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United Arab Emirates
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Tobe Hooper
Kalthum El Naas as Umm Al Duwais Woman 1
Kristina Coker as Umm Al Duwais
Rajeev Daswani as Khalid's Driver
Ahd as Um Al Duwais (voice)
Carol Abboud as Zaynab
Saoud Al Kaabi as Mubarak
Aiysha Hart as Sarah
Razane Jammal as Salama
Paul Luebke as Bobby
Soumaya Akaaboune as Counselor
Malik McCall as Sammy
Khalid Laith as Khalid
Storyline: An Emirati couple return home from a trip and discover that their new apartment has been built on a site that is home to some malevolent beings.
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weak story. no build up. poor acting.
I saw Djinn, the 1st Horror thriller shot in UAE. and featuring Lebanese , Egyptian and Emiraty and Saudi actors.

Beside the scenes of classic "jumpy" feelin, the acting is very bad. Chemistry between the actors is practically inexistent, the story is revealed in the 1st scene. and there is no build up. I have to say that the Saudi Actress, Aiysha Hart who did a great job! Some effects are good, but borrowed from other movies, such as "scene of birds bumping into windows...or the crawling "Um Al dwais" weak cinematography. Dubai has much better scenes than shown. We need to compare the movie to international standards, especially with the amount of money spent on it. and the full access to all needed materials and actors. and hence why the movie rating is 3, in my opinion.
A good attempt!!! not a great movie though..
I have been keenly awaiting the release of this film for a while now mainly as the film has been shot & takes place in U.A.E (where I reside) & is based around the legends of Jazeerat Al Hamra in Ras Al Khaimah! To add to the excitement, Tobe Hooper, the man behind Poltergeist & Texas Chain Saw series is directing this film. Unfortunately Djinn kinda disappointed me; the predictable plot, excessive use of not very good CGI & cliché jump scares was kind of fail. Tobe Hooper manages to create an intense environment & tries to build up the predictable suspense while throwing in some random sequences but ends up rushing into climax without any acknowledgement of what was actually happening! The actors did a fine job in certain sequences. Nevertheless given the budget & a fresh attempt on an almost unused supernatural anomaly, Djinn is not a terrible film, but could have been better though!
A Mediocre Attempt
The movie has a nice folklore traditional Emirati story , and depends on some of the beliefs of Islam regarding the realm of Jin (There is no D in Jin) . It is directed by Tobe Hooper which I believe is the only reason that you might consider watching this. The most horrible thing about this movie is the cast , some are horribly unwatchable and there is no chemistry whatsoever between them. The dialects and accents are just too silly to mix together in members of the same family. The transition from speaking Arabic to speaking English is just uneasy to hear. The movies starts okay then the plot just plateaus for a veryyyyy long time until you are hit with the stupid ending. Bottom line is, if you don't speak Arabic I do not recommend watching this , and if you do speak Arabic I also do not recommend you to watch it.
Not A Mustard Tale
This is Tobe Hooper's latest that sure isn't one of his better ones and it's not about mustard as I thought it might be. This one has a couple trying to cope with the loss of their baby. A Djinn soon starts haunting her.

The Djinn reminds me of The Ring and The Grudge films by most of the scares coming from her just appearing somewhere all covered in a black outfit and she doesn't brush her teeth. When watching this one you have to enable the English subtitles as it bounces between English and Arabic.

We had to wait a bit to see this one from Tobe who was still reeling from his Mortuary. Definitely not worth the wait and maybe his glory days are done. Avoid this one unless you have trouble falling asleep as this one will have your head bobbing in no time.
This Review Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You
Perhaps I should stop right now, switch off this laptop, and go play basketball or something. I really wanted to like this film because it's from a country not know for its horror. A lot of other countries (Germany, USA, Finland, France, Argentina, Korea, China, etc) have already proved they can deliver the goods in spades so I thought it'd be nice to see how they do it in the UAE.

They don't.

And that's a surprise considering they went through the trouble of hiring a well known horror & sci-fi director (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lifeforce, etc) and shooting in a land typically known for ravages of war-type films. One of the main problems is Djinn's utter lack of originality. Near empty hotel? Check. Creepy concierge? Check. Rolling fog? Check. Phone which can't get a connection? Check? Car that won't start even though it was working only a minute ago? Check. Somebody doing a slow back up by a window which an errant bird suddenly, and loudly, slams into to make you jump? Check. Hands protruding from the walls? See The Frighteners.

Also, the general acting was dirt poor all around. However, it was nice to see a woman with platform shoes being able to outrun a Doberman and what looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Did I mention the acting was poor and almost every scene was borrowed? This movie didn't even need to be shot. A couple of film students could just as easily had cut and pasted these scenes from other films and you wouldn't notice the difference.

