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Dark Space
IMDB rating:
Emmett Callinan
Jose Rosete as Extra Terrestrial 2
Freddie Johnson as Soldier 1
Tim Martin as Soldier 2
Marcus Jordan as Extra Terrestrial 3
Francisco Espalliat as Extra Terrestrial 1
Blake Edgerton as Soldier 3
Alana Dietze as Shelly
Sharlene Brown as Spaceport Attendant
Avital Ash as Kristy
Keith Reay as Devin
Joseph Darden as Shaun (as Joe Darden)
Tonya Kay as Flower
Preston James Hillier as EVS Commander Mahoney
Steve West as Jack
Storyline: When their shuttle is damaged on the way to Centari Five, six friends are forced to crash land on the surface of a mysterious alien planet. Stranded with little hope of rescue, it soon becomes clear that they are not alone. Hunted by the planet's ferocious inhabitants and targeted by heavily-armed forces, they will have to struggle just to survive.
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Off World was a surprise
I was surprised how good this film was. The effects quite good and the script was very original. There was some very funny scenes in the beginning in the Starship rental agency that really made me laugh out loud. The ending is worth the wait and it gives a wonderful twist, that made the viewing worthwhile. I am trying not to write any spoilers. A fun, quality Sci-Fi film and the directing was done well. I will watch this film again for sure when it comes to Blu Ray.

The effects really inspired me because it looks like they used models rather than CG or at least a combination. The space suits were good too. Music was definitely original and fitting. I think the composer really tried to think out of the box. Was a bit sad seeing a few of the interesting characters die early, but that is the nature of these films.

A wonderful Sci-Fi thriller/horror film.
Don't Leave Dark Space In The Dark
I like discovering movie gems, and Dark Space is certainly among my favorites. The sci-fi action thriller may be low budget, but it's sourced from a well-written script and very original story. Some of the acting and production value keep it from getting a higher rating, but any fan of science fiction should check out Dark Space.
not a functional film. The definition of amateur.
Someone with absolutely no talent must have watched AvP and thought to themselves "hey I can do that". Oh how horribly wrong they were. Apparently they think that if one cheap jump scare is great, a hundred of them is even better!

A taste: in one scene, an idiot hears a noise outside his ship (you always know it's an alien by the very loud and very generic "jump scare" sound that plays when the run by. Naturally, said idiot walks outside to investigate. He stands out in the open for what seems like forever making no attempt to conceal himself while the alien jump scares around. Seriously this happens dozens of times. It's never scary, and by the fiftieth time they try the cheap jump scare, you just want to mute the television.

Anyway, while he is standing just outside the ship, right in the open, the alien walks inside the ship where a girl is lying unconscious. Oh, she also has a skin piercing, fully fractured, infected leg. The ship is a tiny one room vessel with one door. There is no other way in or out. Inexplicably the girl manages to sneak out of the ship, out into the woods, and back to the idiot outside, who is now hiding behind a tree. The alien completely misses the guy who made no attempt to hide himself at the entrance of the ship, and the girl with one leg in an empty small room. It's hilarious.

Also, the look of fear on the actress's face looks more like she is trying really hard not to sneeze.

Despite her horrendous acting, she's actually the best of the lot. The two other girls are completely emotionless. At least broken leg girl has a sneezeface. One of the actors, the "cocky", Hudson-from-Aliens knock off, seems to be trying really hard to remember his lines. Bless his heart. The men seem to be playing drunken frat boys, but look well into their thirties.

Otherwise, the movie is poorly shot and edited. Much of the action is confusing if not completely cut altogether. There are plenty of shots of the party from behind bushes to give the sense they are being watched, random blood sprays in place of actual effects, and of course, the dozens upon dozens of lame jumpscares. Mostly it just looks like a cheap vacation video.

The effects are weak. The space stuff is passable, but the beastlike aliens are ultra generic, and The invisible dudes' (*cough*predators*cough*) first appearance is particularly terrible. It seems that 99% of the budget was wasted on their admittedly nifty helmets. Good job, helmet design guy. You get the one star.

