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Captain Phillips
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Biography
IMDB rating:
Paul Greengrass
Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips
Faysal Ahmed as Najee
Mahat M. Ali as Elmi
Mohamed Ali as Asad
Barkhad Abdi as Muse
Michael Chernus as Shane Murphy
David Warshofsky as Mike Perry
Yul Vazquez as Captain Frank Castellano
Chris Mulkey as John Cronan
Corey Johnson as Ken Quinn
Catherine Keener as Andrea Phillips
Max Martini as SEAL Commander
Storyline: Captain Phillips is a multi-layered examination of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. It is - through director Paul Greengrass's distinctive lens - simultaneously a pulse-pounding thriller, and a complex portrait of the myriad effects of globalization. The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama's commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips (two time Academy Award®-winner Tom Hanks), and the Somali pirate captain, Muse (Barkhad Abdi), who takes him hostage. Phillips and Muse are set on an unstoppable collision course when Muse and his crew target Phillips' unarmed ship; in the ensuing standoff, 145 miles off the Somali coast, both men will find themselves at the mercy of forces beyond their control.
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Hanks is back to his best, Abdi's debut is as good as anyones
If you thought Pirates died out in the 1700′s and only reappeared in Jack Sparrow's adventures then your very wrong.

Piracy is very much still a huge problem, so much that in 2011 there were 151 reported attacks on ships off the shores of Somalia. There is an estimated 3000-5000 operating out of Somalia. In 2009 a group of these Somali pirates boarded and attempted to hijack the MV Maersk Alabama.

The film Captain Philips follows the events of the attempted hijacking of the container ship off the coast of Somalia. Tom hanks plays the captain of the ship Captain Richard Phillips. Hanks is back and back with a bang in this movie as he is simply flawless throughout. The film is filled with suspense and tells the story in such a realistic way, if you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be held hostage by terrifying Somali pirates armed with AK47′s then just watch this movie.

Surprisingly the stand out performance does not come from hanks even though he is magnificent. The stand out performance comes from Barkhad Abdi. Abdi plays the leader of the pirate group. His performance is worthy the Oscar nomination its received.

"Look at me, Look at me, I am the captain now"

One line from a performance that will stand out for a very long time.

Director Paul Greengrass as made a fantastic portrayal of this story that deserves to be told.
Tense and engaging even if a little longer than needed and perhaps "Bayed" the ending in a way it didn't need to do
Although it is basically a true story, I must be one of the few who did not know the ending already, since I had never heard this specific story. How much it matters if you already do or not I cannot say, but for me the film was not really about the resolution until near the end because for most of the time it is about the moment and what is going on there and then. It does this by breaking the story down pretty well into such contained but yet connected moments so that it is effective at the time and also has a flow to it.

There are moments where it doesn't really keep that up – some of them it needs, but others it doesn't. In the tension and in the lulls, the film does well to keep things evenly balanced so that you don't completely turn against the Somalis as if they were generic baddies, but at the same time it never pushes anything down your throat about their situation. The one thing I was surprised that it came on strong about was the military response. I'm not sure if the film was trying to make a comment by playing it quite so "Hollywood" at the end, but to me it did feel a bit odd in the film to have the music, camera-work and dialogue of a Michael Bay movie occurring in a situation where they were facing down a couple of guys with more feet than shoes. It still worked, don't get me wrong, but at the same time it had a generic feel to this aspect that I could have done without – particularly since earlier it seemed smarter than that.

What helps it in these moments (and throughout) is that Hanks is great. He plays it out in a natural and convincing way, whether he is over- confident or in shock. Much has been made of Abdi's performance and I do see why, because it is frequently easy to forget that he is acting because he does seem quite real throughout. The supporting cast perhaps have fewer opportunities for nuance but they are still convincing and play their parts well, particularly those in the confines of the lift raft.

Captain Phillips could have been a little shorter and been better for it and, while I don't totally see the film that others did, I did still enjoy it. It is tense and yet nuanced throughout, only really producing some aspects that don't work quite as well in the meantime.
Based on facts... Loosely based on facts
This is a pretty good movie, but if you are looking for a documentary of what really happened move along. There is a whole lot of Hollywood taking liberties with the story. Half the crew of the ship is currently in lawsuits with the shipping line because they say the captain put them in danger in his quest to maximize profits. There is no question that this whole saga was a political showcase for the United States and this movie maintains this showcase. It could be used as a recruiting tool. In summary, I found the movie entertaining and interesting, but I was annoyed with how much it veered from the truth. It would be much better if it were more factual.
It was just too real.
While going to watch a movie, I didn't have any clue what was it about. But having Tom Hanks in a main part was already a big expectation. Believe it or not, but I found the movie (even difficult to call it just a movie)one of the best for a very long period of time. The action, the people, the characters, the story itself made me cry, tremble, co-live it! It was just a play of 7 people in general and they got me till the bones. I forgot I was in a theater. I was there, with them, frightened and nervous, willing to survive. Amazing picture. People around the world should watch it not only for pleasure but for awareness. Well done.
well done - but propaganda like
The film is actually well done. Quite Thrilling. Characters are well played and the story is based on real facts. The storyline is a bit simple but well organized:

