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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror
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James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Carrie Henn as Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden
Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Lance Henriksen as Bishop
Paul Reiser as Carter Burke
Bill Paxton as Pvt. Hudson
William Hope as Lt. Gorman
Jenette Goldstein as Pvt. Vasquez
Al Matthews as Sgt. Apone
Mark Rolston as Pvt. Drake
Ricco Ross as Pvt. Frost
Colette Hiller as Cpl. Ferro
Daniel Kash as Pvt. Spunkmeyer
Cynthia Dale Scott as Cpl. Dietrich
Storyline: Fifty seven years after Ellen Ripley survived her disastrous ordeal, her escape vessel is recovered after drifting across the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, nobody believed her story about the "Aliens" on the planet LV-426. After the "Company" orders the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all communication with the colony is lost. The Company enlists Ripley to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet to find out if there are aliens or survivors. As the mission unfolds, Ripley will be forced to come to grips with her worst nightmare, but even as she does, she finds that the worst is yet to come.
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Better than the original?

Aliens, the revisionist, formulaic sequel by James Cameron was the most successful in terms of audience appeal, if not in gross, and sparked off the mass franchise series we know today.

The extra 17 minutes of the extended video release are actually quite vital, showing the fenced-in crew setting up computer sentries, emphasising the dire nature of their circumstance. Even more significantly, they added depth to Ripley by showing that her daughter had aged and died during the time she had been away. For Aliens takes place fifty-seven years later, where the shuttlecraft of the original (expertly recreated, even down to a look-alike cat) is picked up by scavengers. Once back on Earth, Ripley is emotionally blackmailed into taking a group of space marines out to the planet where they discovered the aliens, as it is now populated by a colony. The planet of the original is named as LV426, and the year the colonists inhabited the planet as 79. But which '79? For the sake of keeping it contemporary, let's assume it's 2079. Aliens takes place 20 years after colonisation, thus dating Alien at 2042. (Okay, I'm an anorak!)

While looked upon as the most action-packed, a single shot isn't fired before the first 43 minutes are up. But from then on it's pretty gung-ho all the way, Aliens getting shot in the brains, etc. All the characters are known only by their ciphers – sorry, surnames – so that the rather sleazy, back-stabbing government official (who it's obvious is a traitor from the first minute), is named "Burke", and the most macho soldier "Spunkmeyer". Cameron even tried to unite this series with The Terminator, having Cyberdene responsible for the creation of the "synthetics". He bottled it, and changed it to "Hyperdene". Weaver plays Ellen, lest we forget, though introduces herself as "Ripley" to all, including the frightened Newt. Henn gives a good performance as the orphaned girl, along with Biehn and the underused Henriksen. The rest, though, are merely juvenile military types, ready to get blown away. And that's basically it. The crew never become real people, save for perhaps Biehn, as they are all stereotypical macho types, including the women.

Cameron's direction is adequate, though the use of fades is a little obvious. Effects are obviously an improvement, this being seven years later in filmic terms, though shots of the actors in front of large explosions are notably fake. For its time, Aliens was state-of-the-art, but now it has been surpassed by others (including, ironically, Cameron's own later work), it must be judged on other merits. And that is where the problem lies. For away from the dumbed-down action and non-realism of the plot, there is little to recommend it. And surely Ripley would have been torn apart by the lack of air pressure at the climax? So that's Aliens, then. Good, nonsense, shoot-'em-up, just like the video games. But little else. Better than the original? I don't think so. Though Ripley does get bigger pants. 6/10.
Aliens menacing and agile.
The planet from Alien (1979) has been colonised, but contact is lost and a rescue team is dispatched. This 1986 sequel is action packed, bigger, louder, very gung-ho with Vietnam parallels.

I'm torn… I must say that at the time Aliens was the best action sci-fi films ever and probably still is, but overtime, I have grown less fond of Aliens and prefer the first Alien and re-edit of the 3rd.

What is superior about Aliens is that it builds on what Ridley Scott created in first film, (even though some of Aliens ideas are based on cut scenes) surprise killings, misdirection and so on. The design and movement of the Alien is greatly improved, making the Alien far more menacing and agile than before. Space is stark, dark and cold and James Cameron captures the isolation and ominous atmosphere perfectly, with an effective use of lighting, shadow and set design.

