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Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
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Irwin Allen
Michael Caine as Captain Mike Turner
Sally Field as Celeste Whitman
Telly Savalas as Captain Stefan Svevo
Peter Boyle as Frank Mazzetti
Jack Warden as Harold Meredith
Shirley Knight as Hannah Meredith
Shirley Jones as Nurse Gina Rowe
Karl Malden as Wilbur Hubbard
Slim Pickens as Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins
Veronica Hamel as Suzanne Constantine
Angela Cartwright as Theresa Mazzetti
Mark Harmon as Larry Simpson
Paul Picerni as Kurt
Storyline: After "The Poseidon Adventure", in which the ship got flipped over by a tidal wave, the ship drifts bottom-up in the sea. While the passengers are still on board waiting to be rescued, two rivaling salvage parties enter the ship on search for money, gold and a small amount of plutonium. Written by Tom Zoerner
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The Adventure is not quite over!!
Irwin Allen's production of Beyond the Poseidon Adventure was very exciting to watch. It was always intended for Irwin Allen to make the sequel, but some delays caused it to be shelved for seven years. Micheal Caine acted for Allen for the second time giving the same tempered performance as he did with Allen the previous year in The Swarm. He plays a scrapper and with Karl Malden and Sally Feild who discover the Poseidon still floating upside down and decide to go in her. From the moment they get in there the action and thrills never stop. Then as in the first film they realize they have to get out again and go through the ship as the the survivors did in the first Poseidon Adventure. Allen also directed this action packed sequel.
Typical Irwin Allen
I've seen plenty worse......this is a typical Irwin Allen production where all money and time are spent on the "special effects" and to hell with the acting. Kudos to Angela Cartwright (damn, she's gorgeous!!), Mark Harmon and Karl Malden for being natural actors that can do it on the one take, and razzies to Michael Caine, Sally Field, Shirley Jones and especially Peter Boyle who are AWFUL!
Just hopeless
Pointless sequel to "The Poseidon Adventure" that came out 7 YEARS after the original! It opens shortly after the survivors of the original are rescued and flown away. Then a small salvage crew (Michael Caine, Karl Malden and Sally Field) arrives to get what jewels and money they can get from the boat before it totally sinks. Then ANOTHER boat shows up headed by a doctor (Telly Savalas) to find and help any more survivors. So they all head into the ship. They find MORE survivors but their way out is blocked off and they have to find a way out.

Pointless and stupid full of HUGE plot holes (it is never explained what Savalas wants and why) and stock characters. The puzzling thing is they got talented actors to play these one-dimensional roles. There's Peter Boyle (with hair) playing a angry father, his young daughter (Angela Cartwright) and a man who saved her (Mark Harmon). Then there's a married couple (Shirley Knight and Jack Weston) who needs help...but he's blind. Then there's Shirley Jones as a nurse. Next up is a "humorous" drunk played by Slim Pickens. Last is Veronica Hammel who barely figures in this.

Field plays the "comic" relief but some of her lines are downright painful. The situations are dull and the action sequences are just rehashes from the first film. There's a HUGE amount of things that make little sense (good luck trying to figure out what happened between Hammil and Savalas) and it gets frustrating. The acting varies. The whole cast tries but the characters are drab and the dialogue is terrible. Savalas is easily the worst actor here. Caine is the best. But, all in all, a dull pointless movie. Avoid.
Return to the Poseidon
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is the follow -up to The Poseidon Adventure and I enjoyed watching this, despite reading bad reviews.

Two rival parties board the upturned wreck of the Poseidon and rescue more people and also go looting after some gold and plutonium. They go their own ways and a motley collection of people are found including a blind man and his wife, the ship's nurse, a drunk and a father, daughter and her boyfriend. After several deaths, they manage to escape just before Poseidon explodes and sinks, taking with it the party who went for the plutonium.

Although not as good as The Poseidon Adventure, this sequel isn't too bad with decent special effects.

