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City Lights
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Charles Chaplin
Virginia Cherrill as A Blind Girl
Florence Lee as The Blind Girl's Grandmother
Harry Myers as An Eccentric Millionaire
Al Ernest Garcia as The Eccentric Millionaire's Butler (as Allan Garcia)
Hank Mann as A Prizefighter
Storyline: A tramp falls in love with a beautiful blind girl. Her family is in financial trouble. The tramp's on-and-off friendship with a wealthy man allows him to be the girl's benefactor and suitor.
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Watch how a sightless poor girl brings purpose to a kind- hearted tramp
One of my favorites, City of Lights, was a Charlie Chaplin that came out in 1933. Charlie Chaplin plays a broke man who wonders the street with little purpose. That is until he meets a poor blind girl who sells flower. Charlie is immediately mesmerized by the girl and was willing to do anything for her. In order to save her from a large debt, he faces challenges to earn money and gives up a life for himself to make her happy. The entire film not only was full of laughs but also moments of tears. With a heart- warming ending, I highly recommend Charlie Chaplin's City of Lights.
Chaplin's masterpiece
This is one of the greatest movies of all time. Chaplin's use of humour and pathos are unparalleled in this, his greatest film. Who among us can say that they didn't shed a tear when watching the final scene of the picture. A true masterpiece.
City Lights: Or How To Make Famous Actors Weep
Making Jack Lemmon cry is a delight reserved for demented people, but---when he was alive---there WAS a way to make the man weep. Just show him the last scene of City Lights. If you can get hold of the American Film Institute's Top 100 Laughs TV special, you can see for yourself. Lemmon cries while describing the end of this movie. Then I cried. My wife laughed. She's such a little trooper.

I won't give away what that last scene is, but it's easy to see how it could make a person bust up just thinking about it. Charlie Chaplin was certainly not afraid to hit those maudlin notes. His Tramp character was lovable enough and Chaplin the artist was talented enough to get away with milking you for every emotion you've got. Funny how some people can mix tones in the same movie and make it work so well while others can't even get one tone right.

The story: the Tramp makes friends with a blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill) and works various jobs to help support her. She doesn't know he's broke, instead thinking he's a rich benefactor. Along the way he tries his hand at a few different vocations, including a hilarious attempt at being a boxer. He also parties a lot with an actual rich man (Harry Myers) who spends most of the movie drunk as a monkey. Whenever he sobers up, out goes the Tramp. No one can ever see our hero for who he truly is.

City Lights is a short and pithy movie, as were most of CC's works. He knew how to tell a compact story with oodles of hijinks, a little drama, a message and plenty of feeling. The AFI definitely had l'amour for this picture, ranking it 76th and then 11th on their 1998 and then 2007 Top 100 lists. That's a remarkable leap in the span of 10 years. Do you feel that strongly about City Lights too? I'm not quite as enamoured with it as the AFI, but it's a wonderful picture. Jack Lemmon's sloppy tears are proof.

If you dug this snapshot review, check out the website I share with my wife (www.top100project.com) and go to the "Podcasts" section for our 23-minute City Lights 'cast...and many others. Or find us on Itunes under "The Top 100 Project".
CITY LIGHTS is a gift to all the people that loves CINEMA
Charles Chaplin is one of those directors that you can't say easily what is his best film..........because nobody remember Chaplin with inly one film, because your say Chaplin and you don't think in only a film, no,you think of Chaplin like one of the greatest directors of all the history of the cinema. Chaplin is not only the teacher to all that new comedians, no he is a teacher and an inspiration to all who loves films because Chaplin is not only a comedian he is much more than that and City Lights is a gift to all the people in all the world that loves films. I love this film because contains elements of a comedy but also of a drama film. I think that have already says what i think about Chaplin, but the rest of the cast is really awesome. My favorite character in City Lights is of course The tramp but i love the personality of the eccentric millionaire, this character is a really good one in this film.

About the story of the film is really simple: the tramp fell in love with a blind beautiful woman who doesn't have money to pay the rent of her house and the tramp tries to do some money by working and with an eccentric millionaire that wanted to kill himself and that have to personalities:only when he is drunk the tramp is his friend.

The best scene of this film is the one when the tramp comes to boxing,i think is just great just as the beautiful end

In conclusion: if you love films you need to love Chaplin and of course if you consider a films fan you need to see City Lights because for me this is a gift to all the people in the world and i think that in a 100 of years the people will going to still watching the Chaplin's films.

CITY LIGHTS:10, just perfect
Both Hilarious and Touching
One of my biggest movie-related regrets that I hadn't seen a single Charlie Chaplin film. The director and actor has received massive acclaim, and is still considered today to be one of the world's greatest directors. And yet, I had not seen any of his films. In fact, I had seen relatively few silent films at all. However, if Chaplin's other work is even nearly as good as City Lights, I will not hesitate to see his many other films.

Often considered one of Chaplin's best films, City Lights is the story of a young tramp (portrayed by Charlie Chaplin), who befriends a drunk millionaire. The tramp uses resources provided by the millionaire to give gifts to a young, blind girl, whom the tramp has fallen in love with. Things are a bit complicated, though, as when the millionaire is sober, he does not remember ever befriending the tramp.

Due to my limited exposure to films of this era, this review may seem a bit more pointed towards the art of silent film in general, as opposed to this specific film.

At times, City Lights plays like a big cartoon. Slap stick and quirky situations saturate this film, insuring that there is never a dull moment. This is not sophisticated comedy, and it does not take a sophisticated mind to enjoy. In fact, this is likely one of the reasons for City Light's success; it's accessibility.

Chaplin arranges a large number of very elaborate humorous sketches. A masterpiece in comic timing, City Lights is an absolute delight to watch. There are dozens of memorable scenes. If you're not smiling at any given point during the film, you're probably laughing.

