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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
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Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck
Alan Tudyk as Duke of Weselton (voice)
Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (voice)
Santino Fontana as Hans (voice)
Chris Williams as Oaken (voice)
Livvy Stubenrauch as Young Anna (voice)
Eva Bella as Young Elsa (voice)
Patricia Lentz as Additional Voices (voice)
Ciarán Hinds as Pabbie / Grandpa (voice)
Idina Menzel as Elsa - Snow Queen (voice)
Stephen J. Anderson as Kai (voice)
Josh Gad as Olaf (voice)
Kristen Bell as Anna (voice)
Robert Pine as Bishop (voice)
Maurice LaMarche as King (voice)
Edie McClurg as Gerda (voice)
Maia Wilson as Bulda (voice)
Storyline: Fearless optimist Anna teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven and sets off on an epic journey to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. From the outside Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved, but in reality she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret: she was born with the power to create ice and snow. It's a beautiful ability, but also extremely dangerous. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, spending every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her mounting emotions trigger the magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter that she can't stop. She fears she's becoming a monster and that no one, not even her sister, can help her.
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Bad storytelling and sickly music
This is not good. 10 minutes into the story, I'm assuming it's a 20 minute film. The songs are not good, the American accents are too sweet, and the conversations are extremely flimsy. This is not a well-told story. It's fully predictable, and I'm sure Andersen wouldn't approve of the naivety in an attempt to mesmerise a child's imagination. This is so overly-Disney, it would probably make Walt Disney shudder thinking that story has been devalued has at his company. Ugh!

Even the opening music is mislaid, a combination of either African chanting or Native American ritual. My guess is that we were being taken into the great white north of the Inuit tribe in the Northern Territory of Canada. I'm fairly certain this was an animation project given to older Disney employees who reminisce on the old days.
The worst kid movie I ever took my 5 yr old grandkid to
My wife and I are fairly young grandparents and take the grand kids out for a movie time to time A good movie to me is one that I see the kids enjoying a film and also if the adults enjoy the film is an extra. I took two kids 5yrs old and 7 to see "Planes", and hearing some rather bad reviews was expecting a boring movie trying to capitalize on "Cars" and sat down to take a nap. It turned out I really enjoyed this movie along with the kids.

Now to this ...movie...? I actually had more fun watching the coming events than this weak weak weak movie. I looked over at my wife after 5 or 10 minutes and her face told me the same thing I was feeling. I was ready to walk out after spending $50 for a terrible 3D movie and would of thought I was saving time instead of spending $50 and being punished to sit in that chair and waste another 5 minutes on this garbage.

The shifting plot...singing...singing and singing for no reason ( Music is suppose to accompany plot and be almost unnoticed). This was like sitting in an opera and the music was so overwhelming that you couldn't pay attention to the weak weak weak weak plot.

I also watched the kids faces...and in that time (5-10 minutes) they also weren't even looking at the screen but were more engaged in watching the other bored kids in the movie theater.

I was far more proud of the kids ( 5 yrs male and 7 yr old female) for being good even though neither of them faced the screen the majority of the movie.

And this movie is not a movie for all ages... it is more of a movie for no ages. It tries to be a romantic movie and tell me what 5 year old is interested in romance...or singing romance...

They invented a snowman monster...for whatever reason which made no sense, because supposedly the sister Elsa banished herself because she was afraid she would hurt her sister or others from her powers...now suddenly she is sending a monster snowman to try and kill her sister and her accomplices? What .. what? The movie is full of disconnects that your brain tells your heart yo are being used and manipulated in this movie and a computerized formula was the guiding director in this piece of garbage movie.

I've watched Cars 1 &2 (cars 2 not so good either) , Planes, Toy Story 1,2,3, and other kid movies a hundred times on DVD with the kids and still get some enjoyment from it because of entertaining stories that have plots that make sense.

This movie...is terrible....did I mention that before...I would go over all the details but I noticed the other one star reviewers covered it pretty well.

The part that amazes me is seeing that some people gave this 5 stars and also say the kids were laughing up a storm. Maybe their theater got a totally edited and rewrote script? I can't believe it would be possible for anyone to possibly give this 5 stars.

Oh well difference of opinion is what makes the world go round.
Most overrated Disney film ever
I'm not a Disney fanboy, I'm just a big 18 years old Disney fan. I grew up watching their films, and their films customized my personality. Nevertheless, this movie is far than great. I watched it once and I'm not gonna watch it again, not because this movie's terrible, but because it's not worth a second view in my opinion. The story is decent, the acting is OK at most parts, no actual comedy scenes, the action is not really good, and the plot is not that interesting or shocking. From all the Disney movies I've seen over the years, this one just might be the worst. The only good thing about this movie is the animation. The theme song is nice but because it quickly got mainstream attention so now it's one of the most annoying songs of the year. Overall, if you're a big Disney fan such as I am, then I suggest you watch this film just once to feel good (I think) about yourself. If you just wanna see a really good Disney movie, I suggestyou skip this and watch the Toy Story franchise.
A pleasant diversion, but no classic and leadened by weak musical numbers.
This was a pretty decent animated film, though nothing really exceptional.