One more great one: after the party is chased and one of them vaporized by what appears to be thousands of Predator knockoffs, our Hudson knockoff then recites the scene to his two friends... who were right there with him, as if they weren't there. Hilarious editing fail.

Low budget or not, its no excuse. Worst of the worst, but as long as you have your finger on the fast forward button, its kinda funny in a so-bad- it's-good sort of way. Sort of.
NO No no no no no no no
Just to be sure no one is mislead, Off World is a poorly done movie. The story is pretty ordinary: a group of college age people go on a spring break road trip in the distant future. They rent a space ship and it crashes (of course) (apparently somewhere in the woods around Denver) and they must fight aliens and Bobba Fett's in order to survive. The story was serviceable enough, but everything else was terrible. The dialog was horrific: I get more p**y there than most people get in a life time. Yes, that was a line delivered with absolutely no context or feeling...yechhhh. The entire script was nothing but sparse and unnatural sophomoric dialog. The acting was about as emotionless as I've ever see in a movie...all lines delivered like a 6th grader reading a book in front of class. And since it is a scifi movie I should mention that there are NO special effects or costumes worthy of putting into a modern day movie. I could go on, but I have already deep 6'ed this movie and don't want to think about it much more. Save yourself a trip to the trash bin and skip this movie.
Try to look past the first 15 or 20 minutes of the film...it DOES get better!
It's frustrating to watch this film because it had so much potential and with a tiny re-write it could have been really special. In its present form, however, it's a bit tough to love.

A few months ago, I reviewed a low budget sci-fi film that surprised me. While "Starship Rising" had many faults, I was extremely impressed by the look of the movie. Despite having almost nothing to spend to make the film, the special effects looked so very professional. It's too bad that the film wasn't particularly good when it came to what is important--the plot. Well, when I watched "Dark Space" a few days ago, I felt like it was a case of deja vu! Once again, here was a sci-fi film with a minuscule budget yet had exquisite special effects that made the film look very professional. Yet, as in "Starship Rising", the writing left a lot to be desired. If the makers of either film could improve the writing and characters significantly, I would sure to love to see more of their work.

"Dark Space", unfortunately, starts off very, very poorly. My youngest daughter was watching the film with me and she kept remarking how dumb the characters were--and she was right. Believe it or not, although the film is set in the distant future where space travel is commonplace, the characters seem like they were lifted out of an old "Friday the 13th" or "Halloween" movie! I half expected them to land on a planet where they'd find themselves at an abandoned summer camp or roller disco and the characters lacked depth--they were just there to be killed by some unseen menace. Many of the characters (particularly Devin) were irritating and completely ridiculous...and seemed more like clichés than people.

At this point, you might wonder why we continued watching since we hated the characters so much (and we REALLY hated them). Well, we assumed it was just a really, really bad film and we were actually having a good time laughing at the writing and characters since they were so bad. However, through the course of the film something strange happened--we both found we had to finish the movie and we actually were enjoying what we were seeing. However, I wonder how many people would bother sticking with this one.

On the plus side, the outer space scenes are extremely professional and look like something out of Hollywood as are the aliens. Additionally, although the plot is quite simple (sort of like combining Friday 13th with Predator), it works well and gets better as the film progresses. Plus, the explanation as to what is occurring and why is really very creative. The bottom line is that the film has a lot of merits...along with some god-awful characters that seemed more like caricatures than people.

