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Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Irwin Allen
Michael Caine as Captain Mike Turner
Sally Field as Celeste Whitman
Telly Savalas as Captain Stefan Svevo
Peter Boyle as Frank Mazzetti
Jack Warden as Harold Meredith
Shirley Knight as Hannah Meredith
Shirley Jones as Nurse Gina Rowe
Karl Malden as Wilbur Hubbard
Slim Pickens as Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins
Veronica Hamel as Suzanne Constantine
Angela Cartwright as Theresa Mazzetti
Mark Harmon as Larry Simpson
Paul Picerni as Kurt
Storyline: After "The Poseidon Adventure", in which the ship got flipped over by a tidal wave, the ship drifts bottom-up in the sea. While the passengers are still on board waiting to be rescued, two rivaling salvage parties enter the ship on search for money, gold and a small amount of plutonium. Written by Tom Zoerner
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So bad, this is good!!
I haven't seen a film try to be so serious, yet I mistook it for a comedy. The performances were hilarious, the dialogue was awful, and for the life of me, I don't remember the music, so THAT must have been really bad!! LOL. Another one of those great Irwin Allen films that are filled with hammy actors and bad special effects--but what a fun time to watch!!
Lame attempt at a sequel
I accidentally caught this in the middle flipping channels. I immediately recognized almost everyone in the cast, "groovy" haircuts aside, and wondered what kind of film could attract such a cast of both past and future stars? Having not seen the original, I guessed it might be the Poseidon Adventure, since it was obviously on a ship in distress. Was I wrong! I cannot for the life of me imagine why any of these great (or promising) actors and actresses would allow their name to be associated with such trash. There is no story, the performances all looked forced, the characters a parody of the usual disaster movie roles that are suddenly brought together by an event, and start pontificating about the real meaning of life at the level of bumper sticker philosophy.

It is only worthwhile to see the unusually awful performances by such greats as Sally Field, Michael Caine, et al. They must have needed the money badly. Can we blame the director?
What A Waste!
I was totally disgusted with this unnecessary sequel to "The Poseidon Adventure" a movie which I have given a great comment about.

This film is unbelievable from the word GO! I agree, why were no other rescues boats around and helicopters? The one that rescued the original survivors had just flown over the boat that Michael Caine & Sally Field are on. THAT WAS THE ONLY RESCUE CREW? Hard to believe.

The acting is generally poor and the show looks cheap. I really hated the waste of talent from some good actors.

Don't watch this film unless you must catch Sally & Michael as lovers.

Enjoyable in a silly sort of way.
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure starts in a ferocious storm as Captain Mike Turner (Michael Caine) sails the open Ocean on his way to Marseille in France in his tug boat Jenny, however his cargo falls overboard & is lost. The next day Turner sees a French coast guard helicopter & decide to investigate, Turner finds the capsized upside down luxury cruise liner the S. S. Poseidon. Captain Turner now has the salvage rights to the Poseidon & together with his friend Wilbur (Karl Malden) & plucky young lady Celeste (Sally Field) decide to board her, while doing so a yacht with several doctor's show up & Captain Stefan Svevo (Telly Salavas) claims they can help any injured passengers. Together they all venture inside the Poseidon but soon become trapped themselves as the ship continues to sink while certain people aren't who they seem & have ulterior motives for being on the Poseidon & will kill to keep the secret...

