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City of God
Brazil, France
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Fernando Meirelles, Kátia Lund
Alexandre Rodrigues as Buscapé Criança - Young Rocket
Leandro Firmino as Dadinho - Li'l Dice
Phellipe Haagensen as Bené Criança - Young Benny
Douglas Silva as Dadinho - Li'l Dice
Jonathan Haagensen as Cabeleira - Shaggy
Matheus Nachtergaele as Sandro Cenoura - Carrot
Seu Jorge as Mané Galinha - Knockout Ned
Jefechander Suplino as Alicate - Clipper
Alice Braga as Angélica
Emerson Gomes as Barbantinho - Stringy
Edson Oliveira as Barbantinho Adulto - Older Stringy
Michel de Souza as Bené Criança - Young Benny
Roberta Rodrigues as Berenice - Bernice
Luis Otávio as Buscapé Criança - Young Rocket
Storyline: Brazil, 1960's, City of God. The Tender Trio robs motels and gas trucks. Younger kids watch and learn well...too well. 1970's: Li'l Zé has prospered very well and owns the city. He causes violence and fear as he wipes out rival gangs without mercy. His best friend Bené is the only one to keep him on the good side of sanity. Rocket has watched these two gain power for years, and he wants no part of it. Yet he keeps getting swept up in the madness. All he wants to do is take pictures. 1980's: Things are out of control between the last two remaining gangs...will it ever end? Welcome to the City of God.
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Amazing film
The City of God directed by Fernando Mierrelles is an intense spectacle of the brutal life inside Brazils notorious favelas. Two boys with completely different ways of life put on a show from theft, murder, to drugs to the complete opposite side of the spectrum which is photography. The film was a beautiful peace of art, utilizing everything from lighting changes, camera angles, and close-ups to see and really feel the intensity of a scene. These all also help portray the poverty and hardships that those in the favelas must face. Blood, dirt, and garbage couldn't seem to leave the streets of Rio De Janeiro. Acting in the film was good but could have been better. At times, the actors almost seemed uncomfortable in certain parts of the movie like in death scenes. The movie was a very intense movie that kept me very interested from the very start to the end. The way the director told the story was the best part, in my opinion. The director would tell a single characters story one at a time and did it in chronological order until the director got to the end of the story, which is also the beginning of the film. Despite the acting not being the greatest, the film was actually magnificent and I would highly recommend this movie to everyone being that it is base off a true story and gives the viewer a better perspective on life and their position.
One of the very few must-see movies from the 21st century
There are awesome movies and then there's City of God. Whenever you think this brutal and devastating drama about crime in a violent neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro and 2 boys and the paths they take is dropping the pace, becoming unrealistic and going into cliché, it delivers another one of its many brilliantly directed, heart- stoppingly tense set pieces. Or another one of its quiet, beautifully written and acted character scenes. Or another one of its raw, blisteringly intense emotional beats each of which knock you out with the force of an onslaught of ballistic missiles. The actors here put many far more well-known actors to shame with their convincing, brilliant performances, while the visuals are endlessly inventive and compelling. This is a drama which doesn't hold back on any level and is filled to the brim with thought-provoking moments and compelling characters. It's a tough watch, but it's not completely depressing. It has many moments of warmth and humour, and thanks to all that tension even works as an enjoyable action movie. A fantastic film which demands to be seen. There's a good reason why this is so high on IMDb Top 250, and I hugely recommend seeing this instant classic.

Kids With Guns
'City Of God' is not an easy film to watch, nor is it an easy film to like. Were it not for the stark reality that permeates most of the production, this could have been a modern zombie flick. None of the characters in this movie are really alive anyway. They're the walking dead, living each moment with the threat of death knocking holes in their front door. The actors do the best they can with powerful material that offers them no real hope. As I said, zombie flick.

After 2002's searing documentary, 'Bowling For Columbine', it seems a little ghoulish to see a movie filled to the brim with shots of kids with guns. And they use their guns oh so casually, killing at will. It's not easy to make a viewer immune to the sight of a child brandishing a gun, let alone firing it, let alone shooting it at people. Repeatedly. After a while, I wasn't appalled anymore. 'City Of God' is relentless in its offhand violence, proving once again that ghetto conditions breed desperation and murder. Perhaps that's truthful. In fact, I have no doubt that this movie is bang-on.

That's the rub. For every moment of authenticity, there's one of over-the-top brutality. Is it over the top, however, if it's trying to be factual? I'm not sure. See, I can't say I liked this film, but the energy and raw power brought forth is admirable. Certain audiences should see it (not children, not the weak-stomached), but they need to be forewarned of how rough things get. Director Fernando Meirelles puts the camera literally into the action (think 'Saving Private Ryan' in Brazil) and doesn't allow you to view the horrors from a safe distance.