First a prequel: You get background information about the two main characters, a Somali pirate and a cargo ship captain. Both "getting to work" an are boarding their ships. First Chapter: Cargo ship is running. Some security checks are made. Everithing is getting more and more exciting. Then a first and a second showdown, where the pirates are trying to enter the ship. Second Chapter: About what is going on after the boarding of the pirates. A nice "hide-and-seek" play between both party's. With a showdown at the end ones more. Third Chapter: Hostage drama on a lifeboat. A good and a bad Somali guy. US Army and Navy Seals involvement and final showdown.

If you do not care about any message the Films is transmitting, everything works fine. But if you do, the film appears to you like just one more of these unacceptable American propaganda movies. The good guys are winning, the navy seals are the heroes. "Justice" is given. Some small hints about the situation of Somali guys to reassure the good intentions of the director: in one or two sentences it is stated that fishing-crawlers are making everybody jobless in Somalya. Thats all. The pain and problems of Somalian populations, the involvement of US foreign policy in "failed state" areas like Somalia. The enormous impact of US (and other rich countries) fish-crawlers for the population and the wast problematic (horn of Africa is one of these wast-disposal sites). All these kind of scandalous stuff is not really treated. The image of Africans is something like a unscrupulous self destroying, non-rational horde with a touch of pity. But America is performing his world-police-job with accuracy. Until the last shot.... in my opinion all this smells quite Stereotyped and propaganda like.

I'm happy to see that filmmakers from the southern hemisphere are getting more and more involved in these kind of topics. "Timbuktu" is a good example. Even if Timbuktu lacks a bit the suspense of a Hollywood movie....
Moderately Entertaining
This movie left me a little underwhelmed. It was watchable but nothing exciting or amazing. The second half of the movie seems to drag on for far too long. Additionally, I thought the characters weren't developed all that much. Who are these pirates and why do they do what they do? Money, yeah I get that. But I would have liked to see more development. Same goes for the Cap's crew. Who are they? Why should we care if they get captured or killed? The movie doesn't really do a good job of drawing me into the characters or their backgrounds. It plays more like a dramatized news story, or a rescue 911 extended episode. Interesting, but quickly forgettable.

I will, however, commend the actors on their fine acting. Especially the final scene in which Tom Hanks really gives a great performance in the one moment the movie actually made me care about anything that was happening on the screen.
Interesting story but slightly boring.
While I did like this movie I thought it wasn't very consistent. There were moments when I was bored and moments when the story was heightened with suspense. Obviously you can't go changing the boring moments of a true story but maybe they could have condensed the movie down to an hour and a half. The story would have been told without stretching it out for no apparent reason.

Aside from the storyline the actors were really good. You expect that from Tom Hanks but the hijackers were the ones who really stole the show for me. They were very realistic and believable. They provided most of the entertainment in this movie and created a lot of drama.

This is a movie that everybody should watch once in their life but I still feel that it could have been better.
Captain Phillips (U/A) English ---------- my Rating : ★★★½
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Captain Phillips (U/A) English ---------- my Rating : ★★★½

STRENGTHS :- * Tom Hanks performance * Story inspired by True events * Direction was awesome * Camera was great between the ships

WEAKNESSES :- * Screenplay slows in the second half .... * Editing must have done more work in cropping the movie ....

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall... u will be the fan of tom hanks after watching this... The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.
darn i hate shaky cameras
I went to the movie on release day. Primarily to watch Tom Hanks performance and to enjoy thriller. To my surprise it was one of those movies like Chronicle, United-93 etc. It is shot with shaky cam. There should be some suggestion or warning sort of thing to warn the audience that it is a queasy cam movie. I came out of theater with in 10 minutes. I didn't expect Tom Hanks movie to be a queasy cam movie. I felt bad because I couldn't watch Tom Hanks movie. And my money is wasted. There should be a genre for shaky cam movies like we have for comedy, thriller etc movies. I will wait to watch this on my laptop after blue ray print is out on market.
What's next for Tom?
Is there nothing Tom Hanks can't pull off?

Yet again, a stellar performance by Tom. He's proved yet again that he is up for just about any role thrown at him.

And lets not detract from the Somali Pirates! Amazing and oh-so realistic performance! These guys are a group I'd hate to meet out in the middle of the ocean!

Don't research the true story until you've watched the movie. There's many that are critical of the Captain and his actions. Watch the movie. Enjoy it. Then research the real event and even read the Captain's book and then form your own opinion. (Unfortunately I kept wondering if the Captain did what was portrayed in the movie because I'd read up about the event prior....)
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