look bad. He does not lack charm, though, because there is something about Pierce that makes him the ultimate ladies man on screen and off.

More successful is Sean Bean as James's opponent. Bean brings cold, subtle intensity to the role that shows off the acting skills that got him cast in "The Fellowship of the Ring." General Ourumov, who is in bed with Janus, provides a second bad guy. Gottfried John portrays him as a demonstrative brute, and his style provides a fine foil to Bean's controlled anger. Alan Cumming plays an evil computer nerd who provides most the light moments I referred to earlier. Fellow X-Man Famke Janssen's character is downright demented, and will not be forgotten easily.

My friends, I have just explained why "GoldenEye" is a most superior Bond film that brought Agent 007 back from the dead and won over a new generation of fans. The best way I can think of to conclude this review is to comment on the film's conclusion. At one point it involves a brawl between Bond and Janus (who is referred to by his real name by that time) that buries just about every other one in the series. While it does quite not take the gold from the fistfight that opens "Thunderball," is does serve as a final reminder that Bond is indeed back, and that he is once again a force best not ignored.
Bond is Back
Bond is back and better than ever. OK, he may not be better than ever but he's better than he's been in some time. GoldenEye has a great opening scene that is more entertaining than most entire movies. It involves bungee jumping, guns, motorcycles, planes, and nerve gas among other things. Pierce Brosnan's first effort as Bond is a remarkable one. The movie has good acting, good action, and humor. It's great escapism from start to finish. The women are beautiful and Famke Jannsen and Sean Bean play their roles well. GoldenEye also boasts one of the best finales of the series in which Bond must take on the villain atop a gigantic satellite dish. As stated earlier, Brosnan is terrific as Bond. He's suave, witty, charming, looks good in a suit, and has a capacity for action. In conclusion, this is a thrilling Bond from start to finish and should not be missed. Out of 4 stars - 3.5
A Belated Debut
GoldenEye marked the debut finally of Pierce Brosnan as 007. Brosnan who wanted the part, but couldn't do it back in the Eighties because he was committed to Remington Steele finally got to play the part that his fans said he was born for. After GoldenEye it was more than just Pierce Brosnan fans saying it.

The title refers to a Russian satellite with nuclear capabilities that any number of folks would like to get their hands on. The ones who do are the Russian Mafia, in league with a traitorous Russian general played by Gottfried John.

Some others that James Bond has to face here are Russian pilot Famke Janssen a girl dedicated to her mission who resists Bondification and a traitor within the ranks of the British MI5 itself. Not the least of Bond's problems are a new "M" in the person of Judy Dench who also resists Bondification.

Another milestone and a tribute to new relations with Russia is the filming of large portions of the story in St. Petersburg and I'm not talking about the Florida retirement city. It's hardly a first, the film Gorky Park with William Hurt and Lee Marvin was shot in Moscow during the Eighties while a thawing Soviet Union was still in control.

Izabella Scorupco plays a Russian computer programmer who embraces Bondification gladly as she aids 007 in his efforts. She is the only survivor of a massacre at a Russian tracking station instituted by the Russian Mafia and the traitorous general.

My favorite in the film however is another Russian traitor, Alan Cummming playing a nerd Russian computer programmer who defects to the bad guys. He steals every scene he's in.

Brosnan acquits himself well after the most popular of Bonds, Sean Connery and Roger Moore have passed from the scene. He would do three more films and unlike Connery was able to do other roles and well and still be accepted for them as well.

Still Brosnan's 007 does have the style needed to carry off the part and carry it off he does.
My Favorite Bond Film Ever
This Bond film is in a class of its own. Goldeneye is by far the best Bond film ever. It is definitely my favorite Bond film. I have 3 reasons for that. First of all, Pierce Brosnan. He makes an amazing debut as James Bond and I think he is the best Bond yet. Second of all, Sean Bean. I have seen a lot of his previous work and I think he is an amazing actor. In this film, he is incredible!! His performance is absolutely astounding!! Last but not least, reason #3. The action. The action in this film is very impressive!! I was astounded by the car chases in this film. This film is definitely the best Bond film for action and possibly even one of the greatest action movies of all time!!

Goldeneye was directed by Martin Campbell who, in my opinion, is the best director a Bond film has ever had. He has a great style that works wonders with this film. I'm just hoping that Casino Royale will be just as good or better than this film. I'm sure it will. Mr. Campbell really seems to know how to make an action movie. Let's hope he does whatever he did with this film and applies it with Casino Royale. In conclusion, Goldeneye is the best Bond film yet and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I know you will as well.
After a 6 year break -- Bond is back
Former "Remington Steele" star as James Bond ? I did not think he would have the weight to carry the role . Martin Campbell and the screenplay by Michael France give him a great build up. His first close - up appearance are his eyes.From that moment in the film -- I thought we are in safe hands! Pierce Brosnan in " Goldeneye" is a revelation -- he gives a very skillful and stylish performance. He is a joy to watch in scene after scene and makes his debut seem effortless. Sean Bean as Alec, Judi Dench as M ,Samantha Bond as Moneypenny and Robbie Coltrane as Valentine are also effective -- They tend to mock Bond which seems to make him a stronger hero for some reason-- a great addition to the franchise!
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