Produced & directed by Irwin Allen this is the silly sequel to the classic disaster flick The Poseidon Adventure (1972) that has a very bad reputation but I will freely admit that I did actually quite enjoy Beyond the Poseidon Adventure despite it's absurdities. In a way Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is the opposite of the original, it's silly with bad dialogue & bland character's unlike the original which was a terrific piece of action drama with people you cared about & related to. At almost two hours long I was never bored by it, it entertained me & I was always interested in what was going to happen so at least I had fun with it. However the script is silly, the idea that Captain Turner (or anyone for that matter) would board a sinking ship & get trapped inside like the Poseidon is ridiculous & two people follow him aboard as well like they are going to the cinema or something mundane (& safe) like that. The script throws in the usual disaster film clichés like blocked doors, lots of bad luck which traps a group of people in a dangerous situation, fires, explosions & lots of water. While the character's in the original were great here they are bland, from a blind man to a guy & his daughter to some comedy relief woman who remains surprisingly cheerful despite the situation she finds herself in. Character exposition & background is bad with some really strange timing, while looking for a way out in a metal shaft Celeste decides to cry her eye's out while when people die there's no great emotional impact & none of the other character's seem that bothered so why should we be? The plot about terrorist Svevo doesn't really go anywhere & the murder mystery angle could have been played a little better but at least it's another odd part of a silly film. By the way, how long does it take three guy's to stack some boxes on a yacht? Overall I liked this film, it's silly & overblown & a bit camp & doesn't make much sense but it entertained me & that's all that matters really. The novel by Paul Gallico who gets a credit is actually completely different than the filmed version, in Gallico's novel the original survivors go back to the sinking Poseidon at gunpoint.

Released theatrically in 1979 running nearly two hours (the British cinema version was slightly cut for bloody gunshot wounds) the US network TV version that premiered in 1981 contained an extra twenty two minutes of footage which i would have loved to have seen but only the theatrical version is available on DVD. The widescreen cinematography is great & I can't imagine how bad Beyond the Poseidon Adventure would have looked pan and scanned, the whole film has a lavish if slightly over produced look & I loved the upside down sets. There's some nice action & set-pieces too, from shoot-outs to flooded rooms to fiery dangers to underwater scuba diving. Some of the special effects are poor, the opening scene in the storm looks terrible as buckets of water are randomly thrown against the boat prop while the Poseidon exploding at the end also looks awful but would CGI been any better?

Shot in California the production values are nice & Irwin Allen always knew how to put on a show even if he didn't know much about storytelling. The original The Poseidon Adventure started the whole disaster flick craze while Beyond the Poseidon Adventure arguably ended it. There's a fun cast here, Michael Caine is slumming it, Sally Field is a bit annoying, Slim Pickens is annoying while Telly Savalas is fun as the villain even though he puts in his James Bond bad guy performance.

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is a guilty pleasure, it's not a good film & when compared to how great the original is it's a bit insulting but I had a lot of fun with it & liked it. Make sure you get hold of the widescreen DVD, despite not having those deleted scenes on it the disc looks great.
Beyond hope
After bombing with "The Swarm," producer Irwin Allen, perhaps sensing that the disaster film cycle spawned by the success of "The Poseidon Adventure" and "The Towering Inferno" was about to end, returned to the scene of his first major crime...er, I mean success...and gave us this unnecessary sequel.

No matter how much money they make, it seems actors, except for those at the absolute top of the box-office rankings, suffer from an insecurity difficult for most of us to imagine, always believing that their last movie will, indeed, be their last movie. What else can explain Michael Caine's presence in this film? Having appeared in Allen's disastrous "The Swarm" a year earlier, he surely didn't expect this one to be a winner. And then there's Sally Field who would win an Oscar for "Norma Rae" released later in the year. On the other hand, it's no surprise to see Telly Savalas lurking around in this mess. After years of asking "Who loves ya, baby?" as TV's "Kojak," he had no credibility left as an actor and this is the best he could hope for.

Stick to the original Poseidon. It stunk, but like a turd on the water, it could still float.
Unanimous on this one
All the other opinions are correct on this one. I still have 'Beyond the P.A.' on tape, too! I can't believe someone else noticed the ludicrous music. 'Beyond' suffered from Shelly Winters sacrifice in the first one. Shirley Knight, Karl Malden, Peter Boyle all had to die heroically, so to speak, but I still don't know what Malden did to die. He just...swam away? shirley Knight stood as the one true bright spot, doing the best she could with what she had. She is probably the one seen least of all as well, as she died first. I have always considered Caine in this one and his work in 'Swarm' and 'Jaws 4' to be the Bermuda Triangle of his bad performances. His screaming at Veronica Hamel to remove her dress to make a dangerous jump is laughable, as was other attempts at over-seriousness, such as Shirley JOnes getting Jack Warden to want to live after Knight's death, Caine weeps over Ms. Knight (like Hackman did over Winters in the first one). You can bank on when Caine is onscreen, he will be unbearable. I especially liked the change from hotpants in the first movie to hip-huggers in the second. And Veronica Hamel taking the henchman out with the axe after she had been shot was cool also. Pity she didn't make it.

