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American History X
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Tony Kaye
Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard
Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard
Beverly D'Angelo as Doris Vinyard
Avery Brooks as Dr. Bob Sweeney
Jennifer Lien as Davina Vinyard
Ethan Suplee as Seth Ryan
Stacy Keach as Cameron Alexander
Fairuza Balk as Stacey
Elliott Gould as Murray
Guy Torry as Lamont
William Russ as Dennis Vinyard
Joseph Cortese as Rasmussen (as Joe Cortese)
Jason Bose Smith as Little Henry (as Jason Bose-Smith)
Storyline: Derek Vineyard is paroled after serving 3 years in prison for killing two thugs who tried to break into/steal his truck. Through his brother, Danny Vineyard's narration, we learn that before going to prison, Derek was a skinhead and the leader of a violent white supremacist gang that committed acts of racial crime throughout L.A. and his actions greatly influenced Danny. Reformed and fresh out of prison, Derek severs contact with the gang and becomes determined to keep Danny from going down the same violent path as he did.
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Born of Edward Norton
Some people say that "Fight Club" is the born of Edward Norton but this means that they haven't seen this movie yet. Every time you watch the movie you take the same taste as the first time maybe even better. The first scene starts with a man making love with his girlfriend that makes you shocked at the first minutes but then the story takes you to a terrible prison, neo-nazi people defending the racialism so hardly, a family so close to fall into pieces and so on. The players are chosen very carefully and I think Norton fits to his character very very much. The friendship between Derek and the laundry man Lamont is so similar to the one between Andy Dufresne and Ellis "Red" Redding in Shawshank Redemption movie. This is a movie that everyone must put in his archives.
This was probably the best movie I've ever seen
I honestly don't think I have ever seen a better movie than American History X in my entire life! I may only be 14, but I have seen a lot of movies. I am an avid fan of them, and this one just takes the cake. Edward Norton is just unbelievable. He is the most talented actor I've ever laid eyes on. His performance in the movie is phenomenal. He delves so deep into his character that he can convince the whole audience easily of his neo-nazi role. The look on his face as he walks back from killing one man in the first seen is purely horrifying. The entire move was dramatic, intriguing, and powerful. It really is moving and emotional as well as scary. It is so true to life, and provides the viewer with such insight into the life and events that create a monster such as Derek Vinyard. It answers many questions I have long awaited an answer to such as what could possibly make someone act as Derek did in this movie, yet left open-ended many others that people such as myself may have. Almost every single scene in the movie was extremely captivating. I can't even go on to say more about the acting, other than if Edward Norton does not win best actor this year, I will go absolutely nuts. It's bad enough he lost it to Cuba Gooding Jr. when he was in Primal Fear, which was yet another incredible performance by him. Edward Furlong, the little kid from T2 is astounding as the confused brother of Derek. I was stunned walking out of the theater after seeing American History X, and I don't think I will ever have the benefit of seeing another movie as good as this one as long as I live. I recommend anyone with a good tolerance for violent and graphic depictions go see this movie. I am bewildered as to why director Tony Kaye would ever want out of this success. If I were to rate this movie, as I often do for others in reviewing them for school, I would give it an A+ with all of my heart.
Despite the glaring flaws, American History X still retains its raw power
Watching American History X again 19 years after its release, the sight of Edward Norton's enigmatic frame captured in stark black- and- white quickly reminded me of just why I loved the film so much, and why it was one of the first DVDs I purchased when the transition from VHS was starting to take hold. I was 13 when I first saw the film in 1998, and now I'm 32 with more life experience and many, many more movies under my belt, the cracks and problems with Tony Kaye's tale of brotherly love and neo-Nazism also became apparent. It was something I could never quite put my finger on as a youngster, but the film's main issue is with trying to resolve a lifetime of hate and dysfunction in a single night, and by setting itself such time constraints, over-simplifies an incredibly complex and sensitive subject, although its heart is certainly in the right place.

