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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror
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James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Carrie Henn as Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden
Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Lance Henriksen as Bishop
Paul Reiser as Carter Burke
Bill Paxton as Pvt. Hudson
William Hope as Lt. Gorman
Jenette Goldstein as Pvt. Vasquez
Al Matthews as Sgt. Apone
Mark Rolston as Pvt. Drake
Ricco Ross as Pvt. Frost
Colette Hiller as Cpl. Ferro
Daniel Kash as Pvt. Spunkmeyer
Cynthia Dale Scott as Cpl. Dietrich
Storyline: Fifty seven years after Ellen Ripley survived her disastrous ordeal, her escape vessel is recovered after drifting across the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, nobody believed her story about the "Aliens" on the planet LV-426. After the "Company" orders the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all communication with the colony is lost. The Company enlists Ripley to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet to find out if there are aliens or survivors. As the mission unfolds, Ripley will be forced to come to grips with her worst nightmare, but even as she does, she finds that the worst is yet to come.
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Yeah, baby
The sequel to Ridley Scott's successful ALIEN (1979) is a nonstop, high-tech, souped-up war movie - it does for action sci-fi thrillers what the original did for horror-flicks: namely, reinvent and soup up the genre.

This is James Cameron at his very best: wonderfully suspenseful action sequences with our spunky, likable heroes (led by a female - A Cameron staple) taking on a villain that is literally out of this world.

Cameron's villains have included relentless terminators and unstoppable icebergs, but the aliens he creates are something else. Killing machines par excellence, vicious and unremorseful.

Sigourney Weaver returns as Ellen Ripley in an oscar-nominated performance; Ripley is perhaps the most convincing, exciting action heroine anywhere in filmdom.

The rest of the good guys are a squad of hardbitten, foul-mouthed marines, tough and resourceful but fraught with human frailties in a crisis just like any of us. And that's where the fun begins.
Wow! James Cameron sure knows how to make a sequel! Aliens is a much better film than it's predecessor.

Aliens is a well paced & action packed film, where as Alien was far too slow. The effects are good, the aliens movement smooth & fluid.

Sigourney Weaver is great as Ripley, Paul Reiser performance as the slimy Burke makes you want to hate him & Cameron favourite Michael Biehn is also solid as Cpl Hicks.

Carrie Henn as "Newt" put in a magnificent effort for someone so young, great child actors are very hard to find.

Easily the best of the Alien series & one of the best sequels ever.
Could Hardly Be Improved.
Rarely does a sequel do greater justice to an idea than the original. But 'Aliens' manages it in spades.

The music and sound score alone are absolutely mesmerising. If you haven't got a good system, you're missing-out big time. Here's a simple thing; just listen to the 3 latches locking into place when Ripley's 'lifeboat' is recovered by the deep-space explorer. You can't see them, but you can hear them, ker-k-link, each in succession, right around your sound stage. The noise tells you that they haven't just latched, but latched and locked. Listen with you eyes shut, if you don't believe me. It's that meticulous attention to detail both aural and visual that makes this movie a true work of art. There really is no need for the sounds to be there at all. But they are, and they convey complete fidelity to a scene that lasts just seconds.

Here's another. When the marines are crossing the rain-swept depot to the airlock, its windy and wild. When they get inside, the ambiance completely changes. it's still noisy, the wind continues, faint but audible and there is lots of dripping water, but now there's also a strange, claustrophobic intimacy, and I'm quite at a loss as to how that has been accomplished. Yet the mood-change is hair-raisingly palpable.

These set pieces are completely seamless throughout the movie. Strange, gloomy, suggestive, broken; the ghost of dead technology appears to haunt them as much as any alien demons. A thin, whining, electronic note does the work of tense music, it suits the circumstances perfectly, as well as providing a foil to any ambient sounds that the engineers and director thought appropriate.  

The sound and sets earned it two well-deserved Oscars.