A good cast too: Michael Caine (Zulu, The Italian Job), Telly Savalas (Kojak), Karl Malden (The Streets Of San Francisco), Sally Field (Mrs Doubtfire), Anglea Cartwright (Lost In Space, reuniting her with director Irwin Allen), Peter Boyle and Slim Pickens.

If you like 1970's disaster movies and Michael Caine like myself, I recommend this.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5.
Good Movie.
###SPOILERS### With a realistic plot, emotional deaths, and lots of explosions, this is one of the best sequel movies ever.

Hannah Merideth's death scene is almost identical to that of Acre's in the original, but has more emotion,like Lisolette Mueller's in The Towering Inferno.

She dies falling off a ladder, and drowning, due to a cramped shoulder caused by pulling her husband up from a hunk of wreckage.

Her and Suzzane's death are the most predictable-Veronica Hamel is not credited in the trailer, meaning it would be easy to kill her off-and Hannah is the one that everybody is hoping will escape-something that is used in EVERY disaster movie I have seen.

The other "good guy" deaths, that of Frank, Wilbur and "Tex", are somewhat different. We don't see Wilbur die, and Frank and "Tex" are shot, the latter just as they make their escape.

All things considered, this is a very brilliant movie.
A rare gem for those who love unnecessary sequels and crave a little 1970's cheese
Irwin Allen's "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure" does the unthinkable in this follow-up to his blockbuster 1972 film. Instead of people trying to get off the sinking luxury liner, he has two crews trying to get on to it for different reasons. Michael Caine leads one group into it to claim salvage rights to what's been left behind. At the same time, Telly Savalas heads up a team of murderous plunderers in search of a cargo of plutonium. Along the way, they both happen upon survivors frantically trying to get off the ship. Will Caine and Savalas find their treasures and a way to get back off the ship before it plummets to the depths of the sea?

I have to give props where they're due, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. The fact that Irwin Allen had the audacity to attempt a sequel to "The Poseidon Adventure" deserves a strange amount of reverence. Can you imagine the power of suggestion he must have controlled. He walked into the offices of studio executives six years after the original left theaters and said, "Hey, I have an idea for a sequel to that movie where the ship sinks. What if people tried to get on the ship instead of off of it?" "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure" is proof he convinced them to do it!

"Beyond the Poseidon Adventure" is nowhere near as bad as you'd think it would be. It has everything a great disaster movie should. An ensemble cast fighting for their lives as water levels rise. Escape routes becoming blocked as the people fight their way back to the surface before the ship's hull becomes completely submerged. People who you don't want to die do and others you wish would but don't. I wasn't disappointed in it by any means.

A PG rating was given to "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure." It contains violence, language, and intense sequences of peril.

"Beyond the Poseidon Adventure" is one of those movies that never should've happened. All I can say is thanks to all the studio executives with dollar signs in their eyes who greedily greenlit this wonderful piece of cinema history. For those of us who love unnecessary sequels and crave a little 1970's cheese, it's a rare gem that's been found and preserved for us to enjoy over and over again.
Not As Good as the Original!
"BEYOND THE POISEIDON ADVENTURE" was actually anything,but a good follow-up to the 1972 movie! Irwin Allen had just moved to Warner Bros'Burbank location,after being at Twentieth Century Fox for some 14 years-and his direction to his hit disaster movie,which put him on the map as "The Master of Disaster" in the mid 1970s,just began to lose steam,and badly! and after seeing this movie,it was such a disappointment! i would've thought that Fox and Warners,who teamed up with "THE TOWERING INFERNO" in 1974,would've joined forces again-since the original movie was shot at Twentieth Century Fox,,but that wasn't the case! and after the huge failure of this 1979 production,despite it's impressive cast,Irwin Allen just landed on flop after flop,which was a cruel way to finish his master of disaster status,,he even tried to return to his "VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA" roots in 1978,with the CBS mini-series "THE RETURN OF CAPT.NEMO",which Warner Bros.Television produced,nor did "THE SWARM" do much Box Office damage in Summer 1978. overall,the bottom fell out for Irwin Allen,before his 1991 death,,but although he had a string of costly failures,his two major disaster movies in the mid 70s did quite well for themselves,and grossed plenty of big money! but much of "BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE" just reused stock footage clips from the 1972 movie,with great SPFX of L.B. Abbott's miniatures-that was about it!
Lame attempt at a sequel
I accidentally caught this in the middle flipping channels. I immediately recognized almost everyone in the cast, "groovy" haircuts aside, and wondered what kind of film could attract such a cast of both past and future stars? Having not seen the original, I guessed it might be the Poseidon Adventure, since it was obviously on a ship in distress. Was I wrong! I cannot for the life of me imagine why any of these great (or promising) actors and actresses would allow their name to be associated with such trash. There is no story, the performances all looked forced, the characters a parody of the usual disaster movie roles that are suddenly brought together by an event, and start pontificating about the real meaning of life at the level of bumper sticker philosophy.