American History X tells the story of two brothers; Derek (Norton), a charismatic and hardened skin-head freshly released from prison following a brutal double-murder, and Danny (Edward Furlong), an intelligent kid following in the doomed footsteps of the older sibling he admires so much. Danny has just written a paper on Adolf Hitler, glorifying the fascist leader as a civil rights hero. His (black) schoolteacher Dr. Sweeney (Avery Brooks) is outraged, but sets Danny the task of penning a paper on his brother, who had walked free that very morning. Hurrying home to reunite with his hero, Danny finds his brother a changed man. Derek has grown his hair, and no longer proudly displays the swastika tattooed on his torso. Something happened in prison that allowed Derek to let go of his misguided hate, and sets about ensuring that Danny doesn't follow the same path by confronting hate teacher and former ally Cameron (Stacy Keach).

This impeccably-performed and suitably rough-around-the-edges movie is far more successful with depicting Derek's rise to legend-status amongst his gang than it is with handling his drastic change of heart. Despite a rather silly basketball game, the bulk of the black-and- white flashbacks offer a keen and convincing insight into the mind of a highly-intelligent leader of men who has inherited prejudice and hate. When he enters prison following the shocking murder, Derek becomes torn between the hypocritical Aryan Brotherhood and his laundry-room work mate Lamont (Guy Torry). These moments, which are supposed to convince us that a man of Derek's single-mindedness could learn the error of his ways, are reduced to a handful of clumsily-written conversations and a particularly nasty rape. It ultimately fails to deliver on its initial promise, and whether this uneven narrative was the result of Norton being brought in to help with the final edit, causing Kaye to completely disown the film, I couldn't tell you. Despite the glaring flaws, American History X still retains its raw power, and Norton gives a performance of such staggering intensity that he will likely never best it.
American history x
Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) returns from prison to discover that his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), has been following in his footsteps, living the neo-Nazi life of racism and violence that landed Derek in prison. However upon Dereks return from prison, his fellow Hitler-worshippers notice a change in his behaviour and realise that Derek is free from the hatred he harboured for the people 'invading' his neighbourhood. The task that lies before Derek is to convince Danny to see the errors of his ways before it is too late. An awesome movie delivered by an excellent cast, a definite classic. There is quite a lot of violence... a lot of people object to the curb scene, but it is not particularly shocking, and not a film to miss because of it. This movie has one of the best endings you will ever see, it will bring you close to tears!
One of the most over-rated movies of all-time.
This movie is supposed to be realistic, yet fails on a number of occasions, and that alone should be enough to bump it out of a top 250 list.

When Norton split from his gang in prison, the opposing gang would've at least beat him. In reality, his laundry room friend not only wouldn't have been able to help him, but he wouldn't have ever associated with Norton in the first place.

When Norton's ex-gang was chasing him and his brother, they would have inevitably caught up to them and at least beat them, yet a shoddy decision was made to make the crowd simply vanish at the flick of a frame. Very lame, and very obvious.

When a game of basketball is played between the skinheads and the blacks to stake claim over some territory, and the blacks lose, they simply walk away angrily as if something is really stopping them. Hokey.

The kid shoots the other kid in a school restroom because he blew smoke in his face. Not only does he decide to do this in the middle of a school day, in school, but he just stands there after he shoots him. I understand why, but again, very unrealistic.

There are all sorts of unrealisms like that throughout the movie. The list is quite long. Aside from that, Norton's acting was good, but most of the rest of the acting in the movie was done by actors who just couldn't handle it.

This movie has probably gotten such praise because of the subject matter, combined with: lots of drama and tragedy and hope this and reformation that, plus Edward Norton, who is himself a good actor, but still highly over-rated.