Tension builds and builds again. It's a fairly well-worn formula of gradual attrition. Ripley's valliant rescue of the ambushed and trapped space-marines must have any viewer at the edge of their seat. And on it goes, tighter and tighter, until finally we are squeezing through air-ducts.

Acting is pretty formulaic but entirely believable. People we've quickly grown to like get killed suddenly and nastily, smug Apone, and macho Drake. The alien queen brings the movie to a perfect climax. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there was absolutely no CGI in this. Proof enough that it isn't actually needed, and is never as good as the real McCoy.

And the script, by the way, is excellent.

As a comment upon sexuality and survival it is a very telling one. The female is deadlier than the male. It draws from a simple Darwinian premise, that she makes a greater investment in the production of the young, and will therefore go to more determined and ruthless lengths to ensure their survival. She knows her genes are in the offspring: momma's baby, poppa's maybe. Males are simply expendable seed-carriers of convenience.

I've docked a point for what strikes me as technological incongruity. The continued use of old-fashioned 'querty' keyboards for example, and CRT/VDU. The latter have all but gone to the scrap-heap now, never mind hundreds of years hence. Check-out the roll-up screens in 'Red Planet'; now that's more like it. Also, a sophisticated android like 'Bishop' surely suggests the probability of 'mechanised' marines. Or at least, a self-propelled remote for entering the alien hive. Bomb disposal squads already have those today. Bishop himself should have been able to simply plug-in and interface with the uplink. Or even communicate by WiFi. Though these things would compromise drama, their absence compromises its science-fiction credentials. And I am certainly no purist.

But, golly-gosh! - nit-picking aside; this is an absolute crackerjack of entertainment.

I believe it has only one other challenger for the crown of greatest sci-fi horror movie - Carpenter's 'The Thing'.

You split 'em; I can't. 

It's 22 and 26 years since their creation, and no-one has managed to raise the bar. What does that tell you?
Outstanding blend of sci-fi, action, and humour.
I rate Aliens a perfect 10. This second installment in the Alien series evolves the original movie's horror/sci-fi genre into action-adventure/sci-fi, setting a standard which has not yet been matched. I like this movie because it paints a picture of the future which is realistic enough to suck you in during the beginning of the film and then quickly introduces you to interesting characters who you become concerned with; some you love and others you hate.....but none of them bore you. By the time the action starts it's possible to forget you're watching a movie (at least the first couple of times). The plot is filled with tension that is occasionally broken by some of the most memorable one-liners in history (especially by Private Hudson). The special effects are remarkable, considering the fact that they were accomplished the "old fashioned way" prior to digital manipulation. I can report that I now own the Director's Cut and rate this version a 10 also. The extra footage will be extremely interesting to fans of the 1986 release. Either version gives you great characters, suspense, action, firepower, sarcasm, and wit. Aliens is an outstanding show!
An epic sci fi action film
I really enjoy alien as a film but I have to admit that I totally love aliens and believe it is a better movie and one of the best movies ever. The premise of the film sees Ripley get picked up years after alien, along with a group of marines she goes back to lv426 to investigate the new missing colony there. Sigourney weaver is back as Ellen Ripley and she is even better in this film then the first and she was even nominated for an Oscar for this role. She is one of the most action packed strong woman in a film ever and she delivers such a strong but lovable performance in this film that makes you truly care about her character. The rest of the cast is also absolutely awesome, the late great bill Paxton plays Hudson in this film and he is amazing in this film, he has the best lines in the film and I loved the humour that he brings to his role. Michael biehn from terminator plays corporal hicks and he is really good in this film , he has a rugged but charming characteristic to him and I liked his performance. The character of Vasquez is absolutely great she is the biggest badass in this film and I absolutely beloved her character. The character of newt is really important to the film and I absolutely love her relationship with Ripley an thought it really brought the emotion to this film. The story in this film is pretty simple like alien, but I give this film credit for doing something different then the first film. The chemistry between the team is great to watch and you truly care about the characters as they take on the xenomorphes. Similar to alien there are a few interesting twists in this story that help make it feel unique as well. The script has fantastic dialogue in it with humour that makes these characters really fun to watch and build the relationships between the squad. The drama towards the end of the film really works as well and helps build the emotion. The style of the film has some of the most awesome action scenes seen in recent memory that adds suspense and keeps the action up. Overall I love aliens and I think it is a must see especially if you appreciate action films.
Alien Meets True Lies: Turn Off Your Brain
Spoilers Ahead:

Here is an idea; if you are going to make a sequel to, arguably, the best science fiction movie ever made, stay faithful to your predecessor's material. Now, do we all remember why we do not shoot the Alien? What is the eight foot tall Alien full of? Yes, molecular acid that a few drops of which almost burned through four decks of the Nostromo and killed everyone. Well, James did not watch the original very well. They are all trapped in a small room with seven or eight aliens; they commence shooting and firing grenades at them. What would have happened? That's right gallons of acid would have been spraying all around melting our heroes and that annoying, shrieking, little girl. Grenades, hey what a good idea. Let's really spray acid everywhere. The same flaw is in the silly scene conveniently located near the cooling system for the reactors. Hello? The acid would have burned holes through all the cooling systems and started an overload.

The classic True Lies touches are all here: high school jock dialogue, over the top silly action scenes, terrible acting with cringe worthy moments, basically every time Hudson speaks. I never understand Cameron's appeal. He made one good movie THE TERMINATOR, after that it is all crap. He reached his nadir with Dances With Smurfs. He always has the same ridiculous action scenes like the last scene in ALIENS. As an earlier great reviewer said, do you know what a 400 pound queen alien hanging on your leg would do to your leg? How about explosive decompression? The last scene is so lacking in any verisimilitude; there is not a sequel to ALIEN. It is that movie put in a blender with TRUE LIES. This is what you end up with!!

How about the scene everybody holds up as the best: the showdown between RoboRipley and the Queen. Does everybody remember what the alien's reflexes are like? Remember when Parker tried to charge a regular alien much less the queen? How did that work out? How long would the hyper intelligent queen take to shoot that tail between the metal and impale Ripley? Please, like five seconds. The worst part is the transformation of Ripley from a believable heroine in ALIEN into a female RAMBO. We even have Rambo Jr., newt, trying to teach those poor, scared Marines, you know professional, trained killers into how to fight those scary aliens. Every one of Cameron's films are anti-military; in the Abyss we have a SEAL team leader losing a hand to hand fight with Ed Harris and a big, fat guy. Jim, please you are embarrassing yourself. Do you know how many men wash out before one even becomes a SEAL? Do you know how long a SEAL team leader would have needed to kill both of them? About one minute.