Actually, I take back what I just said. For even though City Lights is a comedy, it's also a romance. Very touching, and even tear-jerking at times, City Lights proves that it's just as effective as pulling heart strings as it is at tickling funny bones.

The romance succeeds for a number of reasons. For one, we feel invested in the characters and their story. The film is only 82 minutes, which doesn't leave much time for the characters to be developed, and because City Lights is a silent film, only important lines are shown as subtitles. Everything else is silent. And yet, the characters are defined and layered, some more subtly than others.

The romance also works due to the excellent acting. Charlie Chaplin quite literally makes this movie. His both hilarious and touching performance as the tramp is sincere and humorous. Virginia Cherrill portraying the blind girl is another great performance, and Harry Myers effectively portrays the eccentric millionaire.

I also believe the romance actually benefits from not having dialogue. I say this dialogue is the number one thing that kills a good romance in a film. You could have the best actors and actresses in the world, but with bad dialogue, comes bad romance. By eliminating dialogue, City Lights also eliminates this common issue in modern film that's not just limited to romantic flicks.

The score (also composed by Charlie Chaplin, as well as Arthur Johnston) is delightful. Boasting a large number of catchy and clever tunes, the score is both diverse and entertaining. Music has a much more important role in silent films than in today's "talkies," but Chaplin and Johnston have no problem here.

Not all the sketches work as well as others, and the heavy slapstick may not meet everyone's tastes, but City Lights is a brilliant film that succeeds on both an emotional level, and a comedic one. Funnier and touching than most of today's films, City Lights isn't perfection, nor is it without flaw, but the sincerity and simplicity in which the story is presented is simply beautiful. I look forward to watching more of Chaplin's films in the near future.
a daring masterpiece
Say what you want about his politics, his love life, his Victorian sentiment, or his overwhelming ego; if Charlie Chaplin had never made another film he would still be justifiably famous, not only for creating a masterpiece, but for single-handedly keeping the art of silent comedy alive long after its untimely death. It's ironic how the passing of silence liberated Chaplin to a point where he could fully express his pantomime genius and find, at long last, the elusive tertium quid between laughter and tears. Was there ever a more unpredictable companion than millionaire Harry Myers, matching the Little Tramp drink for drink until the sober light of dawn revealed the callous Jekyll behind his generous Hyde? And was there ever a more heartbreaking moment than the final, devastating close-up, when the once blind flower girl confronts the shabby vagabond she thought was her handsome young benefactor? "I can see now", her poignant last words, leave more unsaid than Chaplin would later be in the habit of leaving, and however unintended reveal striking insight at a time when every other movie was saying, "I can hear now".
Top ten favorites. City Lights
City Lights (1931) is not only Charles Chaplin's great achievement but it also happens to be one of my top ten favorite films of all time. The emotion and effort that Chaplin put into this film cannot be recreated or matched by anyone. A classic tale about the Little Tramp giving up his livelihood for the benefit of others. Filmed during the height of the Great Depression the situation of life in America has never been caught like this before.

The Tramp is hoboing around town doing whatever odd jobs he can find. One day during one of his outings he meets an attractive woman who has an eye sight problem. Smitten, the Tramp vows that she'll see once again. So, he does whatever he has to do to get this young woman to see. He befriends a wealthy drunkard after he saves his life. The problem is that he only recognizes him when he's sloshed out of his gourd. What really moves this film is the great lengths that the Tramp will put his body through for love.

When the final scene is shown, you'll understand why many people (including myself) have called this one of the greatest films ever made. Pure magic.

A true masterpiece.
Comically the most hilarious and dramatically the most moving film.
Comically the most hilarious and dramatically the most moving film.

How many times, one may see it we all shall fall in love with love, honesty. simplicity and sincerity again. A man's quest to keep a girl whom he just likes happy, to give her some light is just so delightful a journey. His interactions with a drunkard, a very funny boxing match, a flower girl's love are so well interlaced that never for a moment is a laugh lost or a smile broken. Yet it ends with the eyes left moist. A great movie and an emphatic achievement in films.

The style is Slapstick, where each scene is just so comical. Each time he meets the flower girl, she welcomes him hilariously, each time he is away from her, he does something extremely funny. The romance is just filled with expression of eyes and it is so very subtle. I must say the whole movie is like a poem with sublime lyrical beauty. It's very fluid as the scenes just flow. I surrender myself to the genius as Charlie Chaplin and to a great movie as City Lights. Please please please see it as this movie would still stand the test time of time and I am pretty sure, it would still be loved a 100 years later.

It's flawless and 5/5 from a little movie buff. I loved this greatest Romantic Comedy ever. I think who all have seen it, shall surely love it. Silence is a great language coz few things are beautiful when expressed silently
How can I be outraged by IMDb's listing of City Lights? Is it one of my top 5 films? Yes. Is it a film by which all comedies should be judged? Yes. Does it take the viewer places they didn't think they'd go and make them reassess their idea of film making? Yes. What I am outraged by is that only 1/10th of the IMDb viewers who reviewed "Memento" bothered to review City Lights. (No, I haven't reviewed "Memento.") This film barely beat out an animated movie from 2001 in the IMDb Top 250 but only made it # 42 out of 250. Is it better than many films above it? Yes. Should more people comment on perhaps the greatest love story in the history of film? Yes. That's why I'm outraged. But at least it beat out "Citizen Kane!" Kids!
It is an Emotional Movie
I was a little boy when I first watch this movie.

Charlie Chaplin is a good actor who can describe her though through his movement

He has a nice Cuteness in his own.

Although there no voice in city light but you can understood all they want to tell you

At last An Emotion there was only him everybody left him alone..........
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