To sum this up, American History X was an oversimplification and consistently unrealistic.
This is a fantastic movie....
This is a fantastic movie because no matter what side you're on in life, this movie shows them all, good and bad, right or wrong. I also agree with the point in the movie that proves that people can change for the better and straighten things out in their head to do the right things in life. Yes, things in our world have changed, some for the good, some for the bad, but just because you might not agree with some of it, doesn't mean you can play God and try to make things "your way" and this shows exactly what happens when you try. This movie talks about all walks of life and the struggles we all have in what beliefs are right and wrong. Yes this movie is brutal and violent, but also truthful to the past and unfortunately still sometimes the present. This movie is about race, but not only 1 race is singled out and fed to the dogs, they all are. So, go into this movie with an open mind and your mind will come out full.
A masterpiece! Truly one of the best film I have ever seen
I have been wanting to see this movie for a long time, since my English teacher mentioned it in our class in grade ten. Gosh I wished I wouldn't have waited all this time to finally watch it, although maybe it's a good thing cause I would have probably been a little bit more traumatized at 14... This movie is exceptional!!! Makes u think, makes you frustrated, makes you wanna scream and even makes you cry! Edward Norton is just phenomenal playing the role of a freak skin head and even more so playing this skin head who finally realizes how stupid he was and tries to protect his younger brother. Edward Furlong also does an amazing job!!! This film is moving in so many ways...I can't even describe how real and heartfelt it felt. I definitely think Edward Norton should have won the Oscar for his performance, cause he was absolutely terrific! I can't get why they didn't gave it to him... This movie will surely stay on my mind for a while now... just thinking that some place in the world things like that still happen...it crushes my heart. This is a wonderful movie that every single person should see at least once in his life... Watch American History X, it totally worth it!
"Now we can ignore each other in peace..."
Past and present collage of a youthful neo-Nazi skinhead in Venice Beach, California, his life going into a tailspin after the gang-related murder of his father. After killing some neighborhood thugs, the skinhead serves jail time and is eventually paroled (and reformed), yet he can't seem to straighten out his erratic family, particularly his younger brother who seems intent on following down the same ugly path. Director Tony Kaye puts the squeeze on us right from the start, staging a blacks vs. whites basketball game as if it were Epic Human Drama (photographed in black-and-white, with slow-motion effects and a heavenly choir). The superlative performances nearly carry the picture, yet screenwriter David McKenna lays on the be-true-to-yourself rhetoric with a trowel (and yet lets the opposite side get their licks in too, whittling the film down to a battle of speeches ladled with words like 'empowerment'). The jailhouse scenes are the strongest, but the family drama and the sidebars with the police (who also get to make speeches) are uncomfortably contrived. ** from ****
I was reminded of the sheer power of this movie by watching it years later with my teenager.
I originally watched this movie so many years ago and was floored by it. I had forgotten how many emotions it wrangles out of you that you may not even ever suspect. It was an eye opening movie for me as a younger person and when I found out my 19 year old boy hadn't seen it, I pulled out my DVD of it and said, "That's what we're doing tonight." He at first had no interest in it after checking out the synopsis on the case and I almost had to force him to watch it with me. However, as I began to get immersed in this movie that I had forgotten its powers, it got quiet and I never heard another word from him. At the end of the movie, I was sniffling and I look over and he is sitting on the edge of the couch with tears, unspilled, but sitting in his eyes, mouth open, slack-jawed, and still staring at the blank screen. It was definitely a defining period in his young adulthood and a moment for me that helped define our relationship and that I'll always cherish. It's a classic that even now sometimes I talk to people who haven't seen it, and I recommend it. I'm glad I bought the DVD so long ago. It had the same reaction for me as it did the first time years ago.

I don't want to let out spoilers and it's so hard with this movie. So that's why I haven't gone into detail. But if you want to see real, emotional, life changing in certain situations, movies that make you question things and/or really force you to put yourself into someone else's shoes whether you want to or not, watch this movie.
See reality in your eyes when hate makes you blind...
''American History X''is one of the most amazing movies I watched in my life! My dad gave me the tape to watch, and after almost 2 weeks of laziness to watch this movie, I finally watched it 2 times! First, I need to say that both Edwards( Norton and Furlong)are great! Edward Norton specially REALLY looks a skinhead, showing all his anger and awesome body in this movie.

I like the end of this movie (who is very sad by the way, since I liked the character Danny very much)showing how hate and violence only makes even more hate and violence, in a effect like a snowball.The other ending that never was filmed, in which Derek shaves his head again in the school bathroom,would not help very much with a good message, but it could have some sense, showing that the prejudice and the racism will continue no matter what we try to solve it. (But it is too pessimistic!)

I don't think this movie is racist like many people are saying. It is against racism, since the moral of the story was to show how the prejudice of all races and ethnicities only can make problems and anger for everybody.

It's funny to see how many goofs we have in this movie. I didn't pay attention to any of them, since the story itself makes you not bother with errors.
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