By the way, if you are looking for an ultra low-budget sci-fi film which has a bit more to offer, try "Hunter Prey". Despite a simple plot, the film is rock solid from start to finish and is a great example of what can be done by clever filmmakers even if they are hampered with a micro-budget.
Horrible Direction
I love sci-fi, so I am a bit biased in this genre. The story is OK. It's just too predictable. Another poorly scripted movie with heavy VFX; where the dialogue is unrealistic, the personas of the crew are unrealistic, and the actions they take are unrealistic. Poor choices all around. It's just another sci-fi movie on the shelf. I knew everything that was going to happen almost 4-5 minutes before it happened. How did I know a girl was gonna survive to the end and be the heroine? Because the girl always survives. Yawn. Only 1 person gets seriously injured in the crash. Poor choice. The entire party (save for the tech guy and the injured) leave the ship? Um... sorry. No way. The ship is the most important asset. If it's an unknown world, chances are... you guessed it... there's nothing out there worth searching for but food and water. Do they go hunting or collecting resources? lol You guessed it again. No, they go swimming. Wait, you mean to tell me that despite all the survival shows on TV, they missed that? Um, we have crocs on Earth. WTF is in the water dumb@$$. Nobody filled a canteen. They went swimming. Wow. When the tech guy leaves the ship at night, and just stands there waiting for the aliens. Laughable. No f***ing way. I wouldn't even stand outside my tent in Yellowstone with creatures I know exist (bears, wolves) let alone an alien world! And when the aliens are seen zipping by at the speed of blurred vision. It's amazing that the tech guy has all the time in the world to outrun the alien carrying a wounded friend. Wow. Really poor choices. Too many inconsistencies. I will say though... that there were a few moments where I did laugh out loud. Not to the credit of the movie's direction, but because the script was so bad... I couldn't help but think. No one in the world talks this way. I mean. These guys are drinking and smoking on the ship. Party animals, and then when it's time for conversation... the atmosphere feels so dry it's hard to believe that any of these characters are actually likable. They all just talk about sex, but you SEE NOTHING. LOL!!! As in any movie though, if you stimulated a response (my review here)... you've won. I watched the entire movie, so Kudos to the film for getting the job done. I was just left unfulfilled. We don't need more sci-fi movies. We need better sci-fi movies. I own Humanity's End by the way. I love my sci-fi. On your next go-around, please correct these mistakes. Freegin contact me. I'll proof the script. Let's get the next movie done right!
Epitome of a good low budget sci-fi flick
Low budget, decent story and really too nothing special about this movie. But for some reason, once you get past the first 20 minutes, the movie keeps you intrigued all the way through the end. Great effort with a low budget. Do not know what the others are expecting for a low budget sci-fi movie but this one was good. I watch a lot of random crap movies just so I be rewarded with gem like Dark Space.
Total and complete crap - may contain spoilers
What first looked like it was going to be a camp slasher movie in space became much worse. Only the stereotypical characters were ripped from the slasher movie. The "assertive" chick, her torch-holding boy "friend", the hippie/stoner, the nerd, the chick with the boobs, and the narcissistic a-hole that everyone wants to see bite it.

The writing and acting were total crap, the physics were of the Star Wars variety. Laws of physics? We don't need no stinking laws of physics! We just fly like airplanes! I can enter a planet's atmosphere and land by hand, after the nerd does his figures on his iPad, I've played vidgames! See? They even use my joystick controller). The terrain kept switching from tall pine forest to rocky desert over just a few steps (seems they may have had only 2 exterior locations to use, and said screw continuity).

Did anyone actually think the actors looked like "college students"??? They looked old enough to be driving their kids to soccer practice in the mini-van (they could have been a backup cast for "Grownups"). I've seen better student films (at least the cast would be age-appropriate).

I got to watch it as part of my Netflix subscription, and even then I'm tempted to ask for a refund.
Low-budget, low-quality.
This will be a short review, the only other review here seems like it must be someone related to the film, because they gave it a completely undeserving, glowing review. The acting was terrible, the writing was atrocious, the effects were, how shall I put this, I've seen better effects in "Asylum" made movies, which, until now, I believed to have the worst SE team in the business.

The characters were all white stereotypes, the "strong" white woman, the "hippie" white chick ("The universe will take care of us"), the paranoid white girl friend of the strong one, the super-scared nerd, the more manly nerd that lusts after strong white woman, and finally, the d-bag chauvinist.

Nothing like seeing some Halo armor wearing rip-off alien shooting a scoped sniper rifle from the hip.
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