So why am I reserved about this film? Violence in movies doesn't usually bother me. Maybe it's that I found it difficult to relate to the characters. I have never experienced the squalor or pain they experience on a daily basis. And---I have to be honest---I had a hard time keeping everybody straight. Once the film gets going and it settles into the '70s time frame after jumping around a lot, that problem goes away. Still, I was supposed to be engaged from minute one and it took a little longer for me to get warmed up.

The young, unknown cast is solid. They're not good enough to be etched in my memory, although Alice Braga (as Angelica) is one of the most beautiful girls I've seen in years. Since the actors are portraying biographical characters, they're already limited in what they can do. Meirelles rings genuine emotions from the legions of kids in this picture, who probably had a blast pretending to be a kill-crazy street gang.

I think I'd get into the story and the characters more with a second viewing. But is it worth seeing again? Perhaps. I'd probably never enjoy it, though. There's something cynical going on here, a gloomier resolution than what's in similar subject matter (such as 'Boyz N The Hood'). That film is a tragedy, this one is a tragedy of such extreme proportions that you know nothing can save the people---especially the innocent---in the city of God. Judging by how popular the movie is with audiences worldwide, I'm in the minority here. All I can hope for is that this film illuminates this gangland mentality that we see in all downtrodden cities. If the film helps to correct that issue, it will indeed have served a valuable purpose. I recommend 'City Of God', just not very strongly.
Not nearly as good as advertised...
I saw this movie with a couple of friends, and none of us had any prior knowledge of the film. Interestingly enough, none of us where overly impressed... I only realized afterwards, when I went on to IMDb to write my review, that this is considered by many to be one of the best motion pictures ever made! I was shocked. Not to say that it is a bad movie, because it isn't, but it is nowhere near being very good, let alone a masterpiece.

What is it missing? Well, in my opinion, a lot. For starters, the script is very weak. We hardly get to know any of the characters well enough, and consequently do not care what happens to them. This is a major flaw, a 'conditio sine qua non', I cannot imagine a good movie that does not transmit emotions. The same is with the cinematography... The camera is too hectic, the cuts too frequent, the movie looks too much like a video spot or a commercial. I know it is modern, but I find it unfit for a full length motion pictures.

So why then all the hype? In my opinion, most people living in the developed world nowadays are so far removed from the harsh realities of life, so used to living their comfortable, politically correct, protected, cuddly lifestyles that seeing something like this is so far from their understanding that it 'shocks' them and they believe they are experiencing something metaphysical, highly artistic... Consequently, they praise these movies in the belief that by doing so, it also makes them more 'artistic', because they can 'understand'. How sad.
Movie Review

I believe City of God(2002) is nothing short of cinematic excellence. The different technical elements incorporated into the film are especially effective in how they really draw the viewer in with suspenseful anticipation. One specific scene I especially enjoyed was the scene foreshadowing Benny's death. The fight between Benny and Lil Ze was intense in how it used the lighting and music at the party to amplify the chaos taking place. The scene used strobe lights and a constant cutting between Blacky (Benny's killer) and the fight that resulted in a flashy, jagged, quick paced, and borderline panicky style of editing that really conveyed the intensity of the moment. Additionally, another scene I found particularly effective was the scene describing the background story behind Blacky's apartment. The scene used a static long take with the characters involved in the narrative fading and dissolving into the set. This editing was creative in how the chronological narrative and still position of the camera established the permanence of the apartment by reinforcing its "historical" aspects- people came and went but the apartment never budged. The static long take shot was neat because it made one feel as though they were actually standing in the apartment kitchen witnessing the timeline of events firsthand. Lastly, I liked how the entire movie was narrated by the main character, and how every defining section of the movie was titled and noted on screen. It seemed to help a lot with the organization and flow of the film. While the film was not chronological in setup, it was still easy to follow and intriguing to watch. Great film.
"City of God" directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund is a story about two boys growing up in a favela in Rio de Janeiro. The boys both face hardships in their lives, but in diverse ways. One is aspiring to become a photographer, and the other is aspiring to become the drug kingpin of the Favela. Their lives intertangle, but eventually their lives take divergent paths. This whole storyline entices excitement and emotion through its cinematography. The image match between the raindrop falling off the leaf into a bowl with a fish swimming around in it with a bigger fish ready to catch and eat its prey. This symbol of predator and prey correlates to when the cops are hunting the teenagers in the woods for robbing a hotel. This technique helps feel the emotions of the characters in this scene. There are many scenes in this film which makes the audience feel the emotions of the characters. One scene that moved me was when Benny was shot by Blacky. The use of a close-up with strobe lights gives a chaotic effect visually making the viewer disoriented. This made the movie well worth the two hours and ten minutes. Another aspect is the amount of shown violence in the film. There is an exuberant number of adults and even children getting shot. This adds to the authenticity of the film, and in the end when the audience learns that this is a true story, that makes it even more compelling. I feel that this is a must see because it shows the hidden truths of areas in poverty that get swept under the rug. This film shines light on the problems that do not get much mention in the media. I personally did not know how bad the slums of Rio de Janeiro were until I watched "City of God". It is a great thriller and educational at the same time. I would recommend watching "City of God".
City of God ***SPOILER ALERT***