There's no doubt that Cameron is an exceptional director and writer. All the characters are built up slowly, Lance Henriksen as the synthetic Bishop and Paul Reiser as Burke give subtle performances. Michael Biehn as Hicks and Sigourney Weaver are terrific. Ripley as a character is fleshed out further and the effects and sound are amazing (winning Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Effects).

Aliens is an unsurpassed solid sci-fi horror sequel packed with action and suspense but in retrospect it really is Alien pumped with more Ripley, testosterone and guns.
Great SF action, but not in the same league as Alien
Ridley Scott's Alien quickly worked its way into my all-time Top 10 and has claimed a permanent place there ever since. Aliens, however, didn't impress me that much when I first saw it in a movie theatre in 1986. Apart from a couple of genuinely gruesome moments (like when the marines discover the cocooned colonists or when Ripley and Newt stumble upon the alien queen's egg chamber), I felt Aliens took a wrong turn when it replaced the slow grinding horror and terrifying uncertainty of Alien with 'bigger and more' all-out action. Even the effects seemed cheaper although seven years had passed since the production of the first film. I was entertained, but not overly impressed.

I still vacillate between loving and dismissing Aliens on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel it is nearly as good as the first one, although in a very different genre. Sometimes I find it too much of an '80s action movie' (I never liked those) with all the dumb clichés of the era being too evident. The extended cut, however, is definitely better. It adds more depth to the characters and provides a more epic experience overall.

Maybe you just have to lower your expectations after Alien, and watch Aliens for what it is: one of the best SF/horror action flicks from the 1980s.
Excellent sci-fi/horror entertainment
Lt. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who survived the horrible events in ALIEN, wakes up from her deep-freeze sleep decades later, only to find out that the planet where the rest of her crew was killed by slimy alien monsters is now colonized. When all contact to the colonists is lost, Ripley accompanies a military rescue team back to the planet that she barely escaped from almost 60 years ago, and where alien monsters are running wild again.

Slam-bang action/horror/sci-fi adventure yarn by director James Cameron, who previously had co-written and directed TERMINATOR and went on to direct very successful big-scale movies such as ABYSS and TITANIC.

With characters that make sense, great special effects, numerous shocks and frightening moments, ALIENS II makes for very compelling entertainment, and provides a very effective atmosphere of angst and the-monster-lurks-around-the-next-corner suspense. In fact, the film is so intriguing and gripping that even the implausible finale has viewers sitting on the edge of their seats.

8 stars out of 10.
For big-budget, high-octane showmanship, Aliens is hard to beat.
The sole survivor (Sigourney Weaver) of the space team in Alien (1979) goes back with a Marine squadron to the mystery planet, and finds some more monsters.

James Cameron took over the directing reins from Ridley Scott for this second film, and Weaver established herself as the series star. This was a vastly different, and more expensive film than its predecessor: with its dialogue-heavy first half setting up the relentless action of the remainder - a fight to the death between the aliens and their human adversaries. It's well-executed and technically brilliant, if not as memorable as Scott's effort. In 2007, Entertainment Weekly named Aliens as the second-best action film of all time, behind Die Hard (1988).
The darn best monster movie of all time! (includes Special Edition DVD review)
My Take: Takes the already remarkable concept of the original and improves upon it in every way. Sequels have never been this great!

(This is an extension of the review I wrote on February 2007)

If ALIEN was the 2001 of monster movies, its sequel ALIENS is its STAR WARS. Here's a sequel that knows that the only thing that would satisfy its fans is to give 'em exactly what they wanted. Then ALIENS adds in a little more to that successful recipe: breathless action, gripping tension, reliable characters and the slimiest monsters in all of movie history. The result isn't only a sequel that's better than the original, its one of the best movies of the genre.

Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) reawakened from here naturally-long hypersleep which began at the finale of the first ALIEN. Forward 57 years later. The world she knew was unlike anything she has seen before, but she really has no time to know anything else than this: the distant planet LV-426, the planet where they encountered the hostile space killer, has been colonized. And when communication on the LV-426 colony is lost, Ripley agrees to return to the hostile alien planet, this time, accompanied by marines, to investigate the sudden communication loss. Of course, this ain't just a technical failure. The slimy alien from the first film times 10 has overrun the colony, turning in into a dark, gooey wasteland; the perfect place for an all-out war that pits top-tech Marines against the slimiest monsters ever.

As a monster movie, ALIENS gives you your due, but not contented simply to give you your money's worth, ALIENS offers more, unexpected surprises. For a monster picture, there are some genuinely pleasant characters existing here. Sigourney Weaver, who hit big time for being the most reliable female action heroine in the original ALIEN, is able to stretch the personality of her character here. This time, we are able to see Ripley's maternal instincts when she claims responsibility for the safety of Newt (Carrie Henn), a little girl who has successfully survived the apocalypse of the outside world she lives in by climbing through hidden ducts. The climax inside the exploding atmosphere processing station won't soon be forgotten, and I'm not just talking about the explosions. In fact, I bet ALIENS is one kind of film you won't soon forget. Not the words you drop on an explosive monster movie.

Rating: ***** out of 5.

154-min Special Edition DVD review (submitted March 10, 2009): And to think, I thought ALIENS was good enough as it is! This Special Edition DVD, which I bought a few days ago, is everything this ALIENS fan could ever want. 17 minutes of additional footage, deleted prior to the films original 1986 release, is added in able to deepen the emotions and character development of this terrific film, while it also adds an additional (though easily expendable) action scene. The first added scene shows the newly awakened Ripley discovering that her daughter has just died... at the age of 60. So much for being there on her 11th birthday. But the scene everyone will get a real kick from is the scene where we catch a glimpse of the LV-426 colony before it is overrun by aliens, as well as a look on Newt and her family. Another scene has Ripley and Hicks exchange first names, which deepens the relationship between them. Add to that, there are a few extended scenes on the Sulaco and the Colony stations, as well as the aforementioned action scene which has the aliens cleverly trying to pass through the barricade of automatic weapons. Then of course, the film is presented in a clear, pristine transfer which makes the film look good for something released back in 1986. The special features aren't big, but if the best possible way to see this modern classic is what I'm looking for, I already got my end of the bargain.
Easily the best of all the aliens
When I first watched Alien i was really impressed and had to get Aliens. I wasn't sure if this could be as good because most sequels hardly ever surpass the first. But I thought this was a lot better. Don't get me wrong the first was brilliant but this was amazing. Everything was right. They had a brilliant cast, brilliant story, brilliant effects and brilliant acting.

The thing i was most impressed about was the design of it all. It looked amazing. They Made things look realistic and the aliens looked really good as well. The aliens home was put together brilliantly. For a 1986 film they made the effects look really good and the set. The king alien looked very good and the set of it's home was very good as well. Yet again Sigourney Weaver puts on a brilliant performance as like she did in the first one and Jennette Goldstien as Pvt Vaquez gave a great performance and is one of the best movie heroes ever.

With the first film it had a lot of parts that made you jump and had you on the edge of your seat. It was exactly the same with this one. There were lots of parts that made you jump and nearly the whole film had you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what was going to happened next and they had a lot more gore in this than the first which was good to see because i thought in the first it would be fairly gory but it weren't that much.

If you thought the first was good you must watch this. You will be blown away by the effects and design and the great action sequences they have with the aliens. It is one of the best films made and it will keep you entertained from start to finish.
This movie is the zenith of sci-fi
Aliens is the best movie ever made for sci-fi action. For the most part it is the best movie of all time. Cameron used a perfect blend of action, characters, story, plot, special effects, etc. to create this masterpiece. If you haven't seen Aliens then you're missing out.

The movie doesn't lean too heavily on one or the other. For those who don't like sci-fi you can enjoy the action or visa-versa. Those who don't like either can enjoy the story. Or if you're like me you can enjoy them all. Nothing tops this movie. People often say they are making the Alien-killer or whatever. After those movies come out often is heard, "It wasn't as good as Aliens though."

This movie rules.
Unpopular opinion...
Words cannot describe just how much I hate this piece of s*%t "sequel" to one of the greatest films of all time. This film breaks every single one of my personal cardinal rules for what makes a great film, so I'll begin my rant...

