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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Family
IMDB rating:
Thomas Jane as Chuck Hill
Hassie Harrison as Kirsten
Jonathan Camp as Operative Cameron
Eric Etebari as Operative Berman
Sam Upton as Operative Stark
Ted McGinley as Mr. Fontaine
Lou Taylor Pucci as Randall
Dominic Rains as Andric
Storyline: A.X.L. is a top-secret, robotic dog created by the military to help protect tomorrow's soldiers. Code named by the scientists who created him, A.X.L. stands for Attack, Exploration, Logistics, and embodies the most advanced, next-generation artificial intelligence. After an experiment gone wrong, A.X.L. is discovered hiding alone in the desert by a kind-hearted outsider named Miles (Alex Neustaedter), who finds a way to connect with him after activating his owner-pairing technology. Together, the two develop a special friendship based on trust, loyalty and compassion. Helping Miles gain the confidence he's been lacking, A.X.L. will go to any length to protect his new companion, including facing off against the scientists who created him and who will do anything to get him back. Knowing what is at stake if A.X.L. is captured, Miles teams up with a smart, resourceful ally named Sara (Becky G) to protect his new best friend on a timeless, epic adventure for the whole family.
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