The movie has some of the worst, jock like babble as dialogue, the action scenes are so silly and unbelievable. Ripley and Newt are very annoying and utterly unbelievable as the leaders of the worst depiction of Marines on film. This was nothing to how he crapped on them in AVATAR. He loves to mock the military; he would not even be speaking English if it wasn't for the military? SPRACHEN ZE DEUTSCHE? Do not waste your time; Alien was a masterpiece better writing, acting and directing; this is mass audience crap.
When you put your heart into doing something memorable, people will remember your name
You know back in 1987 when i first watched this movie on VHS - later i watched the uncut version - i was at first reluctant at giving it a shot but then i said what the hell might as well go for it and let me tell you i was more than impressed i was awed this movie was THAT good. I thought of it as the best sci-fi flick ever at the time and still do 20 years later. I mean you gotta look at this movie not only from the crew's perspective but also from the audience's. And that perspective scores very high all across the board mainly because from the very beginning the crew was set on making a sci-fi futuristic movie that continued the story from "ALIEN" but added new unique elements to the story. Everything is great about "ALIENS" the plot the storyline fine continuity and not only it follows where Riddley Scott left off but adds something unique to the gender. And the way the story unfolds gradually building up the tension while at the same time treading on that fine line between dark and light, good and evil, is just amazing how that was done in terms of sentimentality Ripley ,missed her daughter's birthday because fate was cruel to her given the circumstances of her floating out into space for 57 years, after she escaped from the Nostramo, and now she sees in Newt the one and only child who could possibly make up for the hole left in her soul once she found out her daughter was gone only 2 years prior to her rescue and here is her chance to make up for it. The way this chemistry between Newt and Ripley develops can clearly be seen throughout the movie little at first but as the movie advances, their relationship grows ever stronger and culminates at the end when Newt calls Ripley "mommy". It's clear that James Cameron and all his crew had their hearts set on making a movie not just for the money but also for providing high quality action to the viewer blended with that feeling that despite all the evil around us, despite all the risks we take all the compromises we might make, love conquers all in the end from start to finish while at the same time making us relate in some way to anyone of the characters..I mean you gotta understand that love, sentimentality and aliens, the story of the movie don't quite mix generally speaking, but by bringing Newt into the picture as the orphan child, the way the chemistry between the main character and the little kid develops, is just amazing..is something unique and you don't get to see this a lot in movies of this gender at least not a lot. I just watched not long ago "ALIENS, THE MAKING OF - BONUS DVD ONLY and i was just amazed with all the hard work and soul James Cameron and his entire crew put in, in order to give the audience a final product that i'm sure will be remembered for generations to come. And to sum it up that's what this movie is all about...something that revolutionized the sci-fi gender. Of course Riddley Scott did a fine job to with "ALIEN" only James did better. Way to go James! A masterpiece! And one other thing...you gotta keep in mind they used 80's technology as far as the equipment used is concerned - the spaceship just to name one, the atmosphere processor, etc- but looking at this movie 20 years later you still cant tell the technology is outdated..is just amazing how they've accomplished something like this and only with an 18-million dollar budget at the time. This just goes to show that if you as a director and crew as well have your heart set on making something memorable, everyone will remember your name. And last but not least, the soundtrack rocked, man, especially given that James Horner had little time to implement it into the movie. Good work James! My vote 10/10
Wonderfully tense sci-fi fantasy
Aliens is a thrilling film. Throughout the plot is on a thrill ride which never seems overly contrived. And, in contrast to a lot of films I have seen, you actually come to care about the characters here. The motherly relationship between Ripley and Newt is particularly resonant; a tender eye of the storm of this monster yarn. You will come to love the marines too. Bill Paxton is great as Hudson, Michael Biehn as Hicks. You will boo at the sliminess of Burke and the wimpyness of Gorman.

Signourney Weaver has a wonderful quality about her as Ripley. A stark beauty and a quiet assurance. Lance Henrikson as Bishop also plays a good character.

This is a well written, expertly executed, brilliantly realised sci-fi yarn that will have you chewing your finger tips off with suspense. Top class entertainment, and it has a bit of heart too. And over 20 years old too.
One of the most thrilling films ever- special edition highly recommended
James Cameron is an extremely talented action director because not only does he know great action, but he always backs the action up with a great story and interesting characters. Aliens is his finest achievement, as far as I'm concerned. Of course, I should specify: Aliens Special Edition is his finest achievement.

In 1986 several scenes were cut to keep the movie's run-time reasonable but there was one scene that was incredibly foolish to leave out. The scene I refer to is near the beginning where Ripley learns that her daughter has died while she was away in 'hypersleep' for 57 years. "I promised her I'd be home for her 11th birthday," cries Ripley. This is a very moving scene that adds a great deal the character's depth and makes more sense to why she cares for a little girl named Newt later in the film. She's seeking penance through Newt with her love and determination to keep her alive at all costs. The theatrical edition obviously doesn't elude to any of this, and even cheapens the relationship between Ripley and Newt- just a little bit. James Cameron has said that all of his movies are love stories, and Aliens is a story of parental love. He has also said that the special edition is his intended (if not definitive) version of the film. For about five years or so the Special Edition was the only version of Aliens you could get on DVD. It should have stayed that way.