It is only worthwhile to see the unusually awful performances by such greats as Sally Field, Michael Caine, et al. They must have needed the money badly. Can we blame the director?
A remarkable find that disappoints when you think or hope what it could have been
The Poseidon Adventure is one of the greatest films I had ever seen and I didn't see it at all until recently so imagine my shock and near excitement when I discovered that a sequel had been made. I mean typically speaking this is not the type of film that would have a sequel so I thought it would be gutsy of them to try and make one and whether or not it would make any sense to the original. Remarkably co-creator and producer decided to helm the sequel, Mr. Irwin Allen who of course was no stranger to epic disaster flicks or action films but I think part of the problem with this sequel was that it was rushed. That being said...the concept of the film is actually quite brilliant!! The film takes place DURING the storm that capsizes the Poseidon on a small fishing boat nearby. When the Captain spots a rescue helicopter (presumably the same one carrying Poseidon Survivors from the original) he realizes a ship must be in trouble and therefore available for salvage. Enter a cast of characters including a fake medical team desperately seeking a bomb aboard the capsized ship, and several survivors left behind inside the ship.

Part of the problem is the enormous cast and lack of character arc to any of them. The original had a big cast but the characters were so brilliantly written and you became completely enthralled with each one of them and that can't happen with the sequel despite some good actors. Michael Caine, now a legend of course, plays Captain Mike Turner. He is determined, stubborn, a little mean but at heart a hero wanting to save everyone. He desperately attempts to channel a little Gene Hackman but character is mostly vapid. However out of everyone he probably has the best character and does a decent job with what he is given. Sally Field plays young and eager Celeste Whitman and she almost becomes endearing but mostly you find her annoying. The romance between her and the Captain is forced and never really takes off and the chemistry between her and Caine is average at best. Telly Savalas is downright boring as the fake Doctor who wants to recover his package from inside the hull. Savalas looks menacing enough...I mean he's Telly Savalas but he's just far too together and average and calm to ever be anything great in this film. Peter Boyle is Frank Mazzetti who is trying his best to channel the great Ernest Borgnine's character from the original. Mazzetti is desperate to find his daughter whom they shockingly find very quickly into the film. Boyle and Caine don't have near the chemistry that existed between Hackman and Borgnine's characters but they try. Jack Warden and Shirley Knight are the elderly couple, Shirley Jones as the nurse, Slim Pickens as the faux rich oil baron, Angela Cartwright as the daughter of Mazzetti and Mark Harmon as her savior and newfound love. All these cast members and they are all...every last one of them average at best. You don't get to know or care about any of them and if anything happens to any of them you just don't care.

The plot although wrought with different action scenes including a gun fight, a murder, and water pouring in and repeated explosions from the ship much like the first one keeps the action going at a watchable pace. The film is god-awful but it is made for TV content on a movie budget with a rushed script and no thought to making sure at least a small portion of the original magic existed. I give them kudos for coming up with a sequel to a disaster film...especially the Granddaddy of them all but this one falls flat because of some major errors in judgment. Still if you love the original like I did it's not a bad trip back to the doomed boat. It was better than the Made For TV remake of the original!! 6/10
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