Who that possessed psychiatrist was in New York is a mystery to me. But at least she did use "devil talk" in her voice. That's different, isn't it?
Really Bad Film
Djinn (2013)

* (out of 4)

Emirati couple Salama (Razane Jammal) and Bobby (Paul Luebke) leave America for her homeland a year after the tragic death of their infant son. Once there they move into a new apartment complex where Salama begins to see visions, which might be connected to the Arab legend Djinn.

This film was tied up in some sort of production hell as it was announced, given a release date, disappeared and it finally showed up on American shores but sadly it's pretty much a disaster. Director Tobe Hooper at least delivers a professional looking film but that's about the only kind thing I've got to say about this film, which runs just 82 minutes but it seems three times as long. There are all sorts of problems here but the biggest is just that it's really not all that well-made and it looks incredibly cheap.

Sadly instead of any atmosphere we're instead given a bunch of jump scares that never work and just come across very cheap. Even worse is the really bad CGI effects, which look horrible and especially that of the Djinn. The only good thing about the casting is that they hired actors from the United Arab Emirates but sadly none of them are all that good and that's especially true for the leads who just don't get across that mental strain that the characters are going through.

The negative stuff keeps going as the look of the film is cheap and Hooper just never builds up any sort of atmosphere. There are elements of REPULSION on display here but Hooper just never makes it work and he certainly never builds any tensions or scares. DJINN is a pretty awful movie from a director who has given us some classics but this certainly isn't one of them.
there were two available....this one seemed better
So I've been wanting to see this for awhile. Posters came out In Reno, NV the only thing is: there's a poster with a creature! So the other one I watched, and it ineffectively caught my attention was probably the one that was to be seen, I say that because in the beginning, there's a tale and an opening scene with a broken sword that grabbed my attention which was in that version, BUT In this one I totally see whats going on. A dead baby, a family visibly similar to Will Smiths' in Prince of Bel Air.....two women....tall brunettes. And complaints. So our star...he acts like a doctor on many occasions, even gets on some psychedelics....the apartment is actually like a huge hotel....and the beginning of the movie has Hindus and an American chillin out telling tales about this SOUL from the Quoran....

I would question a few things...like the disappearance of the WILL SMITH like family.... I'de question the consequences of the ending.... did those guys from the fireside kill the American? Is the Husband gonna come back and celebrate with the Hindus from the fireside that lived?
Formula haunter house tale made original by middle eastern setting
This film was sitting on my Netflix list for quite a while. The only reason I watched it is that it was directed by Tobe Hooper, who's directed some horror classics like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Funhouse," "Poltergeist," and "Lifeforce" (okay not everyone thinks 'Lifeforce" is a classic, but I do) but Hooper has also directed some serious duds like "The Mangler," possibly the worst Stephen King film adaptation. My overall opinion of Hooper is that most of his film are only as good as their scripts. His best films were written by heavyweight writers like Steven Spielberg, Lawrence Block, or g Don Jakoby and Dan O'Bannon. "Dijinn" sadly represents another weak script, but it did have some interesting elements. The story is essentially an old fashioned haunted house tale, but with a twist of being set in the United Arab Emirates, which does bring a fair amount of interesting cultural elements to a fairly well worn horror formula. A young couple returns home to Dubai and moves into a fancy new high rise apartment building. When the wife begins seeing and hearing things that may or may not really be there, the already strained relationship between the couple becomes even more strained. The middle eastern setting goes a long way, as does director Hooper's visually arresting style that focuses on atmosphere and suspense over cheap scares. However, besides the setting, the story is so unoriginal and derivative that it nearly sinks what could have been a much stronger film. Borrowing from everything from "Rosemary's Baby" to "The Others," it's almost impossible to keep up with which films this script is stealing from. The ending seemed particularly unoriginal and clichéd. Despite all that, director Hooper salvages the weak script and makes the film watchable. Overall, this is worth checking out for Tope Hooper fans or for horror fans looking for something slightly different from the norm.
What Do I Think ?
First of all it's scary as hell , I'm a big fan of horror movies I've seen everyone now but they weren't scary , but Dijinn scared me and got me SO excited puts you on the edge of your seats , people were screaming , but they were a couple of comedic scenes to give us a little bit of a rest and a laugh , most of the movie they speak English only a little Arabic , actors were not familiar but I knew a couple , they're acting was SO amazing they really did a good job at it , Al Hamra has a rich history with ghosts and dijinn and haunting in real life , nonetheless it's a must watch movie I give 10/10 , I would watch it a million times and I would never get bored , it's pretty short , but worth the time and money , thanks for reading
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