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USA, Canada
Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
IMDB rating:
Ross Venokur
John Cleese as Fairy Godmother / Executioner (voice)
Sia as Half-Oracle (voice)
Steve Aoki as Matilija DJ (voice)
Demi Lovato as Lenore / Lenny (voice)
Chris Harrison as Painter (voice)
Nia Vardalos as Nemeny Neverwish (voice)
Wilmer Valderrama as Prince Philippe Charming (voice)
Avril Lavigne as Snow White (voice)
Carlos Alazraqui as King Beauty / Cranky Dwarf / Frazelli The Baker (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker as Illy / The Beast / Main Man (voice)
Tom Kenny as Blessing Fairy (voice)
Ashley Tisdale as Cinderella (voice)
Jim Cummings as King Charming / Goat Maître D' (voice)
Tara Strong as Matilija Chief (voice)
Storyline: Charming is an irreverent animated comedy about a young Prince with an irresistible appeal and one kick-ass maiden who wants him only for his money. Cursed as a child, Prince Philippe Charming compulsively proposes to every woman he encounters, leaving a trail of lovesick ladies and scorned lovers to wreak vengeful havoc on the Kingdom. Ultimately, Prince Philippe's exasperated father, King Charming, gives the young Prince an ultimatum... Find a true, true-love before his 21st Birthday or lose all claim to the throne. Written by 3QU Media
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