There are some good points on a conceptual level, such as the focus on multiple female heroines and to Scandinavian setting. The best aspect is that this looks astounding, with very appealing character designs and settings. The comic relief is also a mildly strong point.

But this is really a quite average film. The skeleton and glitz is there, but there's not much depth and nuance (by Disney standards) that really make this film stand out among the Disney or Pixar classics. The story progression is also very patchwork where conflict is presented and resolved with a blink of an eye and ponderous diversions eat up screen time before hastily resuming the plot. When a movie like "The Emperor's New Groove" outdoes a film like this in all of these aspects, you know something's wrong. Even the better character development, such as Esla and Anna's relationship, doesn't seem as strong as it should.

Some of these issues could be blamed on the musical aspect, a genre Disney had cornered for decades in the animation medium, taking up the script. But this film has got to have some of the weakest musical numbers in Disney's film canon. They're so generic that they could easily have been salvaged from Disney's direct-to-video "cheapquels". Lyrics are bland and repetitive, simply doling out exposition without being remotely memorable. At best, they are mildly diverting though still seem like lesser numbers lifted from a Disney Channel music video. It's sad when the "Olaf in Summer" number is the best of the bunch (sure it was completely pointless, but it was at least kinda entertaining).

There's also this odd sense that this movie had serious "in-development" issues similar to movies like Bolt, Tangled, and Brave. While Tangle came out much better for it (and personally a better film), this one came out not so well where it seems like there wasn't much of a solid direction. While the bare bones plot survived along with a handful of well-realized character moments, Disney ended up holding this together by padding and bridging sequences with superfluous musical numbers (troll song anyone?) and plenty of fluffy comic relief moments while other seemingly important characters like Wesalton are wasted supplying little more than comic relief and expositing antagonistic dialogue here and there.

I know that this was intended as a kid's/tween's movie. The themes aren't too complex beyond the importance of family, trust, and the power of love. I have no issue with that. But this one seems like it's made almost exclusively for youngsters and a product of complacency and low expectations rather than be something that older audience members can equally appreciate like the best of Disney, Pixar or even Dreamworks.
An unfunny and predictable Disney Princess musical
I was hoping for something similar in entertainment value as Despicable Me. This movie was anything but.. I heard some talk about this movie, people saying how good it was and so on. I'm wondering if we even saw the same movie! The jokes were few and far between and the plot/conflict was more than predictable. Song replaces regular dialog for much of this movie to the point that it becomes tiresome. Unless you thoroughly enjoy nonsensical musicals with Queens and Princesses, you'll want to drive a railroad spike through your head to avoid watching anymore of this garbage. The preteen girls in the theater seemed to enjoy the film though..
Why Is This Movie So Hyped Up?
Maybe I'm the last person in America to watch this absurdity. My niece - like every other pre-schooler in the country - adores Frozen so I watched it with her. I haven't seen a Disney movie in years and my first thought was: This is what happens when millenials make a Disney movie, I guess. The music was boring, horrid, and badly sung. The characters were inane and melodramatic - the Disney equivalent of teen moms maybe? The betrayal by the prince was a pretty cruel theme for children to watch. Not that they would (or should) know the significance, but it follows the junior high mentality of today. It shouldn't be a shock, I suppose, since I've been edged aside in my career by the 20-somethings - but this movie was still an unpleasant reminder of how DUMB entertainment has become to cater to the kids.
A monumentally incompetent movie
I think it's safe to say that Frozen has steadily become an excellent example of a love-it-or-hate-it movie. Many people worship it as though its existence will lead to world peace, while others, like me, love to tear it to shreds. At first I was reluctant to watch the film despite finding out about the world's adoration for it, but after my Mum bought the DVD, I decided to give it a go. My family and I sat down one day after Easter Sunday to watch the film – and honestly, I've never been more disappointed in my life. I didn't just dislike Frozen. I outright hated it. It didn't delight or move me in any way.

There were so many reasons to dislike Frozen that at the time, I couldn't keep count of them. Watching it, I was so flabbergasted at the sheer ineptitude of it that I eventually gave up hope that it would improve and just sat there, knowing that at some point I'd be writing this review. Granted, I found one, maybe two things that are good about the film – but the negative aspects of the film absolutely demolish the positives here. It fails in almost every department. The story is weak. The characters are one-dimensional. The settings are bland. The pacing is awful. The film doesn't open with a bang, but with a boring musical number that serves no purpose; this is followed up by perhaps the most depressing first few scenes in the history of animation, and the film goes downhill from there. Any scenes of action are tacked on. The troll scene is an abomination. The adventure is clichéd and never truly takes off. The supporting characters are useless and unfunny. The dialogue is forgettable. The climax is predictable. There's hardly any sense of joy because it takes itself too seriously. No scenes really stand out because of how rushed everything is, and loads of questions are left unanswered.