What would you do if you were trapped in an on going war between a drug dealer's gang and corrupt cops all because of a run away chicken? That is exactly how Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund, get you hooked on, City of God (2002). As the viewer, you will automatically be hooked by the intro. Your mind will wonder with curiosity as it attempts to figure out what is happening in that scene. This movie was "filmed" in the city of Deus Slums. I say "film" because it wasn't really filmed there, it was to dangerous to film in that city to to all the violence, drugs, and gang rivalry. However, the directs chose to film this movie in a place that would resemble the place physically to show what truly occurs in the Deus Slums. People always talk about how wonderful things are, yet these directors took you into the average day at the Deus Slums. They truly show what would go on between gangs, the drug war, the violence, family issues, and death. However, the way the story is told in this movie is by telling the story of other character, in order to tell the story of the main character, Rocket. When the story of each character is told they all start off with good or decent intentions, however, you can see the character develop to the situations that occur in Deus Slums. They have the option to do good or to do bad. You can guys what they all pick... The way the directs tell the story with other stories is memorizing because you can see everything come together. It is as if you were looking into someones life. It was very direct movie, the directors did not change scene to make the audience comfortable, instead they showed the truth of what was occurring. This movie will make you laugh, ponder on certain things, sad, and happy all at the same time. I would recommend watching this movie.
Explores a world or violence and moral ambiguity rarely depicted on film
The most moving moment in a trip I made to Brasil occurred when I visited a community school in the slums (favelas). These children were desperately trying to better themselves – the school (paid for from community and rotararian funds with no government help) was their *only* chance to get out of the cycle of hopelessness and crime. The awful dilemma was that the community and its inhabitants were protected and supported (with no strings attached) by the local drugs and gun running infrastructure. I was safer there than on the streets of Copacabana – no-one would harm a tourist as that might attract police attention (bad for business). One infraction to law and order would mean a warning – the second, death.

City of God looks at the slum area (a slightly less criminalised one than the one I visited) some years not to long ago as it evolved towards this position. The honest struggles of a teenager to break the mould, and the enormous pressures on his less intelligent peers to enter the short lived occupation of gangster. There are many moral challenges the audience is forced to confront, including the many shades of villains that accept a certain degree of criminality in order, at least in part, to do some good in an environment where the worst are very bad indeed and even the police are generally known to be more corrupt than some of the drug-runners.

This is a monumental film ,bravely told and skilfully put together. It opens a world that is largely unseen by the developed West, telling a nail-biting story that accurately reflects generations of children and adults lost to a world we wouldn't wish on anyone. Queasiness at an opening scene where live chickens are beheaded for the cooking pot is soon put into insignificance as we realise the horrific cheapness of human life. This rollercoaster ride of a movie leaves you with very uncomfortable questions about the nature of goodness. Even thinking back to it now brings tears to the corners of my eyes.
while still fresh in my mind.......

Quite a gritty orange tinted vacation I had in the slums of Rio. I could almost taste the dust and feel the heat in some of the scenes. A bit jarring to have a story told in an order known only to the director but I dutifully followed along as it tied together and everyone connected.I'm positioned by the camera too close to faces of people in the apartment and I don't like the smell of fear and sweat. While this repetitive tale was overkill on murder and machismo,I don't complain for some reason. Perhaps in my drive-through bank and sushi world this is what I needed to see in order to understand life doesn't change in the city of god,everyone dies and childhood ends when you can walk and hold a gun.A going away party and then you die....
a mixture of brilliance and utter disturbance
this movie is pseudo-documentary meets Little Rascals meets Peter Parker meets Scarface meets Godfather meets Lord of the Flies meets so many other classics. it's not derivative at all, but it certainly makes you compare elements to the all-time greats of entertainment.

you hope for closure for our young photographer narrator but never quite get it, coming to the realization that this City of God is truly the Land of the Damned, even today subject to profound political corruption and gang violence. this isn't your Rio from the travel brochures...

it's quite sad that more people haven't seen this film while it's been out in arthouses and other cinemas around the country. i hope someone who hadn't seen the movie will read this and be spurred to at least rent it.

verdict: 10/10.
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