Aliens is a unique film experience: it's genuinely thrilling and exciting, unlike a lot of movies where people shoot the evil monsters and there's disgusting blood and rapid gunfire, and it's really meaningless. In Aliens' case, the aliens are very threatening and more than just target practice. We don't see any aliens for over an hour, but once we do, it's a huge payoff. By that time, we get to know some interesting characters: Hicks (Michael Beihn), a take-charge marine who also turns out to be sweet and sincere, Hudson (Bill Paxton), a braggart who turns out to be a coward and complains most of the time, Vasquez (Jeanette Goldstein), the iron-willed woman soldier who proves to be one of the bravest characters in the film, Bishop (Lance Henrikson), a robot that is very helpful for everyone's survival, Burke (Paul Rieser), the slimy company man who the audience loves to hate, and of course, the adorable little Newt (Carrie Henn), a girl who has survived unspeakable horror. Holding the whole film together is Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver in her surprise-Oscar-nominated performance. I think the only reason why the audience cared for her in the first film is because she was the only person left and we wanted her to live. But for this film, James Cameron added so much to her. With all this investment in characters, we're really concerned for their well-being. We don't want those aliens to get them. Some die, and I'm always truly bummed out when it happens.

Filled with amazing performances and an abundance of thrills, Aliens is one of the greatest of any genre it attempts: whether it's action, sci-fi, horror, or even drama. I personally liked it better than the first film, but it's really like comparing apples and oranges. I prefer the special edition and don't see why anyone should view the other version instead.

My rating: 10/10
This Time It's War
One of the reasons I'm still clinging onto hope that the Avatar franchise isn't a one-hit wonder is because James Cameron has proved how well he can build out a world in a sequel. He did it with Terminator and he certainly did it with Aliens. It's not only a great sci-fi thriller, but it's easily one of the greatest action films to date.

With a much bigger budget and story, Aliens takes everything that was great with Alien, and doubles down on it. All while at the same time building his own world of Alien mythology that seems similar and different enough from Ridley Scott's film to succeed as a sequel and stand on its own. It's a hard thing to do, but amazingly Aliens does it. What's great about this adventure is that we know what to expect with the Xenomorphs. We know that these explorers and military personnel are in for a rude awakening when they reach the colony, but the film takes us on the journey anyway. Everything is avoidable, but yet, all of the character decisions feel logical anyway.

It's pretty amazing what 7 years can do to special effects and production designs. While Alien was very contained and simplistic, Aliens is just the opposite, bold with a massive scope. It's a testament to making films with real effects and minimal green screen and CGI, because films (and these in particular) are always scarier and more thrilling when everything feels real. In fact, you feel like you're going on this journey right alongside the crew, experiencing each gun shot and face-hugging with them. In this regard, Aliens plays as both a harrowing western, and an electrifying video game for the audience. That speaks to Cameron's masterful directing.

Cameron also manages to write and direct Ripley into one of the most recognizable action stars in film history. She wasn't granted a ton of action in the first film, and fittingly so, but Aliens turns a warrant officer into the queen of all things Xenomorphs. Which brings me to the theme of the film, which seems to be motherhood. It's a nice twist on gender stereotypes and harsh look into the struggle of a "woman's voice" in society. Ripley is questioned at every turn by most of the characters, even though she clearly has the most experience out of anyone. And I love how Cameron parallels Ripley with the "Alien Queen" at the end. Both of them trying their hardest to save their "children".

Aliens, much like Alien, is the perfect example of how to max-out the quality of your film in every aspect. Everything from the intense score, the gorgeous production design, the endless tension, and unique and memorable performances. Aliens is quite simply, one of the greatest films ever made.

+New take from Cameron


+Ripley is now an action icon

+Bigger scope

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