However, in my honest opinion, the film's most grievous hindrance of all is the main character, Elsa. She is so thoroughly unlikable that if I were to make a list of my most hated film characters, she'd easily rank somewhere in the top five. Elsa is a smug, entitled, bitter hypocrite, no better a role model for little girls than Taylor Swift. She believes throughout most of the movie that it's better to hate yourself than have any human interaction, making Anna's childhood miserable in the process and showing little to no shame for it. She then claims through her infuriatingly overplayed song that her ability to "let it go" suddenly places her on a pedestal above everyone else; thus, she's now able to love who she is, but then proceeds to do absolutely nothing to actually improve herself until the plot forces her to like a selfish wimp. She's a useless, cowardly, self-important whiner, and it's this aspect, along with the movie's convoluted snoozefest of a plot and mediocre supporting characters, that makes the movie fall flat.

In my honest opinion, despite all of the praise it has received and the money it has made, "Frozen" is a catastrophic failure and easily the most disappointing animated films I have ever watched. My expectations were massive and weren't met at all. Not counting the pretty decent computer animation – the sole thing about the film that's actually good – It doesn't get anything right (though it still manages to entertain undemanding, princess-obsessed little girls, so there's another positive). It's so broken in so many ways that it's beyond repair; that is, unless one was to re-write the entire thing from scratch. What should have been a magical, optimistic winter fantasia full of lively, comedic adventure and heart is actually a miserable, pretentious, aimless bore, and in my honest opinion, the most overrated movie in the history of cinema.
Broadway. Be Afraid. Be Very Very Afraid
I never claimed to be an expert in musical theatre but I have seen my fair share of film musicals (including most of the MGM productions from the 40s, and most of the recent Disney work) and a good number of Broadway shows. There is something here that is new and ground-breaking. Here the characters don't merely "break into song" -- which is the way most film musicals traditionally work -- but rather they are, for large stretches of the production, already in song and instead "break into voice." I am sorry if I am not being clear but, as I said, there is something new here. It reminds me very much of the Broadway productions of the 60s, there is a certain joy, a certain primal desire .. to sing the story (especially at the beginning of the film, less perhaps toward the end). And the animation is the best I have seen. I recall reading some scholarly discussion explaining that Japanese were far ahead of everyone else in animation (manga) because they knew, from the getgo, that facial expressions were the key, everything else was secondary. One suspects that the Disney people have been quietly spending millions on perfecting the facial expressions because these are literally the best I have seen. (Although the work in the TV series LAST AIRBENDER was extraordinary in this regard, given the much smaller budget). The story is magical. The script is wonderful. Kristen Bell, who has been bouncing around in some very strange films lately (my review of Lifeguard, which was not flattering, discussed this) seems to have found her inner Voice Actress and she could I think spend the rest of her career just doing voice, if she wanted. Nice to see of Joss Whedon's favourite actors, Alan Tudyk, also finding his inner animation actor. This is no ordinary Disney release. This is destined to be a classic.
The Mouse's take on "The Snow Queen" works exceptionally well
This is an animated feature done by Disney Animation Studios. There will be spoilers ahead:

Disney has been making animated feature-length films since 1937, with more than 50 done by the Disney Animation Studios through Frozen, in addition to now owning Pixar and having distribution on others. In recent years, Disney Animation Studios, while doing fairly good work, has been overshadowed by Pixar and Studio Ghibli. Frozen is the best animated film DAS has done since probably Aladdin in 1992.

With Frozen, DAS takes Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" and gives it the Disney treatment. Frozen is incredibly successful on so many levels. It works as a full-blown musical, with a fine score and a very catchy hit song, "Let It Go". The animation is fantastic, it's the funniest animated film the studio has done in years.

The characters are mostly well-designed and the voice work (spoken and sung) is equally exceptional for the most part. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, as Anna and Elsa respectively, are the leads and the heart of the story. It's essential that they do well or the film will sink. Their performances are fantastic.

Beyond the two leads, there are a couple of romantic sub-plots and a couple of characters set up to be the comic relief. One of the love interests, Kristoff, has a reindeer named Sven and their interactions are fairly funny for the most part. Olaf the snowman is okay. He works better for kids than he does for me.

Anna and Elsa are sisters who are also Princesses (naturally-this is a Disney film, after all). Elsa, the older sister, has the power to produce snow, ice and frost, which is a two-edged gift. After an accident, she and her sister fall apart, largely due to Elsa's fears that she will accidentally harm Anna.

On Elsa's coronation upon her coming of age, various problems rear their heads and Elsa flees the palace, determined to exile herself. Anna pursues her sister, equally determined to fix whatever has come between them and make things whole and right, like they were when the girls were close.

Through various travails and setbacks, the bad guy(s) are exposed, the sisters regain their close relationship and various mysteries are resolved. All the elements Disney films typically have are present, with a script strong enough to carry it all to a satisfying conclusion.

I must admit that I like The Wind Rises a bit more than I do Frozen, but that's like saying I like chocolate ice cream more than I like fudge ripple. Both are wonderful, as is Ernest and Celestine. Those three, along with Despicable Me 2 and The Croods, form the nominees for the Animated Feature Academy Award, with Frozen winning.

This film is available on Blu-Ray and DVD and is well worth having. Most recommended.
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