Right from the get-go it is evident that James Cameron's intent is on taking the subtleties and ATMOSPHERE of the first film (2 things that made the original so amazing) and turn it on it's head. Every single cliché you can possibly muster up is used in this filth...sorry, I meant 'film'. Melodramatic and extremely over the top dialogue, scenarios and acting all rolled in one.

So within the first 15 minutes (with zero build up or development) Ripley is back, & has a DEEP understanding of the Aliens miraculously (as if her situation in the original has turned her into an expert on these Aliens all of a sudden.) They also now have boat loads of crews on the planet with the ship & have colonized it. Of course the people on site consist of all kinds of jokers and utter morons and...um, children?! OK, I guess because "families"...or whatever. Moving along... There is absolutely no suspense or build up in any way shape or form, like the original brilliantly had. Now they are seemingly surrounded by HUNDREDS of Aliens and the stupidity begins to overlap one another. Over the top performances by EVERYONE, absolutely cringe worthy dialogue and 'humor' and wise-cracks...

In one scene a crowd is standing and staring at an object barrelling towards them with plenty of time to move yet they all stand and stare, until good old Ripley notified everyone to "RUUUUUN". Because apparently seeing the object coming towards them wasn't enough to garner a reaction, but our Alien expert hero telling them not to get hit by on-coming traffic seemed to do the trick. In another scene during a 'gun fight' with the Aliens, one super duper bad-ass commando doesn't just shoot an Alien in the face, he manages to have just enough time to stick the barrel in the Aliens face, have the Alien not react for a few seconds so the totally bad-ass commando looking dude could say "EAT THIS", before he pulled the trigger. Super duper gnarly. Rock on bro's...kick-ass..USA USA...

Then we have the old "innocent child" caught up in the midst of this Alien war trick. "Oh what-ever will they do? I hope this object...I mean child placed in this film to supposedly tug on my heart strings makes it out of all this alive. Oh that poor poor innocent child, she doesn't deserve this. Welp!!" I'm on the edge of my seat at this point. Oh James Cameron you genius you. SOMEONE PLEEEASE think of the CHILDREN. Someone MUST save the girl, first and foremost. That is the mission now for our hero...... *eyes roll a full 360 in my head at this point*. The little girls screaming got so irritating I wanted nothing more than her to die. There...I said it.

Why are the Aliens so stationary and dumb in this film? Why are there so many of them all of a sudden? They just keep bee-lining towards bullets and getting swatted around like flies. Just utter non-sense all around with this over-long piece of s*%t sequel. The music/score is atrocious with cliché symphonies that you hear in every sh*%ty Spielberg or Michael Bay film (to this very day unfortunately) where-as the original had a very unique, dark and mysterious overall score that only added to the amazing atmospheric scenes.

This sequel is everything I hate about Hollywood. Everything I hate about big Blockbuster films...as we are currently experiencing today with super-hero films for example. Just boring repetitive dumbed down utter trash being passed as 'great cinema'. There are too many negatives I can point out about this film, but I think I've made my point. The original Alien, Ridley Scott's Alien is one of the greatest films of all time, Aliens is in my opinion, one of the worst & most boring films I have ever seen. It absolutely blows.
"I knew you'd come..."
ALIENS really does have it all. Perfect direction. Beautiful cinematography. Intense characters. Big guns. Action. Heroism. Courage. Battles. Friendship. Bravery. It is certainly the BEST sequel ever made in movie history, and one of the GREATEST MOVIES EVER MADE.

At its core is Lt. Ellen Ripley (played by the badass Sigourney Weaver), a warrant officer, and tough as nails. Her character is one of the greatest heroines of all time. Sigourney really does pull it off. No one else could have done it like her. Ripley's maternal connection with the young girl Newt is amazing to watch...but the ultimate scene is her final battle with the galaxy's most deadly creature - set to a pulsing military score (James Horner delivers in a big way!). Quite possibly my favorite fight scene of all time.

There's not really much else to say - just go watch the movie on DVD, and you will not be let down. You're in for a wild ride!!!


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