We did laugh, however, at Slim Pickens line "Who the devil is Suevo (Savalas' character)? For that matter, who the devil is Suzanne (Hamel)?" Note of Interest, to anyone who does watch this: observe when Knight's arm is hurt trying to help the blind Jack Warden. Watch what the others are doing. Malden, Mark Harmon, they are playing with the cane? Later, when she drowns, watch everyone else go up the ladder ahead of the injured woman who must hold on with one hand and is in alot of pain. There is an explosion scene where we see everyone scramble like rats that I have always noticed, namely for the way once again, the women like Angela Cartwright and Shirley Knight must fend for themselves. Haven't watched it in a while.
Acting reputations were soaked to the skin with this silly return by Irwin Allen to the overturned S.S. Poseidon.
Typical Irwin Allen
I've seen plenty worse......this is a typical Irwin Allen production where all money and time are spent on the "special effects" and to hell with the acting. Kudos to Angela Cartwright (damn, she's gorgeous!!), Mark Harmon and Karl Malden for being natural actors that can do it on the one take, and razzies to Michael Caine, Sally Field, Shirley Jones and especially Peter Boyle who are AWFUL!
Sequel of famous film with a sensational although wasted casting
This formula disaster movie from Irwin Allen (Towering inferno) concerns about the famous ship , previously winner of numerous Oscars and some former footage is sprinkled into the opening sequence . Later wreckage Poseidon during New year's eve , when a tidal wave overturns it , now Michael Caine is the captain of a crew (Sally Field,Karl Malden) which race each other commanded by Telly Savallas for obtaining reward and loot . After sea tragedy Poseidon centering on survivors from liner passenger and the rescuers of the shipboard .

This mediocre sequel blends action , intrigue , gunshots , disaster spectacle , suspense and emotional byplay with romance included . Our heroes get stuck in the ship before it sinks . The protagonists spend most of their time devising grisly ways for avoid to die like the first part . The picture isn't bad but deeds better and more spectacularly filmed in ¨The Poseidon adventure¨ . The explosion , pyrotechnics , floods are spectacular but the film is just another usual Hollywood product . Succeeds only in wasting various talented actors , an all-star-cast formed by Michael Caine in a similar role Gene Hackman-alike , Jack Warden as a blind passenger , Slim Pickens as a habitual role , Peter Boyle as a zealous father of his daughter Angela Cartwhright enamored by Mark Harmon , besides appears Veronica Hamel , Shirley Knight , Shirley Jones...Lively score musical by Jerry Fielding and colorful cinematography by Joseph Biroc . It's an Irwin Allen's rehash of former disaster movie clichés that even the splendid casting cannot save . The picture is one of the last Allen's flops along with ¨Swarm¨ and ¨When the time ran out¨. Rating : Average but entertaining , it's a fairly watchable disaster movie .
Beyond comprehension
Wretched. Talk about botched. BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE is bad in every respect. Salvagers Michael Caine and Karl Malden decide to tow the wreck of the eponymous ocean liner with a really creaky tug boat. They're challenged by ruthless Telly Savalas and his gang of machine-gun toting goons. This part sequel, part remake has Caine, Malden and ANOTHER group of Poseidon survivors making a similarly dangerous trek out of the sinking ship. Among this group are Shirley Jones, Slim Pickens, Peter Boyle, Shirley Knight and Slim Pickens. Jack Warden plays a blind man. Surely, you'll wish you were blind after seeing this mess. Sally Field is particularly annoying as a stowaway on board Caine's tug.

Disaster master Irwin Allen not only produced this one, he decided to direct it as well.
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